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Hi please help me with my Dell optiplex 755 I install Windows 10 now it's not not working the screen becomes blanks on the desktop but I see folders clear the problem is that Usb and keyboard is not working even when I try to do setup it's say Usb and hard drive not present

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  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Mar 07, 2021

    I have one and know it well , mine is full sized MT tower, and far better.
    "just installed W10" (im sure only 32bit)!!!
    well first the hDD must be good and most this old are not, use new SSD for the boot drive.

    the 1st failure is the RTC coin cell
    that dead makes the BIOS go very MAD (NUTZ)
    so if below 2.9vdc it is bad for sure.
    1st things 1st as they say.
    Part ID 14 seen here

    NO monitor maker or model told if older than year 2010 they all fail for bad backlamps CCFL (TUBES)
    all do. bar NONE. 20,000 hours and POOF dead.
    5 years on average bad.(math)

    By "setup" you meant BIOS is not working right.>>?>>>>???? even BIOS RTC dates wrong?

    say BIOS to mean that. and if fails
    BIOS, the RTC coin cell is bad. as all are that OLD.
    the PC is 2007 made
    so is 14 years old now, AGE MATTERS.
    no battery ever lasts that long nor HDD.
    nor any CCFL backlamped Monitor. 2010 or newer are LED and just RUN and RUN

    w10 problems on 755 beyond above
    w10 does not like
    Intel Q35 Express chip sets, support ended. (partial) support ended, at W7 ! and at Dell.
    same. but you can add GTX7xx card and works on w10, GTX7xx and up. if tried many and they all work here w10.!!

    Intel Core 2 Duo/Quad,
    the intel CPU some are not supported w10
    quads yes, or some fail 64bit OS.

    the DELL 3020MT is far far better, and has a future unlike that old 755.
    the VGA port on the rear uses intel
    GMA 3100 (GPU)
    there is no support now for 3100

    per this page facts.
    only intel supports intel GPU's there silicon their drivers, and they do not support this.
    Dell gets it from Intel. so.....

    horses mouth read. same for all GTA 31xx

    other things that can fail
    are SOUND
    and LAN.
    you will find out later as the W10 starts working for the first time
    and the cures are simple.

    each device that fails, replace it.
    ask me for the most chip cards to use and can do. ask.

    first replace the bad battery
    then test the hdd, using diskchecks. or put in SSD
    then put in a w10 GPU card
    load w10.
    see it does work, all my dells do.
    755 on up if you replace bad or wrong parts.

    the VGA port may run in LIMP mode.
    MS has low low level lame driver in w10 to run GPU chips not supported by anyone.
    this is called.
    MS MDBA limp mode ! this is only MS magic this, the device manager will tell you MDBA.

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Mar 07, 2021

    any old PC, always test the coin cell first.
    the test the HDD, using this.
    100% free and safe and not spam.... ever.

    if smart tests fail the drive is useless.

  • Anonymous Mar 07, 2021

    this PC will have some chips dead
    or lame, with w10
    see cures here,

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Mar 07, 2021

    Dell does not support w10, here.
    but we can make it run, if you are willing to work at it.
    the mobo is sold used for $15 now.(freeship)
    so has very little value.

    the question Econ101
    is how much can you spend on any PC this old.
    that is hard question.

    the coin cell is a $1
    used SSD $20 if HDD is bad.
    a used working GPU card w10 supported is about $15
    see where I am going here?(econ)
    8400GS is $13
    or all these ;(the w10 cheap list by me)
    GeForce 400 Series:

    GeForce 405
    GeForce 300 Series:

    GeForce GT 340, GeForce GT 330, GeForce GT 320, GeForce 315, GeForce 310
    GeForce 200 Series:

    GeForce GTX 295, GeForce GTX 285, GeForce GTX 280, GeForce GTX 275, GeForce GTX 260, GeForce GTS 250, GeForce GTS 240, GeForce GT 230, GeForce GT 240, GeForce GT 220, GeForce G210, GeForce 210, GeForce 205
    GeForce 100 Series:

    GeForce GT 140, GeForce GT 130, GeForce GT 120, GeForce G100
    GeForce 9 Series:

    GeForce 9800 GX2, GeForce 9800 GTX/GTX+, GeForce 9800 GT, GeForce 9600 GT, GeForce 9600 GSO, GeForce 9600 GSO 512, GeForce 9600 GS, GeForce 9500 GT, GeForce 9500 GS, GeForce 9400 GT, GeForce 9400, GeForce 9300 GS, GeForce 9300 GE, GeForce 9300 SE, GeForce 9300, GeForce 9200, GeForce 9100
    GeForce 8 Series:

    GeForce 8800 Ultra, GeForce 8800 GTX, GeForce 8800 GTS 512, GeForce 8800 GTS, GeForce 8800 GT, GeForce 8800 GS, GeForce 8600 GTS, GeForce 8600 GT, GeForce 8600 GS, GeForce 8500 GT, GeForce 8400 GS, GeForce 8400 SE, GeForce 8400, GeForce 8300 GS, GeForce 8300, GeForce 8200, GeForce 8200 /nForce 730a, GeForce 8100 /nForce 720a

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Mar 07, 2021

    what to do is buy a Gen4 i3 up PC.
    i5-4xxx best. or higher.
    for a real future. 64bit ! not 32.

  • Anonymous Mar 08, 2021

    dell does not support w10 here.
    just XP and VISTA.
    try Ubuntu v17 up.

  • Anonymous Mar 08, 2021

    you failed to say w10 32bit or 64bit. OS?
    2007 PC, 14 years old now.
    the RTC coin cell battery is no good this old.
    is this try to install or fails after?
    I can not understand your post. sorry.
    W10 does not run right on the PC we know that.
    W10 many try to but I can and will fail.
    that is what happens on 14 year old PCs.
    Dell ended support on it. Just XP and VISTA

    what can happen is it my try to install
    but gets hung up. seen this on 2007 PCs me.

    my guess is the errors are during install
    and you left off the key word TIRED.

    if it does install , and finish (did it)
    there well be a sea of dead chips on the mobo
    and even a bad HDD. (1/2 good and bad)

    tell when the errors happened.
    not told
    I have installed even w10-64bit
    on these old dells PC (testing W10 I did)
    with upgrades, CPU + GPU cards (certified w10) GTX105o card.

    DELL 3020, optiplex
    Dell 790MT
    Dell 380
    Dell 5150c Dimension Desktop /XPS-200/E510
    Dell 230 Vostro
    Dell Optiplex 330, 32bit only.

    In most cases the CPU had to be upgraded.
    and sound is dead, added new sound card.d
    and GPU will fail. on all. upgraded to not fail.
    in each case a new SSD boot drive installed.
    HDD this old are bad. learn that first.

    so the answer is yes and no.
    no if not upgraded.
    yes if did so.
    have hard proof me.

    the 755 some came with intel CPU E6850
    a 2007 CPU. CORE 2 DUO,
    the newest QUAD runs 64bit. Q6600
    stepping G0 , lid stamped, SLACR !
    seen here.
    you;d be surprised what can run.(old)

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Mar 12, 2021

    my 790 running furmark and w10-64bit.
    a very hard test this.
    this rig was a gift to me from ex- bitcoin mining friend. it makes great test bed.

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Mar 12, 2021

    like the old movie Who's on FIRST"
    Bud Abbott.?
    now lets do basics,
    first off the RTC coin cell bettery is no good, sold at walmart for a buck.
    now BIOS stops failing hard,
    you reset the BIOS and now USB ports all work. and more. RTC battery can not be ignored. at 5 years old we test it.
    below 2.9vdc it is bad battery.

    next is what version of w10 did you try.
    32bit or 64bit, and what is your goal.
    if you do not mind replacing the CPU then try 64bit. The world is ending 32bit. so....

    at MS web page for free ISO builder
    we use the MS builder to make the USB stick
    to be most wise pick the options when asked
    both 32bit and 64bit, for the USB stick builder. now it will do both that boot stick.
    stick (usb thumbdrive 16GB)

    now boot the PC with F12 key and using kbd
    arrow keys pick the boot stick now.
    it now boots the stick and you install
    w10 to the new SSD.
    using old bad HDD is nothing but endless pain, avoid pain if wise.
    if H3LL bent to HDD, run smart tests on it using another PC. now.
    that is it.
    the installer must see the HDD in the SATA port 0.
    if not the HDD is bad or not erased.
    best is a fully erased HDD start and 10x better SSD.
    a uses ssd can be had for 20 bucks.
    i have many here in my kit just for testing.

    The PC runs 64bit with the most new CPU.
    sure does. but other things will be dead
    like sound. (and the iGPU not right)
    we installed GTX7xx and up GPU card and bingo runs anything..

  • Anonymous Mar 12, 2021

    there are 3 answers, no, kinda and yes.
    dell = no
    no upgrades = kinda works.
    with upgrades = yes

    your call your costs and labor.

    the only real limit is the intel chips set.
    lucky you no VIA, no SIS nor Nforce chips
    as those are a big NO.
    Intel ended 32bit support on all new chips
    but supports old chips back to about 2005 to 2007. tells that story.

    I have 64bit running (w10) back to intel G41.

    ms proof

    MS supports this chipset year. 2008
    even 2007 chips are supported by Intel.
    G31 I got w10-32bit to run not 64b.
    oldest PC of all 2005 to run 32bit. my testing.
    your PC is Q35
    Q35 has iGPU chip on CHIP, that is not supported by INTEL now, is why it fails.!!!
    the cure is simple put in a GPU card that runs w10, even $15 card works
    Like Nvidia 8400GS, and turn off the iGPU in BIOS. now w10 installs.
    used cards, work.
    and cheap.

    There will; be other chips that fail.
    sound is next.

    when installing w10 use the Ethernet port and cable Cat5+
    on the PCs port to the router.
    now wired internet works and the install can
    find extra drivers best.
    tell the installer no to join the cloud and no to live email accounts and no to coa key.
    then do the install.
    W10 runs for free for 30 days, let it an test it.



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You can try to attach the drive with a different USB cable to another computer. That way you will rule out connectivity issues and drivers as a possible cause.

In case the issue persists, there is a good chance that something wrong with the enclosure or the HDD itself. In both cases, you can:
-RMA the drive if under warranty.

Posted on Apr 21, 2021


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Welcome to FIXYA

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