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Austin McGowan Posted on Oct 22, 2015

How do you set the time - Sony Grand WEGA KDF-42WE655 42" Rear Projection HDTV

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I can set the time on my Kambrook KD86 timer and then two events (light on and off ). Should I press SET after time and each event and then AUTO ?

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KD86 Instructions:

Set slider to SET TIME and set the time using the HR & MIN buttons.
Set slider to SET PROG,
Use the HR & MIN buttons to set the turn on time and press SET.
Press EVE and set the turn off time, then press SET.
You can use the EVE button to set further ON and OFF times.
When you have set the times you want, set slider to AUTO.


How to set time on Kindle Devices?

You chose a Time Zone setting when you first set up your Kindle Fire. Your Kindle Fire uses the date and time setting to display the time in the Status bar, and also to work with other apps, such as a third-party calendar, for example. If you tap Date and Time in Settings, you see four options:
  • Automatic: If you want Kindle Fire to control the date and time based on your location, tap to turn this feature On. If you'd rather set the time manually, tap to turn this Off.
  • Set Time: To manually set the time, after you turn the Automatic option Off, tap the arrow on the right of this setting to display additional settings. Tap the + (plus sign) and - (minus sign) buttons to change the time, and then tap Save.
  • Set Date: Tap the arrow to the right of Set Date and then tap the + (plus sign) and - (minus sign) buttons to set the date you want, and then tap Save.
  • Select Time Zone: Tap the arrow to the right of this setting to change your time zone.
  • The Set Time settings become available only if you first turn the Automatic option to Off.


  1. Turn on the Calculator: Press the "ON" or "AC" button to turn on the calculator.
  2. Enter Time Set Mode: To access the time settings, you may need to press a specific button or key combination. Look for a button labeled "TIME SET," "TIME," "SET," or similar. Press this button to enter the time set mode.
  3. Set the Date and Time: Once you are in the time set mode, you can use the number keys and other function keys to enter the date and time information. Typically, you'll enter the date as month/day/year (e.g., MM/DD/YYYY) and the time as hours:minutes (e.g., HH:MM). Use the "AM/PM" or "24HR" key to toggle between the 12-hour and 24-hour time formats.
  4. Confirm Settings: After entering the date and time, press the "SET" or "ENTER" button to confirm your settings.
  5. Exit Time Set Mode: Press the "TIME SET," "TIME," "SET," or another designated button to exit the time set mode and return to regular calculator mode.

I received the new telkom 3GFLLA wireless phone - how do I set the date and time?

In standby state, enter [Menu] ? [Settings] menu.
:6.1 Phone Settings
6.1.1 Date & time
1. Set time: Set the time of your phone.
2. Set date: Set the date of your phone.
3. Time format: Select from 12 hours or 24 hours format.
4. Date format: Select from [Year-Mon-Day] or [Mon-Day-Year] or [Day-Mon-Year]
5. Update time settings: Set your time to [Auto update time] or [Manual update time]

How can I adjust the time on my weather station model #sgr72914?

  1. Access the Time Setting Mode:
    • Locate the 'Set' or 'Settings' button on your weather station. This button is typically found on the front or the back of the unit.
    • Press and hold the 'Set' or 'Settings' button for about 3 to 5 seconds. This action should access the time setting mode, where you can adjust the time.
  2. Adjust Hour and Minutes:
    • Once in the time setting mode, use the 'Up' or '+' button to increase the hours and the 'Down' or '-' button to decrease the hours.
    • After setting the correct hour, press the 'Set' or 'Settings' button again to move to the minutes setting.
    • Use the 'Up' or '+' and 'Down' or '-' buttons to adjust the minutes accordingly.
  3. Confirm the Time:
    • Once you have set the correct time, press the 'Set' or 'Settings' button again to confirm and exit the time setting mode.
  4. Check the Time Display:
    • After setting the time, check the display to ensure that the time is displayed correctly.

How do i set the time on my kindle fire?

Tap the little gear icon in the upper-right, tap "More...", then tap "Date & Time".

If you want the Kindle to automatically set the correct date and time from the internet, make sure "Automatic" is set ON, tap "Select Time Zone" then set your time zone. Otherwise set "Automatic" to Off" then tap "Set Time", set the time, then tap "Set Date" and set the date.
May 02, 2014 • GPS

Can not change time zone on sharper image model lm521 projection clock

I got to liking the Sharper Image LM521 Digital Clock so much that I finally took the time to figure out how to manually set it-it was that or toss it! The instructions are as follows:
AFTER installing fresh batteries, or removing and reinstalling the batteries:
Successively pressing the "SET" button results in steps 1.) to 11.) below, each of which describes the particular/specific LM521 clock function you you can manually set.
HOWEVER, pressing the "SET" button after the clock had been previous set and running, will start the manual clock settings from step "2.)," "SET Offset Hours..." To start from step 1.), remove and reinstall the batteries.

Sharper Image LM521 Digital Clock

After inserting the batteries:
The whole LCD screen lights up showing the different settings, etc.
After several seconds, the LCD screen clears and displays:
A flashing antenna
Upper left hand side of the LCD display. USA Time Zone Map
Middle right side of the LCD display (if necessary, to see, remove and reinsert batteries).
A flashing antenna
> This indicates the clock is trying to auto set the time according to the WWVB radio/satellite time signal. Set on windowsill for best chance of success.
If it can't detect the signal, mannual setting is required, starting with the time zone.
> Manually set time ONLY if you are absolutely certain the WWVB signal cannot be found. Otherwise any manual time setting will be auto set to the WWVB time when its signal is detected, which may be many hours later.

SET USA Time Zone
1.) Press "SET" -- US time zone
> press "MODE" repeatedly until the desired time zone is reached.
5 = Eastern standard time (default setting)
6 = Central standard time
7 = Mountain standard time
8 = Pacific standard time
9 = Alaskan standard time

SET Offset Hours to Compensate for Satellite Signal
2.) After step 1.) above, press "SET"
A flashing "-7h" (minus 7 hours, default) and flashing USA Time Zone map appear.
This default setting worked just fine in New Mexico, MST, and may also work for your time zone as well.
> Press "MODE" to set from "-0" to "-12h" (minus 0 to 12 hours).
> Set to "-0h" if the satellite time signal set your clock to the correct time for the US time zone you live in.
> Set from "-1h" to "-12" to offset the time set by the satellite signal in case it does not match the time in your time zone. (E.g., 3pm -1h = 2pm.)
> NOTE: The default setting is -7h. If the satellite signal resets the time, say to 9pm, the time displayed will be 2pm (9pm-7h)--but if it should display 5pm instead to match your time zone, then set offset to -4h. Hence, the need to correctly set the offset hours if the -7h default value does not work for you.

SET Daylight Savings Time (DST)
3.) Press "SET" -- DST (Daylight Savings Time)
> Press "MODE" to set ON/OFF

SET Time
4.) Press "SET" (5no = seconds)
"5no" displays, plus flashing bars for seconds (not minutes as it falsely seems).
> Press "MODE" to set from 0 to 60 seconds
5.) Press "SET" (set hours)
> hour bars flash > press "MODE" to set hours
6.) Press "SET" (set minutes)
> minute bars flash > press "MODE" to set minutes

SET Date
7.) Press "SET"
> press "MODE" set year
8.) Press "SET"
> press "MODE" set month
9.) Press "SET"
> press "MODE" set day
SET Week Day
10.) Press "SET"
> press "MODE" set week day, Mom through Sun (Mo is default)

SET Standard (12) / Military (24) Time
11.) Press "SET"
> Press "MODE" set 12/24


SET/ROTATE Ceiling Projected Time/Temp Position
12.) Repeatedly press button with four tiny arrows pointing opposite each other (rightside of "DSPL" button) until the Time/Temperature display on the ceiling is oriented how you want it.

SET Ceiling Projection Brightness, or turn off
13.) Pressing button with sun symbol (leftside of "DSPL" button) cycles ceiling display from off, to brightness levels 1, 2, and 3.

SELECT between Ceiling Projected Time, Temp or Both
14.) Pressing "DISPL" repeatedly cycles between M0 (time), M1 (temperature), M2 (time & temperature auto switch every second or so).

How do I change the time on my TIMEX T307S clock?

To adjust time follow this.

Auto-Set Time and Date Settings

This model is equipped with the Auto-Set feature, meaning that the time and date have been programmed at the factory

and will already be set when you first plug the model in. Auto-Set will automatically adjust the time and date settings for

daylight-saving time and leap years. Auto-Set is programmed for Eastern Standard Time; if you do not live in this time zone,

you can easily switch the setting to one of six other time zones.

1. To change your time zone setting, press and hold the 8 Time Zone Button. The current Auto-Set Time Zone in the

lower-right-hand corner of the display will flash for approximately ten seconds, after which the display will revert to the

standard clock display.

2. While the Auto-Set Time Zone is flashing, press the 1 Reverse and 6 Forward Buttons to select your time zone.

The display will show each zone's current time setting. There are seven zones to choose from:

Auto-Set Time Zones

Z-01 Atlantic Standard Time

Z-02 Eastern Standard Time

Z-03 Central Standard Time

Z-04 Mountain Standard Time

Z-05 Pacific Standard Time

Z-06 Alaskan Standard Time

Z-07 Hawaiian Standard Time

3. Find your time zone, then press the 4 Enter Button or wait about ten seconds for the clock to beep twice and the

setting to lock into place.

Manual Time and Date Settings

1. To change your time setting, press and hold the J Time Set Button so that the clock display begins flashing.

2. While the display flashes, press the 1 Reverse and 6 Forward Buttons to set the time. Hold a button for a few

seconds to set the time rapidly. Be sure to set the correct AM/PM time, shown by the PM Indicator.

3. After setting the time, press the 4 Enter Button or wait about ten seconds for the clock to beep twice and the setting

to lock into place.

4. To change the calendar, press and hold the 9 Date/7-5-2 Button until the display shows the flashing year.

5. Press the 1 Reverse and 6 Forward Buttons to set the current year. When you have selected the year, press the

4 Enter Button, then use the 1 Reverse and 6 Forward Buttons to set the month/day.
6. After you have set the date, press the 4 Enter Button or wait for the display to beep twice and lock into place.


Tipsy clock programming lost leaflet. would like to down load leaflet. bought this inexpensive clock at BB&B.

Hi I was having a hard time with this too, but luckily I found my leaflet.

To set time:
Press Mode 1 time
Press Set 2 times/ press up or down for hour
Press Set again for minute
Continue Pressing Set (up to 6 times) until everything is set
Back to normal mode- Press Mode 4 times
To toggle between 12 hr and 24 hr, press Mode 1 time

To Set an Alarm:
Press Mode 2 times
Press Set 1 times for hour, continue pressing set like you did for the clock.
Back to normal mode Press Mode 3 times
To cancel Alarm Press Mode 2 times and Set 5 times
Jan 16, 2010 • Watches

What does set point time and set point temperature mean

set point time time when the set point temp activates

say i want my house to be 70 degrees while i sleep
i'll set the set point time to 11 when i go to bed, and the set point temp at 70

so to do what youwould like set the set point time for midnight and the thempature fore 55 or lowest seting with will keep the heater off. for the second time setting set point time at 5 am and set point tempature at desired temp
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