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MY Plasma Zenith TV went "POP"?

We purchashed this Z50PX2D TV 10/05 and tonight we heard a loud "pop" and the TV is blank and will not turn on. I called Zenith service center and they said that they have heard alot of this happening with plasma TV's, their system is down and could not answer any other questions. Luckily, my husband bought the extended warranty from Best Buy and thery will be out tomorrow, hopefully before the OSU/UofM GAME!!!

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  • harleyroll Dec 10, 2007

    Count me in. My zenith went pop and the screen turned black with good quality sound. The first time it was under warrenty and cost me nothing to get fixed. A TV repair man came out and took the TV with him fixed it and brought it back a week later. Now almost one year to the date its the same thing over again except no warrenty this time.The problem is that the TV repair guy never told me exactly what poped. Any one got an idea as to what happens when we hear pops and see black screen??

  • Palhaco Dec 27, 2007

    Exact Same Problem here. Thank you PREMTECH!!! I copied your response and will be sure to give it to the repair company! Zenith graciously gave me an extended warranty for repairs and labor because of their "defective parts". BestBuy was of absolutely no help at all and only wanted to sell me another TV. Geek Squad sucks!!!!

  • Anonymous Dec 29, 2007

    PDP TV
    Purchased our Zenith Plasma Model Z50PX2D on 02/22/2006 from BEST BUY and heard pop a couple times and the picture went almost black on 12/29/2007 at about 4:30 in the afternoon, like someone spread black paint on the screen and you are trying to see through it. Sound is good.

  • Anonymous Jan 02, 2008

    Update: My initial report said I still had sound, well we were showing my son what the screen looked like and there came the big pop, no picture at all or sound at all now, just like everyone else. Just wanted to update my post. I have emailed Zenith/LG, but being the holidays, I got no response yet. I hope to hear from them tomorrow or I will try again to contact. I will update again if I get a response.

  • crazycroat16 Feb 02, 2008

    Same pop, bringing it to Bestbuy very soon.

  • docwhite Feb 16, 2008

    It is good to know that I am not alone with experiencing the "pop" the Zenith Z50PX2D Plasma generates. Howeve, my calls to customer service has been met with a different outcome. Just three days after the warranty expired, the infamous "pop" occured. Calls to LG almost had me believe that I was the "only" customer to ever experience such a problem until I found this site. Now armed with the ammunition I need, another call to LG is warranted.

    I do have one question though. Now that I know the part numbers, is is possible to changehe boards myself thus eliminating the technicians, wait time and balloned repair costs? With the reapir cost alone, I could go out an buy another TV but I "like" this one so much. (Could use more HDMI inputs though.) So, it is a doable thing or shoudl I leave it to the professionals?


  • CPotato Feb 27, 2008

    Like everyone else.. 23 days after my warranty expired.. (wonder if the have a timer set).. I get the "POP"... armed with the information I got here.. I called and explained to them (nicely as people mentioned below) that my plasma "POP" and after researching the net.. I realized that I am not the only one with this issue and that there seem to be a defect with this TV... After a long pause and checking with supervisor.. They agreed to extend my warranty...Got to love the net.. thanks all for posting information.

  • nandushka Mar 01, 2008


    Does anybody know a trustful repair shop where I can get this repared without loosing an arm and a leg?

    Same POP crap!

    Bought in Best Buy same TV Z50px2D 50in

    I did not get the etended warranty

    My warranty expired 1 month ago

    Zenith highlited me that the warranty had expired 1 month ago so I'm in my own.

    No image

    Sound is ok

    I'm located in Queens,

    Thank you


    [email protected]

  • Anonymous Mar 01, 2008

    I too have the same problem with this model Z50PX2D. Although LG has agreed to extend my warranty to cover the costs to fix the problem this time. However, I am very concerned that the problem will happen again in a year or two. I think it is unacceptable for LG to be selling such a defected product without a long term relief.

  • MadatZenith Mar 05, 2008

    I'm another in the long chain of customers who had a pop and then a blank screen. I'm going to try following the steps outlined here to see if they will honor an extended warranty. My TV was just over 2 years old. If this was an automobile, there would have been a massive recall. AGHHHGHHH!!!!

  • zenith-hater Mar 05, 2008

    Add me to the long and growing list of Zenith Z50PX2D plasma tv owners with the "POP" problem. I bought it at Electronics Express 12/2005.I also had the problem of the picture having red or pink coloring over the whole screen, and you have to shut it off and turn it back on to make it go away. The colored screen 1st occured while still under warranty, they sent someone out and of course it would not do it while he was here, so he said there was nothing he could do to fix it. I saw from another post that this problem is also something Zenith was aware of and that all the insides have to be replaced. The problem was intermittent. Now we were watching it and POP faded screen and now this morning it has the black spray paint effect. I am going to try to get them to fix it but I am also going to buy a new Panasonic or anything else but a Zenith! This was my 1st and last one from them or LG. WHen you pay that kind of money for a tv it should last for more then 26 months, meanwhile my 15 year old Toshiba still works great! Wish me luck!

  • ZenithPlasma Mar 10, 2008

    Purchased tv in 11/05 Circuit City. TV went pop one month ago (2/07). Can barely make out images. Called Zenith, sounds like they may extend the warranty. We paid over $3000 for the tv, it's worth half. Research indicates that repairs would cost us $1200. Consumer Reports recommended this tv. We did our research. What a rip off!!!!!!!!!!

  • ZenithPlasma Mar 10, 2008

    Purchased tv in 10/05. Heard a pop sound. Barely has a picture. Did not buy warranty. Called Zenith - they basically said our tv was out of warranty. I told them that this problem is all over the web and that the tv is faulty - of course they deny any knowledge of it.

  • Anonymous Mar 11, 2008

    just heard a "pop" from tv (zenith Z50PX2D) and now I have a very dark and faded screen (little hazy too). TV is about 2 years old. I will contact Zenith, and see what happens.

  • Anonymous Mar 14, 2008

    Called LG, told them about "the pop". They extended my warranty. TV tech/repair is scheluded to come out next week. They will then need to order parts from LG/Zenith. So far, so good.

  • ZenithPlasma Mar 14, 2008

    Thanks Jaybo28 for posting your comment today. I called Zenith the other day, they told me in so many words that I was on my own and too bad! They also said that they had no knowledge of a widespread "popping" problem. I told them that it was all over the web. At any rate, I called LG a few minutes ago. I now have an extended warranty to cover the parts. I am waiting for someone to schedule an appointment to service the t.v. So far, LG has commited to fix the parts and not the labor. I have been told to call back once the tv is serviced about the labor costs to see if I can get LG to cover that too. Will keep you posted. This is a whole lot better than having to pay for everything! Thank you Lord!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous Mar 14, 2008

    I purchased my plasma TV 12/05. I turned it on Tuesday morning March 11, 2008. The TV would just blink green and then return to red. The contract repair place quoted a repair of $2700.00. What a joke.

  • Ljoyner329 Mar 17, 2008

    My Plasma TV just popped and died too (right in the middle of March Madness!) I immediately got online to research the problem and found this website. I took everyone's advice and got LG to extend the warranty to cover parts, but not labor. It's better than nothing though! If I had not mentioned this forum, I don't think they would have done this. Thanks everybody!!!

  • Anklebytes Mar 19, 2008

    My Z50PX2D just popped and went black this afternoon. I bought it in '06 and the warranty says 1 year so I thought I was screwed. Then I Googled the problem and found this great site. I called LG and mentioned what I'd read here and how the manufacturer had changed out the boards because of this known problem. They extended my warranty and labor and parts will be no charge. I'm calling the service company tomorrow. This site just saved me a ton of money!!

  • Anonymous Mar 28, 2008

    Same thing happened to our Zenith! I followed the suggestions here and all went smoothly. LG is sending out a repairman tomorrow to replace the 4 boards that are fried...at no cost to me. Thanks, I was just sick about the whole thing, I'm so glad I found this site!!

  • srego Mar 29, 2008

    Same problem just happened to me on 3/28/08. I called Zenith Customer Service that night (having not found this website) and was told it was out of warranty and given to service numbers to call. I am now going to try again today (3/29/08) and see if I can have any better luck getting the warranty extended! Great site!

  • Happy cake Mar 29, 2008

    Pop!!! One month after warranty expired. Bought new part $500. One month after part warranty expired POP. E-mailed LG. The gentleman on the other end of the e-mail was very nice. Of course LG is not aware of any issues with this particular product. After so back and forth I was given a number to call. I was told I would need the original receipt and the diagnostic report from the repair shop. Once received the supervisor staff will determine if there is some way in which we might extend concession for this matter.
    This is where I am now. Getting a report from the repair shop most likely won’t be a problem. The TV was given as a gift so producing a receipt will most likely be impossible. Chances are they will not provide any assistance do to this. I hope I am wrong. Any suggestions?

  • Anonymous Mar 29, 2008

    to HappyCake, if you know when and where the Tv was originally purchased, there's a good chance they can pull up a duplicate receipt. This happened to me, I knew I bought it at Best Buy and because I had charged it using their card, they were able to get me a new receipt. But even if it wasn't charged, if you know what day it was purchased, they could still get you a receipt. I'd give it a try!

  • Happy cake Mar 30, 2008

    I hope I am Posting this properly. Thanks for the receipt info. The person who purchased the TV for my children is no longer with us ( in the big no longer with us).

  • Anonymous Apr 03, 2008

    Well, count me in. I'm a guy whose Z50PX2D popped and was repaired yesterday. It seems fine now. 2 sustain boards and I was ready to go. This is my first repair. Now, when will it pop again?

    There are more cases of this than we know, checkout: the AVS forum and the reviews/comments of our TV at Amazon.com. Just type in the Zenith Z50PX2d at those sites and meet 150 new members of the "Popped" club. Someone ought to get a LIST going? We are many.

    I'd join a class action - anyone? PART of the problem is..... that our sets performed so well (atleast for me) , I was proud of it until the "pop".

    Glad this site was here! [email protected]

  • Anonymous Apr 24, 2008

    50" Zenith plasma tv. Made loud pop sound no picture. Seems to be a wide spread problem. Zenith does not seem to care and is not going to extend the warranty. Buyer beware of Zenith or LG products. Tv is just out of warranty too bad is all they are telling me.

    I asked for a supervisor and he agreed to cover the parts but not any labor.

    Thats better than nothing but I would have rather they coverd it all.

    However, they are agreeing to take care of the parts. They said all 4 boards must be replaced to elimanate the problem. Hope this helps

  • hankseis May 03, 2008

    I just joined the LG Pop & Black Spray Paint Club tonight. The Z50px2d was purchased from Best Buy in 03/06 - with the extended warranty. They are due out Tuesday am to fix it - hopefully for no charge. I hate to say it but I am glad I am not alone - seeing so many with the same problem helped me get over wanting to toss this junk back into Best Buy via the front window. Thanks !!

  • Anonymous May 05, 2008

    Our TV is just over 2 years old. I just phoned the service center and as soon as I told them the issue, they took my info and told me that I would be referred to a supervisor. I am waiting for status and hoping for the best...thanks for this site - it is a great help!

  • Darryl0307 May 14, 2008

    I bought mine in Nov of 05. Went "POP" on May 12,08. I do have the extended warranty from Best Buy. My question is after the boards are changed does this happen again, or do the new parts fix this for the life of the TV?

    Thank you


  • hazpay May 15, 2008

    Just got the "pop" and Zenith (LG) 50" plasma crashed. Just over 2 years old. Thank goodness the wiff bought the extended warranty from BestBuy. Stopped over there tonight and they said they'd take care of it...and if they can't...I get a new TV. Best $400 we ever spent!

  • Anonymous May 16, 2008

    My LG 50PX1D went pop earlier this week. Following the advice in this column, I called LG 877.543.8325, explained the problem, and they agreed to pay for parts since I was 3 months out of warranty. After talking to the TV tech, I realized that this was a common problem, LG has produced 'revised' parts thus acknowledging the problem, and in my opinion, should have a recall. I called LG back, POLITELY explained my reasoning that they should also pay the labor or else I would have a problem recommending LG to friends or purchasing another LG product, and after speaking with a manager, they decided to cover labor as well. Above all, be polite. These people get screamed at all day long. Basic fact, if your TV is out of warranty, they can tell you off. Be nice, and they'll cover the cost.

  • Anonymous May 28, 2008

    What exactly Pops on the boards?

  • Anonymous May 29, 2008

    zenith 50 in plasma popped,no picture just sound

  • satingold200 Jun 05, 2008

    We also have a 52in plasma Zenith tv and guess what tonight we heard a loud "POP and now we have no more TV we have only had our tv for 6 weeks we bought it at Circuit City WE call the ZENITH customer service department tonight and they are sending someone out too try and repair it if they can not fix it they are replacing for free thank goodness cause circuit city said they can not do anything about it and that makes me mad cause thats where we bought it at.

  • ctCpitt Jun 17, 2008

    I Bought my 42 inch plasma from compusa on 1/6/2006. In Feb of 2006, it Popped. The problem at that time, wasnt as well known apparently because the tv had just been manufactured, so they just replaced my Z Sustain board, nothing else. After this, I noticed the red,green,blue dots problem that others have described, it took the repair shop a month to figure out that the voltage had to b adjusted on the board. This improved the problem, but never completely went away......Then, just two wks ago, it Popped again. this time, after getting LG to extend the warranty (I did buy the extended warranty from compusa, which runs out 1/2009) but i figured the manufacturer should pay since it wasnt completely fixed the first time it broke. This time they replaced all 4 boards, because since about fall of 2007, LG sends a kit, with all 4 boards, to repair this VERY well known flaw. The tech said that replacing all the boards replaces the problem, and he hasnt seen one tv come back for the pop problem again. Apparently, the circuit boards for this tv were hastily, and cheaply made in Mexico, and have been failing left and right, to the point where LG now gets boards from a US manufacturer. The board design has been improved. Since my TV was fixed aproxx seven days ago, I FINALLY have a good working, HDTV, with perfect picture. ABOVE ALL Be nice to the C/S reps, and they will go out of the way to help you.....You get more bees with honey :):):)

  • Anonymous Jun 20, 2008

    Same problem, 24 months old on a 12 month warranty and it popped and went black. Called LG number found on this site, after faxing purchase receipt to them they offered the "parts only" deal. I told them that this problem is well documented on the internet, and that they had paid parts and labor for others. After a few minutes on hold, they came back and agreed to pay for everything.

    As mentioned earlier, be polite and explain that you were expecting them to make good on the problem. If you don't ask, they're not going to offer.

  • 4dafun Jun 23, 2008

    I was watching TV this afternoon and heard a loud pop. I have sound but no picture, My model is also a Z50PX2D. It's too late to call today. I bought an extended warranty. I'll need to find the documents, but thought I search the web to see if anyone else experienced the same thing...I guess so. Does anyone know what component failed?

  • larrye333 Jun 24, 2008

    I recently experience the same problem as what appears to be every owner of a Zenith Z50PX2D Plasma TV on June 22, 2008 an felt compoelled to share my story with the rest of owners of this defective TV. I heard the pop and experienced the loss of picture like everyone else on my expensive plasma TV that I bought in Jan of 2006. Needless to say I was worried since my warranty had expired almost 18 months ago. After researching the problem and finding the FixYa website, I called the Zenith customer service number first (877-993-6484) and described what had happened. The customer service rep told me that there wasn't anything they could do since my warranty had expired except to refer me to a local authorized service center. Armed with the information from FixYa, I informed him that I know this was a wide spread problem, that there was a known defective part and that a number of other people who experienced the same problem had been given an extended warranty and I politely asked for the same consideration. He said he understood how I felt (yeah right) but still couldn't do anything but provide me with the name and phone number of a authorized service company. I stayed calm and pressed on, this time asking to speak with his supervisor. He put me on hold and a few minutes later, magically he was able to extend the warranty for parts only. Feeling good that I got that, I didn't press futher to get them to cover the labor cost. He assigned me a case number and asked me to fax a copy of my receipt in which I did as soon as we hung up the phone.

    Afterwards I read more of the messages from others in the same situation that I was in and learned that there were several instances where they would extend the warranty for parts and labor. After comparing who these people were talking to it appeared to me that the people that called the LG number (877-543-8325) were the one's having the most success. I called the LG number today 6/24/08 and spoke with Anna. I told her I was following up to make sure they had received my faxed proof of purchase and to find out what the next step was in getting my TV repaired. My intention was to request that they cover the labor cost too but as Anna was going through the notes she ackowledged they ha received a copy of my receipt, verified model and serial number and contact information and said the notes showed that they had agreed to extend the warranty for parts. I said I wasn't sure if it was for parts and labor or just parts but also added that I was aware that this was a widespread problem from researching the internet and knew that they were covering parts and labor for a number of owners. She did some checking and made some notes and without my asking for it came back and said that they were going to extend the warranty for parts and labor. Needless to say I was very pleased. While we were on the phone she faxed the information the the service provider. I called them a few minutes later and they are picking up my TV tomorrow. I'm leaving town for about a week so with any luck, it will be repaired and ready when we get back in town.

    My suggestion to anyone else going though this is to call the LG number (see above) and not the Zenith number. Apparently the Zenith people are told to tell people they can't help them and only help the one's that make the most noise, whereas LG customer service people seem a lot more willing to take care of the problem properly by agreeing to repair the TV's at no cost to the consumer. Good luck everyone!

  • Anonymous Jun 24, 2008

    Came home today and dont know if it popped or not. There is power at the receptacle and at the end of the cord to the tv but tv wont turn on. Will try the lg number see where i end up

  • footballx14 Jun 27, 2008

    I have this same problem but my TV didn't "Pop" I just called up to LG today and I have to find my reciept for when I bought it to see if my warranty was still good. How long does it take for them to fix it?

  • tiches Jun 27, 2008

    I had the same POP blank screen issue, got it repaired. all 4 boards replaced. HOWEVER, now the picture isn't as clear. Kind of fuzzy, almost like it is behind one of those textured glass shower doors. Not that dramatic, watchable, but definitely worse than before the pop. Do I need to have the tech back out or is this an adjustment I can make myself?

    Anyone else have this issue? Thanks.

  • EmSee Jul 02, 2008

    Same problem here too... Pop then picture faded; now no picture. I purchased the Zenith Z50PX2D Plasma HDTV in March 2008 for $2674.98 from Circuit City. I ended up spending over $4000 for the system only because I already had the Bose surround sound, reciever and DVD player.

    In mid-May 2008 my wife heard a "loud pop" and came into the living room only to see the picture fading on our set. A short time later the picture was completely gone.

    I did not purchase the extended warranty, now I understand there may be a problem with all these units; it seems Circuit City or Zenith (LG) would voluntarily offer a repair rather than lose future customers all all their appliances. What is the chances they will fix the problem before a class action suit is filed?

  • EmSee Jul 02, 2008

    July 2, 2008 - LISTEN UP EVERYONE --- WOW!!!

    One phone call to 877-543-8325, less than 3 minutes on the telephone and I recieved a claim number. I provided the information requested by customer service supervisor JASON WILLIAMS (he actually answered the telephone on the first ring - no automated system or recording). He did not admit any issues with the Z50PX2D but then again he immediately stated the Plasma HDTV would be covered under an extended warranty (my original warranty expired March 2007; one year after purchase) and he would contact me with a repair company's telephone number which is here in the Houston area. WOW!!!

    I still had my sale's receipt but it was badly faded - but still slightly readible after scanning it into the computer with the contrast and brightness adjusted. I called Circuit City's customer service at "800-843-2489", provided them my original faded ticket number and they were able to pull up a copy from their archieves. Circuit City advised they would mail me a copy of the sales receipt from March 2006.

    JASON advised I could just e-mail the scanned copy of the faded reciept to him ([email protected]) and he would take care of the rest. WOW #3 - now that's service!!! Lets hope the rest goes so well - I guess they've heard of all the complaints on their product and are hoping to keep customers.

    JASON advised they will make an effort to repair the set, but if the HDTV set is deemed not repairable by the repair tech and their tech folks, then I may get a complete refund. - WOW AGAIN!!!

    You know... I own a microwave, stove, a second television and a couple of small items such as DVDs, sterio, etc --- all made by LG Electronics. I was frieghten that may not have consumers in mind - only our money. It seems they are going to make good on backing their products. -- Understand I am an optimus - and I still can't get rid of the 2001 Daewoo Lagonza I purchased a few months before they went out of business in 2002. I really don't want to get burned again. : )

  • palmertn Jul 07, 2008

    I too got the POP two days ago. Just called LG tech support and before I had to beg or acknowledge I knew this was a big problem with this TV, Amanda offered to extend my warranty and is sending a tech to my house tomorrow to diagnose and fix it. I am astonished.

  • dsigafoose Jul 23, 2008

    My Zenith plasma just went pop, then would not turn back on. We tried unplugging it for a few minutes and turning it back on but no such luck. We turned to the internet and quickly found out we were not alone. Of course this hsppened after normal business hours so we now have a sleepness night ahead of us waiting to see what it waill cost us to fix a practically new and very exspensive t.v.

  • BJEFFRIES517 Aug 01, 2008

    Pop of Death. Fort Wayne, IN Toshiba 50HP66. Brookmill Repair dianose in 5 minutes to be Y sus board (p/n 6871qyh039a)due to hot IPM Module (probably IR). $550 to repair/replace. Toshiba should recall and shove the bill to their supplier LG!

  • RavinW Aug 06, 2008

    I got the disgusting POP sound and my 50" plasma screen is dead. The green power light comes on briefly and turns back to red. I do not get a picture nor sound. Has anyone attempted to fix the Y-Sustain , Z-Sustain and power supply as suggested without having to take it to a technician?

  • jviering Aug 07, 2008

    same problem as RavinW --- also today 8/06/08 turned on the Zenith plasma and heard a pop and no picture -- green on light comes on for a couple of seconds then back to off/red

    Luckily i just found my extended warranty from Circuit City --- i never buy these -- lets see how they help ...... stay tuned

    How much time am i looking at to get the problem fixed?

    thank you

  • ru4freedom Aug 28, 2008

    Heard a loud pop on my 50" zenith plasma tv. The screen is dull with watered down colors and black streaks across the screen; I still have sound. I purchased this unit 2-3 years ago. I believe i purchased the extended warranty. From what I have read this is a common problem with zenith / lg and toshiba. How well is zenith rectifying this issue?


  • Anonymous Sep 16, 2008

    I had the same issue July 23, 2008 and am happy to say I called LG(zenith) and I made a claim and faxed a copy of my purchase receipt and they gave me the name and number to a repair shop in my area. They faxed a work order to the shop and I scheduled the appointment with the shop and some one came to my house less than a week later. They took my tv to their shop for diagnosis and repairs I had my tv fixed and returned by Aug 20, 2008 at no cost to me. I had not purchased the extended warranty and my tv was jusy shy of 3 years old. Very pleased with LGs

    promptness and customer service was Great.

  • 16Un Nov 30, 2008

    Yes, I get to join the Z50PX2d popped club, too! There's something eerie going on here. I purchased this in Feb. 2006 and it dies today, Nov. 30, 2008. Just about everyone's experience is that it dies within 2-3 years. Even weirder is that I did a Google search on "plasma TV pop" and what do I come up with? This forum with 50 users like me that are describing the exact same problem. So has this happened to every LG/Zenith plasma TV sold? Since it's the weekend, I haven't called Best Buy yet (I am optimistically assuming they will fix it since I have the extended warranty), but even if they fix it, when will this happen again? Will I be hitting this forum in 2-3 years? Let's face it, TVs SHOULD LAST FOREVER. I had a Sony that I watched daily for SEVENTEEN YEARS and could have lasted longer except that I gave it away. All of us have paid several thousand for this TV, will it be a piece of **** in a few years? An offer to extend the warranty 30 days or even a year is total garbage if this problem is going to recur in 3 years. Someone mentioned getting names together for a class action suit. I really think that we should because this is the only way that we can protect ourselves down the road. Reply to this board if you have any interest and let's see if we can get some momentum. At the very least, if we can present a petition to LG with hundreds of names maybe we can get a more lasting solution.

  • CRAPPYZENITH Nov 30, 2008

    This is really disgusting, I have lost all confidence in buying anything anymore. Our whole manufacturing system has gone to ****. I call this " The De-Engingeering of America".

    I have aways tried to buy American based products, And at this point I wouldnt buyanything with an American name on it, cause nothing about it is

    American, parts from Japan, assembled in Mexico.

    I paid over $3000.00 for this set, of which I couldn't really afford but I splurged to buy what I thought was state of the art, come on after 50 years of making tv's. Ya think they would have it right by now. In the words of ESPN "COM'ON MAN" wtf is going on, this is not right on so many levels.I would gladly pay $3000.00 for someone to break the legs of Zeniths CEO

    You sorry s.o.b. I hope your company rots in hell


  • Anonymous Dec 01, 2008

    We had the same problem after only owning the TV for one year! Zenith paid for the repair and now almost one year after the repair - guess what? POP and no TV tonight. This time Zenith won't pay for it. So, basically, we paid for a disposable TV.

  • PRIZEL27 Dec 01, 2008

    "POP" goes my Zenith. I had won this plasma on a superbowl square. Problem is, nobody has the receipt. Does anyone have a receipt I may use to try and get the free fix? If so, email me @ [email protected]

  • babydylansmo Dec 01, 2008

    I am more than willing to help with a petition and would gladly participate in a class action law suit. I've done some reading on it and we definately meet the criteria for having a case. All of us have had the same issue so there's little doubt that the product is inferior. Also, for those of you who are satisfied because a repair was done for free and now it's back to normal - DONT BE FOOLED we were happy once ours was fixed and guess what? BROKE AGAIN only this time we have to pay $800 for a repair.

    Please contact me if you have a petition to sign - this issue will not correct itself! [email protected]

  • Anonymous Dec 03, 2008

    Same problem. Based on the previous comments, I did call LG and they were friendly and asked me to fax the receipt. They gave me a case number. So once I get the receipt to them, they say they will call. Hope they do. Thanks so much for the info provided to help us out. I would not have called LG originally, because it was out of warranty.

  • popgoestheZ Dec 04, 2008

    Same tv, same problem. I bought mine in Feb. 2005' used about 4 hours a day since, and last week it popped twice, first pop screen went pink and blotchy, second pop about a min. later screen went black, still has sound,

    Is this a familier scenario? I paid $2999.00. and I didnt buy the extended warranty. I couldn't afford it. I really couldn't afford the tv. I used to turn on a fan behind the tv religiously in the first year to help cool it, because the enemy of electronics is heat, I bought the fan just for that, but in the last years or so I quit using it. Now I am regretting it.

    I have been in shock until today, today I called Zenith at 12:00 noon and got a supervisor who must have been filling in for someones lunchtime.

    He asked how he could help, and I told him what happened and that my warranty had expired and that I did not buy the extended warranty from Circuit City.

    I asked if Zenith would consider extending my warranty, he set up a case number, asked me to fax the original reciept. and at some point they would contact me in regard to this matter.

    To my surprise I got a call at 3:30 today from them but I missed the call.

    I called customer service back, they knew who I was by caller I.D.

    I didn't have to give name or case number, they informed me that they have extended my warranty for parts and labor for 30 days on my 2yr & 10 month old tv.

    And they would be sending a service tech to my house tommorow morning between 8:am and noon.

    So call, be nice and maybe you'll get the same results.

    I will be adding another cooling fan, when it is fixed, and I will use them everytime I turn on the tv. Good luck everyone. I'll be back to report on how the repairs went.

  • Anonymous Dec 11, 2008

    I still have a picture it is just very light
    sound works fine
    Think its the z board from reading here
    sound right?

  • viksterlou Dec 15, 2008

    Well, we bought the tv in dec 2005. We started noticing red sparkles all over the tv 6 months after, then it got worse. of course the warranty had expired. i fought for 2 years on and off with LG, finally last week they agreed to extend the warranty and pay for parts only. Right after we faxed the receipt over the Tv popped and now its very faint and mostly blue. We called the recommended repairman and all said they were very familiar with this set and that it will more than likely pop again, as its a design problem, not just a problem with the boards. After discussing how much labor would be, we decided to trash this TV and buy a new one, as the cost was not that much more and the piece of mind we have is worth it. We had originally just used this tv for tv watching, no games or dvd, but when we started adding components we noticed problems. its as if its not build to withstand the usage.

  • pt2131 Dec 16, 2008

    Glad this wevbsite is here because my Z50PX2D popped just today for the first time. I plan to call in the morning and use the advice posted here. I'll let everyone know what happens.

  • pt2131 Dec 16, 2008

    We bought the Z50PX2D in Jan 2006 and it popped today for the first time. I am going to call for service tomorrow.

  • ckeith Dec 16, 2008

    I had my Z50PX2D for about a year the first time it went "POP" I have an extened warranty through Best Buy. The service tech ordered the part, it took 3 weeks. It was the wrong part. He ordered more parts, another 3 weeks. He fixed the problem. All was right with the world until this morning. 12 months later "POP" again. Can this problem be fixed permanently or will I have to live in fear of the next "POP"!

  • Anonymous Dec 19, 2008

    I have called the LG service center and they refuse to pay for labor but will pay for the parts. They said I shouldn't believe what I read here because you can write anything you want. Sounds like they are not owning up to this problem totally.

    I am on hold thru the maze of the customer sercive department as I write this. They are telling me the manager I need to talk to is not there and I should call back in the afternoon. Not sure why I have to call to get them to do what they agreed to and that is send the work order over to the service center that can fix my TV. Now I'm getting frustrated.

  • Anonymous Dec 19, 2008

    Popped twice. Great when working.......persistence will get you a repair with Zenith, maybe even a second repair.......if these boards last 12 months on average its gonna get to the point where they wont keep giving parts to repair.

  • ccfond520 Dec 23, 2008

    I had the exact same issue on this Zenith TV. I followed the instructions below and called LG customer service. I was very nice and explained the situation and was immediately told the parts and labor would be covered, pending faxed receipt for the TV. I faxed it in and about 4 days later got a call to schedule TV repair. I am happy to say the repairman has just left and I have a working unit again. He replaced a Y drive and a Z board and all is well. This was about a two week process from start to finish on the resolution but it could not have been easier. Thanks to the good people of FixYa and to the wonderful support team at LG.

  • Anonymous Dec 27, 2008

    same problem

  • notdeankane Dec 31, 2008

    this POS is not worth the money spent!!!

    At 25 months, the set popped. The folks at LG were generous enough to extend the warranty to cover the repair. z & y boards replaced.

    10 months after the repair, the set failed again. same popping.

    LG refuses to repair again.

    So I have a set for which I paid close to $3k and only got 3 years of service, (which required service to get the 3 years)

    Buy a sony or panasonic.

    Someone mentioned a class action lawsuit...I'd be interested too.

    [email protected]

  • michellemg Dec 31, 2008

    Same here - 2 years and 9 months of good TV then pop!  They said they will cover parts but not labor.  I have contacted a class action lawyer and will post info here if they are interested.  This is the most pathetic display of poor quality I have ever seen.  I have a $3000 paperweight for sale if anyone is interested.

  • popgoestheZ Jan 04, 2009

    UPDATE! On my Zenith, for those who haven't read my previous posting, it went pop then dark on around Dec. 4, 2008', no extended warrenty, the tv is 2yrs & 11 months well past manufacturers warrenty, the next day I called LG's CU and explained what happened, and I didn't mention all the stuff online about their product being bashed, I asked if they would consider extending my warrenty, I was polite, I got a supervisor, (lucky) and he said after I faxed the original reciept (showing no extended warrenty) that he was authorized to go ahead and extend my warrenty for 30 days, parts and labor(lucky). I recieved a call 3 hours later from Alabama, setting up repair appointment(I didn't have to take it anywhere)

    Repairman came out the next morning, I was impressed.

    Big ol' deisel LG repair shop on wheels. Stephen my tech., he was very courteous, clean, promt and kept me informed of what he had to do,

    first he replaced the obvious "Y" sustain board, screen lit up pink and blotchy, he said it will need more boards. Came back about 4 days later,

    He replaced 3 or 4 more boards, same pink blotchy screen, he now determined it was a bad plasma panel,"WOW" I thought, Its now about 2 weeks before Christmas. He informed me that he had to replace parts to troubleshoot it, with practically all new boards (4 OR 5).

    Now a new plasma panel has to be ordered, takes about 10 days heavy freight, probably not gonna be fixed before Christmas he said, I said ok fine cause it all free to me, He leaves and calls me 1 hour later, to inform me the panel is not avaliable and he would recommend replacement, (lucky)

    I was told to wait to hear from LG, waited till Mon. of the following week, I called LG, and they had found a replacement panel for my tv (surprise) and they would be out on Thurs. of that week to finish repairs, I told the CU person that the tech said it would take 7-10 days to get it, after 6 days have aleady gone by, they said they would get back to me and made the app. for that Thurs. morning anyway and would call me if there was a delay on the panel, no call, Thurs. morning came and no panel and no repairman, later that day Stephen Called me my tech. (he really kept me informed) he said he just got the panel delivered to him and he would be out Fri. morning. Friday morning he called said he was on his way, when he got there he had a hugh crate with the replacement panel, he added all my new parts to it, cooling fans, tuner, speakers, and cabinet, pretty much had replaced everything, turned it on and it lit up brighter than it ever was,(lucky) Long, long story short it was fixed before Christmas at no cost to me, the plasma panel alone was $2600.00, funny cause the replacement tv I wanted was $2600.00, All in all it was about a $3500.00 parts and labor to fix, for a $3000.00 3 yr. old tv (lucky

  • zellsdad619 Jan 10, 2009

    Well, just like everybody else, I had the same "pop" and the screen
    went black. I did what everybody else did in regards to calling LG and
    like another person recently, they said they'd only cover the parts but
    not the labor. WTF? I think that change must have gone into effect
    after the new year. Anyway, it's going to cost me $240 for the labor
    which is better than I thought. Considering the TV cost me $2500 2 1/2
    years ago paying $240 for labor will set me back considerably less
    (~$700) than a comparable plasma nowadays. It's a little bittersweet
    considering just last month LG was covering parts and labor.

  • Anonymous Jan 15, 2009

    WOW, THANKS to this site.....I was persistent with Zenith regarding my POP issue and although the first supervisor told me NO WAY it's not under warranty and we won't cover it. I waited 24 hours reviewed the posts in this site and found a different phone number to call. I called and spoke to a VERY nice gentlemen who within minutes told me they would cover the costs of the parts which he assured me was the most expensive part of the repair. Less than 24 hours later I have a confirmation email from him with the name of the repair company that will be fixing my Zenith TV. STAY PERSISTANT.....DON'T GIVE UP!!!!! DON'T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER LIKE I ALMOST DID.

    Good luck!


  • butch27 Jan 29, 2009

    Well here it is, the ever so popular "POP"! i came home and tried to turn the set on and nothing would happen. The power light would go green then back to red. i had know idea what had happened until my wife told me that there was a popping sound like something had broke. she didnt know what it was until after i told her there was something wrong with the tv. I tried to further investigate the problem by some simple troubleshooting, checking the cables and unpligging the master cable and back in. After all that i turned the tv on and the power light stayed green but POP! much to my surprise the picture came up as if i were looking through a dark screen window but the sound was still great. Thank goodness for the net. i have not tried to contact LG since it happened today but when i get some time they will get a call from me. hopefully it goes the right way as i dont have the money to throw away at a tv that shouldnt have this many defects!

    thanks all

  • ljshape10 Feb 07, 2009

    I had the same problem as everyone else with the Zenith Labeled(LG) M/N Z50PX2D ($2800)....the loud pop, then no picture...I waited for over 15 months before I saw the picture on the screen again. I found this web site and did the same as others did to get my TV repaired. They payed for parts & Labor, but had to tranport TV to shop myself, this wasn't included...just got it back on 2/6/09....I do believe the repair is just a temporary fix and the problem will happen again...My happen days after I turned up the contact to 100% (!)...I orginally asked for replacement, but LG said no to that...I still fell the unit should be replaced...If anyone in my house is hurt from this TV, I will take action against LG to make them wish they had given me a replacement in stead of a repair...Even though my TV is working now, please count me in on any class action suit...I don't know how to bet one started, but I will not accept what was gone in my behalf as final action to this problem!

    Larry Stamper

    [email protected]

  • zenithpopped Feb 16, 2009

    I just got the same problem described here. I havent checked to see if its the same exact model yet but it looks like it and it is a zenith.  Loud pop and then no backlighting. I was away from the tv when it happened.  I did not know the tv was even on.  

  • stasha811 Feb 18, 2009

    same thing my zenith Z50PX2D went pop screen shut off came back on very dim almost nothing. i am fairly handy with electronics so i went through the basic troubleshooting,unplug,check wires,...now it wont even come on. Green light for a sec then red. I bought it a while back. no reciept unable to find. customer service will not help without reciept. any suggestions. i did also try calling store it came from and still no record of reciept. please help

  • seth_cramer Mar 09, 2009

    Same issue with the Z50PX2D.A plasma TV that others have had. Purchased our TV 12/3/05.

    Better half was watching TV when she heard a loud pop and then the picture got very faded. She immediately turned it off. When I got home, I turned it on and the image looked like a big lava lamp: black blobs of color going in and out all over the screen.

    Called LG as recommended. The overseas rep first game me the out of warranty story. That's when I pulled out the "alot of people seem to be having same problem". Of course she replied "you can't believe what people say on the internet". I commented that this was a bit disingenuous as why would people post about a 3+ year old TV. I then asked to talk to a supervisor. After being on hold for quite a while, she came back and said the supervisor was busy, but had authorized LG to pay for part only.

    After thinking about it over the weekend, and finding out the repair would be a flat fee $375 (I have to bring it in), I called back to take another shot at getting the labor paid for as well. No luck.

    Called another authorized repair center this AM. They do the repair at your house, but charge $130 to come out and won't give you a quote for the labor cost until they do.

    I'd be greatful to anyone who has gone throught this process to let me know what the labor was and/or any other advice.


    [email protected]

  • simoriah67 Mar 10, 2009

    I have had the same popping problem 2X already. On the 3rd repair now. Tech came yesterday to replace the X-sustain board for the 2nd time. When he turned the set on there were a bunch of little red dots on the screen. Now they say it needs the whole control board replaced. How many times will this take to get it right?!

  • seaphase1 Mar 30, 2009

    I also have a pop Zenith tv after 3years and 2 months after extended warrenty ran out. all I get from LG is parts well how much can labor cost? there is a problem with this TV and something needs to be done. I paid 3000.00 so I paid 1000.00 per year to watch TV how stupid is that. I will never Buy any LG product Ever and I will make sure everyone knows about the support I was given from CS.

  • tom3163 Mar 31, 2009

    this is deja vu! i bought my Zenith around 1/06. Last week there was a loud "pop" and then went dark. i called LG. They said it was out of warranty and i hung up. i then googled "plasma tv popped" and without even mentioning my brand and model there were countless articles and problems about the zenith z50px2d. i called back and complained and they agreed to pay for parts. no labor. the local authorized repair guy said the labor will cost less than $400. oh well. cheaper than getting a new one. i hope to get more than 3 years out of the repair.

  • HATETV Apr 06, 2009

    EXACTLY the same problem just like everybody else. Loud POP and tv was black. I bought it on 04/09/06, we didn't get even 3 years out of it! It was an expansive not good TV. I will think twice before I buy something again.


  • Anonymous Apr 10, 2009

    Same thing happened to my Z50PX2D last night 4/9/09....loud pop and black screen. I also bought mine in January 2006 for $3000 and I agree with the others that have posted here that $1000 a year to watch TV is ridiculous! I will be making a call shortly to hopefully get parts paid for, but I really feel LG should do more than that if they want me to be satisfied enough to consider buying any other LG products in the future.

    John P.

  • Anonymous Apr 21, 2009

    I have a LG 50px4dr plasma tv with the same problem Watching tv and heard a poping noise The picture went faint and distorted. This happen in feburary. Tv was purchased in Dec 05 14 months out of warranty. Call LG talked to several people. I was told that they don't have policy in place to deal with this big problem. Its being done case by case. Got absolutely no where. Paid over $4000.00 for the set. We had problem with it from day one. From the cable card to the on screen programing and now this. Will not ever buy another LG product again.

  • Anonymous Apr 21, 2009

    Wow! Most of you have been lucky enough to get LG to at least spring for the part. I can get nothing out of them for this problem. First they refered me back to Circuit City Assurance (this is where I had my extended warranty that expired 21 days ago, my tv popped last night). Circuit City would do nothing, so I called LG back at the "special" phone number, and I told them I had found at least 200 posts online from people having the same problem and asked if they would at least send me the part. They said NO. I have filed a complaint with the BBB today about this and suggest everyone do the same. LG has known about this issue for at least 3 years now and are doing nothing about it. I don't have the $$$ for a new TV and a $3000 TV should last more than 3 years. I just purchased the Y-Sus part and hope I can fix it myself for the $185 I paid for the part. Very, very disappointing.

    Oh and this is the second LG this has happened to. The first one did it after just 30 days!!

  • JustaDeputy Apr 28, 2009

    Purchased the Zenith Z50PX2D on March 29, 2006, in May 2008 it too popped. I called Zenith after reading everyone's problems and I followed their instructions.

    On July 2, 2008 they agreed to fix the TV. On July 16, 2008 a company who Zenith referred me to repaired the TV at my home (I took it off the wall). It took the guy maybe five minutes to repair. He said this is a common problem with this TV. This is what he says he replaced, although I only saw him only remove one part.
    Top Drive: 6871QDH088A
    Bottom Drive: 6871QDH089A
    Y - Sus board
    Z - Sus board

    There was no prices on my receipt so I have no clue what the company billed Zenith.

    On April 24, 2009 the TV popped again, picture gone again.

    I called Zenith today (April 28, 2009) and after talking politely with several people explaining the problem with the TV they said they would cover the warranty again on the parts again but this time I would have to pay the labor. I called the same local repair company again and they quoted a price between $300 to $350 to repair it. I called several others and they quoted higher prices.

    This TV has six vertical lines and red spots - I wonder if I should go ahead and spend the money to fix the pop problem or just wait for a case action suit? Should I go ahead and buy another brand TV?

  • Anonymous Apr 30, 2009

    I experienced this last year. I followed a recommendation recently to file a complaint with the BBB. I hope everyone re-visits this page and does the same.

    File your complaint against:

    LG Electronics Alabama, Inc (complaints)

    LG Electronics Alabama Inc. (complaints)

  • buddy007 May 05, 2009

    I have same problem- What is causing it? How much?


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For those of you suffering with the loud POP and dead syndrome on this model the "guest" comments here are correct. The Y-Sustain, Z-Sustain and both the upper and lower Y-Drive boards are usually replaced at the same time to prevent any damage from taking out the Y-Sus and Z-Sus boards a second time. You might like to know that the original part numbers for both the Sustain boards have been changed since original manufacturing in an attempt to prevent this problem from happening again and these parts are NOT cheap.
Y-Sus - p/n# 6871QyH039B - $337.74
Z-Sus - p/n# 6871QzH044C - $244.68
Lower Y-Drive - p/n# 6871QdH089A - $132.48
Upper Y-Drive - p/n# 6871QdH088A - $132.48

Above prices do not include shipping or sales tax if applicable.
Unfortunately techs have little voice in trying to get the manufacturers to correct these problems before the warranty runs out - knowing that after warranty repairs are going to be met with quite some resistance when it's coming out of the consumer's pocket.
Also, for reference, I've done about half a dozen of these and all have been under some warranty or extended warranty. Labor was approximately 6.5 hours so you can plan to spend roughly $1400 - $1600 for this repair..
Thought maybe if I posted here it would help a few find the answers they were looking for..

Posted on Dec 21, 2007


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My Z50PX2D was just over 2 years old and well out of warranty when the “Pop/Blank Screen” problem struck. However, LG took great care for the situation.
I civilly called LG's customer service (very nice people… all of them). LG’s CS phone number is (877) 543-8325. After a few short phone calls (less than 5 minutes each) over 4 day period, they extended my warranty and it is currently being serviced ($0 out of my pocket).
Here are some tips on the working with LG on the “Pop” issue (this should reduce the number of phone calls needed):
- RULE #1… Be respectful to all of them, everyone I spoke to were extremely nice.
- Have the model number, serial number, date of purchase and original receipt (they will require it faxed) on hand.
- Call LG Customer Service (877) 543-8325
- They will ask how they can help: Tell them what happened to your TV and you want to see if they can extend your TV’s warranty for the “pop” problem.
- They will setup a case:
o Will ask for your information (name, address, phone, model, serial number, date of purchase)
o Will ask what the problem was (IE: watching TV, there was a loud pop from the TV and the screen went out). No need elaborate too much, they know this problem exists.
o Will ask for you to fax the receipt to their fax number (they will provide)
§ Note the case number, your name and phone number on the receipt before faxing.
- Before hanging up, ask them for the case number. This will make it easier for everyone when you call back.
- Give them about 24 hours before calling to verify they received the fax.
o If they have received the fax and applied the notes to the case, they should be able to let you know if they will extend the warranty on that call.
o If the fax was received but not yet added to the ‘Case’, give them one more day.
Hopefully you will have success in having your warranty extended.

Posted on Feb 08, 2008


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I too suffered from the dreaded "pop" and I contacted LG but my warranty was expired and I couldn't find my receipt so.......

Thanks to the advice of PremTech - I ordered the below part from eBay:

Z-Sus - p/n# 6871QzH044C

and installed it myself. If you have experience with handling electronics and/or building computers this task is almost a no-brainer.

Voila - working like new for about $200.

Posted on Sep 16, 2008


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I had three "pops" last night and image faded to almost nothing. Needless to say I freaked out. googled "plasma tv pop" and first result was my exact model Zenith Z50PX2D. Thanks to the advice of those on this site I called LG at (877) 543-8325--they said that number was for dealers so they transferred me to customer service. I told the lady there what happened. I bought mine in Jan '06. She quickly offered extended warranty for the parts but not labor. I said that I had heard this was a common problem and that I thought that they could/should cover the labor as well. She defensively said, "this is not a common problem with this model (really?? google says you're WRONG) and TV is out of warranty and this is all we can offer" I asked her how long the original warranty was--she said one year and then asked me to hold on for a second. After like 5 seconds she came back and said that after checking with her supervisor they were going to be able to extend the warranty for parts and labor for this "one time only." Total time on the phone was about 12 minutes. I just have to fax in the receipt to get the warranty extended. I will update later but things look good for now...keep pressing until they offer to cover parts AND labor.

Posted on Aug 22, 2008

  • Anonymous Sep 19, 2008

    LG Tech came to our house and replace the boards and now all is well...NO money out of pocket. Thanks to this website and I was impressed that LG did step up and fix it even if I had to ask twice. Don't give up--they will cover parts and labor if you ask the right person (persistently).



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The same thing happened to me on 2/18/07 13.5 months after purchasing the Z50PX2D. Called Zenith customer support the next day and was asked to fax my original receipt. Manager left voice mail for me that Zenith would not honor the factory warranty. The estimate for repair from the authorized repair center was 1150.00-1250.00 with no guarantee! The parts alone were 674.61. Part numbers "6871QAH044A Z SUS BOARD" and "6871QYH039B Y SUS BOARD". I kept the TV in my basement hoping for a class action some day against them. Found this site on 1/2/08 and decided to make another attempt at getting Zenith to honor the warranty. On 1/4/08 I spoke with Florance Samburger at Zenith (1-877-543-8325) regarding the issue and was able to convince her (using many kind words) to give me a "30 day extended warranty" so that the authorized service center could conduct the repair. I spoke with the repair center on 1/6 asking if they had yet received the fax for authorized service and they said no. I called Zenith back and spoke with Catroyl Donaldson (x7036) and got her to resend the "missing" fax. The repair center did get the fax the next day and ordered the two parts. The following week a tech showed up at my house and it took him < 15 minutes to replace the faulty boards. The job was no more complex that replacing a faulty motherboard in a PC. I did verify the TV worked but I have not used it. I don't really want to sell it since I don't want to pass on any bad karma. Anyway the moral of this detailed story is DON'T GIVE UP! BE PERSISTANT.

Posted on Feb 01, 2008


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First off, thanks everybody for the sound advice. Had the 'POP' with my Zenith 50". This was the first site I came across with all the good advice. Long story short, I used the LG CusSer number posted previously, and got exactly what I wanted with no trouble at all. 30 day ext. warranty, a service call set up, and no $$ out of pocket.

What I wanted to pass along though was this; LG is well aware of the various websites posting about how they will fix it if you say the right thing. Evidently, the CS number isn't even supposed to be available to the general public. So my advice is this.... don't mention that you got any info off of a forum, that's where my call almost ended. If they ask where you got the CS #, just say you Googled it, and that's what came up. Just my 2cents.

Posted on Aug 26, 2008


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Palhaco .. Please tell me how you contacted LG, the process and how you got them to agree to help you. I could use this info to try it for myself. Ours just went out as I reported here, (see judy6213 post) and I would love to have the same outcome as you have. Email me at [email protected] if you will and let me know. I hope since the holidays are over, I can get some help also.

Thank you,

Posted on Jan 02, 2008

  • Anonymous Feb 09, 2008

    Hello all, Judy6213 here again. Update: Finally got my extended warranty, not a 30 day one but just long enough to get the tv repaired. It is just persistance as reported by several here on this board. I started on Dec 29, 2007. It is a matter of getting to the right person. I contacted the regular customer service number with many promises from them, but no results. You will be given a case number, keep up with it as well as everyone you talk to and make sure you have your receipt. I have not had to fax mine in but was ask if I had it. Ask to speak to the supervisor over the customer call center if you don't get any results from the customer service operators. (I was told many times by them that they had faxed the warranty, then that they had mailed it but it never showed up.) He is the one that finally did what they said they would do and get me my warranty in my hand and to the repair shop. And it only took him less than 5 minutes to do the job. Cudos to Brian Bach at LG. IF everyone did their job like he did, we all would not be having to post here for help. Also cudos to fixya.com for having this page to help us. Without this website, my tv would not be getting fixed Monday, Feb. 11, 2008. Good luck to all, just keep at it.



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On 12/31/07 I received an extended warranty letter from LG to cover parts AND labor. I understand BestBuy doesn't necessarily owe me anything, but they were less than helpful in terms of advice and only wanted to sell me a new unit. For $3,000, I can buy a new TV from anyone and don't need to support BestBuy. I will give Premtech's advice to the service center, and hopefully they will do the repair correctly the first time. At this point, I really don't care who is at fault -- I just know I paid $3,000 for a TV that barely made it more than 2 years and I'm glad LG stood up to the plate. Until the repairs are made, I'm stuck watching my 14 year old $300 26-inch Zenith, and no, I did NOT buy the extended warranty for that unit either. Shouldn't have to.

Posted on Jan 02, 2008

  • Palhaco Jan 02, 2008

    Judy, Reply emailed to you. Good luck!



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Yep, just happened to me too. Toshiba 50HP66 bought 05/2006. Loud pop then the screen went black. Been a great TV until that happened. We did buy an extended warranty, so I don't anticipate trouble or expense, however wanted to add another voice to the "yes, it happened to me, too" crowd in case Toshiba/LG/Zenith are counting.

Posted on Sep 25, 2008


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Wow we had the same thing but they will not cover the labor and we told them this was know problem and they said oh no it is not. Called to set up the appt to have it fixed and the guy told me I have to $67 so he tell us how much the labor will be.......I am calling LG back! and getting someone else to fix it

Posted on Sep 04, 2008


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I bought my Toshiba 50HP66 50" Plasma a little under 18 months ago and about four or five months ago it began to act strange. It would put a block of characters on the screen that made no sense until I would unplug it and and restart it. Then it would act normal for awhile and would just need a reset every so often. I was out of the 12 month warranty so I just put up with it.....until yesterday. I was watching the TV when out of nowhere, I heard a really loud POP....and then the screen went dark. I went ahead and bought a new Sony LCD screen and was going to sell this for parts online. I troubleshoot electronics daily so I thought I would purchase a digital copy of the service manual and check it out. After I downloaded it I noticed that this is very common with plasmas (this exact failure) and only on the LG boards. I scanned my handy dandy service manual and found out that Toshiba was using these same boards along with Zenith and some others. The difference is all the other manufacturers honor their product and replace these boards even when the warranty has expired so I called Toshiba and tried my luck. Even though I've found many postings of Toshibas failing and hundreds and hundreds of the exact same board failure...Toshiba claims to have never heard of it. I informed the "Customer Support Supervisor" of Toshiba that I would be willing to post this on a few websites and have other customers contact him to inform him of this issue. He was fine with it so here is his contact information so feel free to let him know your Toshiba plasma went POP as well.
800-631-3811 ask for Dave Thompson and let him know.

Posted on May 13, 2008


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Here's an update: Zenith agreed to pay for parts only since I didn't have my receipt. Then I called back after two days to ask why I hadn't heard from a repairperson about setting up an appointment. I was told that Zenith would NOT schedule an appointment until I produced a receipt. I am thinking to myself where did that come from? I called Circuit City to see if they could provide me with a receipt. Get this: in their system were purchases from 97 to the present. Somehow, the TELEVISIONS that I purchased in 05 totallying $3750 were not in their system. I spoke to three managers. I called Circuit City's Corporate office, no one is able to find my receipt. They checked under my name, c.card, zip, phone - nothing. I am back where I started. I don't have a receipt. My beautiful tv that can be brought for half the price and cost me $1200 to fix is just sitting on my table reminding me of what an idiot I was for buying it.

Posted on Apr 02, 2008


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We have a Toshiba 50HP66, a 50" plasma, and had the same kind of issue. Just to let evryone with the thought process like zenith-hater that buying a different brand will solve the issue. This screen, ysus, zsus, and a few other boards are sold to OEM by LG/Zenith and then the manufacture adds thier input and processing boards. Mine has a Sony Power supply board, three toshiba cards, which are the only boards Toshiba supports trouble shooting, else it is full unit replacement, the rest are LG. No one recalls a POP but it was on power-up and cought us by suprise. It had done a thing for months of putting a strange box of chariters which would not go away without a fully disconnecting the power. Then on the 13th month this happend. I think I will try as suggested and see if I can convince Toshiba to extend the warrenty. Thank you everyone for your comments.

Posted on Apr 02, 2008


We purchased

Posted on Mar 17, 2008


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Called LG, and told them about "the pop". They extended my warranty, and a repair man is coming out next week. So far, so good.

Posted on Mar 14, 2008


Hi again, UPDATE: my tv that was supposed to be fixed on Feb.11, just finally got fixed and returned today. Repair guys came to my house, replace the four boards that are a known problem on Feb. 11, it did help but still was not 100 percent. They had to order a pick up date to take it to the shop and it was just returned and working great. They replaced the plasma panel p/n 6348Q-C049H - $3978.88 in addition to Y-Sus - p/n# 6871QyH039B - $337.74 Z-Sus - p/n# 6871QzH044C - $244.68
Lower Y-Drive - p/n# 6871QdH089A - $132.48
Upper Y-Drive - p/n# 6871QdH088A - $132.48
for a total of just under $5,000 for the repair parts. We originally paid just over $3000 for the tv. I don't know what labor cost because LG extended my warranty parts and labor because I had so much trouble getting the attention I needed. They gave me a 6 month extended warranty for parts and labor.

Posted on Mar 14, 2008


Palhaco .. if you did not buy an extended warranty from them, bestbuy doesnt have to do anything to help you .. once its out of their return date, the TV is in your hands .. if you did not buy an extended warranty from the store, the manufacture always has 1 to 2 years limited on parts .. but unfortunately .. u will pay for labor =\

Posted on Jan 02, 2008


My Tv went out 17 months after purchase I had the extended warranty. All parts and labor are susposed to be covered. The repair guy said there are four circuit cards the manufacture recommends changing when this happens. It went pop and black and then real light picture. The parts are $900. by their self not counting the labor. It has been three days since they ordered the parts not in yet? Charlie in GA

Posted on Dec 21, 2007

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Loud pop, then picture turned off but the sound is still working. My TV is a Zenith Z50PX2D

Im hoping you had a spike and blew a fuse. If you feel comfortable checking for a fuse problem check that other wise you might have blown a voltage regulator or a transistor

Loud pop, black screen, Turned TV off unplugged, then restarted power light comes on for a couple seconds then turns red. TV is about 4 yrs. old.

That loud pop you heard was a capacitor on the power supply - if you have electronic experience - pull the rear panel and look for bulged/busted or leaking caps replace them if you have component level repair experience or replace the board if you do not - also dont kill yourself- tvs have enough voltage/amperage to kill humans.


LG 50PX1DH loud POP screen went BLANK Whats up

The LG/Zenith plasma TV's used a power supply module with several electrolytic capacitors on it that literally "blow their top" when they fail. The best solution is to replace the enitre power supply module rather than just the failed elctrolytics. Readily available at a local LG/Zenith dealer or directly from LG at a nominal fee. Replacement is easy if you are handy at this sort of thing since the entire chassis is modular in design. A nice TV well worth fixing. And this was a common problem but nothing out of the ordinary.

Heard a loud pop in my zenith 50" plasma screen is black but still have sound.can anybody help?

LG Inside.

Needs either a Y-Sustain or a Z-Sustain.

Whichever has the blown fuse inside.

A large pop and I lost my screen, it turned black

Its not the CRT, its the Y Sustain board.. This happened to mine 30 minutes ago.. and has happened to every owner of a plasma tv that uses the toshiba Y Sustain board..

Loud pop then picture goes away.

bad upper, lower y sus & z sus pcb about 800 to 1000 to fix 

Zenith Plasma

My TV has a picture but its very poor quality and its fading ,blurry color it is not clear what can i do to fix.Thanks

3 loud pops and picture faded away

ours was off all day and it pop 2 times and now no picture at all.

Pop then dark

Oh my..... I never heard anything but praise and value spoken about my TV! IT JUST WENT POP!!!!!! Video is completely gone - it's off warranty. What now a giant doorstop?????

Loud pop - no picture

Your X and Y circuit boards are bad. It might require the replacement of the power supply as well. This is not uncommon for LG/Zenith plasmas to have this issue. Not a do it yourself repair.
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