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I have Dell Inspiron 15 N5040 laptop. Recently I noticed CPU temperature rise to 83-85 degrees C when watching live streams. Is it normal? Processor is Intel P6200 and I have 2 x4 GB PC3-10600 RAM.

I have cleaned hitsink and fan and replaced old thermal paste with a new one. What to do?

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That is too hot at 80 to 90C it self shuts down.
are you running the poor thing on a blank or the like blocking vents?
the vents need cleaning or all PCs over heat, a service to do every year for most folks, for sure with pets and lint max.
use only Shin Etsu grease 99% of other brands, all clones of clones are junk for sure magic silver bs names and such.
is the fan running fast , it must at that temp, is it.
does the PC slow down that to must happen.
where to you get the temp from some program that does not work with this PC? easy to do that, wrong.

intel arc says its a 2010 processor and many that old run hot
and if 83C that is too hot, if true. for sure.
page 60 in the intel data sheet shows,
max watts is 35watts,
the Core max is 90C
the gpu on die is, 85c max.
turboboost allows power rise to 35watts and if heat is too high
it slows down clocking and the chip cools .

does the fan blow hard and fast.
does the radiator next to fan , looks like tiny car engine radiator
does have all lint hidden on the inboard RAD side, clean?
most folks never think to look here.
ever see this the copper colored core here, RAD

when the core rad works it dumps lots of heat from the output of the core rad, that you hand will feel, if no heat felt there and the CPU is hot, you have bad cooling FOR SURE.

Posted on Mar 19, 2019


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SOURCE: how to install intel processor cooling fan?

Hi, the strips sound ike thermal strips. Install the processor, apply the strips onto it just wide enough to cover the centre of the unit and then install the heatsink and fan on to that. Regards mistyman

Posted on Sep 24, 2007



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SOURCE: my 4-pin cpu fan is not running

check the power connection for your mother board and fan

Posted on Mar 09, 2008


Project NOMAD

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SOURCE: Dell Inspiron 1525 keeps overheating and switching off.

Only do this if you feel competent in doing so.

Pulling apart laptops is not for the faint of heart.

If you really must do it there are some
good guides here

An alternative is to get a can of compressed air used to clean computers. Put the nozzle on and spray it in every hole you can see without putting the nozzle itself inside the laptop.

Do this outside with glasses on.

You may also want to remove the hard drive and ROM drive.

Take a
peek here for more ideas of what is involved.

There are a few are tips for various things in there.

DON'T touch the CPU cooler unless you know what you are doing and have some thermal grease for CPUs to hand.

To make newer laptops last longer between cleaning a good 3 fan cooling pad is suggested.
never use a laptop on soft surfaces as the ventilation can act as a mini vacuum cleaner and encourage dirt build up.
Soft surfaces also block the vents causing fans to run more and burn out sooner.

Hope this gives you the information you need

Posted on Nov 21, 2009


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SOURCE: I Have an IBM Thinkcentre 8173-KUB. 3.2ghz, 1.0gb

This computer and various 8173 are notorious for overheating, blue screening shutting down and or rebooting. The INTAKE Case Fans are of one size and can not be upgraded from factory. The case will not allow for a larger in diameter or depth fan pitch to be installed. The exhaust case fans is the actual power supply. This is a proprietary power supply from IBM. There is not upgrade or exchange for a better functioning power supply. There are two Perhiphial Slots on the case for PCI and one PCI-X slot. You may place a Slot Fan in one or both slots. This will increase the amount of airflow but as soon as any dust and I do mean ANY dust gets on the processor heat sink that does not have a fan this unit will begin to overheat again. What is really needed is a radical modification of the processor heatsink. This model like many S51's do not use fans on the processor heat sink itself. I would consider the addition of a CLP0534 by Thermaltake. This is still in additiona to the $10 Thermaltake A2426 which is needed to still aide in exhausting the air out of the case. This is a $50 upgrade to an older machine that goes for 150 used right now. So either you are in need of a specific application for this machine or just don't want to let it go. In addition to the price tag you must stomach the modifications to the exterior of the computer case to accomodate the processor fan. The existingg processor fan uses a bar clamp lock mount. This must be removed. The bolt pattern will accept a LG 775 proc fan but the case must be drilled through and fitted with bolt holes for allow for the standard mount proc fan. The high tech scenario that may have use in a media center where you will need the slots for a cable adapter interface and can't afford to give up the slot for slot fans would be to use a water cooled system. CL-W0075 is an older system that can still be found some places. This will take all of the processor heat out of the case. This will allow the case fan/power supply fan to be relegated to removing hard drive and motherboard/chipset memory heat only. That brings the modification to around $80.

Good luck. I have about 5 of these sorry machines. Worked on many of the SFF Thinkcentre's and love them. Just not this one.

Posted on May 04, 2010


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SOURCE: intel core 2 quad q8300 EXTREME TEMPS

First off....alwys, always apply a very thin film of thermal grease to the cooler and Proc. This grease is designed to fill in the microscopic grooves and holes in the material. Do not glob it on thick, it doesn't work that way.
Case design has something to do with cooling but you are experiencing higher than normal stock temps, the more fans the better, you want some pushing air in the front and pulling it out the back, a good flow across all the hardware is essential. Installing a good processor cooler may require you to remove the motherboard so you can get to the back of the board to mount the cooler retainer plate, but there are other coolers that do not require this. If it were up to me, I would deffinately take the time and remove the motherboard and do this right. You need to get those temps down. I personally like this one....

Not too expensive and does a great job for the LGA775 socket.

For cases...I always use HAF932s...they have everything that is needed and are tool less.

Posted on May 07, 2010

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1 Answer

I'd like to know how to clean and apply new thermal paste to my Acer Aspire 2930z

You will likely do more harm than good.

The thermal paste that was put on in the factory was done so under optimum conditions, and according to strict protocols. You cannot "redo" it and make it "better".

I am going to guess the 'puter is overheating and crashing, yes?

If so, it is NOT a problem with the thermal paste on the underside of the Dorito (CPU Chip). It is likely a bad fan, dust, or some such. Do a Google Search for "How to clean a laptop computer" for ideas.

Here's one idea:

Jul 20, 2014 | Acer Aspire 2930-4661 Notebook

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My lg ducted reverse cycle aircon has stopped working and the panel Is flashing CH 62. I have searched this and apparantely it means the inverter is over 85 degrees. It says to check the airflow across...


I would wish you to re-post this in Home & Garden > Household Appliances > Air Conditioners.

From my tiny bit of knowledge;

An Inverter is used to convert power. Makes heat as it does.

Thermal Paste is used to help transfer heat.

Computer tech, so..............

The top of a Processor, and the bottom of the finned Heatsink that sits on it; are not perfectly smooth.

A magnified view would detail, 'Hills, Valleys, and Pitholes'.
When the two parts are mated together, there are air pockets created because of the above imperfections.

Air in this case is an Insulator, not a Conductor.
Thermal Paste fills the above imperfections, and is an Excellent conductor of heat.

A Heatsink is a small piece of metal, that has Tall, Thin fins protruding from it.

The Heatsink absorbs heat from whatever object it is placed against, and the fins radiate the heat away.

If a fan is used in conjunction with the Heatsink, the air flow from the fan; helps carry heat away from the fins of the Heatsink

(No fan used with a Heatsink is considered Passive cooling.
With a fan, Dynamic cooling)

Apparently the Inverter, which makes heat; is not;

1) Tight against the Heatsink,
2) Thermal Paste has dried up.

When Thermal Paste dries up, (As it does from age, and repeated heating), it looses it's thermal conductivity properties.
In other words it's [email protected] now, and needs to be replaced. (lol!)

The area of old Thermal Paste should be THOROUGHLY cleaned.
Yes, I'm talking about clean enough to eat off of.
(But don't................ewww! lol!)

With computers we use an old credit card, (It's PLASTIC), and scrape off as much of the old Thermal Paste as we can.
(Scrape off onto paper towel, scrape some more; paper towel, etc)

Both from the Top of the Processor, (In your case Inverter), and bottom of the Heatsink.

Then follow with Q-tips dipped in Isopropyl Alcohol. (Rubbing alcohol)
{Yes, dripping}
91 percent or higher is best, but 70 percent will do.
50 percent = No IMHO, because it is now 50 percent Alcohol, and 50 percent WATER.

Isopropyl Alcohol is EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE!
Use in a WELL ventilated area with NO sparks or flames present!

Worried about excess Alcohol dripping off the Q-tips?
Don't be. It evaporates.

After cleaning Properly apply fresh, new Thermal Paste.

Thermal Paste, Thermal Grease, Thermal Compound; Same/same.

Thermal Gel, and Thermal Glue? NO.

IF, the Heatsink is held in place by Thermal Glue, this is what you need to replace with.

Told you what I know, not much.

The guys/gals in Air Conditioning though, are experts in this field.
I'm sure you will get the solution you seek from them.

Suggest include all pertinent information, such as model number.


Feb 27, 2013 | Computers & Internet

1 Answer

Will dried thermal paste make the fan run loud on a dell 4700?... when i power on, fan makes loud noise, black screen and wont boot and the power light led is amber (no blinking).. i changed the fan, tried...

You may try to remove the fan, clean it up. Also try to remove the processor heat sink (clean the thermal paste), reseat the processor, put a little thermal paste, that assemble it back. Before you do this, ground your self first(the easier way, hold any metal).

If this can't help,check the capacitor at your MoBo and if you found any unusual look like, it mean you need a new MoBo.

Jun 08, 2012 | Computers & Internet

1 Answer

My computer shut off by itself even though the battery was charged and the battery light kept blinking even after my computer was off. computer seems hotter than usual on bottom as well

It is probably shutting down to prevent thermal damage dut to overheating. Check that the fan is working. Even if it is, if the vents are clogged with dust the machine will not be able to cool properly. The only real remedy is to open the case, clean all the vents and fan, remove the heatsink, clean off old thermal paste and apply new paste before replacing the heatsink and putting back together.

Mar 14, 2012 | Sony VAIO VGN-S580B (VGNS580B03) PC...

1 Answer

Cpu over temperature error cpu temp : 39 to 101 mb temp : 30 to 100

First step would be to check all cooling fans are running correctly. Second blow out the dust and debris from inside the computer. If the cooling fans are not running correctly you will need to replace them. Thrid have you added any new hardware or have cables that would interfere with airflow? If so move things around so you have good air flow around the processor. Finally (before we get into the professional portion) you might try adding additional fans to the case, there are fans that will go in a drive bay to help improve air flow.

CAUTION!!!! The following steps should only be taken by a competent professional:

1. Check the heat sink, is there thermal paste leaking out around it (too much paste was used). You will need to remove the heat sink, clean up all thermal paste and then remount the heat sink with a small amount of thermal paste.

2. Remove the heat sink, is the thermal paste dried up? If so, inferior thermal paste was used. Clean up all the old thermal paste with alcohol, replace the heat sink with a small amount of good thermal paste.

Of course if you are running the computer in an 80 degree room, that will affect temperature too.

Hope this helps.

Jul 27, 2011 | ASUS P5LD2-VM Motherboard

1 Answer

Thermal event but fan is working

It could still be overheating from dust and old thermal compound.

You should clean the inside of the computer with compressed air outside and make sure you're running the latest bios firmware for your board. If the problem persists I would think about applying a new layer of thermal paste to the cpu / cpu fan.

Hope this info helps!

Dec 31, 2010 | Dell (C2057) Motherboard

1 Answer

Can you instruct me on how to remove this fan as I am replacing processor

you shouldn't remove the fan. your better off, removing the old proc from the heatsink and use new thermal paste on the new one when installing this heatsink back on. just be sure to clean the surface well before pasting it.

don't fear of useing a razor bade to pry the old proc off, it's not glued on. somtimes the old paste gets real tough to remove and sticks pretty good.

Jun 18, 2010 | Intel Pentium 4 Socket 478-Pin Cooling Fan...

3 Answers

Over heating. Turning off

use hitsink paste between Processor (CPU) and Hitsink Fan.

Apr 15, 2010 | Compaq Presario CQ60-220US PC Laptop

1 Answer

How to change


Replacing the heatsink fan on a PC is not a difficult job, but it pays to be thorough, especially with cleaning the top of the CPU die before replacing the fan.

Don't be mean with money when choosing a new cooler either. With CPU coolers you get what you pay for. I personally always use coolers from a company called Zalman.

Ok ..with that out of the way ..the basics are ...remove old cooler..

They are either held on by a sprung clip that fits across the cooler and locates in lugs on the cpu socket surround, or they are held by screws that go through the motherboard.

Clean the top face of the cpu die carefully making sure to use a blunt implement ..... scratches on the machined face will lead to premature failure due to overheating.

If the cooler you buy has a "thermal pad" stuck to the face of the heatsink, then remove this too and clean up the heatsink face. Use good quality thermal paste on the top face of the CPU die, then fit the new cooler. Getting the right amount of thermal paste is a bit of an art .... too much is a bad as too little. The paste is NOT a glue. The paste simply fills in any imperfections on the machined surfaces of the cpu die and the heatsink to aid heat transfer.

Does this sound complicated? It isn't really. The key is not to rush it and make sure the surfaces are completley clean and the thermal paste applied correctly.

Here is a link to one tutorial on fitting cpu coolers that you might find useful:

Oct 31, 2008 | Intel Socket 478 CPU COLLING FAN & HEAT...

1 Answer

Replace heatsink fan on CPU.

The thermal paste should be cleaned off. Clean the CPU and heatsink fan with a dry cloth, which should remove the paste quite well. It is simply a viscous liquid and should not require scraping.

You should replace the thermal paste when installing the new fan. You can purchase it at your local computer supply store. Simply place a small dab of it on top of the CPU and then install the fan.

If you try to re-use the existing thermal paste, you will not get reliable heat transfer from the CPU to the fins.

Sep 11, 2008 | Computers & Internet

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