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Replace Light Engine

I replaced the light engine and I know I did it correctly.
Unplugged the tv :) I removed the back cover Unscrewed the left panel (power supply and cable inputs) Unscrewed full light engine Slid both units out Unplugged the blue and red cables from the side of the light engine Unplugged the 3M Cable Disconnected the two black cables on the powersupply/main unit Unplugged the 2 yellow wires on top Disconnected the yellow wire on the back of the light engine
Swapped out new light engine and replaced all cables. Turned on the TV and received blinking lights (Slid Green and blinking red - then the green goes out and the red keeps blinking.) No powere to the light engine it seems.  There is power to the power supply/main unit.  The fan is running.  The light engine has nothing.
I replaced the light engine with the old one (the one that was making a whining noise) and the same thing.  I checked all the connections and there are all in tight and in tact.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!

Posted by jferezy on

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  • jferezy Nov 09, 2007

    I got it!!!

    Turns out you need to have the door on the light.  The light engine will not turn on if there is no lamp and if the lamp door is not properly closed...  If anyone is going to replace their own light engine (because Toshiba would not help and I did not want to pay a technician $1000 + the cost of the part - $456).  I went to and purchased part number 

    It is really easy to install - I took pictures on my digital camera for each step - I removed the light engine and replace it with the new one.  Once I connected all the cables (about 5) and screwed everything back in (oh yeay - replaced the light door) the TV turned on.  It's easy - don't be afraid...

    If you have any questions - send a post and I will try to help out...


  • ogre0502 Nov 15, 2007

    I have a 62hm195 that needs a new light engine. Repair guys are going to charge around $300 to fix. The light engine itself is $456. The TV is only two years old and I obviously didn't buy the extended warranty. Is this going to happen again in another couple of years? My repair guy says that it probably will. We are not very handy, can we really repair it ourselves? Or should I just go buy another TV and buy the warranty with it this time. Toshiba is not acknowledging any trouble with the light engines, but there sure are a lot of people out there with the same problem. All comments are greatly appreciated.

  • jferezy Nov 16, 2007

    Toshiba is horrible...  They should to the research online to see how their buyers are suffering...  I will never buy another toshiba TV.  Their customer support wanted nothing to do with me and I have read all over the place people were getting the same reaction.  I am tempted to build a web site to discourage people from buying any toshiba products.  Their Light Engine is horrible...  It really was not that hard - I like taking things apart and putting them back together...  If you are not handy and nervous to do it - have the repair guys do it.  It should take about 1 hr for them to do it.  $300/hr is lawyer fees.  Nobody will do it for less though...

    Hope this helps...

  • jwells4 Dec 04, 2007

    It seems I am having the same problem... How do I know if I have to replace the light engine??? If you could send me step by step on how to do so, I would appreciate it.

  • Anonymous Dec 15, 2007

    • I have been told I have the same problem with my 46hm95 model. My set is 2 years old also. Isn't that coincidence. My wife is arguing with them and trying to get them to send the part at a discount. I unscrewed the back panel and tryed to slide out the right assembly which I was told contains the light engine part # 23405473 also $456.00. Had to slide the left side also because so many wires were attached. Iam afraid to touch to much because i was told 30000 volts are held in there somewhere. What does the light engine look like? Can I really install this myself without calibration? Thanks Jim e-mail me at [email protected]

  • chris81469 Jan 06, 2008

    well i would like the step by step instructions for replacing this, i have 52hm95 and was told optical engine is me at [email protected]. thanks for your help!

  • Anonymous Feb 12, 2008

    jferezy, can you email your instructions/pics for replacing the light engine. I have the 62HM95 model and had the bulb issue like everyone else and now at two years I can turn the TV on and have a picture and sound for about 5 seconds then the picture goes out and there is only sound. The lights on the front are normal and don't indicate anything is wrong. Toshiba has no idea and the repair shop said they were unsure and were working with Toshiba to determine the problem. I pressured them to find results due to the Daytona 500 this weekend and magically they said they tested it and determined it had to be the light engine. I don't trust them or Toshiba and I would rather mess with this myself as opposed to dropping $800 in a TV that cost $3000 and is only 2 years old. Thanks in advance for your help. email me at [email protected] with the instructions

  • Skiles26 Feb 13, 2008

    Could I also get those instructions from you? I have the noisy color wheel problem on my 52hm95, roughly the same setup as everyone else on this post. I'm so sick of this TV that I'm willing to put down $400 to fix it myself and turn around and sell it just to get some of my money back from this giant silver money-sucking brick I've got in my house. The past two years I've replaced the lamp 4 times at $170 a pop and now the color wheel goes bad. So, please, please, please may I have those instructions so I won't break this thing? [email protected]

  • pj1675 May 06, 2008

    I have a toshiba 52HMX95 DLP. I need the instructions to replace the Optical Engine Light. My E-mail address is [email protected]. Thanks for your help.

  • Anonymous May 09, 2008

    Have the 46HM95 color wheel went out. going to order and replace myself. WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANOTHER TOSHIBA PRODUCT EVER!!!

    already had to replace lamp also. BS

  • Jan P May 12, 2008

    I have the same problem with the light engine on my Toshiba 62HM95 purchased August 95. Anyone out there have instructions? Please send email to [email protected]. Thanks, Jan

  • Anonymous Jun 26, 2008


  • garyndianf Jul 09, 2008

    how do i find one ?

  • Anonymous Aug 28, 2008

    TOSHIBA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Same story. Bulb goes after 1year. spend $200 to fix that. light engine goes 3 months later. $500 to fix it myself or $1000 to have it fixed. i call toshiba and i get "sorry warranty is up". I will never buy a toshiba product again. EVER!!!!

  • lakelander Sep 02, 2008

    Toshiba 46hm95. Jason, Sure could use the help in change out instructions. Please email basslakers at northlc dot com. THANKS !

  • cecilia827 Sep 23, 2008

    My tv is also about 2 years old. I've replaced the lamp twice. Now the technician told me that I need to replace the light engine. Model number 56MX195. I also need the instructions. Please email to [email protected].

    Thanks. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Anonymous Nov 23, 2008

    Please forward the instrucions on how to replace the light engine.


    Brad Newby

    [email protected]

  • Anonymous Dec 02, 2008

    I have a 62hm195 with the exact same problem. Already replaced 2 lamps and have the color wheel problem. Can someone please email me the step by step instructions to [email protected] I would really appreciate it. Thanks

  • rosario379 Dec 03, 2008

    I have the Toshiba 62HM95 Same issue. Can someone send me the directions on how to replace the light engine? I donk know where to start

    [email protected]

  • cehome Dec 05, 2008

    Can you email me the pics of the light engine replacment steps? [email protected]

  • Anonymous Dec 09, 2008

    I own a Toshiba 52hmx95 I've had it less then 3 years I'm on lamp two and a numerous of other problems. This tv is the worst tv I ever had. The parts are exspensive and to fix it cost more then the actual price by time your all said and done. Problems I had consist of buzzin noises so loud it scared my son, color distortion, loud fan noises and neon colored people with a high contrast of the red and white's. This is rediculous, for how much we pay for these products you think it would not be this much of a problem! I read about the civil class act suit they have on Toishiba products with the lamp you can actually get a fefund for any lamps you purchased with reciepts of course. I'm gonna try that for the 2 I bought. here's the link I read this from:

    But replacing the lamp doesn't do anything if you have a bad color wheel that can cost over $600 and or fans or motors...

    Basically this is a bad product and we should all stand forth and demand something to be done. Obviously someone did something bout the lamp. Why don't we try the whole damn TV! cause these problems are more then just a lousy lamp.

  • Anonymous Dec 14, 2008

    I also have to replace the light engine on my Toshiba 52HM95 television. Could someone send me the manual on how to do this?

    [email protected]

    Thanks in advance

  • mischief209 Dec 19, 2008

    I have a 62hm116. While watching a movie the tv made a loud pop, and then a loud humming noise. When we turned it off and back on, the picture is black, loud humming and white lights on both sides of the screen. The bulb is still on and bright. I think it is the light engine, or maybe the color wheel. After reading these posts I am not sure if they are the same thing or not. Looking for advice before I spend 300 bux on a part I don't need.

  • regy112 Dec 27, 2008

    Have to also replace light engine .would greatly appriciate some help. [email protected]

  • etamontano Jan 28, 2009

    Please send step by step and pictures on how to replace light engine to [email protected].

    Thanks for your help,


  • Donnie R Mcdaniel Sr
    Donnie R Mcdaniel Sr Jan 28, 2009

    well i must not be the only one to buy a 3000.00 piece of furniture,because the tv is a piece of ****.I replaced 3 lamps, & now the light engine is bad,oh pd 100$ to be told the item is no longer availible. contacted toshba & they said there were no complaints.Oh! turn the set around & use the name as dart board!

  • Donnie R Mcdaniel Sr
    Donnie R Mcdaniel Sr Jan 28, 2009

    same old same old ! If anyone starts a website complaint add me to the list. i would do it myself,if i knew how!
    whe should all pitch in,maybe we could get our $ back?

  • Donnie R Mcdaniel Sr
    Donnie R Mcdaniel Sr Jan 28, 2009

    hey is anyone complained on
    may mnot help ,but our time sems to be worth nothing when it comes to toshiba.

  • gswenson186 Feb 06, 2009

    jferezy, Unfortunately my Toshiba 56HM195 just ran out of the 3 year extended warrantee last November and now I have ben told that the light engine needs to be replaced. I have found them available at the PartStore for $350. I would sure like to hear from someone that has done this replacement themselves and get a feel how difficult it was. I downloaded the service nmanual, but it really does not go into any detail about how the light engine is removed/replaced. Any help or giudance would be appreciated.

    [email protected]

  • Anonymous Feb 16, 2009

    I was told that my light engine was needing to be replaced. I have a yellowish look in the picture , on the peoples face help me My name is Warren and can be reach at [email protected]

  • dublot00 Feb 17, 2009

    I have had this TV 62hm95 for less than three years. I paid Best Buy, (where i bought the TV) $900 to replace the light engine and the lamp after 1 year 3 months of ownership. This is after replacing the lamp at 4 months. It is less than a year after the repair and there is the same loud fan noise again. I call and the warranty is only 90 days. I am sick about it!!!

  • 4cool May 11, 2010

    I have a toshiba 52HMX95 DLP which I believe is the same as the 52HM95 DLP. I need the instructions to replace the Optical Engine Light. My E-mail address is [email protected]. Thanks for your help.



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I have the 62HM95 and my light engine went out between 2 and 3 years. I will never buy a Toshiba again. I have had nothing but trouble with the components and the customer support. I am in a class action lawsuit with them, but I doubt very much will come of it.

As far as fixing your TV I was in the same delimma as you. I wasn't willing to pay nearly $1000 to get this set repaired when it already cost $3000 and it started having problems within the year and major issues after 2-3 years. I was willing to risk a couple hundred bucks that I could fix it myself. If you aren't very handy with taking things apart and putting them back together, by all means don't do this. It is pretty easy to do and you can figure it out as you go, but I wouldn't suggest you doing this if you weren't willing to take the risk of really messing it up.

I didn't go to Part because they wanted $456 and then when I finally decided to do it they raised the price to $556...No way, I found and you can get a light engine that is refurbished for $250, or you can have your light engine refurbished for $200, which is what I plan to do if this one fails in the next two years. I looked at their site and it doesn't show that they have any in stock, but they may if you call. I wasn't comfortable sending mine off to be refurbished because I wasn't sure if I would remember how to put it back together, and I'm glad I didn't because the one they sent me didn't work, which sucks, but it happens. I called them back and sent it back to them and it worked fine. All in all, I had no instructions or any other help besides my memory of how I disassembled it and it only took me an hour at the most, not really too hard.

The only other issue I had with them and it really wasn't with them as much as Toshiba is, I received a light engine for a 46" model, which when I talked to Toshiba they swore up and down that it wouldn't work, when I talked to TriState about it they said that Toshiba would say that and they had used it in 1,000's of 62" models and it's worked fine. After they replaced the broken one they sent originally, the new one worked fine and is still working brilliantly and I have my original 62" light engine to get refurbished if anything should happen again. Their shipping time was good and when I returned the product to them, I received a working part pretty quickly.

For $250, this would be the only way I would go. If this hadn't worked, I probably would have just went out and got a different TV. I hope this helps.


Posted on Nov 17, 2008



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Following Jason's directions (jferezy on Nov 09, 2007) and a module purchased at Tri-State, recommended by Michael ( masm on Nov 17, 2008) I successfully replaced my light engine on a 46HM95 -- thanks, guys!!! The only think I'd add, have a level space prepared behind the TV on which to slide out the power supply and engine.

Posted on Feb 25, 2009



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Have there been any updates on a recall if any on the light engine? My TV is making the same buzzing sound. If I turn up the sound I don't hear it, but that doesn't work so good after the kids go to sleep. Help!

Posted on Nov 16, 2008


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Was wondering if anyone has a receipt in the last 6 months for a bulb replacement for a 62hm95 or the same bulb... Toshiba wont help me without a receipt so if anyone has a copy i can have please let me know [email protected]

Posted on Jun 05, 2008


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Hey guys i have a 62hm95 and its making a buzzing-humming noise, i was told that is the color wheel, is that the same thing as the light engine? if so could you please send the instructions for replacing this?
thanks my email is [email protected]

Posted on May 09, 2008


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By the's the correct link for the light engine that's needed on Hope this helps.

Posted on Nov 16, 2007

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Clutch and engine check light plus clutch got eaten up in 2 weeks time

If ur have replace ur clutch but the check light still on it mean your CO sensors need to clean or replace.

Jun 17, 2016 | Nissan Cars & Trucks

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Mitshubishi WD-62327 TV will not turn on and no sound. TV made a interference sound and shut off. Tried to turn it in the morning still nothing. Replaced lamp/bulb still nothing. Red light is on (not...

If you have a voltage meter there are some things you can check.
Unplug the unit and remove the back cover of the set. Then Plug the unit back in.
You will need to tape down the lamp safety switch in order to do these tests.
Here are all the failures that would give you a lamp error and what to check.
Cause 1. Unit powers on and works properly for a while then shuts off with a red lamp led(lamp error). Suspect bad lamp and replace.
Cause 2. Unit does not power up correctly and you have red lamp led(lamp error). Check the lamp enable line at connector J14 on the back of the light engine. If pin 6 does not switch to 5 volts after turn on, but your 12 and 5 volt supplies are good, then suspect a defective light engine.
Cuse 3. At power on the lamp turns on and off 3 times and then the unit shuts down with a red lamp led(lamp error). You have a defective light engine.
Cause 4. Unit does not turn on correctly and you have a red lamp led(lamp error). Check for 12 volts at connector J9 pin 4 on the light engine. If voltage is missing check for an open fuse F9A09 on the power supply board. If it is open, then you need to replace the fuse and you still have a defective light engine.
Cause 5. Lamp enable line at connector J14 pin 6 on the light engine does go to 5 volts at turn on, but does not drop back to 0 volts after 5 seconds, but your 12 and 5 volts supplies are good then you have a defective light engine.
Cuase 6. Check for 5 volts at connector J9 pins 1 and 2 on the light engine. If low or missing check Capacitors C9A37 and C9A38. Values are 3300MF/10V. Replace capacitors if defective.

This is all I have and I wish you luck.

Mar 20, 2013 | Mitsubishi WD-62327 62" Rear Projection...

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Here is Fan part# BP31-00024A. Search google, find it at various places.

Light engine assembly has to be removed. This involves unplugging various connectors between processing/control chassis on the left side and engine assembly on the right side. Mounting screws on the top and bottom of engine assembly. Then remove light engine assembly completely from the TV. Fan#2 is the lamp cooling fan and is located beside the lamp assembly.

It is not too complicated if you draw a picture of where all the plugs are removed from. If one plug is not put back correctly, unit will not work. Usually a tight fight sliding out the engine. Plastic cable tie-down between the 2 assemblies can be cut and discarded, this makes re-installing light engine considerably easier.

Cheat the cabinet safety switch with tape or stretch connecting wire across it to hold it in "on" position for test after reassembly.

Service cost may be $150-$200 if you don't do it yourself. We do it in most Canada cities.


Apr 22, 2010 | Samsung HL-S5087W DLP TV

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Had a new belt put on now the engine light came on what do you have to take off to get the new belt on

Try looking under hood to see if anything was left unplugged by chance. If you don't see anything unplugged then try to get the code scanned to find out what the computer is doing. Could be just random chance that the light came on after having the belt done.Shouldn't have to remove anything to replace a belt but some techs will remove air intake boot from air box to intake to make room for belt replacement, if the vehicle still runs ok then it is probably not related to the belt job.

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I have a panasonic PT-50LC14. the clean air filter display keeps coming on. I removed the housing for the lamp and cleaned all that area then i removed the back of the tv and cleaned the vents. i watched...

When you take the back off the tv there is a metal brace in the center of the set with pc boards on it , remove the screws and this will swing to the left like a door, take care because some of the wires will have to be unplugged to get it out of the way, then you can see a black plastic box on top of the light engine , remove the cover and you will see the filter remove it and clean it, then replace everyting in reverse order. Hope this helps.

Dec 16, 2009 | Televison & Video

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I was told i need to replace my fan on my sony this something i can do??

there are three fans in the tv, the one most likely causing your problem is located on top of the light engine, above and to the back of where the bulb sets. This will get clogged with dust and stop rotating, but the other two could also be an issue, in any case it will require removal of the light engine to get to two of them. Removing the light engine can be involved, the cables especially the LVDS cable connected the light engine to the Q box can be quite fragile to remove and if it is broken will require replacement and this cable is expensive.

In this tv it is not just replacing the fans, you need to get all the dust out of the unit to prevent it from clogging again. You need to do this without blowing dust into the light engine. If dust get’s into the light engine you will get red, yellow, pink colored patches on the screen, and unfortunately you cannot get into the light engine without damaging it. The light engine is about 1000.00 to replace.

My recommendation is to get a pro to fix it, the cost should not be that expensive the fans are relatively cheap as far as tv parts go. The labor should not be more than 2 hours at most.

Oct 07, 2009 | Sony Grand WEGA KDF55E2000 55" Projection...

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My dlp tv has a shadow about 6'' wide and full ht of tv

Hello: The problem is that a small mirror on the light tunnel has fell off causing a shadow in the picture,. In the past the only way to repair this problem was to replace the entire Optics Engine. But Samsung decided it was replacing entirely to many light engines so they decided to allow and train technicians on how to do it. It involves removing the color wheel and behind it is the light tunnel where light from the lamp shines on to a maybe 1 1/4 inch small block with three mirrors on all sides, your problem is that one of these mirrors has come loose from its side, causing a shadow with the pic still in the background. So if you call a technician to come, if he has'nt had the training from samsung on how to do the procedure then he will want to replace the entire optics engine which is the expensive way of doing it.
So when calling as if they know how to replace light tunnel. There are some adjustments that also needs to be done once it's replaced. To verify what i am saying go to this site to find out more.

Call if you need more info will be glad to help..
[email protected]
Phone: 702-418-1389

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Power led flashes green 3 times then red 2 times, what does this mean?

hey there, it is somehow dangerous or I can say a hardwork but you may try doing this one..

step 1Remove the back of the TV Unplug everything from your TV before starting, especially power. I have color coded all the images: All red arrows are screws that should be removed All Green arrows …

fa75sh1fb11kzv9.tiny.jpg step 2Prepare to slide out the Light Engine (but do not slide it out yet) This picture shows the right half of the TV when viewed from behind. The 2 screws on the flexible black piece in the upper right should be removed so that the cable in step…

flullavfb11kzvk.tiny.jpg step 3Unplug 2 cables before sliding out the Light Engine (do not slide it out yet) The cable in the upper right should be removed prior to sliding the Light Engine. It is behind the flexible black plastic, which I gently bent out of the way to remove the …

fpo83umfb11kzwd.tiny.jpg step 4More cables and screws to remove before sliding out the Light Engine You must remove these 3 cables and 1 screw before sliding out the Light Engine. I missed this screw when I did this, and ended up having to reshape the metal piece it goes …

f2087vtfb11kzws.tiny.jpg step 5You may now slide out the Light Engine, but do so slowly, as there are still more cables you need to unplug. This picture is a strange orientation, the left side of the image is toward the back of the TV and the right side is toward the front. This view is with the Light Engine sl…

fv6vcn9fb11kzxa.tiny.jpg step 6Remove the cover over the color wheel. There are 4 screws to remove here, then the cover should come off and you will be looking at your color wheel. DO NOT TOUCH the transparent part of color wheel, as the oils…

fs4f0hifb11kzxi.tiny.jpg step 7Remove the color wheel. There are 3 screws and a cable that needs to e unplugged. These screws are very hard to remove, so be careful. The glass in the upper right of the color wheel housing may a…

ftqc5rffb11kzya.tiny.jpg step 8Clean the color wheel I used Windex, and have not had any problems, but I would recommend that you use distilled water. When working with electronics, spray or pour the cleaner onto the paper to…

fenlw2yfb11kzyg.tiny.jpg step 9Put the color wheel back in. This part is semi difficult. You have to peel off the orange rubber washers carefully, put them back into the color wheel support, then put the color wheel back in. I tried…

default.tiny.gif step 10Put the TV back together. Just follow steps 1 to 7 in reverse order to put your TV back together, and enjoy your newly repaired TV.
I hope this will work for you..

Jun 24, 2009 | Sharp 56DR650 56" Rear Projection HDTV

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Blinkink light

Good Day, jcarnell;
This a very common problem with model. Don't listen to other comments unless the use the correct replacement parts.

SYMPTOM: Power LED does not stop blinking after plug in.

CURE: replace C9B01, C9B02,C9B10, and C9B11 (1000 uFD 16V) on the DM PCB. Replace them with part # 181P734030 (680uFd 16V).

The DM Board (PCB) is located on the very left side of the TV looking from back. Caution on removing Board and note what cables you disconnect to access the Metal Shielded Board.
Good Luck, big IRISH.

Jul 05, 2008 | Mitsubishi WS-65513 65" Rear Projection...

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DLP TV turning on and off automatically - Mitsubishi WD-52327

1. Unit powers on and works properly for a while then shuts off with a red lamp LED (lamp error). Suspect bad lamp part # 915P020010 2. Lamp enable line at J14 pin 6 does not switch to 5 volts after turn on, 12 and 5 volt supplies are good. Suspect the Light Engine part # 939P977010 3. At power on the lamp turns on and off three times and then the unit shuts down with a red lamp LED (lamp error). Replace the Light Engine part # 939P977010 4. Check for 12-volts DC at J-9 connector pin 4 on the Engine Driver PCB, if missing check for an open F9A09 on the Power PCB, if it is open replace F9A09 part # 283P127060 and the Light Engine part # 939P977010 5. Lamp enable line at connector J14 pin 6 on the Engine Driver PCB switches to 5 volts after turn on but does not go back to 0-volts (low) after 5 seconds, 12 and 5 volt supplies are good. Suspect the Light Engine part # 939P977010 6. Check for 5-volts DC at J-9 connector pin 1 and 2 on the Engine Driver PCB if low or missing check C9A37 and C9A38 both 3300 UFD 10 V part # 181P732040 on the Power PCB part # 930B929001

Sep 18, 2007 | Mitsubishi WD-52327 52" Rear Projection...

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