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Toshiba 3550 Document Feeder

I purchased a Toshiba 3550 at a second hand store. I brought it home and hooked it up. It isn't working; I am needing some help to fix it.

The photocopies are jamming when they exit the copier into the sorting bin. If I have the staple mode selected --- or any other mode that uses the sorting bins (basically if I am photocoping a booklet) the error message "Remove paper from sorter bin" shows on the screen. I slid the document sorter to the side and opened up the door where you may remove a copy when it jams. There is no paper in there.

I am wondering what I should do to get the photocopier working. I am trying to start a home business. The copier cost me $5 --- but it isn't working. I am mechanically inclined and I wanted to try to fix this myself if I knew what was causing the problem.

I searched the Internet and found where I may purchase the service guide manual for my copier. I am looking for some input at what the starting point for me should be. I appreciate your help and guidance with this.

The copier specs are shown at:


Posted by Ron Piggott on

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  • Ron Piggott
    Ron Piggott Nov 30, 2007

    I have adjusted the area where the paper leaves the photocopier and enters into the document sorter. Single page photocopies now work. This is progress from my post on 11/25/2007

    The next issue needing addressing is:

    When I select the staple mode OR booklet copy mode immediately the screen is saying "Remove paper from sorter bin". How do I diagnose this? Visually I don't see any paper in the document sorter.

    Thanks for your help,


  • Ron Piggott
    Ron Piggott Nov 30, 2007

    From the comments made on 11/30/2007:

    What you have said makes sense. I think I found the sensor at the top you are referring to. It is very dusty in that area of the copier. I haven't found a sensor at the bottom:

    I am struggling to clearly see if there is something in each individual bin.

    There isn't an 8 1/2" x 11" page in any of the bins. The model I have comes with 20 bins. It wouldn't surprise me if dust build up is blocking a sensor some where in the remaining 19 bins. Each bin is about 1/2" tall right now.

    I see how rods the document sorter uses to guide the copier to put the documents into each bin. Is there a way I may have the copier move these up? Should I disassemble the document sorter, give it a good cleaning and perhaps at the same time knock loose the the reason why the copier is asking me to remove paper from these bins? I am confident to do this IF I do it all in one session --- ie after supper focus solely on the copier until I have screwed everything back together.

    I have thought some about purchasing a can of compressed air to see if I could blow anything loose.

    What I am saying is that right now I am not going to be able to properly inspect each bin without pulling things apart. How would you suggest I proceed? I can tell you know what you are doing by the comments you have made to me. I saw your profile and you are obviously comfortable with Toshiba copiers.

    Thanks for your help,


  • Ron Piggott
    Ron Piggott Dec 17, 2007

    I will look at this during the coming week. I just got back to work after major hip surgery and haven't been able to bend to try this solution in getting my copier working. I really have appreciated your help.

  • Ron Piggott
    Ron Piggott Dec 19, 2007

    OK. I worked on my photocopier today.

    I removed the panel that is at the bottom half of the same side where paper enters the photocopier. (IE opposite of the bins where you retrieve your documents.) I need some specific details. It wasn't immediately obvious to me which buttons caused the sorting bin to rise and lower. Could you look this up in a manual and then tell me where they are located?

    I haven't found a torn piece of paper, stick it note, etc in any of the bins. I was working in the day light.

    I drove over to a local Toshiba dealer. He told me the model I own is old and he suspects one of the sensors is gone. It seems possible in how I am not finding a piece of paper, but I haven't been able to manually move the sorting bins up and down yet. The photocopier was originally owned by a facility that leases copiers. The "total copies" counter is at 658836.

    How should I proceed?

    If there are any diagrams you would like to send me my e-mail address is [email protected]



  • Ron Piggott
    Ron Piggott Jan 06, 2008

    I haven't found the button image you showed me. I am going to take a digital camera photo of the circuit board soon and post it so you may show me where the buttons are to cause the sorting station to rise and lower.

    I have another question for you. When the copies come out greyish in the background is this an indication that the drum is going?

    What I am thinking is that this copier was going to need work so the store which owned it donated it to a second hand store. I want to make sure that if I am putting money into this machine I will get some use out of it.

    The copier is in my shed. (Shed is 12' x 26', I am in the midst of finishing off the inside of it.) It is 39 degrees in there. Is this the cause of grey parts? Or a worn out drum? Or is there another reason?




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1- you've already established that the jamming is coming from the sorter, since you said they jam as they exit the copier into the sorter bin.
2- check to see if the sorter is aligned, is one side higher than the other? is it crooked? are the wheels of the sorter turning as the paper exits the copier, is it plugged into the copier? does it show "connect sorter" when detached from copier?
if not the sorter board may be bad.It may need to be aligned ( not easy if not used to doing.)

Posted on Nov 26, 2007

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  • CheckitRight
    CheckitRight Nov 30, 2007

    Look in the indivisual bins. there is a hole in each bin from top to bottom. One may have a bar to stack the paper, and another for the sensor to know there is paper for stapling. I have nenver seen a bad sensor, although it may be possible, also check under the very last bin where the sensor is.( There is a sensor on top and bottom, one sending and a receiving sesor)

  • CheckitRight
    CheckitRight Nov 30, 2007

    Just to clarify saome sorters have 2 holes one for the paper stacker and one for the sensor.

    In some models the sensor is in the middle of the bins ( no holes since the shape of the bins is like a V)

    Good luck

  • CheckitRight
    CheckitRight Nov 30, 2007

    there may not nesscesarily be a SHEEt of paper, I've seen stickyy notes torn pieces of paper, etc.... but where the sensor is on top DIRECTLY on the bottom is the other, I beleive if you look in each bin at the location of the sensor you should be able to see the hole.

    also, detach sorter from copier, there is a metal panel in front of the sorter on the bottom half ( about four screws) this is where the sorter board is, on the board there are two push buttons, one to make the bins go up and one to go down. Cheat the switch with some paper so the sorter is on while in the detached position, push the top switch to move each bin up ( the bins MUST be aligned or it will go crooked. ) then you can check each bin.

    ( its been awhile since I've worked on this sorter, you may have to move a dip switch for it to move I don't remember which combination it is, let me know and I'l look for that info if needed.)

    Good luck.

  • CheckitRight
    CheckitRight Dec 17, 2007

    not a problem, have a good and fast recovery and Happy Holidays .

  • CheckitRight
    CheckitRight Dec 20, 2007

    It could be possible that the sensor is bad, but again from experience I have never seen or heard of a bad paper detection sensor with canon or Toshiba !!!! but anything is possible.

    remember that it is a photoreceptive sensor.

    Sorry, I no longer have any manuals for those machines, I just go by memory.

    Here is apicture of the push button that is on the sorter board

    there are two as stated earlier one for up the other for down.

    If I'm not mistaken on that model if you look UNDER the sorter there is a small plate that you can remove and the bottom sensor should be exposed. Also I beleive on the Left side The one that is towards the wall side, if you remove that cover there is a sensor on the bottom that tells the bins it has reached it's limit, check and make sure itis in place.

    There is aproblem with this machine, there is a screw that is half way down that holds the cover if the sorter has a problem it is almost impossible to get that screw, my advice is to discard it.

  • CheckitRight
    CheckitRight Jan 07, 2008

    try adjusting the light and dark setting to light, is there a difference? if yes, then the drum is starting to go.

    My advice is to defenitely get the service manual for this machine if you are holding on to this machine. There are so many adjustments and things to do with a Toshiba. It is a two step machine, meaning that you have the toner and a developper. While Canon uses a one step process, toner and developper together, so when the toner is empty just replace and do a maintenance on the canon is replacing tires.

    On the toshiba a maintenance is an actual kit that you have to replace the developper after a certain number of copies, otherwise it gives you copy quality issues and starts to leak in the machine, which is messy. You also have to do a mixing stage after you replace the developper.You can buy the kit ( expensive, which includes parts for the fuser and drum) or just the developper.

    You can also try the adjustment mode, for Toshiba turn off and hold 05 or 08 and turn on this puts you in the service mode, record your settings and try to adjust ( there are adjustments for regular mode and for AE mode ( AE automatic exposure, on the control panel there are some lights where you adjust for light or dark copies or you putit on AE which adjust for you.

  • CheckitRight
    CheckitRight Jan 25, 2008

    Just checking to find out if you were able to fix it?



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