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Nintendo DS Lite shuts off randomly.

My DS lite keeps shuting off randomly during certain games. For example it randomly shuts off during NSMB and Yoshi's Island,but does not shut off during Phantom Hourglass, this happens even if battery is fully charged. Could it be that it needs a new battery? Or could be something else? The system is over a year old so warranty is out.

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  • crystals1979 Jan 09, 2008

    I am having the same problem. I don't think it is game specific with mine though it does it with any game. Is there anything to do?

  • Anonymous Jan 09, 2008

    mine turns its self off when i close it

  • Anonymous Jan 10, 2008

    mine does this too but just randomly, not game specific

  • Anonymous Jan 12, 2008

    my ds lite shuts itself off aswell and with any game and no i am not catching the power button

  • Anonymous Jan 12, 2008

    my nintendo ds lite shuts off for no reason and it happens on any game and no I'm not catching the power button please can you help me

  • Anonymous Jan 12, 2008

    my nintendo ds lite shuts off for no reason and it happenson any game and no I'm not catching the power button please can you help me

  • DS Junkie Feb 03, 2008

    My DS Lite started shutting off but now the problem has got worse - it won't even turn on now. It trys to start up but then powers off. I replaced the battery but still have the same problem.

  • Anonymous Feb 04, 2008

    same problem

  • Anonymous Feb 12, 2008

    my ds does it to and it is not because im leaning aganst the off switch!!!!!

  • Anonymous Mar 03, 2008

    After not using my DS for maybe 6 months this is happening to me as well. Fully charged it will die a level or two into NSMB. Switched batteries with another DS for testing and the same thing still happens. Haven't found a solution yet.

  • jammer62 Mar 07, 2008

    Same Problem...just maddening....battery is charged just turns off while playing and also turns on if it wants to also...I will find it is sleep ode after it has been shut off for a day or more.

  • jorel78 Mar 28, 2008

    hello when i turn my DS on it shuts off i dont know if the battery is no good or what

  • greatapenate Mar 30, 2008

    it will turn on, the touch screen will flash then it will turn off.

  • babytiger Mar 30, 2008

    The power light is green, the battery is fully charged, i can switch it back on again, but it looses any data not saved.
    i am just using ds game cartridges it switches itself off regardless of which game is inserted.

  • lromero2 Apr 03, 2008

    My ds does exactly the same is not a matter of time ´cause is to ramdom...My guess is some kind of software problem... some kind of flash memory running full or something like that... about the button theory I'm not sure... still wondering about zelda... but it also happens on nija gaiden (only stylus) so what the f.uck is going on! I need an answer please my email is [email protected] feel free to write with doubts or solutions... I hate to play and lose all data...

  • Anonymous Apr 27, 2008

    The same thing happened to me and I just sent it in because it would not turn on. This just started happening the third week I got it back form nintendo. I might try a new battery

  • T Nasty Apr 30, 2008

    My NDS randomly shuts off during a game then comes back on it may play for a few mins but shuts off again.

  • Coliy May 27, 2008

    My ds keeps shuting off randomly when I press the b, a, x, and y buttins all the way down so I can't play any games besides the sims 2 its over a year old and i can't find the warranty and I got a new battery and it still does that. Also when I charge it its always red and it shuts of in a couple seconds.

  • lchung84 Jun 23, 2008

    My nintendo ds shuts off when i tried to put a used game in the ds, but the green light is still it just the screen turns off? i just got the ds could it be the ds or the used game?

  • Anonymous Jul 09, 2008

    DS Lite powers off randomly, on it's own, during Sonic Rush, Yoshi's Island, and perhaps other games. No steps taken, no known solutions.

  • zackncheez55 Jul 15, 2008

    ii'm sorta having the same problem. When ever i even turn it on, 2 seconds later it turns off. hope you can help me!

  • MLB_lover12 Jul 30, 2008

    yeah same thing happens to my ds lite.

  • Anonymous Aug 25, 2008

    when i put a game in the ds it shuts off when i take the game out and turn it on it works fine but when the game goes in the whole system shuts down
    ove tried charging it in different outlets and there are no cracks and it has not been near any fluids

  • desireemasci Nov 04, 2008

    i've had my ds for about a year and a half now and had no problems with it. 3 days ago i bought guitar hero and now sometimes when i turn it on it just turns right back off. it also shuts off randomly in the middle of me playing. i thought it was just the new game but if you guys are having the same problem with other games then i guess it's not. wonderful.

  • Anonymous Nov 10, 2008

    me too i have a black 1 and it keeps shutting down on me and it has a green light

  • NDSlover Dec 25, 2008

    i just got a new game for my NDS Lite and every time i turn it on it shuts off!! its driving me insane. i tried it with different game and the same thing happened. I'll be doing something that has nothing to do with it like reading adn when i turn and look at it it will be on! i got it about a year and a bit ago, and i've never had this problem. does any body know what to do???

  • Anonymous Jan 03, 2009

    Ds keeps shutting off when you turn it on..what is the quick fix?

  • whinney1997 Jan 03, 2009

    My nintendo ds lite is shutting down on certain games to.I'll be playing Nintendogs, and nothing will happen. But if I pop in SuperMario, it'll shut down about 30 seconds into the game. My DS is a year old to, so,like you said (nobody 299), has no warranty after a year.I now this is not normal because my friend has a very old version of the nintendo DS and it's NEVER shut down on her.I don't now if I should scrap mine and get a new one, or see if i can have it fixed.Please help!!!



  • Anonymous Jan 25, 2009

    my DS keeps turning off, but only during games like Super Marion Bros and Yoshi's Island, and all my other Mario games. Plz help me! My DS is my pride and Joy!!!!!!

  • Lex Mike Jan 30, 2009

    i have this now - except it doesnt get past the loading screen for my pokemon pearl game!!

    it just shuts off?

  • Anonymous Jan 31, 2009

    ds boots up for like 15 mins and then shuts off. i think that it might be a fan problem, not ure how to fix

  • Anonymous Mar 02, 2009

    I have this problem too. I'm sick of Ressetti yelling at me for turning off my DS without saving first. My DS will shut off even while on the charger. First my Xbox died, now my DS is acting funny, what's next?

  • Anonymous Apr 10, 2009

    same thing but it has nothing to do with the games. moving the hinges shuts it down or it just shuts off randomly for absolutely no reason. it's a ds lite.

  • Anonymous Apr 13, 2009

    mine never ******* shut off when my light was green during a game the wire system in the ds is so fucked up nintendo really made some ******** here the DS is completely messed up.

  • Anonymous Apr 17, 2009

    My ds turns off automatically when im playing it. i think the ds battery needs to be changed??????????? i dont know... i thought it was overplayed. if any1 knows how to solve this, please post it on the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous Apr 25, 2009

    My DSL turns on for a second, the lower screen flashes and it turns off. The battery is charged. I took the battery out and put it in my sisters DSL and hers worked fine. I took her battery and put it in my DSL, and mine still did the same thing. Sent an email to Nintendo asking for help and haven't heard a thing in five days. I guess Ill have to call.

  • RoMarVex Apr 25, 2009

    I have the same problem. Mine seems to happen with every game except those that use only stylus. Even though the battery's fully charged it randomly shuts off, typically when I push the A button. It even goes through periods were it won't turn on till I tap it in the back. My purely uneducated guess is that wires are brushing against each other causing power failure. Can I fix this problem myself or will it require an expert? If so would it be better to replace it?

  • rubenmiddel Apr 27, 2009

    My DS shuts down randomly during games. I tried it with 2 different ds games and a gba game.
    In the GBA game, it fell out both times when i played out a level of the game. At that moment, it saves the highscore and switches from tile mode to bitmap mode to show a "next level" bitmap. In my ds games, it also shuts down mostly at moments the processor is bussy (when a cop busts me, when i save or enter a house)

    I think this is not the blown fuse game, because they all shut down while booting.

    Most of the times, i can turn on my DS directly after it turned off. Sometimes i have to take out the battery. If i don't take the battery out, it looks dead. No leds blinking or annything.

    This problem corrupted my DS savegames some of the times.

    I used U2DS slot2, Acekard 2 slot1, EZFlash V slot2 and the normal Mario kart

  • Anonymous Apr 27, 2009

    hi i turn th nds on and the green light comes on but the lcd screen doesnt come on. then other times it comes on but only allows me to have 15 mins of game play before switching off.....!!!!

  • Anonymous May 03, 2009

    my DS lite turns off whilst playing Harry Hatsworth, but seems ok with other games

  • abinavvenket May 10, 2009

    My ds lite system shuts off on its own . This problem has incurred after I have started connecting to the Wi-Fi Connection . Please give me a solution because I fear it may be a virus .

  • Anonymous May 11, 2010

    You probably getting the same problem I'm having.

    Try to narrow down the problem sources.

    Of all those games, the Zelda one only uses the stylus.
    Try pressing the ABXY buttons until the console turns off.



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I'm a certified electronic technician and I must say NDS internal screen ribbon connectors are junk! Basically The ribbon connectors are so sketchy that it is not recommended to ever unclip them, if you do there's a good chance it will ever work again once reconnected due to how the connector pins slightly crimp into the ribbon pads.

When a NDS boots up the the onboard firmware constantly tests the LCD screen connections, if there is a break in the connection the NDS will shut down. If your NDS randomly turns off, fails to boot, or powers of when you move the hinge it is most likely the ribbon (flex film) or ribbon connector has failed. The only option to to replace the affected LCD screen.

Posted on Apr 20, 2008

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Well if it turns of and dose not charge you could have a blown fuse. Next if you opened or dropped your ds make sure the screen cables are connected right.

Posted on Jul 29, 2008

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I had the same problem, turns out mine was down to water damage. I took out the battery dried out the left over dust and muck and replaced the battery. Worked fine after that. Also if you find that after replacing the battery the DS does not charge then try taking it out and replacing it again it spooked me when i first tried it. Hope this helped

Posted on Dec 23, 2009

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Well mine does too but the light is red and the charger is on it.but usually i always play with the ds while its charging and it never shut of until today

Posted on Jul 15, 2008

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Me too same problem as "solution 7" it just turns off and the light isn't on when being charged.

Posted on Jun 21, 2009

  • Anonymous Jun 21, 2009

    Hey lol I just tried someones "solution" for 7 & 8's problem and it worked. If the DS turns off by itself even while charging, check the charging light. If it doesn't light up run your fingers down the length of the power cord and make sure the knots are out (run fingers down it like you were getting something off of it) then try to plug it in the DS and see how it works. It worked for me :)


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Your hand might be leanen on the off switch

Posted on Jan 09, 2008

Greatapenate: SAMe problem!

Posted on May 06, 2008

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My DS lite was being dodgy yesterday when i was playing Pokemon white, it randomly turns off and it takes me about half a minute to turn it on, when i turn the power off, the light is still on.
what is wrong with my ds lite, I've had my ds for 3 years now, im now 14, i had it on my 11th birthday.

Posted on May 29, 2011

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Mine when i try to turn it on the lite goes on and it blinks and turns off but when i hold the power up it seems to work fine but when i let go of the power it goes off. help plz

Posted on Jun 29, 2010

Fist of all
I think I fixed this after nintendo wanted to charge me for repairs when they know it's a simple fix. 
here is the fix.
loosen the screws holding the DS & it's chipset together. i'm sure there are some diagrams, just search google. took me about five minutes you just need the right screwdrivers. you can get them for less than 2 dollars on the net. sorry i don't have any links right now i'm too lazy to search.
let me know if this works for you too. my email is
[email protected]

Posted on Mar 06, 2008

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6ya staff

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Hi there,
Save hours of searching online or wasting money on unnecessary repairs by talking to a 6YA Expert who can help you resolve this issue over the phone in a minute or two.

Best thing about this new service is that you are never placed on hold and get to talk to real repairmen in the US.

Here's a link to this great service

Good luck!

Posted on Jan 02, 2017

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You need to recharge it and it will stay on and recharge it to make game work again!

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My ds turns off randomly when at full power

Are you sure you have charged it until the red light goes off?

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Nintendo DS shuts off randomly

try to play with the poweradapter connected. If the problem still there you will need probably a new mainboard for your nintendo. If the problem disappears probably a bad battery is the problem. If you can exchange your battery with another NDS lite you can check if it is the battery or mainboard.

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could just need the power switch replaced in the system can ushally buy a new one off ebay for a couple of bucks, but if thats not the issue clean the battery connectors and the battery to make sure its getting the best possible connection.

Other then that there could be other things to try but those are the most simplest of fixes for that issue.

If it becomes a motherboard issue then its gonna get costly.

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DS Lite shuts off when I press the B button, and at random.

that happens when i click my laptop buttons too hard... i think u should try to wet it a bit and dont press TOO hard

Sep 30, 2007 | Nintendo DS Lite Console

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