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Posted on Nov 28, 2007
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Auto answer My LG CU500v phone does not come with auto answer option, but I need that to work with a motorcycle intercom system. Is there a hack for this, or perhaps a small device that will enable auto answer ?

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  • oldsalt444 Nov 28, 2007

    Those were my first thoughts as well. I have tried every thing under Settings, My Stuff and Bluetooth, but there is no option for hands free or auto answer. There are only 3 answer modes listed under Settings/Call/Answer Mode - Flip open, Any key, and Send key. I can't find anything named Profiles. I do have the Plantronics
    "earwig" Bluetooth piece, which works well,
    I can't use it when wearing a helmet. I think we can reasonbly rule out any phone settings already in place. Apparently LG did not design the phone for auto answer. That's why I'm asking about a hack or a separate external device to enable auto answer. I have seen devices for cars that you plug into the cigarette lighter that will auto answer any phone, but they come with proprietary speakers and mike, so I can't use those without butchering it up and then not being able to return it if something goes wrong. But at least it's possible.

  • oldsalt444 Nov 29, 2007

    The intercom is not Bluetooth. It is all cable connections. A special adaptor cable is needed to connect the cell phone to the intercom. The "earwig" answers when you push a small switch on the side. Obviously this can't be done while wearing a helmet.

  • oldsalt444 Nov 30, 2007

    I tried holding down the star button, but all that does is turn the vibrate mode on and off.

  • oldsalt444 Dec 01, 2007

    Those sound like good ideas, and my first step will be to try the "earbuds" to see if that will give it auto answer. If not, then the small shop is worth a try. I did ask about software at the AT&T store, but of course they said no software was available except for music stuff. Typical, they just want to make money. You were right about that. I will let you know what happens.

  • oldsalt444 Dec 02, 2007

    I did try the "earbuds", but didn't auto answer. Now I'm looking at cell phone repair places to see what they can do.


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  • Posted on Nov 28, 2007
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Joined: Oct 08, 2007

Hi have you gone into the profile setting or the enhancement settings depending on your phones menu as they differ from phone to phone it will either be under settings or phone settings or could be under profile.
Once you have found this menu you need to select headset or hands free or if you are using bluetooth you might be able to change it under the profile settings then under one of these menus it will have an automatic answer section this houls be switched on and when its on make sure you have selected to use that setting.
After i finish writing this i am looking for the manuall for your phone if i find it i will talk you through it step by step you might have solved your problem by then let me know how you get on ok

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  • Anonymous Nov 28, 2007

    is your motorbike intercom blue tooth

    how do you answer calls using the earwig piece dose that answer on its own.

    Whilst im waiting for your post i will have a look around and talk to other experts for you and i will let you know how i get on.

    Their has to be a way of doing this ill let you know what i find out

  • Anonymous Nov 29, 2007

    is their a setting on the phone where you can select headset or something similar it dont come under the profile settings it should have its own menu enhancements or something similar and their should be one their for the hands free device if you select this it should give you the menu for automatic answer and in this menu it should let you select this setting as your profile.

    if you go into the profile selection it is not listed my phone is not exactly the same as yours so im doing my best to explain the best i can all phones have an auto answer menu its just finding it.

    its going to be in the settings folder might be in an advanced section some phones its in advance and some its in the section where you select the hands free enhancement.

  • Anonymous Nov 29, 2007

    If it is all cable connections then it should auto answer and their will be this option on your phone to do this.

    It is definately under setting or enhancements and it might say hands free or headset selecting this should allow you to acces the menu for auto answer i am still looking for user manuall for your phone ill keep looking and will post back as soon as i find it then i can talk you through it properly let me know how you get on ok

  • Anonymous Nov 29, 2007

    if you look under settings and then call settings is their a menu in this section called answer mode try this menu should help with your problem

  • Anonymous Nov 29, 2007

    holding down the star button should select handsfree device this should have auto answer on that also have found out off other lg users that some devices that are not actuall lf devices wont function properly.

    Havnt you got the handsfree kit that isnt blue tooth with the phone so you can try if this auto answers it says in the manuall that when you plug device in the phone it will pick up that it is hands free device doesnt say much about the blue tooth but you cant have auto answer through blue tooth anyway.

    But normal hands free device it says press and hold the star button down to change from each device ie normal mode silent mode and handsfree give it a try let me know how you get on ok

  • Anonymous Dec 01, 2007

    Hi the only thing i found out by reading the manual to your phone is that when you plug the ear piece in you were using a handsfree ear piece that is plugged in via a cable the phone automatically picks this up and sets itself up for auto answer after one ring.

    Have you got the manual or not if you havent then goto this homepage and then you get a blue box that says help me with write user manual then your make and model and check the find a solution option now when this searches it will bring up the user manual then i think the auto answer is on the pages in the 70 but you will need to look incase im wrong but it does say something about holding a button down maybe i got wrong button but you could check for yourself.

    I will look when i get back home as at work at minute and get limited use of the net but i will look again for you.

    But i do remember it saying that the phone will pick up the handsfree device and select auto answer.

    Has the piece in helmet got its own power supply or does it all run off the phone?

    Also what does it say when this device is plugged in does the phone pick it up as being conected or is it like their is nothing plugged in i will look for you but will be later when get home hope this is ok let me know how you get on ok speak soon

  • Anonymous Dec 01, 2007

    Hi just spoke to mate of mine who i used to work with repairing phones he said that if the phone didnt pick up the device and you cant select auto answer then the only other way is get a flash leed and the programme for your phone.

    He said on some of the makes of phone you can alter the profiles using the software then download this to your phone so for instance on the normal setting you could select this profile to have auto answer then that should solve your problem.

    But he did say he hasnt dealt with your make of phone much as we both worked for nokia but most of the phone makers will have this option in their software but if it is not on their then you could be wasting your money.

    He did say though that if you took your phone to repair shop not a big one goto someone in a market as the bigger named shops wont even change the settings for you without sending it back to the makers.

    But he said take your phone maybe to a market or somebody running small phone buisness and tell them your problem they should tell you wether buying the lead and software will help you or not its goto be worth a try if it is possible they should tell you and they might even have the software and be able to do it for you.

    I will have a look and see what i can find out about the software and whats on the software, i will let you know when i find anything out.

    I am trying for you as i dont want you to be stuck now i have offered my assistance to you so let me know how you get on and ill let you know how i get on ok speak soon

  • Anonymous Dec 01, 2007

    glad to offer some advice to you the at&t just dont want you getting their software changed suprized they didnt off you a new phone lol i will keep looking about your problem their is one more person i can try but having trouble getting hold of them will keep trying will post back when i know anything if i cant find anything out i will let you know.

    I wont keep you waiting around speak again soon ok

  • Anonymous Dec 03, 2007

    Hi this must be fault on the phones software as it says in the manuall that the phone will auto answer with the handsfree plugged into it let me know how you get on at the shop would like to see the outcome thanks


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At Two scenarios it will be happening.
1. When your phones act as a intercom.
2. When your server settings are enabled with auto-answer option.

Check with server admin.


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It's not called page, it's INTERCOM. On the face of most Panasonic phones, there's a button labeled AUTO ANS. When you press it, it lights up. If the options are set properly, it becomes the Voice Announce/Auto Answer button. Every phone you want to have the VA feature on has to have that button lit. When you call them on the intercom, it will beep twice and your voice will be on the set and they may or may not be able to answer back handsfree.

It requires system programming and theere's a code you can dial to block it.


How to use the intercom system

  • Check your telephone to see if it has an intercom feature. Many wireless phones that come with multiple units allow you to temporarily turn one unit into an intercom to contact other units attached to the same wireless phone system. Depending on the model, you can contact all the other phones at once, or a single specific phone, by pushing the intercom button and entering the other mode. To put the phone back into regular mode, all you have to do is switch off the intercom option.

  • Contact your telephone provider. Some telephone service providers allow landline phones to call themselves, which enables the phone to function as an improvised intercom. You would simply pick up the phone, dial and then close the connection. Once the phone is answered elsewhere in the house, you will have established a line to another phone and you can speak normally on it. This has largely been eliminated due to lack of need as technology advances, but it may still be an option with some providers.

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    Hands free not working

    To get handsfree working on any T7316 telephone you have to go into system programming to make sure full handsfree as been set to either Auto or Standard depending on software level of system you will get a choice but on latest version of software only option is for Auto, to check on telephone if handsfree as been programmed leave handset on phone press feature * 0 you will see key enquiry press a key in display, press the bottom intercom key on r/h/s of phone if it says extn number handsfree as not been programmed if it says handsfree mute you should be able to press handsfree key on phone to make or answer a call.

    Intercom use

    We have the 25414RE, so I can tell you how ours works and hope it helps solve your problem...

    You first have to assign each phone a "number". Push the menu button, and go to phone options (you scroll by pushing the review button to the left or right), choose set phone id (once you are on that option push the select/save button just above the review button) - I started with the first phone I plugged in and made it number one, and so on (we have a total of 5). Once the phone ids are established, simply push the intercom button and the corresponding number on the right speed dial/intercom numbers - it should dial the phone you want. It also has an option (again we have the 25414RE) to have the phone auto answer the intercom - so if you are paging someone in a room that isn't near the phone, or the phone is shared by several users, it picks up without anyone having to push anything. Otherwise, the phone that you are calling has to either have the handset picked up or the speaker button pushed. Hope that helps you!!

    How do I retrieve messages on the Panasonic KX-T7030 phone?

    • Call into your mailbox (usually by dialing intercom 165)
    • Press 4, and 4 again (for "Incomplete call handling")
      By default, three options are enabled:
      option #1: leave a message
      options #5: call the operator
      option #6: return to top menu
    • Follow the audible prompts to disable options 5 and 6

    Here are some other features you may need

  • Make sure your Auto Answer button is lit up, so you can receive intercom announcements, and respond hands-free.
  • Use the Call Forwarding (FWD) to send un-answered calls to another phone or to voicemail
  • Press BGM (or 1 on the touch-tone pad) for background music, if your system is equipped.
  • Use Absent Messages to show text messages on other people's phones when you are away.
  • Use System Call Waiting so your phone will ring even when you're on the phone. Press Intercom and dial 7311 to set it up, or 7310 to cancel.
  • Use Do Not Disturb (DND) when you don't want to receive calls. Press Intercom, press FWD/DND and dial 1 to activate, or 0 to cancel.
  • Press MESSAGE when you call a busy intercom number. This will turn on the MESSAGE light on the other phone, and the other person can tap that button to automatically call you back.
  • If you get a busy signal when you call an intercom number, you can signal the other person by dialing 1 (if that phone is programmed for System Call Waiting (above).
  • Dial 330 to make an announcement to all phones.
  • If you want your phone to automatically select an outside line when you pick up the handset, press PROGRAM, dial 99, dial 12, press STORE, press PROGRAM
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    Re: Question

    Your phone can have 3 options, Ring all the time, Switch between Voice and Ring, or Voice all the time.

    From your phone(s) press PROG 21 and press the ENTER soft key (3rd key). Now press the SEL (3rd key) until it says VOICE CALL then press ENTER and EXIT. If you set it to this mode, the AUTO ANS button won't work.

    If you select TONE, the Auto Answe button will work, making the phone VOICE CALL when lit and ring when not.

    If you select VOICE CALL DENY, the AUTO ANS button still won't work and ...you get the pattern.




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