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Arcsoft showbiz. I'm trying to burn a video onto a dvd but it comes up with a error saying project is to big to fit on dvd and need to shorten the project

I'm trying to burn a 1GB video clip onto a Dvd but this error keeps coming up regarding the project being to big to fit on Dvd, but it's only an 1GB clip. Help!

Posted by Sean Eales on

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  • The Spaminator
    The Spaminator Sep 20, 2021

    Hi Sean Eales, we want to help you with your question, but we need more information from you. Can you please add details in the comment box?
    Can you reduce the resolution for the resulting video on the DVD ?
    what file type is the 1GB video clip ?
    what result will the video file type be on the DVD.
    I am thinking the computers memory may also be an issue .
    try increasing the virtual memory setting in Windows to 13 GBytes

  • Sean Eales
    Sean Eales Oct 13, 2021

    Hi. Sorry for delay.
    I'm was trying to burn a vid from acrosoft showbiz ( total media Studio) but dvd is rejected out of the system with a message " The project will not fit into the current media". I've tried it as a mp4 and mpeg2. I'm using a xDVD-R 4.7G.
    Please help! It's driving me mad

  • Anonymous Oct 13, 2021

    seems to me bad software , there, no PC told no OS told, XP is junk for DVD never use XP ever.
    2001 microsoft XP.
    why not use Imgburn, it is 100% free and never fails, used it 1000s of times me. not one coster made.

    this acrosoft showbiz, is as old as 2003 and is junk for burning, pure trash. v1.1 no version by you told..

    no idea me your end goals, must have DVD menus' and titles many? IDK?>?
    but you can burn 4 mp4 movies on the disks DVD-R mp4 ,1GB EACH MAX.
    Most things made can find those and play them

    v5 arcsoft was made for VISTA .
    the maker ending support and this product line long ago (2007?)

    image burn 101 (free ,safe and small and fast)

    install it free, has no ads, or tricks, works perfect, for over a decade perfect for burning. dvd ,cd or blu-ray
    put black dvd-r in the tray , not used before. (seems that be your problems i bet here)
    then have all your mp4 in a PC folder, on any drive in the PC, say called MP4
    click mode tab and pick build mode.
    on the right side of screen , it must show the DVD-r statics correctly if not the disk is bad or DRIVE is bad.
    no PC told by you or age of it or drives age?
    next, see left side of menu screen imgBurn..
    see SOURCE top left, see ions right bar, top icon (white with mag lens) is browse for files.
    and navigate (drill down) to your HDD say C:\MP4 folder.
    add them 1 by one using white icon add.
    it is only 4 steps, here is my photo showing me doing it now.
    the calculator tells you (before burn) how mush space will be used on finished later DVD-R

    click burn on bottom right of arrow last when ready

    4 steps. really.
    good luck,. , it is amazing how good some free software is, and this is the best, (for files , not mastering menu basted pro grade DVD. (with say 4 movies on 1 disK) but you never said where DVD are to be played on what?
    a PC ,car, boom box, TV DVD deck, dedicated portable DVD player, or?

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Oct 13, 2021

    not sure what VHS usage is? me..., my guess you have app to read VHS and create, MP4?
    well do the MP4 files play ok on your PC>?
    using VLC, free from France, 100 % best and free (true free) and 100% safe and plays them ALL.

    play them first, make sure they play ok first.
    then burn the files to DVD-R, (minus R runs on more thing than + plus R)

    not told by you is what "THING" will be playing these disks. dvd. not one clue told, and is key to success !

    my PC can play a disk full of Mp4 on 1 DVD disk sure can but PCs are smart , unlike what I call consumer toys
    a TV deck (vast made) may only play the first mp4 and stop, and not allow you to get to 2nd or 3rd MP4,(no menus , now... but....)

    if you want do real DVD mastering with real menus, far far better apps do that. if need be.
    "DVDFab DVD Creator" , is one.

    if menu's are a must and are for DVD decks (some) and all cheap DVD players, or boom boxes.
    then use FAB
    and never use XP. OS, ever, (it is a very bad OS for DVD and is a virus magnet extreme) w10 64bit is best.

    this is not spam it is advice, I get no commissions from my posts or links. period.

    and last, where you will be playing the finished product was not told . and is 1st thing to know.
    PC are super easy, most other things are not. TV decks.(DVD) some are very fussy,
    as are other things like cheap boom boxes or CARS, or dedicated DVD players(battery power , all fussy.

    tell me more and this problem can be solved easy, for sure !
    NO PC told no OS told either, after all new software does not run on relic PCs/ see?

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Oct 13, 2021

    DVD-r began in 1997 ,24 years old tech, and lots of bad problems then and later.
    first off may old things (vast DVD DRIVES) can not play DVD-R at all and +R worse
    old DRIVES, 1997 to 2000 year. many can not play recorded disks of any kind. THEN.
    so that is why we must ask what will be playing these, disks?
    problem more, Historical. to learn and react when seen.
    1: many old things only play DVD with a menu. (not raw files)
    2: others more new can play a single movie file but not 2 more more or has no MP4 support at all.
    3: some do play MP4 and more, but do not allow directory structures, all files must be in the ROOT of DVD
    4: my Panasonic TV deck, DMP-BDT360 does play a disk full of files, and no menu, in fact it makes up its own menu's looking like a PC explorer, MP4 work. even 20 of them on a disk..(even 2 folders deep)
    but will not work(play) in older cars, or older boom boxes nor on any old, dvd battery player,(portables)
    key word is OLD here, history matters and not ages told of PC or toys to play them.

    MP4 is best choice for sure today, as smart phones can play MP4 , one more player is that.(via home network)
    avoid DVD totally like most do today. (DVD sales are way down ) streaming way up.

    make a Plex movie SERVER, for free (app is free) and put it on an old free desktop PC loaded with PLEX app
    then at your TV home network private you can watch 100's of mp4, any time you want, no DVD at all .
    or rip the dvd to MP4 or MKV. add it to the service (copy)

    Tell where you play MP4 and we can answer 10x more easy and faster.
    so can for sure for 25 years.

    now a few facts on burning
    old apps that burned DVD-R are now obsolete like yours, is. and do not burn any new modern DVD drives.
    they (DRIVES) are not all the same so the APP must keep pace with updates. (bought a new drive?)
    the best DRIVE is BLU-RAY as it has better controls now, modern. (vastly better in many ways)

    old drives now have bad Laser diodes inside and are weak and can not burn or even read media reliably.
    or only need to have optics inside cleaned off (I use CAN-O-air sold at walmart near DVD)
    never use XP , ok. if are.

  • Anonymous Oct 13, 2021

    my wife as 2 boom boxes that both can play DVD, even DVD-R ( 5 years old max box)
    and both fail to play my disk full of MP4, due to ******* folder structures, not DVD movie spec.
    my TV deck plays them all every kind

    so what you want to play on matters most of all, and not told.

  • Anonymous Oct 13, 2021

    OP do you understand sessions?
    a burn project may allow sessions and the disk is not empty now, but has a previous burn on it.
    that is because you did not close the sessions,
    best is avoid sessions, do a burn and finalize with no sessions allowed,(disabled)
    or problem #2
    the project has to many fails , adding up to more that 4GB.
    so go back in to the project and remove those files that add up too high. then burn + finalize it.

    finalized means , no more burns allowed on this disk and is closed out for burns.
    most things made will not play a disk with open sessions. so avoid it.

  • Anonymous Oct 13, 2021

    your app, has 5 or 6 versions NOT TOLD YET< click help (view + helP) and see apps version and tell it.
    but v5 is 14 years old now, last one,



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Do you own the video clip you wish to save? If copied from another source, it is probably copy coded.

Posted on Oct 13, 2021

  • Sean Eales
    Sean Eales Oct 13, 2021

    Hi. It's just my old homemade vhs video that I've converted onto acrosoft showbiz. I've tried two different formats, mp4 and mpeg2 using blank Dvd-R. Below is the image I get.

  • Anonymous Oct 13, 2021

    fred , he is copying VHS to files first. mp4.
    HE has the gear that does that ! VHS tape to some video card?(video flash ACD) ?PC? no sure not told.. but IS.
    step 2 is testing the MP4 with free VLC app. to make sure the MP4 is good, first, not burn , burning is last if ever.
    VLC does not care about video screen size it adjusts for that, automatically. no need to worry size.
    yes old video player sux, all do , for vast endless reasons, and VLC cures them all, free of charge.
    the problem is acrosoft is 14 or more years old,and it sux. too. for all those reasons.
    avoid Acrosoft, they ended this product line ages ago, it is DEAD , DOA, and junk now,
    MP4 is it, and is best. (unless menus needed, DVD movie spec menus)

    no PC told (mastering or just playing only or both.)
    no OS told (windows, linux, android, chrome, MAC )
    no target players told, (TV decks? good, PC players only VLC (winner) boom box dvd players fail,) dedicated dvd player mostly fail unless brand spanking new and top BRANDED<.
    who are the intended audience using what hardware ?not told.!

    no VHS gear told for the copy some are horribly limited, on output files supported for sure old gear.
    this ?????

    or PCI card ADC video to file, PCI express cards, (pro grade some are)



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Sometimes a program is still working even if you have closed the task window. You can finish the task tree in task management panel or simply restart your computer. BTW, ArcSoft ShowBiz has a new version 5.0. Its functions are much more powerful than any versions ever.

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The first question is,does the copy protected mean the program or the video copy? Did you pay for the program?
And, if you actually bought it, or it doesn't mean the program, did you try to capture video with some webcams and the like? ShowBiz 2 may not allow people to record video from one copy to another with laws. Other programs have the same restrictions, too. You can try ShowBiz 5, which I used recently, it's good!

How can I view and Edit a from an 8mm Video Camcorder Cannon UC5500 to LG HDMI digital TV?

Things you need to do is:
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3. Output your after-edit videos as you like, such as burn a DVD disc or save back to your camcorder.
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Use a powerful editing software like ArcSoft ShowBiz 5 to cover the task. Their website supplies free-of-charge version in 30 days.

Hello, I have a problem with the arcsoft showbiz

You said you transfer a VHS to DVD, so does it mean you get videos from analog camcorders to make a DVD? For those camcorders, you need special line to connect with computer and your computer also need analog video capture card. If you mean your videos on DVD discs have troubles, maybe you should know what is your disc type. Rewritable ones are OK to be edited with ShowBiz, and once-only ones are not, they should be fanalized in DVD camcorder first. If it's the program's problem, go to to ask their proffessionals. There's a new ShowBiz 5 you can have a try.

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we don't have a fix for this although i'm sure it will be along the same lines.

Contact Arcsoft direct.

The quick fix is to use other software to capture and then import the video into Arcsoft to edit, burn to DVD etc.

Debut capture software. It is free and good.

Scroll down to near the bottom and download the "lite" version.
when you open, click on "device" at the top to open the capture window.

and try to watch this link for a short tuturial on showbiz 2 movie making...


How to edit picture?

ArcSoft ShowBiz is a movie editing/ burning tool. It is not designed to edit pictures.

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And the trouble you meet will never appear in this software. You can use it easy.
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