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XBOX 360 no video after playing HALO 3

My XBOX 360 has no video or sound after playing HALO 3, bought new av cable but didnot change anything. Tried different game and different TV. Warranty expired and I dont want to spend hundreds of dollars to fix. Any suggestions?

Posted by Gamerz64 on

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  • Anonymous Nov 14, 2007

    After playin halo 3 for a while with some friends the picture turned weir and now the TV doesn't show any video or sound. I tried another TV and it still doesn't read anything

  • Anonymous Nov 15, 2007

    got sound but no picture.

  • Swolja01 Nov 15, 2007

    I played halo alot, prob. about 600 online games and during one of the games the screen turned green, then after turning it on again i got a black screen with sound. I tried a new cable, different outputs in the tv, and the hd cable and still sound but no picture if anyone can help me pls.

  • Gamerz64 Nov 17, 2007

    Only alternative left for me is to ship to microsoft for repairs, luckily my one year warranty is not up yet so its free. Unfortunately I will be without xbox 360 for 6-8 weeks but they will compensate me by giving me one month xbox live, wow.

  • bdotn Nov 17, 2007

    We just experienced the same problem. Green lights and then it stops in the upper left hand corner. no picture. no sound. Microsoft is sending me a new pair of cables

  • mando369 Nov 25, 2007

    I have the same problem when i was playing halo 3. I was playing online when the screen turn to a green tint color and the graphic were greenish too. So I turn off when i turn it back on the screen was black with really small dot it lines running cross the screen, but i could still hear the sound on my T.V. I try everything like unpluging the A/V, and switching T.V. The only think i want to know what was the real problem is it when i play halo screw up my 360 or something else.

  • paulw9375 Nov 29, 2007

    I have had the same problem. Playing Halo 3 and all of a sudden the screen goes green. Several times it tried to regain the original color with now luck. Turned it off unplugged the AV cable with the HDTV/TV switch on it. It seemed to help by unplugging the cable and waiting a while and then plugging it back in. This has happened on several occasions until last night when it just went green. I turned it off unplugged the cable, plugged it back in and nothing but a blue screen, no sound no nothing. Cannot even get a signal. It is like the lights are on but nobody is home. Fortunately I have an extended 3 year warranty and I am sending it back to Microsoft for a full refund and will buy a new one. Unfortunately I will have to wait to get a check in the mail and then take my xbox to a best buy and exchange it or mail it to microsoft.

  • zasfafasdfs Nov 30, 2007

    I had a cooler on the back of my 360. Still got the same problem. My Halo 3 record is bad though because my connection kept cutting out, -- 40-ish exp. the lighting kinda turned green, everything else, weapons, vehicles, and characters were fine. Now nothing, no picture, only sound from the dash. Investigating further.

  • Anonymous Dec 02, 2007

    I have the exact same problem. I was playing halo 3 one night and all of the colors in the game became green. I un-plugged my AV cable and put it back in and my xbox was working fine. The next day it went green again and now it doesn't work at all. I tried new cables, different tvs. Everything. I have to send it in now for a 100 bucks.

  • bakenbitz Dec 02, 2007

    I have the exact same problem. I was playing halo 3 one night and all
    of the colors in the game became green. I un-plugged my AV cable and
    put it back in and my xbox was working fine. The next day it went green
    again and now it doesn't work at all. I tried new cables, different
    tvs. Everything. I have to send it in now for a 100 bucks.

  • Anonymous Dec 07, 2007

    my xbox360 screen went blank while playing Halo3. It was intermittant at first but now it is always blank. I called Microsoft and they want $100 to fix it and it will take several weeks. It's amazing that they alredy know what is wrong with it and how much it will cost to fix it without even seeing it. This tells me it is a very widespread problem....I don't think they should be charging to fix another one of their problems with the xbox.

  • bluestdog555 Dec 15, 2007

    I think the 360 needs to be recalled. First it said that I needed to play a 360 game when I was. So I sent the console in only to have a refurbished one sent back to me. After an hour of playing that one I got the 3 red lights. I blew it at Microsoft and they sent me a brand new one and told me they would send me a certificate for a free game (which I never received). Now the new one has no picture or sound. It went out while my kids were playing Halo 3. My kids are not allowed to play Xbox alot, so it is not like the unit is played for hours and hours. This is ridiculous and Microsoft is making a lot of money off of their own problem.

  • jsandhurst Dec 18, 2007

    playing halo3 and everything went green in game, so i turned my xbox off then when i turned it back on no visual just sound, tried different leads, t.vs, the lot. rang up xbox 360 support and they wanted £60 for repair charges which is sickening considering its there console which has a common fault and not by misuse.

    im angry, itls almost as if microsoft have a bug in halo3 that causes it to trip out. (my halo3 was limmited addition)

  • iFast24 Dec 18, 2007

    I have the same problem, i agree with the other guy about it doesnt matter what game u were playing, but im sending it in to microsoft for them to fix it..$ kinda worried it might only be a temporary fix tho..tell me if u think i have anything to worry about

  • iFast24 Dec 18, 2007

    oh and is there any way to purchase a warranty when u send it in to Microsoft to get it case something different or even the same problem occurs

  • Gilly24 Dec 19, 2007

    I have this same situation but my problem started with my screen going almost completely green so I restarted my system to see if that would help but I lost all video and now all I have left are green lights and sound with no picture.

  • tayworrr Dec 27, 2007

    This Problem seems to be occuring to many users of the Xbox360, myself being one of them.

    Myself i dont think this problem is caused by halo3, but it did happen to me. I was playing halo 3 online in a ranked match when near the end of the game, my picture went fuzzy, and a different colour, kinda like a really old Ps1 game, bad graphics, the lot. But i thought to myself it was the T.V. as it was old.

    So on my way to the shops, with my money, i go get a new T.V. £600. i get home, all excited, plug in my xbox, it comes on, but with the same bad graphics, i start playing call of duty 4, but i get sick of it, i turn it of unplug it all, restart everything, but it doesnt come on, only audio, no picture.

    I've tried it on all the TV's in my house, HD and non HD, bought new cables, but nothing works, the problem seems to be somewhere in the xbox that transmits the images. but i have no solution, if i re-call, this has happened to mine before, but it was a matter of unplugging, plugging back in, and lots of patience, and eventually it worked, not to sure how tho.

  • 360dude2008 Jan 02, 2008

    Same problem, at first, while playing Fifa 08 via XBOX Live, the colors were all distorted, and I kept playing fine. Then I played Halo 3, lookeed fine for a minute, then color distortion, then reset the XBOX 360. And then BAM! No video, just sound, no ring of deaths (yet).

    HELPPPPP!!!! Warranty is up, and Microsoft is no help at all.

  • Anonymous Jan 08, 2008

    I have the same problem green then nothing tried new cables is sending it in the only solution?

  • Anonymous Jan 18, 2008

    I don't think it's Halo 3 because I have playing Halo since October and now, in January, it goes out the same EXACT way of described in all the rest of these.

  • Anonymous Feb 10, 2008

    Ours did the same. Has sound but no picture. We changed the cables and moved to another tv but it does not work.

  • Mofosho Feb 17, 2008

    Such bull man, I haven't had time to play the 360 in a while, so it's been sitting there for about a month, then when I finally get the chance, I get perfect sound and a black screen with fuzzy white lines going across it, WTF is going on!?! It's been a day now and I am PISSED!! And I'm definitely not putting down $100 for a repair and a new warranty, I don't give a shyt, sue these beeeotches for big bills :-) THAT would make me happy

  • Mofosho Feb 17, 2008

    Wow, so I decided to go mess with it and try to get it to work again, unplugged the power, plugged it back in, and WAHLAH!! It worked...but only temporarily, DUN DUN DUN!! Bout a minute of crystal clear beauty and BAM! Fuzzy screen, I screamed, "NOOOOOOO!!!" Turned that beeeotch off, and tried one more time...turned it on and wouldn't you know it, the worst possible thing that could ever happen to an XBOX 360 happened right in front of my eyes!!!! AAAAHHHHHHH!!! THE RED RING OF DEATH!!!! NOOOOOOOO...soo now I am sitting here, screwed, Halo 3 ridden, and ready to shoot up my school...WOW, maybe bad timing for that one...oh well, gonna go try and save up for the Elite...SCREW YOU BILLY "MO' MONEY" GATES!!!!

    *Microsoft's Philosophy

    Less Money=More Problems=More Money

  • Anonymous Feb 23, 2008

    I was playing MX vs ATV Untamed and then the screen went to a bunch of different colors so i unplugged and looked if it just wasnt my wiring and it didnt work so i chanhed tvs and the screen was black and i jiggled the a/v cable and it would be black but it would look like theres picture trying to come through but its just not. my screen didnt just go black untill i unhooked them from the console . i had my xbox for a year in march and no reciete

  • Anonymous May 10, 2008

    Same problem here. No audio or video. I spent the last 30 minutes on the phone (again) talking to a tech rep with no results. This is my second 360 (the first was sent back in a "coffin" after the RROD) and the 90 day warranty for free repair/replacement expired 3 weeks ago. $99.00 out of pocket this time to ship this one back in another coffin. Thanks Microsoft.

  • Anonymous Jun 03, 2008

    im playing gta 4 then it goes green then to a snow screen with the grey white fuzz all over it an di was wondering if i bought a new av cable it would fix it cause i aint got 99 dollars and no warranty so would it fix it?

  • Beastinitup Jul 01, 2008

    Yep, same here and it was Halo 3 it happened too! I have two sets of component cables and neither work on any TV in my house, HD or SD. I get a black screen with sound only. I JUST BOUGHT A NEW HD TV ASWELL!!!

  • Anonymous Jul 06, 2008

    exactly the same what can i do

  • Skampelman Jul 06, 2008

    The xbox 360 that we have is no picture and no sound. What can we do?

  • graveyard666 Jul 26, 2008

    i have the same problem , although mine went blank after halo 3 and then no use of the system . i too tried 3 sets of wires and 3 tvs , still no picture...but i found a solution !!!!!! you go to your local game store , you buy a used system ( one that is closest to the condition of yours ) bring it home and swap it out with the one you just bought used. it works all the time..thats what i'll be doing this weekend...

  • mjh01 Sep 14, 2008

    i have the video issue as well and microsoft have stated that it will cost $132 to get repaired including 12 months warranty. i thin we should all start a class action against Microsoft to get these faults recognised and repaired at their expense. lets face it it happens all too often for it to be a one off problem with individual machines especially given the wider range of areas they come from as well as the different countries. we have two 360,s and have ha them both swappedfor the 3 ring problems and now have the video issue with the first 360. given they get used maybe an hour a week it is pathetic. microsoft should pull there heads in and get real with the issue

  • Anonymous Jan 01, 2009

    screen went to green hue then on restart no video

  • Anonymous Jan 20, 2009

    playin new call of duty screen went distorted to green and red turned it off n on now no screen but sound MICROSOFT IS ******* TERRIBLE GET PLAYSTAION 3 IF YOU LIKE TO HAVE YOUR MONEY SPENT IN SOMETHING THAT WILL LAS MORE THEN A ******* WEEK

  • Anonymous Feb 24, 2009

    my xbox360 only has sound but no video

  • gamesrfun4u Mar 18, 2009

    Was playing halo 3 and screen was turning green and red so turned it off and turned it back on but the screen didn't come on the sound works but screen isn't.

  • Anonymous Apr 13, 2009

    i can hear it but it is not showing

  • AngryWife Apr 19, 2009

    Halo 3 started pausing and getting "skippy". About a week or so later the green screen happened and after trying to start it won't give audio or video. I tried the fixes where you pull out the hard drive while the unit is running (more than once) but it did not work.

    I leaning towards buying the arcade version and plugging my elite hard drive into it.


  • AngryWife Apr 21, 2009

    RE: Clarification Request

    I don't have sound or video. I bought the arcade 360 and put my current hard drive into it. Maybe I can replace the scaler chip and sell the old one as a used model.

    On the brighter side of things, I changed the settings to HD and my game play is much more enjoyable. Why didn't I do that the first time. Noob.

    Good luck everyone!

  • sarobes May 11, 2010

    Solution Link . . .




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Yeah, mine did the same thing.
I looked around and it turns out that this problem is pretty close to same thing as the red ring of death, so in theory, to fix this problem you can do the samething as you would do for any RROD.

Last night I did the towel trick and fortunatley it worked for about an hour, than the tv screen went fuzzy and then black. I tried towel trick again for the ful 20 minutes and it seems to be working.

Hope this helps anyone, and wish me luck that my xbox holds out untill I get enough money to buy a new one or a PS3.

Posted on Dec 04, 2008



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Yeah, I just got my XBOX on the 25th and all I get is sound but no video and I've tried three different televisions. I've ordered a new AV connector, hopefully this solves things. Unacceptable for a new product though...

Posted on Dec 27, 2007



I just hooked my 360 to my brand new LG tv, HD, playing COD4. Screen turned green-ish and then no video????? WTF????? My 360 hasnt been used in like 2 weeks. Played the game for 5 minutes.

Posted on Sep 30, 2008


Dont buy anything from microsoft ever again they are just screwing you out your money.ive had this problem and sent my xbox back to find out 2 weeks later the same thing went suggestion put it in the bin

Posted on Aug 08, 2008


If your xbox doesnt have video try cleaning the metal ends of the av cable with a little bit of water then dry,and if that doesnt work try blowing into hole were the av cable goes in [sounds stupid i know] but it worked for me. and if you still have no luck buy a wii

Posted on Aug 02, 2008


Yeah my thing is screwed up. I bought a new cable for my xbox 360 and it still doesn't work. I don't know what to do. It has to be my xbox i don't know what the hell the problem is.

Posted on Jul 21, 2008


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Keep plugging the scart lead in the back of the tv in and out until it works

Posted on May 03, 2008


What does reballing mean...

Posted on Mar 09, 2008


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The xbox 360 is crap i was on my xbox for half an hour trying to hook it up to xbox live, it didn,t work so i thought id just play a game of oblivion to pass the time and 5 minutes into playing it turns green, so i set up a fan to cool it don, now i have no video at all, and to make things worse my dad blames it on me, this is bull........

Posted on Feb 09, 2008


I have the same issue and I'm going through MS to fix it for $100. :/ The only good news is that it gets a new 1 year warranty or else I'd be cracking it open myself. I'm positive this problem occurs due to overheating. The reason that some games are common points is that they are more taxing and heat the box up more than some others. I'm going to get a cooler for mine when the new one arrives, as I'd rather not have to depend on Microsoft or myself to replace or fix it, and there's too much chance it'll die again due to overheating. Clearly they underspec'd the heat dissipation in these units, I wish they'd own up to it. I think they realize that their design is flawed, but it _is_ Microsoft, it's not like they are an honest crew, so what do we expect, really?

Posted on Jan 23, 2008


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I play one hour a week and now no hd video, got sound and can play in TV mode, but I'll only play in HD mode, thats why I bought it. What a piece of junk. My first xbox(not 360) worked for a minute before having to exchange it (new). I'll never buy one again.

Posted on Jan 02, 2008


It has nothing to do with any game like halo 3 or even call of duty 4 which it happened to me in...dont even think about wrapping your xbox 360 in a towel either yes it does work but only for so long and plus you do serious damage when you do that...

All of the mentioned video problem have a greater repair success rate when the GPU is reballed. The same goes for some of the more stubborn game freezes. I've reballed the GPU on 10 console and only one could not fix GPU, it was probably damaged when the customer overheat it doing the xclamp reflow.

Reballing is not cheap but it does work. It's the best solution to the 3RLOD, all though professional reflowing will repair most problem, there still the issue that the solder balls under go numerous temperature cycles making them brittle which will also require a higher temperature to reflow them. Note that the xclamps must be remove to prevent any re-occuring 3RLOD's. That being said any existing system that does not have the 3RLOD should be removing the xclamps as a prevent measure. I'm in the process of putting together a tutorial which allow the removal of the xclamp without drilling or adding bolts to fix it. It use's all of the exsisting hardware with no modification needed to remount CPU and GPU.Please not that this method will only work with systems that have been reflowed or do not have the 3RLOD.

Posted on Dec 03, 2007


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I tried it a day later, nice and cool environment but still no picture or sound. I tried a new AV cable but didn't change anything. I had it on an HD tv so I tried standard definition but it still didn't pick up any signal. After talking to Microsoft and problem solving, they said I have to send it in for repair for $99 and they will give another 1 year warranty. Thats the only solution I know of short of being a comp. tech an fixing it yourself

Posted on Nov 18, 2007


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My guess is that your 360 over-heated. If all you did was play a game and then after playing awhile it went blank it's almost the only thing it could have been. Oh and make sure the switch on the cables out of the 360 are to the right setting. Either HD or not.

Posted on Nov 17, 2007


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I think you are basically stuck sending another $99 of your hard earned dollars to "Uncle Bill" to get this fixed. Spent some time on the phone last night with the support guys and they said to send it back. As if it is any consolation, you get an another year's warranty tagged onto your box when you get it back.

The biggest issue that I have with MS is that we bought the 360 as a gift last Christmas and when I gave them the serial number on the phone last night, they said that my warranty expired in July. Somebody (the retailer?) said that the system was bought in July of last year. The only way I can get it repaired under warranty is to provide a receipt to prove date of purchase. Unfortunately, that is long gone. So, another $99 dollars to M$.

Posted on Dec 21, 2007

Mark Guarino

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I just got the xbox 360 for christmas 07. Two days later I bought guitar hero 3 and Halo 3.
Get this...the console is noisy and it scratched grooves into both disks and now the games are worthless...I took this piece of junk back to best buy and they were all out of the console for an they gave me money back for the system and instructions in how to get the games replaced through microsoft....its a total nightmare because guitar hero 3 isn't published by microsoft so I have to goto to get a hint as to what I have to do....on top of all this, I can't get the games exchanged for new ones until I have a serial number...
Is Bill Gates serious ?

Posted on Jan 08, 2008

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1 Answer

Xbox 360 has no video or sound, but has green lights

Follow the steps below, Hope this helps

1. Try another Av cable ( Audio video Cable )

2. Try another television

3. If the steps dont work, call xbox customer support to have your xbox serviced. Good Luck! hope your console still has warranty

The main reason why its acting that way its possible that the AV PORT is faulty.

Mar 28, 2009 | Microsoft Xbox 360 Halo 3 Special Edition...

1 Answer


Sounds like you are suffering the dreaded overheating Xbox 360 syndrome.
Do a quick search on Google and you will come up with a lot of pages and info about this problem.
There are methods involving wrapping a towel around the unit etc.
Also keep an eye on your power brick. Make sure it dosn't overheat.

Personally because I live in Australia and it's always hot here, alot of 360 owners have taken them apart and added in fans to help the cooling.

Apr 12, 2008 | Microsoft Xbox 360 Console

1 Answer

No picture or sound

Call XBOX customer support. They will be able to help you. Their number is 1-800-4my-xbox

Hope this helps :)

Jan 20, 2008 | Microsoft Xbox 360 Console

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Halo 3 unplayable

some time your laser is a little wack but if you are haven trouble like that then send it to repair and youll get a new xbox so it works out for you.. or just buy the 29.99 warranty on your box and get a 350.00 new box in 2 weeks. i did that once wen i still had warranty on it so.

Dec 29, 2007 | Microsoft Xbox 360 Console

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Xbox 360 quit playing the new 360 games

I would take it back for a new one...
Halo 3 is notorious for overheating the console...
check out

Dec 26, 2007 | Microsoft Xbox 360 Console

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My xbox 360 doesn't want to play any 360 games but it plays xbox games.

is this limited addition halo 3?
get a new one or find a place where you can get it fixed but there are not alot of places to get it sorry im the barer of bad news.

Dec 04, 2007 | Microsoft Xbox 360 Console

1 Answer

No Audio for 360 Games

Hey Ap0calypse,

Well, a couple of things may have happened. Even though it sounds like you didn't touch anything.

Sometime if you run the system at a higher display setting then what a game is intended, you'll see things like this occur. For example, setting your 360 to run at 1080p, when the games' max is 720p. You will see distortion, or nothing at all, and maybe even the video, but no sound.


Nov 28, 2007 | Microsoft Xbox 360 Console

4 Answers

XBOX 360 no video with sound after playing HALO 3

this sounds like the e74 error ,these dots will make the screen fuzzy like cod 4 and 5 its the video chip thats near the av cable slot need service and can result to one ring of death aka e74 error.

Nov 25, 2007 | Microsoft Xbox 360 Console

7 Answers

Blank screen on Xbox 360 sometimes

I've had this happen twice now and both times my warranty has just expired by a month, i spend and hour moanin on the phone to xbox but they still want me to pay over £80 to fix it!

So here is what u do; **** and moan to all your friends impotently about it, look at the xbox for long periods of time with distain while muttering insults to yourself, call Bill Gates a complete W**ker repeatedly for a few days and then swallow ur pride in a big lump and end up payin for the damn thing while emtily promising yourself that if it happens again your not getting another one! When it finally does happen again (one month after the warrenty runs out to the day no doubt) repeat the prosses!

Nov 09, 2007 | Microsoft Xbox 360 Console

1 Answer

Help me link

I suggest you use a Router, the Xbox 360 have had some issues with Crossover Cables. A cheap $10 switch or router will help you play your fun game of prey. And Halo 3 is coming out in September, I'll be getting it and I hope you will too.

Aug 24, 2007 | Microsoft Xbox 360 Console

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