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Fan always runs, speed doesnt change (low/high), setting humidity level doesnt this a control board or circuit board issue?

Fedder Model: A7DH45B2A Unit is removing water fine, just never shuts off. I always hear the fan running. Even if I turn it off, only if unplugged does it stop, don't recall it doing this before. Hitting low/high fan speeds seems not to make a any difference. Setting humidity level higher than current room humidity does not turn unit off. Humidistat LED display seems accurately showing 55-60%. Seems compressor always runs...don't hear it clicking off at all when raising humidity..I recall the fan and everything would shut off if I raise the level greater than the room levels. My guess is the "control brains" are not telling the unit what to turn on/off and when. The buttons all beep and the displays all seem is this a circuit board or control board issue?

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Paul Bade

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Verify the humidity reading with another device. Perhaps the humidity sensor is dirty or bad.

Another possibility is the switching device that runs the compressor and fan is shorted. If it's a mechanical relay, the contacts may have welded together, or if it's a solid-state relay, it's got a punch-through or meltdown in a device junction. My guess is it's a mechanical relay since you mention it used to click on and off and now you don't hear that. The relay may be on the control board, or it may be mounted separately - I don't have a photo or diagram of the inside of your model available.

Posted on Jun 25, 2015

  • Anonymous Jun 25, 2015

    I believe these are pictures of the boards I could replace...will try to take a picture of mine soon as well.

    I have a hygrometer in the house and will verify it next to the unit.

  • Paul Bade Jun 26, 2015

    If the hygrometer readings agree, that takes care of the sensor end of the system, and we can go on to the next steps.

    The photo of the relay board from Appliance Depot will be very helpful in troubleshooting. I'll refer to it in the following discussion. First, I note in the lower right corner of the board, there is a set of jumper pins for DEF and RUN. If the dehumidifier evaporator coils appear to be iced up, check your owner's manual for defrosting instructions; they may include doing something with these pins.

    Second (I didn't think of this until I tried to figure out why there are three relays on the board rather than just one or two), check the condensor (a radiator-like device next to the compressor) to make sure it isn't loaded up with dust. If it's too dirty, and there is a fan on it, a temperature sensor may be keeping that fan on high speed in an attempt to cool it down. That fan probably would also need cleaning, but be sure to clean it thoroughly; a partial clean would most likely leave it unbalanced, which would be noisy and hard on the fan bearings.

    If these two basic maintenance items don't fix it, you have a failed component. Unplug the dehumidifier and inspect the relay board. The relays are the three black plastic boxes with lots of printing on top. (I think the fourth black box is a capacitor in the line voltage circuit for one of the relays.) The larger relay (with the identifier RLY1 printed next to it on the board) is for the compressor, one of the smaller relays is for the evaporator fan (pulls humid air in and dry air out), and the third is perhaps either for a condensor/compressor cooling fan or a condensate water pump (most likely a fan).

    In the lower left corner of the board there are four black plastic diodes, D1-D4. They get AC power from a transformer plugged into the smaller two pin connector (CN1?) next to them, and convert it to DC. This is filtered and regulated by the two electrolytic capacitors (the cans with the printed plastic shrink wraps) and the voltage regulator IC in between them. The tops of these capacitors should be flat. If one of them is domed upward, the capacitor is failing or dead, and power to the controller will be out of specification. This could cause improper operation. There should not be any heavily burned areas visible on the board, especially not around the relays. The area around the voltage regulator may be somewhat darkened from heat.

    If things look good so far, disconnect the transformer connector and plug in the dehumidifier. NOTHING should run. The controller board will most likely also be dark. If a motor is running, you have a shorted relay. Replacement relays are available, and any decent electronic technician should be able to replace it. (I checked Mouser Electronics, and they have the compressor relay listed for $2.34, but it's out of stock and will not arrive until the end of September.)

    If the relays have passed this test, unplug the dehumidifier again, and get out a multimeter. The next step is to check the relay driver transistors (the half-round black plastic devices with three wires, marked T1-T3, just below the smaller relay on the right). The easiest way is to do a resistance check from the relay kickback diodes to circuit common. Circuit common is the wire on the unbanded end of D1 or D2; connect the black (common) lead from the multimeter here. With the multimeter set to its lowest resistance scale, touch the red (positive) lead to the wire on unbanded end of the orange and black glass diode next to the relay that stays on when it shouldn't (or just test all three in the same manner). The resistance should be very high or open. If it reads several ohms or less, the relay driver transistor is shorted and needs to be replaced. The part number is printed on the flat face of the transistor. I would also recommend replacing the corresponding kickback diode; it may have failed to do its job of protecting the transistor from the inductive kickback voltage produced when the relay is turned off, and it costs $0.10 or less (part number 1N914 or 1N4148; they're equivalent).

    If the relay board checks out, the refrigeration system is clean and defrosted, and you still have a problem, it's on the controller board or one of the associated sensors. Unfortunately, that's not as easy to reverse engineer from a photo as the relay board. At this point, the e-Bay package is a good bet, but ask the seller to put it in an anti-static bag or package before shipping. Only handle the controller and sensor boards by the edges; static electricity from your fingers can easily damage the chips on them if you touch the circuitry without first being in contact with circuit common.



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Why does the fan run non stop? the compressor runs and shuts off but the fan just runs on high and low. I have 3 other dehumidifiers that the fan runs only when the compressor runs...why doesnt the...

Depending on the time sequence you have this unit set to run, Fredrich's are designed so that the fan runs almost constantly, to keep the air moving. When it senses a rise in humidity above the level you have it set on, the compressor turns ON and runs until the level of humidity is lowered. This is especially true, if you are operating this unit in continual mode.

Hope this helps you and thanks for choosing FixYa.

Aug 14, 2011 | Friedrich D50C Dehumidifier

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I have a DDR7009EE and the fan runs continuously even when the humidity in the room is below the setting on the machine. Shouldn't the fan stop when the desired humidity is reached?

Lyle, your particular model is designed for the fan to function constantly. However, the fan running doesn't mean the compressor is always running. The reason the unit was designed this way, is for the air to be continually moving, and when the humidity sensor picks up a rise in the humidity level (above where you have it set) the compressor will turn ON and extract that humidity.

Your unit is working as it should. Thanks for choosing FixYa.

Jul 28, 2011 | Danby DDR5009EE Dehumidifier

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Dehumidifier runs from low to high.does not keep same fan speed.

If you are operating the dehumidifier in continual mode, this is normal, based on the humidity extraction level you have the unit set on. It senses when there is humidity to remove and speeds up. When it has reached the level you have set it for, it slows down and keeps the air circulating, until it senses a need to speed up, again.

Hope this helps you. Thanks for choosing FixYa.

Jul 28, 2011 | Maytag M7DH45B2A Dehumidifier

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My DH40 unit kicks on and off very frequently while the fan is constantly running. What do I need to do?

Toni, this sounds like the humidity extraction level is set to high. Lower it to 32 - 35%. The fan is running in an effort to recirculate the air. If the unit senses a rise in humidity above the level you have it set on, the compressor will turn on to extract the rise in humidity. That's why I think your level is set to high.

Hope this helped you to troubleshoot and solve the problem.

Jun 25, 2011 | Goldstar Dehumidifiers

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My Daby dehumidifier will sometimes have coade P1 show up on LED readout and also go to high fan. I have it in basement and set at 50% and low fan. What is the problem? I have to disconnect and reconnect...

don't know what the P1 code means, but maybe your demand of 50% and low fan is not able to be achieved so the unit will increase the CFMs (high speed on fan) to try and reach the 50% humidity level you are asking it to do within a certain time period.

Jun 11, 2011 | Danby DDR607EE Dehumidifier

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I have a Danby Silhouette and the fan works but the dehumidifier doesnt.

Bryan, it may imply be a case of the humidity extraction level being set to high. Lower the level to 35% and see what happens. As far as the fan running is concerned. Most dehumidifiers are designed for the fan to run, even if the compressor doesn't turn ON. It's designed to keep the air circulating and if the humidity rises above the setting you have it on, the humidity sensor will pick up this change and turn the compressor ON.

Also, remove the air intake filter to see if it's clogged and needs cleaning. Maintain at least a minimum of 12" of free air space all around the dehumidifier. Poor air circulation will prevent the unit from working properly. As will, to low an ambient air tempeature. Most unit struggle to work at temperature between 40 & 60 degrees F.

Hope this helped you to troubleshoot and solve the problem. Please let me know. Thanks.

Jun 04, 2011 | Danby DDR451 Dehumidifier

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My Kenmore dehumidifier has stopped drawing water from the air to the collection receptical. Fan still runs at high and low speeds.

A couple of things may be happening: The humidity extraction level may be set to high and it can't extract any humidity at that level. Reset/Lower it to 35%. The fans on most dehumidifiers run almost constantly (designed that way) so that it keeps moving the air around. If the sensor picks up a higher humidity level than what it's set to maintain, the compressor will turn ON. This is particularly true, if you operate the unit in continual mode, rather than a timed mode. Also, a dirty or clogged air intake filter, hinders the units ability to remove humidity/moisture.

In addition, operating the unit is ambient air temperature of between 40 & 60 degrees F, causes the unit to struggle to dehumidify the air and the fan to run continuously. Obstructing the air flow around the unit, will also cause it to not function as it should. Maintain a minimum of 12" of free air space around all 4 sides of the unit.

Hope this helps you troubleshoot and solve the problem. Please let me know.

May 28, 2011 | Kenmore Dehumidifiers

1 Answer

Is this a low temp model, as it is not dehimidifiying but fan is running

The model you have was made by Fedders for Maytag. The fan runs as a recirculating fan, to continually sense when the humidity level rises, above what have the unit set on. Here in, may be the problem. If you have the humidity level set higher than 50%, that's pretty high and the unit want remove much if anything. It will just continue to maintain that level. Keep in mind, the unit's humidity level must be set LOW, for the compressor to kick on and start removing humidity. By low, I mean 35% or minimum, if your unit does not have an LCD display.

I must caution you, that there is associate on this website that would tell you, that the level should be set on Maximum. Believe me, that simply is not the case. That is, unless you want your home to be hot and humid.

Hope this helps you to troubleshoot and solve the problem.

May 24, 2011 | Maytag M7DH45B2A Dehumidifier

1 Answer

Santa fe dehumidifier running but not producing any condensate. No ice forming on the coils and filter is clean.

You should check if the compressor is running. Your description makes it appear that the fan may be running and the compressor may not be running.

There are many things that can cause a compressor to cease running:

Open defrost thermostat
Bad run capacitor
Low refrigerant charge (caused by refrigerant leak)
Bad compressor relay
Bad compressor overload
Bad compressor motor

Other things to check:

If the fan switch is set to "on" and the humidity control is set to a high humidity level, the unit may appear to be running, but the compressor will not operate. Check the setting of your humidity control.

If the dehumidifier is operating in a room with a high temperature and a low dew point (very low relative humidity), it may be unable to remove any more moisture from the air.

If you are not comfortable troubleshooting the unit on your own, call the manufacturer service department at 1-800-533-7533, EXT 8459. They are very helpful.

Mar 05, 2011 | Santa Fe 4027450 Dehumidifier

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When the mode button is pushed, I only receive the option of dehumidifying, or just fan. The manual claims it has a heat option but it is not available. A friend of mine has the same one and they have the...

Sorry to read about your problem, I hope this helps you out.

Their has to be a model difference issue . I have checked the Manuel and have put a copy of the section, for modes. and their is no heat only mode.

Your unit uses heat anyway, so i really do not know how, heat only would help you. I would say to look at the sticker on your friends model, and see if the numbers are exact.

Default Setting:

When the unit is first connected to a power supply, the electronic circuit board will automatically default to the following factory settings;
Mode: Dehumidifier Humidity Set Air Value:60% RH Fan Speed: = Low

NOTE: In the event of a power failure or the unit is switched 'Off', the most recent settings are retained and restored once the power is switched "On"/resumed.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Depending on the ambient humidity conditions, when power is restored or switched 'On' the dehumidifier may not start automatically under the factory or custom (see page 7) default setting. This is an indica- tion that the ambient RH% level of the surrounding envi- ronment is lower than the current default setting and it may be necessary to select a lower set RH% value.
DRY MODE SELECTION: 1. The unit does not have to be switched on (opera- tional) to select/set a program. All programs can be selected with the unit in the "off" position.
2. Press the MODE button until the Dry symbol is shown in the mode area of the display. Note: Each time the MODE button is pressed, the setting will alternate between DRY (dehumidifier) and FAN (only) mode.

3. Press the or cursor buttons to select the desired RH% operating value. To select CONTINUOUS operation,pressthe buttonuntilthesymbol"--" appears in the SET AIR display. During CONTINUOUS mode operation, the humidistat (control) will be by-passed and the compressor will operate non-stop regardless of humidity conditions.

4. Press the fan symbol on the keypad. Each time the button is pressed, the mode selection will alternate between "High Fan" and "Low Fan" speed options. The fan speed you select will appear in the LED display; either a 4 blade fan symbol for 'high fan' or a 3 blade fan symbol for 'low fan' will be shown in the display area.

5. When all settings are complete, press the I/O button to start the selected operation (MODE) and the blue opera- tion light will illuminate.

1. Press the MODE button until the fan blade symbol is shown in the mode area of the display. 2. Press the "Fan" symbol on the keypad. Each time the button is pressed, the mode selection will alternate between "High Fan" and "Low Fan" speed options.
3. When all settings are complete, press the on/off button to start fan mode operation and the blue operation light will illuminate.

I tried to help you. Please help me and Rate/Vote on my response. We take the time to answer your question. take the time to rate us.Thanks and good luck

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Dec 31, 2010 | Danby DDR586R Dehumidifier

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