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Lost HDD password

Does anyone know how to bypass the HDD/SSD password on a toshiba laptop. I have tried all the various ways of bypassing the user and admin password, but nothing bypasses the HDD password. Toshiba charge excessive fee for this repair, and I believe it’s their fault . Even removing the hard drive and putting it into another machine won’t allow HDD access. No password was ever set for this, it just appeared one day and not been able to use it since. Thanks in advance.

Posted by pat beattie on

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  • Adrienne Serio
    Adrienne Serio Nov 10, 2018

    Others have been able to change the password in BIOS. Found this:

    1. The HDD password cannot be removed using Security Assist.
    2. Using SETUP BIOS (i.e. start machine; Hold Esc; Press F1), Tab to the HDD Password section which should be displayed as follows:
    HDD Password
    HDD = Built-in HDD
    HDD Password Mode = USER Only
    User Password = Registered
    3. Tab to the "User Password" field and simply enter the old password and then a new one twice (once to verify) as one would do normally. If you don't want a password, just press "enter" twice

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Nov 12, 2018

    NO PC stated at all.
    NO OS stated, (garage sale PC and unknown sure)
    NO HDD model and makers name stated.(label)
    NO screen shots posted on the locked screen
    never post lacking such key facts
    or expect answers to be wrong.
    we can not see your screen, so post it.
    use cell phone camera and do that,first.
    other questions not answered yet. all key.
    did you buy it new.?
    did you loan it to others.
    did others play with your PC, ever, kids??
    The PC came new unlocked, as all PCs do.
    and anyone can change that, when you are not looking, so someone did. that is a fact.

    it needs service, by person with
    and skills.
    we can in fact advise tests, to do
    I see you have tested that HDD,
    and if it is locked you will never get It unlocked, if guessing fails.
    by Design, this is what it does, and does so perfectly.
    Even the CIA uses this, and trusts it.
    Go to any HDD makers web site,
    WD or Seagate are 2.
    read how this technology works, now.
    it is UNcrackable.
    some even BRICK the DRIVE of you are caught
    trying to hack It 3 times or more.
    some even auto Erase the drive as the hack protection.
    learn this, and keep others away from you PC.
    or bad can happen
    stay backed up too.

    Buy a new HDD, there is no other way.
    Buy SSD is better, and very fast.
    if PC has m.2 slot, even best of best this.
    even buy a DRIVE with no bitlocker..
    bitlocker is MS product.
    here is seagates version

    see how autolock works, etc.

    You will need to buy a new HDD if locked.

    In fact this feature assures that by design.

    if the PC has a Toshiba HDD with MG,MK or MQ prefex in the partnumber and FIPS compliant.? and sercure erase , etc...
    and that is activated. ?
    you will not get the drive to work. ever.
    this technology is covered here, if you want to learn.

  • pat beattie
    pat beattie Nov 12, 2018

    Thank you all for your replies to this, you have been very helpful, although there is no solution.
    Sorry for the lack of info in the original past, but I have been trying for several weeks now going through numerous different methods to try and bypass this hard drive password.
    I had also contacted Toshiba helpline as well and spoke to them for some time on the issue.
    I am no longer looking for a way to bypass this, I have ordered a new hard drive, and will reinstall windows on it, as it is the cheapest method to get laptop working again.
    In case anyone else comes up with the same problem in future, (believe me, there are thousands already) I will explain what I have found out.
    First off, the only way to get pc/laptop working if it asks for HDD/SSD password, is if you know the password, and I would presume that you set the password.
    If you did lot set the password, like me, and thousands of others, you can forget using the drive again, or send laptop back to manufacturer, where they can fix it for you, for a price around about the same as a new laptop. After all, it is them who place the software onto the drive. The software operates if it thinks the laptop has been stolen or hacked into, just how it works, I don't know, but it stops access to the drive, until password is input at startup screen.
    Sending it back for repair isn't as easy as it may sound, you have to prove you are the owner, show receipts and such before they will accept it back. Definitely not an easy task.
    This password setting like thousands of others set itself on my laptop after it lay for a couple of months, and battery went completely flat. I recharged and started it up, only to be met with this password request.
    With the Toshiba laptops, it is impossible to crack the password, and even putting the drive into another laptop and a pc, it just wouldn't allow access to the drive, although the drive did show up.
    I hope this helps others out, and Save's them a lot of time and effort to get nowhere. Just how the software enabled the password on my machine that has never been stolen or hacked, as it isn't even a year old yet, is beyond me.

  • Anonymous Nov 14, 2018

    your HDD , No model number stated,
    my be the Toshiba MQ Toshiba HDD
    with lock turned on. (hopeless cures)
    a FIPS drive.
    320mb, (up to 2TB)

    read how FIPS works, and secure erase

    it is doomed,
    ask any shop to fix this
    you get charged for.,
    new SSD
    new OS
    and labor. (2hours to load OS, is fair)

    there is no need to ship any PC to Toshiba.
    millions of repair shops world wide.
    find one ask them.

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Nov 22, 2018

    not only that but some Toshiba's have nasty BIOS bug. Why buy this brand? IMO



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Adrienne Serio

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Others have been able to change the password in BIOS. Found this:

1. The HDD password cannot be removed using Security Assist.
2. Using SETUP BIOS (i.e. start machine; Hold Esc; Press F1), Tab to the HDD Password section which should be displayed as follows:
HDD Password
HDD = Built-in HDD
HDD Password Mode = USER Only
User Password = Registered
3. Tab to the "User Password" field and simply enter the old password and then a new one twice (once to verify) as one would do normally. If you don't want a password, just press "enter" twice

Posted on Nov 10, 2018

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  • Anonymous Nov 21, 2018

    he said he lost the HDD PW or was set buy others. (BIOS+SED)
    he is asking how to get data off a SED drive.
    changing PW A to PW B is NOT his question
    the HDD is PW locked, !
    The BIOS stores the AES 256 key, so that too is lost. (both BIOS and SED lost keys)
    only that is the topic,
    and is impossible to fix,
    but no HDD model told so....
    the word excessive is not true at all
    if the hDD is bricked and the mobo
    that will be expensive.
    add to data loss, more.
    always backup
    and do not use BIOS or HDD or SED passwords
    unless you have your act together, that most do not, including ME,avoid it if wise.

  • Anonymous Nov 28, 2018

    lets say you bought new, (did you, unsaid)
    if yes, and was REALY NEW>
    then later (NO PC stated, so answers will be wrong, even MINE.
    but years later if the RTC coin cell battery expires,(dies) the BIOS then can not let you
    access the HDD, this is normal for batteries dead, the BIOS configurations are lost
    (easy fix)
    but now it can NOT unlock the HDD (fips?) password in this state.
    The cure is easy replace all bad batteries
    some RTC batteries in SOME Toashia's are not really a $1 coin cell,
    but is in fact a larger, NiMh rechargeable. battery inside, some have this and 1 more coin.
    so no PC stated, is big failure here on your part, (learn that technology change by year and by model)

    if you read your manual
    it says, turn PC on, leave it on for 12hours
    so all rechargeable batteries for sure the
    RTC NVRAM battery charges
    if step 1 , remove huge battery first cases PC to run ok, then run it like that forever
    or buy new one.

    also this PC may have BIOS bug related, some do and only Toshiba can help there
    we are NOT THEM.
    next time buy DELL or HP.

    in all cases, of any Laptop the shop
    checks all batteries first he tests them.
    OK,. power is first always. in electronics
    and no noise from them. (bad AC pack)

  • Anonymous Nov 28, 2018

    how the password works is key to why.
    the PW for BIOS gains you access to the PC (BIOS access)
    then the BIOS holds the HDD 256bit HDD Hencryption key, and then unlocks the drive
    using that key
    if the batteries fail (up to 3)
    the BIOS thinks its being hacked and blocks you. that is the pure logic of BIOS reasons.

    The BIOS and HDD, are married,
    see? this means if any part in the chain,,fails, you are blocked.
    see hacking it wakes up and blocks you.
    this can happen with bad batteries, easy.
    so test them and charge them if that fails replace them.

    one common problem is parents letting children play with there PC,
    and they play in BIOS bam, you be here.
    so keep kids way, buy them 10 year old PC.
    let them kill it.

  • Anonymous Feb 18, 2019

    as you can see the RVram battery is run by NiMh and is soldered down

    now see if it powers on. ok.
    the video is for shorting the power feed from that NiMh battery and is really bad idle. (shorting any battery is bad idea)
    but is all part of the hackers mentality.
    "anything goes"



Troy Klapperich

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A USB/SATA jump cable to connect it as a slave drive will access files on it but not accounts it is logged into.
$25-35 and the best piece of hardware you'll ever have for a computer

Posted on Nov 14, 2018

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  • Anonymous Nov 21, 2018

    true for some but not FIPS Drive.
    the drive is 100% locked for ever.
    by DESIGN.

  • Anonymous Nov 21, 2018

    as you see the HDD does not work in any PC so will not work on the cable adaptor
    either for the same reason or direct connect to say a real desktop PC (fails)
    FIPS, FIPS makes the drive dead.
    the purpose of FIPS is to end that HACKING.
    Fips ends this practice (by design)
    Read about SED, self erase too.
    but no HDD model stated by OP even when they removed it they failed to read the label and
    tell the model number here.
    just that alone tell me what is possible.

  • Anonymous Nov 22, 2018

    the answer is NO.
    FIPS drive, used
    FIPs + TPM + UEFI, means NO;
    by design, read the spec. it is clear.
    best don't use it.
    unless you work for DOD/CIA/NSA or the like and must.
    read this.
    as they bounce about, the word is NO.
    folks can not come to grips on
    that is how it works and on purpose.
    and by DESIGN.

    the only path that works is secure erase(SED)
    if you can do that, and remove the password,
    the drive can be moved to a 2nd PC
    but you will never get there.
    not only that there are other tricks in the mix. (if the firmware in the HDD thinks it is being hacked,... Read the spec...

  • Anonymous Nov 22, 2018

  • Anonymous Nov 22, 2018

    since you forgot the hDD PW
    you can't do that
    for others reading here and want to kill FIPS dead, now, read the above posted link,

    if you ask the OEM of your PC, how to do this
    they refuse to even talk about FIPS
    (oem lawyers, rules)and new GDPR rules (and NIST)
    the might say, do not turn it on day 1 new
    and end the discussion.

    one guy in this Pickle.
    showed his Invoice to DELL.
    and 10 hours on the phone, no fix.
    and was a wasted effort on both parties.
    all needs be said
    "if you can't guess" the PW the PC is bricked
    on some the TPM bricks the mobo.

  • Anonymous Nov 22, 2018

    now we know how Hillary lost 30,000 emails
    LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous Nov 22, 2018

    NO PC even stated nor OS.
    but the older Toshibas before w8
    had bug in bios.

    this video makes my eyes hurt
    but shows a hack that works
    and also prove the BIOS is faulty
    and proves one can hack the early versions of this horrible FIP, BIOS on early PC.
    I think in that shaking video mess he is flashing his BIOS then putting back the HDD.
    good luck but do know this?,
    that hack above only works on older PCs
    and only not updated.

    no HDD stated.! it has label read it, and tell what you read, PC get HDD or SDD upgrades all the time, some of min 3 or more times !
    older HDD.
    some can be attacked on old non FIPS drives.
    the old drives, are weak.
    the can be hard reset and dictionary attached, until cracked, might take a year, but sure.
    FIPS ends that way.
    and this PC has bugs, in the BIOS>

    good luck cracking this. (fail)

    some hhd have SED, secure erase
    and some have automatic SED that erases the drive, if hacking is detected.
    YMMY , your machine may vary.

  • Anonymous Nov 27, 2018

    moving the SED drive to PC #2
    how can the 2nd PC know the 256bit key
    it can't.



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Jose Diaz

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Lost Windows password:

  • Login as Administrator. Try with no password (load safe mode if you don't see Administrator). Press F8 during boot to access Safe Mode.
  • Login as other user (if other user is available) and manage users. Must be an administrator.
  • Reformat computer.
  • Use 3rd party software to remove password. Like

Posted on Oct 04, 2012


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SOURCE: Toshiba Satellite Pro A200 BIOS Password Request

for removing the password,

you have to open the memory cover and remove the two RAM s,
after that remove a black or whit plastic film depending on your model, you will loacte for B500 marqued ( XXX ) or J1 you have at least short
the two point with a flat screwdriver and put the upper memory and power on the laptop will holding the screew driver till you see the toshiba screen, if it doen't work just try again. it works 100%

Posted on Jun 24, 2010


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SOURCE: I have a Toshiba studio 281c, we forgot the ADMIN password, help!

the default password should be "123456".

If u did changed the default password, then u need to enter setting mode 08 - 263 to check or edit the password.

Posted on Mar 10, 2009

SOURCE: How to bypass bios password on a Toshiba Satellite 1305-s6858

the bios password is a tough one,
once i took out the bios password component, and it worked , but very small solder joints there

Posted on Apr 03, 2010

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Hdd/ssd password request

go to bios sistem and then change the admin pasword to clear it coment please !

Apr 05, 2014 | Toshiba satellite c660

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Toshiba satelitte 855

do bypass or reset hdd/sdd password without knowing it and its locked presently?

Jan 27, 2013 | Toshiba Satellite Computers & Internet

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Is there a way to bypass the HDD password?

These WEB sites maybe able to help you.
HARD DRIVE PASSWORD UNLOCKING - Purchase A-FF HDD Unlock Wizard (HDD Password unlocking - Free)

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Lost Windows password:

  • Login as Administrator. Try with no password (load safe mode if you don't see Administrator). Press F8 during boot to access Safe Mode.
  • Login as other user (if other user is available) and manage users. Must be an administrator.
  • Reformat computer.
  • Use 3rd party software to remove password. Like

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Cannot access my hard drive and is locked behind a HDD/SSD password which I do not remember how do I bypass this I've tried all the factory passwords but no luck, I've tried resetting the bios by...

You're out of luck. Not calling you a thief, but 99% of the time when you get a laptop where the person in possession of it does not know the hard drive password, the laptop is stolen. The original owner puts a lock on the Hard Drive to keep users from getting to sensitive data. The owner could have put the password lock on remotely as soon as it was stolen.

The hard drive can never be used again.

May 17, 2012 | Toshiba Computers & Internet

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I got a laptop as a gift and it was working fine but now it is asking me for a HDD/SSD user password and i dont have a password for it is there anyway iam able to bypass it please help me

An HDD/SSD password is located on the HDD itself and cannot be accessed to change it like Operating system passwords can be.

It is at sector level and only manufacturer can advise.May be easier (and cheaper) to replace the HDD.

Jan 08, 2011 | Computers & Internet

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Need HDD password

try pushing esc as much as needed to bypass it. Than make a new user account and switch the settings.

Jun 02, 2009 | Toshiba Satellite A215-S7422 Notebook

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Bypass toshiba HDD Password

Try this link:

Mar 22, 2009 | Toshiba Satellite A100-S8111TD Notebook

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HDD password

It’s called ‘platter-locked’ and it cannot be easily bypassed or unlocked (the password is built into the hard drive).
If you do not need any information on the hard drive I would suggest buying a new 2.5” hard drive for laptops and install a new one (it will be cheaper).
If you would like to read more about this:

Nov 12, 2007 | Toshiba Satellite Pro 6000 and 6100 14.1...

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