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No Red Color on LCD screen, background Pink on HP - DV2037US

Red is shown as Yellow on my LCD screen. Tried re-seating the LCD cable under the keyboard, but not the LCD screen yet. Any ideas ??
I would be grateful for any suggestions. Thanks, Don

Posted by donwil2003 on


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Sounds like faulty graphics card

Posted on Dec 06, 2007


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I can't seem to get my LCD tv to display anything but this screen

Have you tried different connectors? Is it running HDMI? Does it do this when connected to say RCA cables (Red, Yellow). Does this happen when nothing is plugged into the video? Almost looks like a bad HDMI cable.

Jan 30, 2013 | Televison & Video

1 Answer

Why is my toshiba satellite c655d-s5200 screen is black and i can faintly see

Okay. Got a bright flashlight, and some tape?


An LCD screen cannot produce light by itself. It needs an additional light source.
A Backlight is the additional light source.

A Backlight can be a CCFL, or a series of LED's.
Light Emitting Diode.

A CCFL is a Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp.
Similar to Fluorescent lighting used in homes, and businesses, but on a MUCH smaller scale.

[Average thickness is 2mm. That is a little larger than 1/16th of an Inch. Average length is almost as long, as the LCD screen is in height,

View the last 11 photos ]

A screen Inverter converts the power from the laptop, for the LCD screen.

The Toshiba Satellite C655d-s5200 uses LED's for the Backlight, and No screen Inverter,

Which narrows your problem down to two possibilities;
A) Problem with the video cable
B) Problem with the LCD screen.

I state LCD screen, because you won't be replacing the LED backlighting. You have to buy the entire LCD screen assembly, as shown in one example above.

(Example is shown for reference, not advertising. You may find a better deal from a reputable dealer, also)

Video Cable:
The Video Cable is attached to the motherboard, under right about at the number 6 key, on the Keyboard.

It then goes across to the Left Hinge, and up into the Display Assembly.
From there it goes to the back of the LCD screen.

From everyday normal opening, and closing of the laptop over time, the video cable may become pinched, and pulled on.
This can create a loose connection at the motherboard side, and/or LCD screen side.

It can also cause damage to the video cable. If the sheath of the video cable shows visual apparent signs of damage, the wires inside may be damaged also. (Stretched/Broken)

Laptop off, ALL power removed, (AC adapter {Charger}, and Battery), I suggest checking the motherboard side connection first.

A visual inspection will Not do. You need to physically see, if you can plug the motherboard side plug of the video cable, into the connector on the motherboard.

A loose connection that is not apparent to the ***** eye, is all it takes to have a problem.

You can click on any photo to enlarge,

Stop on Step 22. Access to the motherboard side of the video cable.

A word on the Keyboard Cable, and it's connector on the motherboard; (Steps 9, 10, and 11),

The Keyboard Cable stays with the Keyboard. It removes from the motherboard connector. The Keyboard Cable has NO plug, or connector on the motherboard end.

The Keyboard Cable is a FFC. Flat Flex Cable.
It has flat gold plated contact strips on the motherboard end.

The motherboard connector is a ZIF connector. Zero Insertion Force.
In Step 11 you can plainly see this connector.
Has a large white rectangular BODY on bottom.
The smaller rectangular shaped piece on top is the Locking Bar.

The Locking Bar does NOT completely remove from the Body.
If it does it is broken, and means motherboard replacement.
Hence why I am being so detailed.

I am sure you use great finesse, but wanted to advise you in advance of the 'danger'.

The Locking Bar is moved towards the LCD screen, and as advised about 1 millimeter. ( -> O <-)
There are Tabs on the Locking Bar. One on each side. Usual procedure is to use your thumbnails on these Tabs, and ease the Locking Bar forward.

Now gently tug on the Keyboard Cable. You may have to gently move it side, to side, to break the Keyboard Cable loose. They sometimes get stuck over time.

Pretty stiff? Better check to see if you have the Locking Bar fully unlocked.
The Keyboard Cable MUST go back in the same position, and through the same plastic Latches and Channels.

(As do all the cables, or you may pinch them, and also will not be able to get the laptop back together correctly again)

Make a mark on one side of the cable, (Away from the gold plated flat contact strips), and a matching mark on the ZIF connector of the motherboard, if you need to.

You can slip the Keyboard Cable back in, Ram Memory, DVD drive, and Battery, and reconnect the AC adapter, to see if this was the problem.

Still no?
Check the LCD screen side connector of the video cable. Is it tight?

LCD screen connected, turn the laptop on.
Was this the problem?

Even if there are no apparent signs of damage, you may wish to take the video cable down to the nearest 'Mom and pop' computer store, and ask them to check it for continuity. This way you can see if any wires are broken inside. (Labor charge may be free to $5)

(My thinking is if you go to a large computer repair shop, they are going to want to repair the laptop, or sell you an LCD screen, or a new laptop. "Oh that old thing? For 2995 I can put you in the seat of this baby!" )

Or since the video cable is very economical, you may wish to just replace it.
Just one example from a quick search,

[Black end on right is motherboard side, gold colored end on left is LCD screen side ]

Video Cable ruled out your problem is the LCD screen, or to be more specific, the LED backlighting.
Replace the LCD screen.

For additional questions please post in a Comment.

Aug 28, 2012 | Toshiba Satellite C655d-s5200 15.6" Screen...

1 Answer

Yellow lines on jvc lcd tv

tried to re seat first the cable at the t-con board that transfer signal on the screen panel display which may have loose contact on the connector.

Aug 12, 2012 | JVC 42 in. LCD TV

2 Answers

How to fix blank screen on dell laptop

If your laptop appears to boot up and the hard disk LEDflashes, then the problem is probably a back light fault. This can be a faultyinverter or a faulty CCFL lamp. Please click on this link and follow myinstructions to identify the fault and possible fix :-

Jun 09, 2012 | Dell INSPIRON 6000 CENTRINO...

1 Answer

How do i change the keyboard on my toshiba satellite A665-S6086 laptop

1) Remove ALL power. Remove the AC adapter (Charger) and Battery.

2) Open the laptop display.

Follow Steps 5 through 11.
You can click on any photo to enlarge.

( A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words )

Steps 10 and 11 are on Page 2.
(Access to the pages is done through the Top, or Bottom of the page.

In white - Page1::Page2::Page3::Find another model.
Just click on Page2. You are on page 1)

Step 5:
When you click on the photo, and enlarge it, the 3 screws indicated in the text are circled in Red.

Step 6:
I suggest using a wooden cylindrical object, with one end cut off flat.
When you insert into the indicated hole in the Battery Compartment, (Battery removed), you are pushing against the bottom of the Keyboard.

The BACK of the Keyboard. The side nearest the LCD screen.

Don't use very much force. Either with the wooden object, or your fingers. Patience, and easing the Keyboard up, will go a long way.

The Front of the Keyboard, (The side nearest you), has plastic tabs.
These tabs fit down in the Top Cover. (Palm Rest Cover)

The Keyboard should ONLY, be raised at no more than a 45 degree angle, and slid Forward. (Until the tabs clear the Top Cover)
Otherwise you stand a chance of breaking tabs off.

The Keyboard Cable is still attached to the Keyboard.
(The Keyboard Cable detaches From the motherboard. NOT from the Keyboard)

The Keyboard Cable must be detached from the motherboard, before the Keyboard can be removed. I am also telling you, so you will Not yank up on the Keyboard, not knowing the cable is still attached.

Step 7:
You are lifting the Keyboard up at an angle, as I described above. From the step shown in the photo, you now slide the Keyboard forward a little.

Step 8:
Lay the Keyboard up on the back of the Top Cover, next to the bottom of the LCD screen.
(Display Assembly actually. The LCD screen is part of the Display Assembly. Using LCD screen moniker, is easier to identify )

[ Note*
Display Assembly = Display Assembly (Toshiba)
Video Cable = LVDS Cable (Toshiba)
Display Bezel = LCD Bezel (Toshiba)
LCD Screen = LCD Panel (Toshiba) ]

This way you can freely access the Keyboard Cable connector, on the motherboard.

Step 9, Step 10, and Step 11:

The Keyboard Cable is a FFC. Flat Flex Cable.

Wires laid side by side, and covered in a type of plastic insulation, in a flat cable setup.
There is NO connector on a FFC.

The wires at the ends of the Flat Flex Cable, are exposed. Each is connected to a flat thin metal terminal strip.

The connector on the motherboard is a ZIF connector.
Zero Insertion Force.

It is a connector composed of two parts, and is rectangular shaped.
The thin part going across the top, is the Locking Bar.

The Locking Bar edge that meets against the bottom unmovable connector on the motherboard, is angle shaped at the bottom.

The bottom unmovable connector on the motherboard, is also angled shaped, where the two parts meet.

[ Step 9 click on the photo. The Brown rectangular shape that has two Yellow arrows on it, is the unmovable connector part on the motherboard.

The Yellow arrows point to the white Locking Bar ]

When the Lock is pushed into the bottom part of the connector, it wedges the FFC in place. Locks it in place.

When the Lock is moved away from the bottom part of the connector, the FFC is free, and not locked into position.

Looking again at the photo in Step 9, note the two white rectangular outlines, above the tabs of the white Locking Bar.
(Which are above the yellow arrows)

In the photo for Step 10, THIS, is how far the Locking Bar moves UP, (Towards the LCD screen), to unlock the Keyboard Cable.

The two parts (Locking Bar, and unmovable motherboard connector part), DO NOT come apart.

IF, they do, you have broken the motherboard connector for the Keyboard Cable.

This usually means motherboard replacement.

Use care, and gently use the nails of your two thumbs, to raise the Locking Bar up.

Barring this is not feasible for you, use a small flat tip Jewelers screwdriver, BUT USE CARE. EASE up a little on one side, then the other side. Keep going until the FFC of the Keyboard is free.

BEFORE you remove the Keyboard Cable from the motherboard connector, I suggest you make a mark with a fine line magic marker, on one side of the cable, and the same side on the motherboard connector.

This way you will align the Keyboard Cable, back up with the motherboard connector, in the proper alignment.

The Keyboard Cable MUST go back in the same direction it came out.
EVEN if the cable is twisted. (Twisted from the factory)

Apologize if I over-detailed this solution, and/or over-simplified it.

For additional questions post in a Comment.


[ Additionally:

Free Toshiba Service Manual,

Scroll down to the 'paragraph' that starts with Satellite A10. (A10 in blue)
Drop down to the second line (A350D in blue), and scroll across to A660.
Left-click on A660.

This is a PDF file. The computer you are using now has Adobe Reader on it, which uses PDF files.

After you click on the file name (A660) it may take up to 30 seconds, before the first page comes up.
(Took 10 seconds with a medium speed DSL connection ]

Feb 21, 2012 | Toshiba Computers & Internet

1 Answer

I was not thinking as i hoovered out fan vent on my hp pavillion there was no problem as it was connected to my lcd tv when i tried to boot it up the next day all the leds light but screen is black no...

Did you remove the top panel and keyboard?
If so, remove them again and check the video cable from the LCD screen and connect it back to the motherboard, also check the cable from the keyboard to the motherboard. Make sure these cables/connectors are seated properlt.

Aug 19, 2010 | Computers & Internet

2 Answers

Power light blinking. no other response

The blinking LED mean that the display will not be shown to you and this problem belongs to short circuiting of transistor that are being connected with the mini transformers. The transformers boosts up the voltages for the LCD screen.
IF you are a technical person then handle the situation as i am going to describe. Otherwise, get it done by an expert in this field.

1. Open the back stand that holds the monitor by opening the 4 nos. of philip screws behind it as shown
2.After the stand is removed you will need to pry the back of the case off as illustrated in the pictures below. Use a small flat bladed screwdriver start at one of the release openings on the bottom as shown. Once you have a little gap in the case just pull the 2 halves apart and work your way around the screen.
After the screen unit is removed from the plastic case we can get down to the repair. We need to remove the power supply unit. You will need to unplug the 4 back-light connections (connectors with pink and white leads, circled in red) and the control panel cable the flat signal cable. Then remove the 2 screws from each end, then undo the 2 small nuts holding the vga connector to the case (circled in yellow).
Before you fully remove the shield and board assembly be sure to unplug the LCD signal cable that is under the boards as seen in the picture to the right. Now turn the assembly over and remove the 5 screws and the 2 plastic standoff clips as marked by the yellow circles below. Now with the board removed you will need to replaced the components that are circled. The parts are as follows:
3 Amp Fuse (yellow)
Q759, Q760, Q734 & Q740 - C5707 transistors (red)
Q743 & Q751 - MOSFET Transistors (blue)
The location number are for a E173FPb but the E172FPb boards have the components in the same locations.



I hope it is an understandable thing to do. Get it done yourself or an expert and get back your view...

good luck

Feb 03, 2010 | Dell E173FP 17" LCD Monitor

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Connected to tv but no Wii screen when we switch

Was trying to use the component option on the screen, as this had the red, yellow and white plugs shown. Eventually tried all the other options and found that it was plugged into Video 1! Works perfectly. Should try all the options on the TV!

Feb 01, 2010 | Nintendo Wii Console

1 Answer

I just replaced the LCD screen on a Dell laptop, and I get half blue and half black screen. What is wrong, I put a monitor on and it displays great when I switch back to the lCD screen I get the half...

you may need to check the cable connection from your motherboard to the lcd which u can find under the plastic panel above the keyboard. towards the right of the power button u will find a small hold with which u can use ur finger to get the plastic panel out... under which u will find two screws for the keyboard.. unscrew them to see the connector and re-seat the cable.. it should work .. if it does not.. u'l have to get the lcd panel replaced again.. the lcd kit is faulty that means.

Dec 18, 2009 | Dell Inspiron 5160 Notebook

1 Answer

Red color appears missing from display

Push your red component cable firmly in the tv and the cablebox and you will be good to go.


Mar 23, 2008 | Akai LCT3785TA 37 in. LCD HDTV

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