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The installation guide says in step #4 (B)remove adapter ring. do I throw it away? or what?

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How to install a cartridge for not cold will faucet..

  1. Step 1: TURN OFF WATER.
  2. Step 2: PRY OFF HANDLE.
  6. Step 6: REMOVE THE O-RING.
Jun 16, 2020 • Plumbing

Thermostat in linclon aviator

  • 1 Drain enough coolant from the engine to bring the level below that of the thermostat. Store the coolant in a container that can be securely sealed.
  • 2 Take the upper radiator hose from the water outlet adapter. Remove the upper mounting bracket for the power steering reservoir. Loosen and then remove the bolts on the water outlet adapter, and then remove the adapter.
  • 3 Lift out the thermostat and the O-ring seal. Remove the O-ring seal and throw it away.
  • 4 Set a new O-ring in place on the thermostat. Place the thermostat in position and then replace the water outlet adapter. Torque the water outlet adapter bolts to 18 foot pounds.
  • 5 Replace the upper mounting bracket for the power steering reservoir. Torque the two upper bolts to 13 foot pounds and the lower bolt to 8 foot pounds.
  • 6 Connect the upper radiator hose to the water outlet adapter. Refill the cooling system with the recommended coolant.
  • 7 Start the engine and check for leaks. Turn off the engine and add coolant as needed.
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    How do u remove the roller bar that the paper feeds thru if something is stuck underneath it?

    Step 1

    (1) Pull off the platen knob 1.

    (2) Open the access cover Assy 4 toward the front to remove.

    (3) Lift up the sheet guide Assy 5 to remove.

    (4) Turn the change lever 2 toward the bottom position.

    (5) Insert a flat-blade screwdriver into grooves of frame (5 places for ML 321, 4 places for ML320) and twist to disengage claws of upper cover 3.

    (6) Raise the front side of upper cover Assy 3 and shift toward the rear to disengage claws of frame (6 places for ML321, 5 places for ML320).

    (7) Raise the upper cover Assy 3 to remove.

    (8) To install, follow the removal steps in reverse order.

    Note on installation:

    Match the posts A at both sides of the sheet guide 5 with the arrow marks on the upper cover. Push the guide into the cover.



    Step 2

    (1) Open the access cover 1.

    (2) Lift up the sheet guide Assy 4 to remove.

    (3) Tilting the pull-up roller Assy 2 toward the front, remove it from the shaft of platen Assy 3.

    (4) To install, follow the removal steps in reverse order.
    Note: Remove the sheet guide Assy 4 before installing or removing the pull-up roller Assy 2.

    Step 3

    (1) Open the access cover.

    (2) Pull up and rotate the head clamp 1 to unclamp the printhead 2 as shown in fig. 3.3.1.

    (3) Disconnect the printhead 2 from PC connector 3 and remove.

    (4) To install, reverse the removal steps.

    Notes on installation:

    (1) Insert the printhead 2 into the PC connector 3 while pushing it against the carriage frame 4.

    (2) The head clamp 1 must be securely sandwiched between printhead 2 and carriage frame 4 as

    shown in fig. 3.3.2 below.

    (3) Be sure to check the gap between platen and printhead (see 4).

    (4) Be careful not to touch the print head while it is hot.

    Important: There is a shim on the carriage frame 4, which hangs over the platen side of the frame. Be sure to replace it correctly. Improper positioning of this shim will severely affect the printhead gap.




    Step 4

    (1) Remove the printhead (see 3.3.1 below).

    (2) Open the pull-up roller cover 1.

    (3) Remove the shim on the carriage frame.

    (4) Loosen the screws holding the carriage assembly to the carriage frame--this allows more play between the printhead and the platen.

    (5) Raise and remove the ribbon protector 2.

    (6) To install, follow the removal steps in reverse order. Be sure to replace the shim in exactly the

    same position as it was before disassembly.


    Step 5

    (1) Remove the printhead (see 3.3.1 ).

    (2) Remove the upper cover (see 3.3.1 ).

    (3) Remove the pull-up roller Assy (see 3.3.3 ).

    (4) Remove the ribbon protector (see 3.3.2 ).

    (5) Turn the change lever 1 to the bottom position.

    (6) Push in the lock levers 2 on both sides to unlock the Assy from the frame, then rotate them upward 90°.

    (7) Remove the platen Assy 4 from the base frame.

    (8) To install, follow the removal steps in reverse order.

    Becareful and besure to disconnect from power source.


    Can I access the fuelpump through the trunk on a 94 concours c4.6

    According to the instructions, it is not accessible through the trunk on the 94 Cadillac --- REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION Fig. 1: Fuel pump unit 8470h037.gif
    1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
    2. Relieve fuel system pressure.
    3. Remove fuel filler cap to release fuel tank vapors. Leave cap off until repairs are completed. Gasoline fuel vapors are extremely flammable. Ensure that fuel is stored in a container that can be properly sealed. Never store fuel in an open container. Store container in a safe place away from heat.
    4. Remove fuel tank by performing the following:
      1. Step 1: Drain fuel from the tank into an approved container for storage.
      2. Step 2: Raise and safely support the vehicle.
      3. Step 3: Remove rear stabilizer bar at links, pivot bar downward.
      4. Step 4: Remove hoses and pipes from tank unit.
      5. Step 5: Remove hoses at tank from filler and vent pipe.
      6. Step 6: Disconnect tank unit harness from rear body harness.
      7. Step 7: Support fuel tank and disconnect 2 fuel tank retaining straps.
      8. Step 8: Remove tank from vehicle.
    5. Remove sending unit, gasket and pump assembly by turning cam lock ring counterclockwise. Lift assembly from fuel tank and remove fuel pump from fuel tank sending unit.
    6. Pull fuel pump up into attaching hose while pulling outward away from bottom support. Take care to prevent damage to rubber insulator and strainer during removal. After pump assembly is clear of bottom support, pull pump assembly out of rubber connector for removal. To install:
    7. Push fuel pump assembly into attaching hose.
    8. Install fuel tank sending unit and pump assembly into tank assembly. Use new O-ring seal during reassembly.
    9. Install cam lock over assembly and lock by turning clockwise.
    10. Support tank and position in vehicle. Install tank straps and secure with retaining bolts. Tighten to 25 ft. lbs. (33 Nm).
    11. Connect tank unit harness to body harness.
    12. Connect hoses to filler and vent pipes. Tighten clamps.
    13. Connect hoses and pipes to tank unit.
    14. Connect rear stabilizer bar to links. Tighten bolts to 42 ft. lbs. (58 Nm).
    15. Lower vehicle.
    16. Refill tank and install filler cap.
    17. Connect negative battery cable.
    18. Start engine and check for leaks.
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    Need to remove and repair headlight motor on a 1988 corvette

    REMOVAL & INSTALLATION 1984–88 Vehicles
    1. Open the hood, then turn the headlights on.
    2. Detach the headlight motor wire on the outer side of the headlight.
    3. Turn the headlights off (the disconnected light should stay open).
    4. Unfasten the 4 screws at the bezel. There are 2 at the front and 2 at the sides. Fig. 1: With the hood in the raised position, unfasten the Torx® screws from the outer side of the headlight bezel/trim piece 91036p23.jpg
      Fig. 2: You must then remove the screws from the inner side of the bezel/trim piece 91036p24.jpg

    5. Remove the bezel. Fig. 3: Remove the first of the top bezel/retaining ring screws . . . 91036p25.jpg
      Fig. 4: . . . then remove the remaining Torx® screw 91036p26.jpg
      Fig. 5: Lift the bezel/trim piece away from the headlight assembly 91036p27.jpg

    6. Remove the retaining spring by carefully using a hooked end tool, such as a cotter pin removal tool to move it to the side.
    7. Remove the headlight from the aiming pins by rotating the headlight toward the center of the car.
    8. Unfasten the 4 retaining ring screws, then remove the ring. Fig. 6: With the hood closed, you can see the 4 headlight retaining ring screws (1) and 2 aiming screws (2) 91036p28.jpg
      Fig. 7: Remove ONLY the 4 retaining ring screws, do NOT touch the aiming screws 91036p29.jpg

    9. Remove the headlight pump from the mounting bracket, unplugging the socket as you pull it away. Fig. 8: Remove the headlight away from the mounting bracket, unplugging the socket as you pull it away 91036p30.jpg
      To install:
    10. Install the headlight bulb, making sure it is plugged in properly.
    11. Position the retaining ring and secure with the 4 screws.
    12. Position the headlight into the aiming pins. Move the retaining spring back into place.
    13. Install the bezel and secure with the retainers.
    14. Turn the headlights on, then connect the headlight motor wire.
    15. Turn the headlights off. Both should lower.
    16. Close the hood. Check the aim of the headlights, and adjust if necessary.
    1989–96 Vehicles
    1. Open the hood.
    2. Open the headlight door halfway. This can be done either by turning the headlight switch on, then back to the parking lamp on position, or by the manual headlamp control knob (which is located on the inboard side of the headlight door). NOTE: Before removing the screws from the side of the headlight bezel, place your hand under the bezel to support and prevent damage to it.
    3. Remove the screws from the front of the headlight bezel. NOTE: Before removing the screws from the side of the headlight bezel, place your hand under the bezel to support and prevent damage to it.
    4. Remove the Phillips head screws from each side of the headlight bezel.
    5. Remove the bezel by pulling it straight out from the engine side of the hood. Fig. 9: View of the headlight bezel mounting 91036g28.gif

    6. Unfasten the screws from the headlight retaining ring.
    7. Remove the headlamp from the assembly, unplugging the electrical connector as you are pulling it away. Fig. 10: Exploded view of the headlight assembly 91036g29.gif
      Fig. 11: Location of the headlight mounting and aiming screws 91036g30.gif
      To install:
    8. Attach the headlight electrical connector.
    9. Position the retaining ring and install the screws securing the ring to the headlight.
    10. Position the bezel in place on the headlight assembly.
    11. Install the screws on each side of the bezel and tighten to 51 inch lbs. (5.8 Nm).
    12. Install the screws on the front of the bezel and tighten to 17 inch lbs. (1.9 Nm).
    13. Cycle the headlamps, then close the hood. Check the headlight aim, and adjust if necessary.
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      Prepare the Dodge Intrepid
    1. Step 1 Lay out a drop cloth underneath the Dodge2_bing.gif Intrepid to protect the floor from coolant spills. Designate an area to lay out each part alongside its bolts and connecting hoses and wires. Use a drop cloth here as well, some of the parts will have traces of grease and coolant.
    2. Step 2 Disconnect the negative battery cable, using a screwdriver to unscrew the clamp that secures the cable to the negative (-) post. Pull the cable away from the battery post.
    3. Step 3 Use a jack to elevate the Dodge Intrepid and jack stands to shore up the jack. Release the pressure in the radiator by removing the cap. Take out the drain plug located underneath the radiator. Catch the coolant in a resealable container
    4. Step 4 Use a grease pencil to mark on the timing belt2_bing.gif its position in each pulley before removal. This will save time when reinstalling. If needed, replace the timing belt and skip marking the old one.
      Remove the Damaged Pump
    5. Step 1 Locate the water pump on the Dodge Intrepid. It's mounted on the front of the engine block and connected to the radiator and various other parts through a series of hoses. It's rotated by the timing belt. Study these parts, as you'll have to remove them.
    6. Step 2 Disconnect or remove the parts in front of the water pump, using an adjustable wrench. In the most common Dodge Intrepid engine--the 2.7L--you'll find, in order: the upper radiator crossmember, fan module, accessory drive belts, crankshaft damper, timing cover, timing chain and guide wires.
    7. Step 3 Unbolt the water pump from the engine block, using an adjustable wrench. You may have to use a chisel to gently break the seal between the mount and the pump. Discard both the pump and the bolts.
    8. Step 4 Clean off the mounting area with a shop rag.
      Install the New Pump
    9. Step 1 Inspect the new water pump to ensure it's identical to the old pump and free of any metal splinters or debris.
    10. Step 2 Arrange the new water pump on the mount. You won't need sealant for the o-ring on a Dodge Intrepid. Hold the water pump and o-ring in place as you secure it with the new bolts. Tighten them with a torque wrench to 105 inch pounds torque in any order.
    11. Step 3 Install the timing belt and wires, using the grease pencil marks to guide you in installation. Install the rest of the parts in the order removed. The camshaft must be reconnected with a torque wrench at 125 foot pounds torque.
    12. Step 4 Replace the radiator's drain plug and refill the radiator with the amount and type of coolant specified in your owner's manual. Release the jack and jack stands.
    13. Step 5 Attach the negative battery cable to the post and tighten the screw on the clamp. Crank the Dodge Intrepid's engine and check for leaks. Then, close the hood.

    Replacing keyboard in a Toshiba P505 S8945 laptop and looking for step by step instrucstions.

    Removing the keyboard:

    STEP 1 - Turn off the laptop, unplug the power adapter and remove the battery. In the battery compartment remove three screws securing the keyboard bezel.

    STEP 2 - Remove the keyboard bezel with a small flathead screwdriver.

    STEP 3 - Remove two screws from the keyboard.

    STEP 4 - Lift up the keyboard as it shown on the picture and place it upside down on the palm rest.

    STEP 5 - Unlock the connector on the motherboard and release the keyboard cable. Remove the keyboard.

    Reverse these steps to install new Keyboard for Toshiba Disassembly Guides.

    Canon printer pixma mp780 makes repeated clicking noise but will not work. Shows ##356 on LCDisplay

    This is the Automatic Sheet Feeder [ASF] Cam Sensor Error

    Movement may cause the plastic guide to move away from the chassis which causes the gears not to rotate properly causing a grinding noise and 5 alternating blinks (SFP) or ##356 (MFP) - ASF Cam Sensor Error.

    Remedy: Adjust the Screws & Main Case Unit

    Step 1: Remove the Left & Right Covers and the Main Case Unit (main cover).
    Step 2: Remove the 4 mounting screws from the Chassis.
    Step 3: Remove the Main Unit from the Bottom Case.
    Step 4: Turn the Main Unit over (upside down) and place on work surface.
    Step 5: Inspect the ASF section of the Main Unit for a gap between the white plastic guide and the Chassis. The size of the gap varies. Even if the gap is not visible, complete the steps below.

    Step 6: Disconnect the appropriate cables and remove the Logic Board from the Chassis.
    Step 7: Loosen but DO NOT remove the 4 mounting screws which can be located behind the logic board on the Chassis.
    Step 8: Reseat the white plastic guide so it sits flush against the Chassis. The tip of the white plastic guide should sit slightly inside the mounting screw hole. When seated correctly, the gap will no longer be present.
    Step 9: Tighten the 4 mounting screws without causing the plastic guide to shift.
    Step 10: Reassemble the printer and retest.

    Lens Protection Size!!!

    Get a CLA-1 lens tube. It screws into the camera body. The other end accepts 43mm accessories. Put on a 43-49mm step-up ring. Into that screw a 49mm UV filter. (The step-up ring is needed to separate the filter from the extended lens.) Leave the UV filter on at all times. Throw away the lens cap.
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