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Hey, I have an old HP Pro 3090 MT CPU. I had some components from another CPU lying around and wanted to use it on this one. The Motherboard is MS 7647 Rev 1.0 which already has 1 GB x 2 ram DDR3 1333 Mhz. I tried using 1600 MHz cards of 4gb DDR3, but it didn't work. Also I found no information about this Motherboard online. So I needed some help.

Posted by Prathik Mallya on

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  • Anonymous Sep 20, 2020

    Does CPU mean computer in your country?
    not here in USA it means the main processor.
    that MS7647 is a HP contracted to MSI motherboard, and was not sold by MSI ever.!
    MSI will tell you that if you asked .

    it is private to HP, and secret that contract. and made in year 2010. (old)
    core 2 relics are junk now go i3 up !

    Did you ask this?
    why not. (they need a laugh? )
    10,000 hits

    DDR3 can be fun or not. toss coin
    vast persons know that and landed in DDR3 H3LL. (due to EVOLUTION alone)

    upgrades are rare on this OLD PC.

    seen here just 8 (sad no?)
    only 1 users world wide with 8GB here.

    THIs PC has no QVL no , qualified vendors list for DDR3. zero, nada
    that means google it or do it your self to learn what any OLD PC can do now.

    i bet 4 slots of 4GB will not work.
    and if did , is useless with 32bit OS.

    dells only max sized DDR3 sold by dell then was (each)
    2GB, 1333MHz, PC3-10600, CL9 128M x 8, DDR3-1333 Dual In-Line Memory Module (DIMM)

    The mobo and BIOS must like it or fails.
    all web sites on this topic say that for sure upgrade sites all. for good reasons.

    This is why qualified memory stick makers, exist and sell their products, known to work in a specific PC.

    The only hope is , BIOS upgrades that can do more DDR3 than it did in 2010
    or buy qualified DDR3 from say Corsair.
    or ask direct.
    I have no HP secrets here, few do.
    As them. ask the maker for help. really./

  • Anonymous Sep 20, 2020

    the real question asked correctly is:

    I have HP PRO 3090 desktop computer, 2010
    I want to upgrade DDR3 ram.
    I have found used but very newer and unstated makers model and p/n DDR3 from some other unstated PC. (we need ddr3 SKU sicker facts)
    why does it fail.?
    Answer , ask Not MSI ever on this.
    Answer , upgrade BIOS so it might work.
    Answer, buy qualified DDR3 from Corsair or Kingston dot com.
    and cross you fingers. nobody does this.
    the PC is TOO OLD now CORE2 junk.

    most these PCs will not run, windows 10 64bit so any ram over 3.5GB is useless.!!!!
    You are not asking for faster ram but unstated and the MMC can not do faster
    and so I can assume you want 8GB more ram,
    I ask you why>? (NO OS Told)
    why upgrade RAM,? using any CORE 2.

    some rare Core2quads run 64b but I bet you dont have that. Q9400? newest stepping only works.
    no target OS stated,. so all I can do is wonder what's up DOC.


    Intel Core 2 Quad processor Q9550 - 2.83GHz (Yorkfield, 12MB (2x6MB) shared Level-2 cache, 1333MHz front side bus speed, Socket 775) SLB8V (step E0 version) a must. for w10.

    AND if using newest stepping I have seen it run w10-64bit. (other chips fail but does run )
    the CPU limits are here.
    best stated.

    Tell why you need 8GB bank in any CORE2 PCs.
    Core2 is the CPU, the central processor.
    would love to hear goals not just DDR3 dreams.
    CORE2 is Banta Fodder. and is dark side.

  • Anonymous Sep 30, 2020

    wrong ram.
    end story.
    DDR3 is not the same for 10 long years.
    oldest to new. not the same data sheet told you not to do that but you did and it failed.

  • Anonymous Oct 01, 2020

    simple answer,
    wrong ram dude.
    buy certified ram for
    but I bet you will not.$$$$$$$$$



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Carl Rock

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The faster memory could work but not necessarily. There are a lot of variables. A 10% speed difference might work but at 20% it's difficult to meet design requirements.

Are you removing the 1333s and using only the1666 components? Does it boot and give you bios screen splash or does it beep and lock up?

Try using only the 1666mhz and see what happens. If it boots with the 1333s only, but not the 1666s only, then likely the speed difference is too great.

Posted on Sep 19, 2020

  • Anonymous Sep 20, 2020

    Carl the BIOS does all that,
    the old 10 year old BIOS reads the DDR3 SPD chips and if it can not understand any thing there it can not set the speeds right at all
    or the DDR3 has too dense of DRAM on the sticks.
    100% BIOS reasons to fail are first.
    yes beeps. and dead PC.
    he failed to test one stick of DDR3 4GB.
    Intel said in all data sheets DO NO MIX RAM by SKU, or brands or sizes per BANK .
    It will run (if BIOS wants to) at he slow stick speed (limit)
    and will not run at full speed at all this MMC can not run that at all.



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I suggest you bring it to the repair shop so you can know the exact problem. But the above answer is correct as well

Posted on Sep 12, 2020

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Sep 14, 2020

    DDR3 memory is problematic.
    for 2 reason the many years it was used.
    and old PCs do not like newer DDR3 with higher densities.
    you would learn that doing lots of DDR3 upgrades.
    Old PCs like your CORE2 is very dumbb(sic)
    then, the intel CORE2, MMC logic made long long ago does not like modern DDR3 memory made now. (or this new)
    to make that old mobo work right you need DDR3 what works on it.
    Best is old DDR3 bought and used.
    or buy CERTIFIED DDR3 from the top makers.
    here is one

    btw you PC maker does not support this old PC now. for qualified new DDR3.

    try this, certified class memory. they work on your PC.

    Some PCs can be BIOS upgrade to allow newer DDR3 to run. did you do that first?

    stop searching mobo specs.
    and learn to read only about the 3090
    Ok< that HP PC is sold with 50 motherboard world wide, (hp parts surfer dot com)

    the PC spec is here if you like read that.

    there is no answer for all 25 motherboards sold for this PC.(HP sales)
    all you can do is:
    1: use certified DDR3.
    2: upgrade the BIOS,
    3: and try all you want. other DDR3.

    the spec is here.
    HP does not document BIOS fully nor effectively for sure DDR3 QVL lists. none.

    ddr3 was and is made for 13 long years
    newer or new DDR3 will not work in vast old PCs now. due to wrong density now.
    that is a fact of life. DDR3.



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SOURCE: Maxing memory speed, GB or MHz more important?

I don't think a difference of 133MHz of memory speed will make a difference in your gaming performance either way. Also, you won't be able to use more than 3.5GB of memory if you don't have a 64-bit operating system. Finally, it'll be a rare person who actually notices a difference in using 8GB vs 4GB of RAM. So, in conclusion, just buy 4GB of 800MHz RAM and spend your money and your time on a good graphics card, if gaming performance is your main concern. If you have any further questions, contact me through

Posted on Nov 03, 2009


Piyal Perera

  • 528 Answers

SOURCE: I have installed 1 GB + 512 MB DDR II RAM, but it read only 1G

Nowadays, motherboards supports only a selected number of RAMs. You have to read the manual and select from the given models. I am not talking about DDR2 or 667MHz. The manual will state the manufacturer (ex. Kingston) model no (KVR667XXXXXX) etc. Only those stated in the manual will work correctly with your motherboard.

Posted on Aug 14, 2009

Michael James

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SOURCE: I want to use two Graphics card in single motherboard

In order to use SLI, you must have 2 PCIeX16 slots. This motherboard only has one. Also, in order to use SLI or Crossfire for ATI cards, the cards must be identical.

Posted on Mar 20, 2009


Abdulmugeeb Murtala

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SOURCE: How can I convert 1 GB Ram into Mother Board 810 E?


Posted on Nov 20, 2008

The Machine

Dean Joly

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SOURCE: Gigabyte GA-8IGX Motherboard memory upgrade

If you bay DDR 400 it will slow itself down to 266 automatically. I've seen a very few cases where it didn't work because of voltage differences but that is very rare and usually with really cheap OEM motherboards, your Gigabyte should be safe.

Posted on Aug 11, 2008

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When i turn on the computer, the fan keeps spinning and making noise and the monitor is black screen. i tried many ways to resolve it but unsuccessful.

If your monitor is black but everything is still spinning, first off if you have opened up your PC check for certain if everything is connected again properly (especially the 4 pin connector near the CPU) and also the cable to the monitor and the monitor's power cable of course.
First of all try to connect your monitor to another device and see if it works. If it does not then your monitor is broken. if it does, let's go to the next step.

If everything is connected properly inside the PC, the odds are very high that your CPU and/or motherboard are broken. If possible try replacing the CPU and motherboard with another one if you have one lying around. If you don't you can either buy a new CPU or motherboard or if you want to take the more simple way, which is actually more recommended, go to your local PC shop and have your PC fixed.

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CPU fan failure causes system to aromatically shut down..

Without a proper working cpu fan the cpu will overheat and shut the computer down... if not fry the cpu. You will need to replace the cpu fan and hope the overheating didn't mess up the cpu or something on the motherboard.

Jul 06, 2011 | HP Hewlett Packard HP-COMPAQ DX2450 MT...

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Mother board is ak77 pro 133 vt8233 will not run xp proI

The BSOD (blue screen of death) usually means that a computer component has failed. This could be a hard disc drive, a memory module, the cpu, or the motherboard. I would start by checking out the hard drive first. See if it is spinning and not making any clicking sounds. Try replacing it if you have another one. Then check memory and cpu. Some people actually like having an old computer hanging around. They install Windows 98 in it so they can play old dos games and games that don't require a blazing fast processor! Good luck...Hank

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P4MAM-L with CPU P2.4GHz runs at 1.2GHz only

Reset your motherboard BIOS. Open your computer casing where the motherboard lies in and then find the bios setting jumper, it should be located near the battery. To reset your bios, refer to the motherboard manual. :-)

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Old PSU fan lying around.....

Fan voltage must be the same as the one you want to connect it to

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Unable to start - do not get post.

First of all that is too old system that you are using, problems can be your CPU's golden legs are not connected well on motherboard, second your ram memory is not working good, maybe is slower or faster than that motherboard can receive.
First of all disconnect everything from motherboard ...if it does not work :

1. Remove cooler from cpu
2. remove cpu from socket, turn around CPU and look at those golden legs if they are moved aside
3. if they are moved turn them back on the line use needle or small pocket knife to do it and do it carefully
4. carefully place CPU back in socket
5. put CPU protective grease
6. put back cooler on CPU
7. remove ram memory from slots
8. look at the golden legs if there is no broken use clean cotton swabs and pure medical alchohol and clean the ram golden legs put the ram back in slot
9, do the same with your graphics card if you are using AGP slot
10. put back power cable 20 pins and 4 pins
11. Connect keyboard and monitor cable
12. Use screwdriver to shorten the power on pins

If it does not work than you should say goodbye to that motherboard and old technology that you are using and buy motherboard socket 775 or socket AM2 and new cpu and ram its cheap this days to have real dual core computer.

Jul 11, 2017 | Albatron PX845PEV PRO 800Mhz Motherboard

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Elitegroup K7S5A board No Docunentation

The following link is the download page for Elitegroup Motherboards, just choose your motherboard in the side, i think it under Socket 462!!! hope this helps regards, babb

May 10, 2007 | EliteGroup K7S5A Pro Motherboard

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