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I was gifted a Gateway DX4200-09 yesterday, and after cleaning the insides with some electronic internals spray, because it was full of dust, I tried to power on. The PC powers on fine, and I can hear the harddrive click after power, but it wont display any image. I tried with a monitor using the VGA cable, and then my tv using HDMI, and neither could detect the computer.

Posted by Aiden Souza on

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  • The Spaminator
    The Spaminator Jun 05, 2021

    Hi Aiden Souza, Is the video on the motherboard or is it from a add on video card .?
    if a card try resitting video card maybe clean pci slot then put video card back in.

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Jun 05, 2021

    2008 relic PC nobody wants, 13 years old.
    and the RTC COIN cell is dead, we replace that first. that battery ...
    It has no video card photo proves that
    it has useless legacy model card bottom PCI slot. we know that , and remove it.
    has 2 DDR rams sticks, left slide. of 4.
    the silly manual does not cover ram upgrades nor which slots are bank 0, channel A AND B.
    so test with 1 stick only in each of 4 slots. to learn what slots work with 1 stick of RAm.

    never use spray inside any pc,, no liquids of any kind. (none told either)
    use only vacuum and or blown air .
    use shop air or use Can-o-Air only
    most sprays are full of oil or very hard to dry out after.(like pure alcohol is)
    or as most Alcohol is sold is full of water ,and water is dead wrong too, at any quantity..
    next time ask how to clean a PC and not guess. ok?

    not told is if it has GPU card,
    but photos now show NONE there, thanks.

    does the power lamp glow? steady of flash.
    on PC.
    does the fan blow, both must the CPU fan and PSU, fan blows. if not power is dead.
    does the PC beep? IT SURE CAN.

    it does have a built in VGA and HDMI
    with no GPU card.
    the battery is dead. we know that
    all RTC did in 3 years, PC in a close
    if plugged in to the wall for 13 years
    the battery dies 5 to 7years old proves that if you read there.

    nobody can run a PC with 15 year old super dead battery ever, it will not happen.
    that battery that old is NO GOOD.
    13 year old. buy a new one for $1 USD.

    first things first this is.

    it will not run windows 10 either.
    too old.

    w7 max !!!! no windows 8 or 10 allowed,!

    bad thing to find
    1: spray junk killed it. (never use liquids)
    2: RTC CMOS coin cell died 6 years ago/
    3: PSU dead. power supply.
    4: HDD bad, fails smart tests. ask.
    5: molested, things inside unplugged or removed by others, we can't see inside and go gee that is missing dude.
    6: modem card slot bottom shorted remove it.
    7: there is no GPU card so we skip worry here,
    8: PSU can be bad, it has lame self test back 13 years ago. so can be like only 1/2 working, we all know that and why technically.
    9: we can bench test the PSU see links

    YES a key fact this !!!!!!
    yes you laid the pC on it's side
    and HTMI cable to TV shows some screen actions but no clue as to what you actually saw at all. (wow ,just wow)
    text errors? (we can not see your screen)
    GW splash screens/.?
    POST errors. or warnings....
    BIOS prompts.? hit F2 to gain BIOS page 1.???????
    the BIOS hot keys are not in the silly GW manuals (junk docs)? sad face.

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Jun 05, 2021

    best is run with no video card.
    not reseating it.
    this is what all persons testing any PC do. first. after new coin cell.
    and dump that spray can
    we use this, no liquids.

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Jun 05, 2021

    sold in any store that has computer supplies, even walmart and target have it.
    and vastly more.
    Can-o-air. (made up name but clear)

  • Aiden Souza
    Aiden Souza Jun 05, 2021

    I use an onn electronic compressed air can, all 3 fans blow, light blinks, no beeping, and I will see if I can attach a picture of internals

  • Aiden Souza
    Aiden Souza Jun 05, 2021

  • Aiden Souza
    Aiden Souza Jun 05, 2021

    I dont know if this means anything, but I just turned the pc on its side to take the gyazo pic, and turned it on to see what would happen, and it beeped once and displayed to my tv

  • Aiden Souza
    Aiden Souza Jun 05, 2021

    And the cell battery is not in it

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Jun 06, 2021

    all this time and you say

    "Aiden Souza Jun 05, 2021

    And the cell battery is not in it"


    you meant to say MISSING say MISSING
    MISSING is the better word.
    BUT BUT BUT I looke at the photo
    and the RTC coin cell is there
    as day.
    take the coin out
    use a voltmeter measure the 2 sides
    above 2.9v good, below is BAD .
    The NVram does NOT like voltage below that magic number, this is a fact.
    and if low the NVRAM scrambles
    and BIOS GOES MAD, even goes, SCREEN DEAD.

    I told you it is not optional
    the RTC coin cell missing causes dead bios

    OR in the case of Factory test jump, not installed or NOT ENABLED
    per makers manuals on topic.

    and these jumper wrong.
    we check all that or go know where fast.

    like PW-CLR. CMOS_clr
    and others, Gateway manuals are not very good. btw.

    we call call these in shop. FORD.
    found on road dead.
    to fix them takes hard work.

    and spare PSU.
    after the strip down and all jumpers good
    and COIN cell good (over 2.9v = good)
    then we do NEW PSU.
    all shops have spare PSU , i guess not you? 24pin PSU?

    this PSU can be bench tested easy

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Jun 06, 2021

    that PSU has many rails.
    if you hear fans that Only means 1 rail is good 12vdc.
    I guess 5vdc is good too.
    own a volt meter do yah.>
    if yes measure all pins here.

    24pin cable
    yellow 12v
    red = 5v
    orange + 3.3v

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Jun 06, 2021

    lets to F.O.R.D PC testing 101 day now
    just for fun or "useful"
    FOUND ON ROAD DEAD. DOA PC, whatever.

    all actions steps below where I pull something INSIDE_PC, the AC power cord is disconnected at either end.
    for 15seconds at least. 1min is better.

    1: we can do the PSU bench test ask. last)
    2: the coin cell needs to be good.
    yours is marked "Newsun" I bet no good.
    below 2.9vdc is HARD HARD FAILED.
    use a VOLTMETER !!! DMM cost here $20

    3: you have no PCI GPU card there.,
    4: I see a card in PCI lower slot , remove it. keep it out or photo of it posted.
    remove it now. (it is a dial up modem)'

    5; I then make sure all jumpers on the mobo are not set WRONG. we LOOK and be SURE, if wrong , PC DEAD ! or acts NUTS.
    the blue jumper next to coin not set wrong.

    6: unplug HDD and ODD, drives both, 2 cables each. and PCI cards removed all.
    7: use modern VGA monitor 2010 or newer
    2011 for sure or newer all older monitors
    2009 and older for sure are not good now
    dead. CCFL tubes died LONG LONG AGO.
    the die 5 years old easy then. use LED only monitors black lamp type class.
    8: look for loose screws,
    9: under motherboards, I have seen othere
    have lose screws under it or studs on the wrong places there shorting out the mobo dead. this is really pathetic but seen it many times , noobs fiddling about.

    this is F.O.R.D listing
    10: wrong or dead PSU.
    24pin PSU only allowed here to THIS MOBO.
    this mobo does beep if horrible things happen sure does. listen for it.
    beeper seen bottom right side of mobo.just above blue SATA ports

    11: in real shop we have real LED VGA monitors known not to be BAD.!!!!!!
    or HDMI monitors. or even both in one.

    TVs get very tricky none told by you.
    12: CPU pins bent by last owner,.
    (FORD fails again)
    13: VGA cable Or HDMI pins on end not missing or bent. or cable eat by dog.

    then we do the strip down test.
    new RTC coin
    and get that PCI card out of there.
    what does it do, IDK.

    Goal is BIOS working
    strip down is next.,
    like I told you any part that shorts the PSU overloads in 1second and shuts down.
    SOME old PSU like this do not shut down for all rails and all the ways.
    CHEAP PSU are like that, lame.
    so we do this.
    start here;
    I remove all USB devices first,

    in the last step, PC still dead
    we bench test the PSU.
    using again a VOLTMETER.

    end FORD
    no more found on road dead.

    the monitor must be tested good
    first. 2008 monitors are ALL NO GOOD NOW
    they died about year 2013,
    2021 is hopeless those, now.
    no monitor told
    not TV told
    so can only beg and wonder all that...

    one more NOOB topic
    all connectors inside re-seated
    not re-sitted, (sic)
    the connectors are keyed, that means they only go on just one way but NOOBS are clueless here and find amazing ways to plug them in wrong even off by 2 pins.
    dang,noobs."OR NEAR BLIND?" BUY GLASSES?

    molested PCs by NOOBS are a horror like nothing else...
    seen it all seen all the wild things done wrong.
    if wise, I take them 100% apart
    then put it all back the correct way.
    theN do tests.
    seen some with a loose screwS under the mobo shorting out the mobo or even blowing the MOBO up to H3LL.. boom dead.
    end of the road.


    ECON 101.


    if the strip down test does not pass
    there is no free fix, zero.

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Jun 06, 2021

    "battery not in it."???????
    can you do that in English please?
    I saw it there,,, so....
    try to be more clear what that means
    after all it is the first thing to test.
    and not clear by you this key part.
    that loves to fail on any PC made.
    notepads excepted have none.
    do you have a volt meter
    if not fixing electrics is super hard.
    leaving only guessing.

    Im reading your manuals now,
    at GW, see my links in my post #1

    and the bottom PCI card was DIAL up modem
    phone line MODEM and is 100% useless
    remove it and sell it on ebay,(joking last)
    trash it .
    the 6 manuals at GW are useless for service, endless windows clicks manuals all useless now.
    no service guide exists
    not one word on the motherboard there exists.
    buy a used Dell 3020 MT desktop, win.
    full support and real manuals, amazing no?
    Gateway died in USA long ago, owns the name now.
    and makes PCs with that name but not here.
    not sold in USA, zero.

    I guess you are not in USA,
    and GW PCs are sold not here.
    but their documentations STINKS !
    so does Acer docs. now we know why.

    the vista /w7 drivers are there for sure.

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Jun 06, 2021

    "And the cell battery is not in it"

    does that mean?
    tested good with a real meter.
    it missing now. (silly if true)
    or my crystal ball told me it is good.
    or bought a new one put it and and not put in backwards,NOOBS do wild things wrong.

    I wait.



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Follow Larry Ng's advice. Additional areas:

CMOS battery

Here are "No post, no video checklists":

Mrore grueling:

I think this was originally sold with a Vista OS.

Whether or not you will have a driver issue at some point, I can't say. We are talking about drivers from the Vista era, unless someone attempted to put Windows 7 on it::

Posted on Jun 05, 2021


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Hi, I'm afraid that not only a cable is needed but an analog (vga) to digital (dvi) converter/scaler as well. The iLo LCD Display V27DMBX-U12 can hook up to a PC using the DVI-I connection only. As you said, your computer has the standard 1D15 pin VGA connector. Another possibility is if your video card has a composite video output (normally a color yellow RCA female) or an S-Video output which will both connect direct to your iLo LCD Display V27DMBX-U12. For the RCA connection all you need is an ordinary RCA to RCA shielded wire cable and for the S-Video, an S to S Video cable will work. There is of course the question about the quality or the resolution. Good luck and hope that this be of some help to you. Pls post again how things turn up. Kind regards.

Posted on Jul 31, 2007



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SOURCE: Sharp Aquos LC-37P50E connected to computer with HDMI cable


I got the chat , but some how it got disconnected.
But i would like to help you in this aspect.
HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface, and supports transmission of both audio and video in high fidelity.

First make sure these things,

Both your computer and your TV will need to support HDMI interface.
It's quite a recent thing in PC graphics cards, so you may have to resort to S-Video, DVI or VGA for the video, plus a 3.5mm stereo cable (or the optical TOSLINK equivalent) for the sound.

Let know your comments and i will follow up with the suggestions.
Thanx for using fixya,
Good luck.

Posted on Sep 28, 2008


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SOURCE: TV wont detect HDMI Devices except a pc.

Something is wrong whith the HDMI jack it's self, or the electronic switching is not sensing a signal is present. In either case the board that has the HDMI jack you are using needs to be replaced. Most all these boards are double printed, Multi-layered or both which prevents replacing the jack it's self. I do have a question though, do you only have on HDMI jack on the unit or do you have another one available.

Posted on Jun 18, 2009


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SOURCE: my sharp tv is pc ready. I hook everything up and

There are a number of things to check here:

1) Verify that the resolution on the PC is set to a supported level for the TV. Usually the TV will show "no signal" if the resolution is out of range or the message "out of range" will appear.

2) You don't indicate whether you are connecting to a desktop or laptop. If a laptop, you may need to turn on the external monitor. This is done by using the function key and either F5 or F6 (the key should have a picture of a screen on it). Hitting this combination will toggle between the main screen with.without the external monitor.

3) Verify that the TV port is selected correctly (AV1,AV2 etc)

4) You will need a separate cable or the audio regardless of the system type. Also verify that the audio cable is in the corresponding audio input jacks for the video option selected.

If you have completed the above and it still doesn't work, please post the details about the computer being used and the exact cable setup that you have and I'll check into this further.


Posted on Mar 13, 2010


  • 1 Answer


have you found the solution for this problem because i have the some problem with my tv??

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

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Hope this be of help/idea. Pls post back how things turned up or should you need additional information.

Good luck and kind regards.
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