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Honda generator eu3000is Not getting power to carb in order to meter fuel

Generator has spark and fuel fills float bowl but won't meter to passages after cleaning carb

Posted by trent wood on


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Vernon Taylor

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After reading about Honda's Eco Throttle system available on inverter generators it seems it is not a fuel metering system but a computer controlled speed regulator or basically an electronic throttle.
Because the engine of an inverter generator doesn't need to run at a constant high speed to produce the correct 50 or 60 Hz output this generator can run at slower speeds when the load is light. The electronic throttle is the means to make it happen - operated by the computer.

The throttle is probably operated by a stepper motor and the power supplied to it likely to be in digital form. I suggest you try and gain a more full account of how the system works before you delve deeper.

Posted on Nov 09, 2017


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SOURCE: How to connect a Honda EU3000is Generator to run the home furnanc

In shor NO.....

1st item to buy if you must conect to your house is a change over HAS TO ISOLATE THE MAIN LINE TO THE HOUSE< OR YOU WILL KILL SOME ONE....the other thing you have to know is the house just a single phase or a save you life and the lines man working on the line when you run your genset, get a contractor to do it....

Posted on Feb 01, 2009



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SOURCE: Honda EU3000is Generator is running poorly.

Can anyone help me with the eco-trottle switch when I switch it on it seems to run the same idle whether I have it off or on, what could be causing it not to work, is it a bad switch or I am running 89 octane could that be the problem.


Posted on Oct 09, 2009

Larry Cowan

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SOURCE: Honda generator ei3000. Will run only a few mins

Tank filter not blocked? (Take tap off tank) Enough oil in motor? Try overfilling it slightly

Posted on Oct 23, 2009

Sheldon Dedek

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SOURCE: Clarke/Honda 700 watt generator ronning slow,

Either the intake valve is not sealing like it should, or the rings are worn, and crankcase vent is dumping the pressure into the carburetor.

Posted on Jun 30, 2010


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SOURCE: i have no fuel at

Make sure you have flow from the tank to the carburetor. Also, when you cleaned the carburetor, there are several jets that have to be open in order for the fuel to "flow" through the carburetor. The carburetor on this generator has a pilot jet located on the top side of the carburetor and a main metering jet that screws into the very bottom of the carburetor and will be visible when the bowl is removed. After the main jet is removed there is a main nozzle that also has holes in it that have to be open also.

Another problem that is possible is compression. If the engine does not have sufficient compression it will not "pull" the fuel into the combustion chamber on the intake stroke. Hope this helps to get you in the right direction.

Posted on Feb 19, 2011

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How do I clean the carborator?

Remove carb from mower. Use carb cleaner and small acid brush to clean outside of carb. Remove bowl from bottom of carb. Clean bowl. Observe bolt that held carb bowl to carb, see if it has a hole or holes thru it. Clean out holes with bread wrapper wire with about 1in of wire. Test float, float down fuel flow, float up fuel stops. Use bread wrapper to clean center port of carb from bottom up thru carb body. Remove float pin float and meter needle, use bread wrapper to clean meter needle passage up thru carb body. Re-assemble carb.
Honda carbs can be purchased new for $14 - $27.

Aug 14, 2013 | Garden

1 Answer

1yr old won't start this year

Dirty carb. Remove screw on bottom off carb exposing the carb float. Clean the float bowl. Ensure the float is working by pressing up on the float fuel flow stops, let it fall down, fuel flow. Observe the screw that you removed from the bowl, Look for to see if it has a whole thru it. Clean out the whole if it does. Bread wrapper wire with 1 in plastic cleaned off wire works good. Observe center fuel port, use wire to clean out port going to bottom of carb. Remove pin that holds float and meter needle, use wire to clean out port. Reassemble. Ensure free movement of float. Float up no fuel flow. Float down fuel flow. Use carb cleaner to clean carb inside. Ensure choke opens/closes properly. Always use Stabile in gas.

Jun 11, 2013 | Toro Power Lawn Mower

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I have a 86 honda shadow vt 1100 has spark wont start

the Bike need three things to run Spark ait and fuel. if your sure you have spark then move to fuel, check if fuel is getting to carbs. if not turn on petcock if pet **** is on and still no fuel may need to add fuel or check and see if petcock is clogged. if petcock is clogged then remove gas tank and clear out any and all debres.

If you are getting fuel to carbs and bike still does not run, check air box to see that it hasent become a new home for mice. if bike has been sitting for a while 60 days or more (ethinol in gas REALLY cloges up your carbs) you will want to pull carbs and clean flote bowls and all air ana fule passages, main jet and emultion tube slow jet and emultion tube check and clean venturi slide and check slide diaphram for holes. Check all seals and floats (Floats: if the floats have any kind of a hole in them they will fill up with fuel and flood the float bowls) check float bowl pins ( some times they get stuck closed not allowing float bowls to fill with fuel.

If you are not sure you can do this that find a local motorcycle mechanic who can help you. to keep repair costs down you may want to bring them the set of carbs removed from your bike (if you are able to)

Sep 12, 2012 | 1986 Honda VT 1100 C

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Toro 20624 mower runs rough

Remove float bowl from carb. Ensure gas flows with float hanging down. Ensure gas flow stops with float pushed up.. Remove float and meter needle. clean passage way were meter needle is inserted with a bread wrapper wire, with 1 in of plastic peeled off it, wire should be observed behind choke flap when fully inserted thru passage way. Replace float and meter needle. Clean float bowl. Observe float bowl screw, look to see if it has a hole thru it, if so clean with wire. Reinstall float bowl. Try to start.

Jun 17, 2012 | Toro Garden

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Toro lawnmower Wiil not start

Remove carb float bowl. Clean bowl. Observe float bowl screw, look for hole thru bolt, if present use thin wire to clean out. Float should be hanging freely and gas should be flowing, raise float gas should stop. Pinch off gas line or use shut off valve. Remove pin from float, remove float and needle meter. Use thin wire to clean out passage were meter needle is inserted, wire should pass thru to behind choke. Replace float & meter needle. Replace float bowl. Pull rope half way several times. Inspect primer bulb for cracks or leak. Try to start, may take 5 or more pulls to prime.

Jun 04, 2012 | Toro Super Recycler Super Bagger Lawn...

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Gcv160 runs rough

Automatic governor speed control, no adjustment. Remove & clean spark plug. Remove air cleaner, replace filter if dirty. Check oil level. Remove float bowl from bottom of carb. ensure float hangs freely and gas flows. Push up on float, gas should stop. Remove pin holding float in mount, remove float and meter needle. Clean meter needle passage with small wire. Replace float and meter needle as require. Observe float bowl screw, see if a hole is present thru screw near head, clean with wire. Reassemble. prime, pull rope 4 times 1/2 way. Pull rope up to 10 times to start. ensure fresh gas. Always use Stabile in gas. Spray outside of carb with carb cleaner to ensure choke is free to operate where cable is attached.

May 14, 2012 | Troy Bilt 5.5hp Self Propelled Mower

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Our Honda EB 3500 generator was serviced a month ago and now that we need it it won't work. The generator will start however it won't take a load. Do you have any recommendations or suggestions?...

It's either not getting enough fuel, or the govenor is not working. When the engine is running, watch the throttle linkage between the carburetor and engine, looks like a bent wire. When you throw a load on it, it should move to give the engine more power, if it dont, try moving it by hand.
If that appears to be working ok, check the fuel line from the tank to the carb for good gas flow.
You can also remove the float bowl on the bottom of the carb, it's a round bowl on the bottom of the carb with a bolt in the middle of it...clean it out and check the float. The float looks like a little catamaran, make sure it is moving freely up and down. That is about all you can do without removing and cleaning the jets in the carb.

Good luck, & i hope this helps.

Aug 27, 2011 | Honda Electrical Supplies

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I can't start my generator (coleman powermate 6250). I know the spark plug is firing. I pulled the carb of and cleaned it; still won't start. Any ideas. Chuck

Hi Chuck and welcome to FixYa, I am Kelly.

First off will it fire over if you add a splash of gas to the throat of the carb?
No = you probably have a stuck valve. I just add gas straight to the spark plug hole and slowly pull the recoil through with the ignition off. Most of the time it works to free sticky valve stems after 2 or 3 cycles of adding gas and slowly pulling the recoil through. Then you have to place rags on the cylinder head to catch all of that gas as you pull the recoil through rapidly for expell the gas. WIPE up any residual fuel before attempting a start.

Still no start check compression... If you don't have a compression tester you can make a poor mans tester... Form a paint brush handle to fit into the hole tightly so that is does not extend into the cylinder any farther than the spark plug would. Pull the recoil.... It should LAUNCH the paint brush out of the hole quite some distance and with force.

Yes it fires: SEE BELOW

If this unit had been sitting for some time there are some things you should do: (I note you said you cleaned the carb but the steps below are what need done on a unit that was idle for an extended period)
1. Clean the fuel float bowl
2. Make sure the main fuel jet orifice located in the area where the float bowl nut or solenoid attaches the float bowl to the body of the carb is cleaned. It will have a pin hole in it that ports fuel to a brass tube at the 6 o'clock position in the throat of the carb. The jet is removable but...most of the time you have to modify a regular screwdriver by grinding off some of the wide portion of the blade shank to make it fit the slot in the orifice and the body of the carb. If you use a screwdriver that is too small it will damage the jet and the only way to get it out is to drill it out VERY carefully.
THE PIN HOLE of the main fuel jet MUST BE VISIBLE
3. Check fuel flow to the carb via the float needle, With the float bowl off, place a spray paint can lid under the float and turn on the fuel selector. The spray can lid should fill in about 10 seconds.
If you do not have this amount of fuel flow then remove the main fuel line from the carb and check flow again. If you still have fuel flow problems
a. Check gas tank exit port for obstructions
b. Check feul flow beforr and after the fuel filter (if used).
c. Check fuel flow before and after the fuel shut off / fuel selector Many fuel selectors have a sediment bowl under the selector.. if yours had a sediment bowl remove the bowl and clean out the contents.
4. You have good fuel flow to the carb manifold....
a. Recheck fuel flow at under the fuel float with the float down. It must provide a reasonable fuel flow that would fill a spray can lid in around 10 seconds. If you still have fuel flow problems only at the the float needle remove the float and float needle. Also the main fuel line. Spray carb cleaner from the flat needle seat are to the fuel manifold and then from the manifold to the float needle seat.
5. Float check... must shut off fuel flow as it is raised to level i.e just as it reaches level.
b. Reassemble and test.

This USUALLY does the trick... if not I need the model number of your generator that starts with a "P" so I can look up the engine and carb data.

Given you have already cleaned up the carb I think you may have a valve stem that is slowing the operation of the valve.... or preventing it from closing (
Thanks for choosing FixYa,

Aug 26, 2011 | Coleman Powermate Premium Plus 6250W...

1 Answer

EB5000 been sitting 6 months, have fuel stabilizer in gas. Will start, but won't stay running. I sprayed starter fluid and it kept running until I stopped spraying the fluid.

Hi and welcome to FixYa, I am Kelly

If the generator has sat for some time the fuel in the float bowl will turn into a varnish like substance (shellac). The residual fuel in the carb will have to be removed. You do this by removing the fuel solenoid (or bowl nut) which ever one youhave that secures the float bowl to the carb. Then take a screw driver and remove the main fuel orifice and remove the debris from the main fuel orifice. Clean the orifice with carb cleaner. DO NOT push anything into the hole! Also spray the brass tube that the main fuel jet screws into with carb cleaner. You should see carb cleaner being sprayed into the throat of the carb.

While the fuel float bowl is removed get a spray can lid and hold it under the carb float. Turn on the fuel selector and the fuel should completely fill the spray can lid in 8 - 10 seconds. If you do not have this amount of fuel flow you need to remove the main fuel line from the carb and re-check fuel flow. If the flow is good here then use carb cleaner in the float needle area to force any debris back out the fuel manufold connection that is now open because you removed the fuel line. If you still do not have fuel flow then check for debris in the fuel tank exit port, the fuel filter, the sediment bowl under the fuel shut off assembly.
Once again with the spray can lid under the float you should have fuel flow anytime the fuel selector is on and the float level is down. It should shut off fuel just as it reaches level. Any other result and the float and float needle will have to be removed, cleaned and inspected for debris.

Make sure to re-install the main fuel orifice in the treaded area that secures the float bowl in place the main fuel line to the fuel manifold / carb fuel inlet connection

If the engine has a fuel solenoid hook it up and and see of it is working as you turn the key / engine switch on and off before you reinstall the float bowl. You make have to hold the case of the solenoid against the engine to make a ground AWAY from any residual fuel for testing. I.e. don't burn up your generator.
Re-install the fuel float bowl and test the engine. It should now work just fine.
The above steps are successful most of the time on generatosr that have sat idle for an extended period. I have been working on generators large and small for over 40 years.

Thanks for choosing FixYa,

Aug 26, 2011 | Honda Electrical Supplies

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