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How to reset an AOC N20WB Monitor

I have searched everywhere for a manual or instructions but with no success. I have an AOC N20WB Monitor The one with the 5 buttons on the front that I need to reset. Can someone please tell me how?

Posted by David Gordon on

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  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Jul 21, 2021

    S4 TAB, fails on AOC N20wb old monitor that is horrible resolution limted, (2008 realities and cheap monitors then)
    i can only guess now 2 things.
    1: 1680 x 1050 [email protected] , you for got to set S3 TAb TO THIS.
    2: or the adapter is no good, for this job (USB-c+MHL2) to VGA CONVERSION (#1 set first correct.)

  • David Gordon
    David Gordon Jul 22, 2021

    Many thanks for your quick replies.

    I didn't realise the monitor could be so old as I bought it from new and it still works fine apart from when I connect my Galaxy Tab S4 through a docking station. (It works fine on my other AOC monitor).

    I've attached a couple of screenshots showing the monitor and the menus I have available and still can't locate a reset option

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Jul 22, 2021

    OK you posted 3 photos
    but failed to say key facts.
    is this the newer AOC monitor TO PC
    or is the failing S4 to VGA old monitor in the photos.
    if S4 say so. and if yes S4 then say why you have a problem at all? NOT ONE time telling that.

    That N20wb (Berlin ) model monitor is super rare to work now in the grand year 2021. 13 years old
    all our CCFL monitors died long ago. most did 6 years after the CCFL died.
    CCFL die at 20,000 hours,
    that is why I ask you what does the S3 to VGA monitor do that you do not like (as in bad symptoms)
    sorry but adapting Cell phones is not easy, for sure to old VGA only monitors from year 2008

  • Anonymous Jul 22, 2021

    post a problem, none told yet.??? (only 1 nebular reset thing)

    N20wb is dead , set up to S4
    is dim
    is blurry sure will be it is only 1680 x 1050 [email protected](max max)
    is yellow screens ( CCFL do that at 6 years old 99% do)
    is blinking
    fails hot or cold, N20n CCFL do that at EOL , end of life and most did that long long ago..
    funny lines on the screen
    screen sizes (windows) are wrong, or stretched out)

    and more we can post 100 of bad things to see on screens,

    tell what you see that you do not like on your screens (S4> VGA)
    we can not see there. , yet, not told nor photos of BAD. presented.

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Jul 22, 2021

    "it still works fine apart from when I connect my Galaxy Tab S4 through a docking station."

    I can not decode this statement.

    learn to turn the monitor on last, after say 2 minutes
    then the monitor brain inside the monitor, then tells you what's UP ! (wrong)
    like this:" pops up"

    no connection(s)


  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Jul 22, 2021

    ALSO you have two x2 AOC monitors (poor you) and no t model told of the 2nd Monitor !?
    the 2nd monitor has no bearing here, and has way higher resolution max setting than the 2008 N20

  • David Gordon
    David Gordon Jul 22, 2021

    Hi Larry

    I was answering a previous question where someone asked if the monitor was broken. Its not and works fine when I connect my laptop directly to it.

    The issue is I have swapped my 2 monitors so that my laptop works with one AOC monitor and the other AOC monitor (the one with the issue is connected to a docking station and I use a USB C cable from my Galaxy Tab to the docking station.

    I've also attached images from the back of the monitor detailing model ad serial number

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Jul 22, 2021

    ok now we know whaT "B" may be, it means German Berlin export, from Nat.china to you.
    year 2008 so says the free users manual. (WIKI says 2007-9 first introduction of this monitor, to world.)

    "the one with the issue"

    you then say the word issue and not state one problem or issue, at all.

    please not mix in the newer AOC monitor to this UNSTATED problem.

    the S4 TAB must be set to the lame OLD AOC max n20wb, RESO to this.
    1680 x 1050 [email protected]
    higher ill not work. on old old VGA monitors .

    learn this,
    VGA monitors each maker each model and each export, has its OWN RESO limits.
    including refresh rates. !!!!!

    learn this and win. set the S4 first and correctly to
    1680 x 1050 [email protected]

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Jul 22, 2021

    the s4 tab 2560 x 1600 (WQXGA) will not work on your VGA monitor ever until wicked down at s4
    USB Type-C (3.1) S4 TAB


    your old AOC n20w does not do 1080P at all only does 1680 x 1050 max.

    1080p (1920×1080 out of the adaptor above fails. for VGA this old.
    the last modern monitors (as in really new not NOS ) can do

    , the maximum resolution for VGA is 2048×1536 but it varies from mfg bo mfg
    and the cable too must be double shielded to stop blur.

    your VGA can not do any of that 1680 x 1050 [email protected] (max max )

  • Anonymous Jul 22, 2021

    this post shows how OLD monitors and old Projectors love to fail, and why (VGA is old)
    in most cases (all) using and adapter that works , gets you only a working but blurry screen .
    see whY?

    this factor limits also apply for vast persons using old VGA projectors even worse max RESO.
    like 800x600 worse. on some makes. but gee still works,,,, unlike old monitors now dead.
    the cure is set the S4 to 1680 x 1050 [email protected] and be happy.

    many old projectors still work great with new lamp so UNLIKE.
    old monitors do not now with dead CCFL lamps in most of them. now.
    20,000 hours and dead CCFL tubes, they go, so will yours. (why not retire old CCFL monitors?) yes?

    VGA is 34 years old now. (spec and real)
    the first was at 640×480 in 16 colors
    as time went on, each maker or MON or PROJector
    went to higher resolutions, and to wide screen later.

    fast forward to today and VGA is now gone (MON) mostly (and soon gone forever)
    but just before this ended. some MON, allowed super high resolutions, but are blurry, due to a crude conversion process in the MON. VGA to LCD.
    ON PCs the limit are 2 fold, (and cheap cables wow) the GPU chip limit and the Monitors limits. VxHx refresh.

    on your setup there are 3 limits, all help or worse hindering success.
    S4 , resolution set lower to 680 x 1050 max. (can it:?) Cell phone true specs (SUX)
    the unstated adapter dock limits (endless sold endless possible limits , non told)
    and the pesky N20, 1680 x 1050 max. ( the limits inside are complex even refresh rates huge limit to 60Hz)

    One more aspect here is PnP plug and pray , the S4 does not or can not ask what monitor it is so fails.
    or the adapter fails to pass through to MON the PnP request (who are you ) and fails hard.
    now we have problem #2, PNP.
    in the cell phone world the setting must be force by you.(android)

    here is a $2000 monitor that does VGA still ,lets see ITS max max. HxVxR

    NEC - EX241UN-TMX4F - NEC Display MultiSync EX241UN-TMX4F 24 LED LCD Monitor - 16:9 - 6 ms - 1920 x 1080 - 16.7 Million Colors - 250 Nit - 1,000:1 - Full HD - Speakers - DVI - HDMI - VGA - DisplayPort
    VGA(a.k.a Analog and D-SUB) 15 pins
    is limited to.(pg 19 in the spec PDF for NEC.

    INPUT RESOLUTION (Analog input only)<< means VGA in your case.
    Selects one of the following pair of resolutions as the input signal priority:
    1360 x 768 or 1280 x 768 or 1024 x 768 (vertical resolution 768),
    1600 x 900 or 1280 x 960 (horizontal frequency 60kHz),
    1680 x 1050 or 1400 x 1050 (vertical resolution 1050).

    the pixels are (in the NEC) interpolated, as must be done (VGA to LCD )
    that means in PURE ENGLISH "BLURRY"

    note that for $2000 you do not get 1080P using VGA< (yes shocking) (until connect to digital inputs)

    to learn ages of things read the manual first, most manuals show date of MFG, or copyright date
    or revision 1, dates. those matter, most, as does the page on RESOLUTION (max)
    for sure Age matters HUGE on monitors, and most older than year 2010 are now 100% dead.

    there is my VGA review. end to end. knowing how it works is the key.

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Jul 23, 2021

    Vanna White wants to buy a story .
    1: I have old AOC N20 (2008 year) china to German export model. VGA only monitor 2: I have a 2013 S4 TAB "Cell phone" (has usb-c MHL2 connections)
    3: i then buy an adapter (a secret which one) USB-c to VGA
    the S4 must be set to 1680 x 1050 [email protected], resolution or the N20 will fail. (max for N20)

    there are vast adapters made, and many do not work right.
    This adapter is not simple, it has CHIP electronics inside to do the conversion. (non-trivial this)
    This chip needs power to run, and the S4 may not be up to that task.
    best is find one that makes other S4 TAB owners happy in the reviews. (hint amazon or

    your other PC and other newer AOC has no bearing at all on the above, connected to some PC.

    Cell phone are a whole other bag of worms and best posted to CELL phones not to Computer repair help.

    one more secret , tech savvy and all that ;we find out what chip is inside the box (dock)?
    and read the data sheet on, that. and BINGO , huge limits there, on RESOLUTION.(for sure down sized conversion.)

  • Anonymous Jul 23, 2021

    if you need color purity (not told) the buy a monitor that supports that,
    Viewsonic sells those,
    look for Graphics Artist versions. if applies to you.
    monitors used in the wrong mode (say resolution)
    do 1 of 3 things
    shows OUT of RANGE error
    BLACK screen. (
    or shows this ugly mess in the screen as it just guessed wrong your inputs.

    in prefect world the PC asks the monitor 2 things (PnP eDID comms)
    who are you, make /model
    and what is native resolution or max.
    and just auto sets it for you.

    on cell phone , OH BOY , no fun there.

  • Anonymous Jul 23, 2021

    one more, Viewsonic has many monitor that can do VGA, to 1080p, in one form or another, but 22 inches low cost

    VA2246mh-LED - 22" 1080p LED Monitor with HDMI and VGA
    1920 x 1080 @ 50, 60, 75Hz (max max and will not do S4 defaults)<<< the VA22 does this magic via internal conversion.(interpolated )

    the manual warns you like this.
    Do not set the graphics card in your computer to exceed these timing modes; doing so may result in permanent damage to the display.

    your N20 goes to only max WSXGA+ 1680+1050



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Larry Ng

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S4 reso set wrong by you.
wrong adapter , most are, 9 out of 10
N20WB will never do ever the S4 default resolution ever.
1,2,3, simple.

Posted on Jul 22, 2021


Richard Honey

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Watch this video to learn to reset AOC monitors

Posted on Jul 22, 2021

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  • David Gordon
    David Gordon Jul 22, 2021

    Many thanks Richard, however this isn't the same monitor and I don't have the same menus, see above (Unfortunately still can't find the reset button)

  • Anonymous Jul 22, 2021

    NO PROBLEM, TOLD BY DAVID (we all know you dream that a magic reset is a care to all things ,right?)
    NOR IF FIRST TIME USING THIS UNSTATED ADAPTER, nor links to it begin sold.

    this so called dock is no good, if you just bought is new and fails.
    it needs to be MHL , capable.

    MHL is a TMDS-based protocol that allows a mobile device to interface with a modern projector or flat panel display by using an HDMI connector (but not using an HDMI signal

    show your dock sold on the web. or say it worked last week but not today, history always matter.

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Jul 22, 2021

    well there is no reset button
    and not told by you why you need to reset it, like pulling teeth this..
    why? why avoid telling why.

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Jul 22, 2021

    so the real question is why is monitor A NOT LIKE B.
    NOW Would we expect them to be the same as they are NOT.
    no problem stated at all
    other than why is one old monitor not like my newer monitor,
    answer 1, the are not the same ,
    answer 2 evolution happened.
    answer 3 the newer monitor has more fancy features, as all newers ones do, even for free, (G,moores laws)

    why must any free helper fence with you? why? is so hard to state 1 one real problem.?
    a problem that blocks utility?

  • Anonymous Jul 22, 2021

    samsung s4 means zero, se all these, ? and are NO The SAME.

    some S4 have super high resolutions not adapter on earth can translate to VGA.

    no S4 told. nor adapter told.
    as we say RMMV, real models may matter.

  • Anonymous Jul 22, 2021

    Richard wrong AOC monitor, hint they are not the same nor by country sold.
    in this case sold to Berlin.
    each country has its own laws in RFI interference (radio) and electrical safety
    and guess what, intended uses.
    monitors can connect to vast things, and each country has a set of things popular there only
    like to PCs or to any computers
    but no one cell phone, does it.(sorry no VGA phones)
    to NVR and DVR and CCTV security systems
    to SERvers of vast types, even some NAS.

    SEE why they are not all the same (like cookies") needs matter, users applications matter.

    in this case the user wants to do the Un-Intended my maker AOC, S4 to VGA.
    and needs and MHL2 adapter.
    what is problematic here , is wrong resolution but worse lack of DC power.
    VGA unlike HDMI or PD has no power pin,! oops but does S4 have power pins?There..

    and the S4 many not have power on the video out port. 11-pin USB/MHL

    see how complex this is, pin one in MHL Vbus power if that is limited the adapter chip is now dead.
    power is first and king, no power or weak power is doomed. (physics)

    MHL 2

    Version 2.0 was introduced in April 2012, and raised the minimum charging supply to 4.5 W (900 mA), with an optional 7.5 W (1.5 A) maximum allowed. Support for 3D video was also introduced, permitting 720p/1080i 60 Hz, and 1080p 24 Hz 3D video modes. The specification also included additional MHL sideband channel (MSC) commands.[20]

    I say (based on little information ,my eyes not on it, end to end.)
    the adapter is no good
    or you forgot to wick down RESO on the S4.



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