Question about KitchenAid A-9 Electric Burr Grinder

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Think question cut off. Need to know how to remove "screw" in back to clean burrs. It is not a phillips head, maybe rivet.

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There are a number of 'newer' drive configurations for modern fasteners specifically designed to limit consumers from doing their own servicing. Take the unit to your local tool dealer and get the proper tool. If it actually is a rivet, it will need to be drilled out and then replaced with a new one.

Posted on Jul 05, 2014


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Is roof stapled on to the metal beams?

this question in car and truck ?

never seen staples in automotive roofing applications

roof of houses ...self tapping hex head screws
in caravans and trucks
if aluminum rivets .. drill all the rivets out to
self tapping metal screws .. a maybe
wood even if sandwich construction industrial adhesives

Sep 17, 2016 | Cars & Trucks


Saeco Italia automatic espresso coffee machine Grinder Cleaning Instructions

Saeco Italia Grinder Cleaning Instructions

Step-1: Remove beans that are in the bean hopper without spilling them inside. (Use Vacuum).

Step-2: Remove the beans container by removing 3 phillips head screws. Remove the rubber gasket from below the hopper. At this stage the upper burr will be visible.

Step-3: Rotate counter-clockwise the outer ring of the grinder assembly (the ring has gears half way around), until the red mark is at the 9 o’clock position, looking at it from the front of the machine.

Step-4: Lift the upper burr by using the fins that are on top. Press lightly on the doser adjustment gear, to clear it from the dose adjustment gear.

At this stage, the grinding chamber will be exposed. Clean out any crushed coffee in the grinder chamber and the burrs. Use Vacuum and cleaning brush.

To Re-Assemble

Step-1: With the red mark on the outer ring still at the 9 o’clock position, replace the upper burr back into the grinder. Make sure that the red line (on the upper burr) is at the 3 o’clock position. This position will align the other tabs as well. During re-installation, press slightly on the doser adjustment gear so the upper burr will clear it as it is placed back in.

Step-2: With the Upper burr in place, rotate the outer ring clockwise until it stops. The two red marks should be aligned at the 3 o’clock position underneath the doser adjustment gear.

Step-3: Replace the soft rubber gasket back on the upper burr. Use the fins to align it properly.

Step-4: Slide the doser adjustment gear toward the front of the machine until it stops.

Step-5: Before replacing the bean hopper, rotate the grinder adjustment wheel to Zero (0), and the doser adjustment wheel to Minus symbol (-). Place the bean hopper into position on the machine, slightly adjusting each adjustment wheel as you are placing it down in the machine. Once in place, fasten the bean container with the 3 screws. Test each adjustment wheel through the full range of motion. The grinder knob rotates from 0 to 18 and back, and doser knob from Minus (-) to Plus (+) and back.

Now position the grinder adjustment knob at Eight (8) and the doser adjustment knob to the halfway point between the Plus (+) and the Minus (-) marks. This will put the machine back to the factory setting.

When using for the first time after adjusting the grinder, it may take more than one grinding cycles to make the first cup of coffee.

on Aug 12, 2010 | Coffee Makers & Espresso Machines

2 Answers

Hdo i remove the grinder on asaeco royal

How to remove the grinder in a Saeco Royal Professional fully automatic cappuccino machine. Of course make sure the machine is fully off and unplugged before servicing it. Taking a lot of pictures as you disassemble it will make it easier to reassemble it when you are done.

1. Remove the water tank, driptray, dregdrawer, cappuccinatore., and the bean hopper. There are two Phillips head screws in the bean hopper; you put some tissue in the hole to prevent those from falling into the machine when they come out. Once the hopper is off, remove the grind adjustment lever. It can be pried off, but try to be gentle. I broke it slightly when I did this, though it still works fine. Also, make a mark on the lever and grinder before removing it, so you can put it back together easily at the end.

2. Remove the screws holding the upper housing to the base. There are two under the water tank, one in the compartment under the bean hopper, one in the front corner above where the dregdrawer goes, and one behind the front panel under the steamer wand. They are all Phillips head screws except for the two under the water tank which are T-10 (Torx, or star) screws.

3. Remove the upper housing. This can be a little tricky, because you have to get the steam wand and cappuccinatore plug through their corresponding holes. Just start by gently prying up the front edge of the housing, under the steam wand and the control panel. Pull the housing back, bending it over the cappuccinatore plug, up over the rest of the unit, making sure the steam wand goes through smoothly. Then you'll be able to lift it off the rest of the way. Note that the hose from the water tank will still be attached to the housing, but there should be enough slack to set it out of the way.

4. At this point you can see the grinder. Remove the rubber gasket that sits between the grinder and hopper, and the felt noise dampener. The grinder is held in place by three rubber rivets. They can be tricky to dislodge, but you just have to pull firmly on the grinder to take them out one by one. You can also grab the bottom of the rivet with needle nosed pliers if you need to. To reinsert the rivets, you can push the tip through the corresponding hole and pull on the end with pliers. Try not to move the grind adjustment ring without marking where it was originally, or you may end up throwing off the grind calibration.

5. You should be able to unplug the wires from the grinder. You may need to cut the zip tie holding the wires in place.

6. Follow these steps backward to reassemble the unit once the grinder is replaced. Good luck!

Jun 09, 2015 | Saeco Royal Professional Espresso Machine

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How to replace a quarter window on 95' Ford thunderbird LX. Passenger side quarter window and what tools will I be using.

Remove the door panel, remove the window trim, remove the window regulator, Remove the window frame(push down ,then pull out from the top), Remove the broken glass from the seal, install window. Put back together in reverse order. You will need a Phillips screw driver, a drill and 1/4 bit, a 10 MM wrench or socket, 1/4 rivets X 1/2 inch long and rivet gun that handles up to 1/4 inch rivets.

May 03, 2015 | 1995 Ford Thunderbird

2 Answers

How to replace window motor

The window motor on a 1998 Jimmy is fairly easy to replace. First you will need to remove the interior door panel. To do this you will need a small socket I believe the socket required is a 6mm. You will also need a Phillips screw driver and a flat screw driver. Now if you look inside the part that you grab to shut your door you will see a little cover that you need to pop out with your flat screw driver because there are two bolts under there that you need to remove with your 6mm. Next you will have to remove a single Phillips screw from behind the door handle. After you remove the screw you will need to take your flat screw driver and pop out the cover you just unscrewed. Now you should be ready to remove the door panel. It will pop right off if you grab it by the bottem and start pulling on it. There will be a little bit of resistance because there is still little plastic clips that hold it on but this is normal and they will pull right out. Don't worry you will not brake them. Now that you have the door panel off you will have to remove the plastic from inside the door. You can either rip the plastic or cut it. Now with the plastic is removed you will be able to see the window motor. You will also notice that the motor is riveted in and in order to remove it you will have to drill them out. To do this simply take an electric drill and a drill bit that is just a little bit larger then the inside of the rivet and drill. After you have all of the rivets out all you have to do is unplugg the motor and it will come right out. Now when you replace the motor you will need to use bolts in the place of the rivets. Some times the bolts can be very difficult to get back in and truthfully this may take you the longest out of this whole process. The reason this takes so long is because there just is not alot of room to get them in there, but don't give up you will figure them out. Now finally after you have your motor bolts in you simply put every thing back together the same you took it apart. I hope this helps you out and good luck.

Aug 28, 2011 | 1998 GMC Jimmy

1 Answer

I think the belt is off or broken in the cleaning head, but need to get it apart and don't know how

It appears to be the same cleaning head on my model # 116, if so, there are two phillips screws underneath that must be removed. Also remove the two phillips screws on the collar above the head where the wand tube enters. Then there are four plastic retention clips that can be released with a flat head screwdriver. When lifting twist the collar assy that remains on the cleaning head to allow the top plastic cover to come away from the cleaning head. Once off, th brush and belt are easy to access.

Feb 13, 2011 | Kenmore 23913 Progressive PowerMate Bagged...

1 Answer

I need to put the top vent back together electric fry pan

Fix #1
These are usually riveted on. If you can find a small enough aluminum pop rivet (most lids are aluminum), you could pin it back together with that. The tricky part is ensuring that the rivet allows the vent to rotate between the opened and closed positions. I suggest cutting out two pieces of non-corrugated cardboard from a cereal box and punching out a hole in each the same diameter as the rivet. Use one on each side of the lid for a washer for the rivet. Include an aluminum washer for the tail end of the rivet. Your parts stack from the inside of the lid should be rivet (head end), cardboard washer, vent piece, lid, cardboard washer, metal washer. The pop rivet will be compressed against the metal washer on the outside when you operate the riveting tool. I suggest having the head on the inside of the lid because it will be easier to clean.

After you compress the rivet, tear the cardboard washers out. The vent should now pivot correctly.

Fix # 2
Use a 2-56 x 1/4 stainless steel screw (or similar metric size) and two stainless steel nuts. Assemble the vent to the lid using the screw and one of the nuts. Tighten the nut only until it starts to drag on the vent, then back it off slightly. Next, put the other nut on. Hold the first nut in place and tighten the second nut down onto it to lock it in place on the screw. The vent should still turn freely, but the nuts won't come off without tools if you did it properly.

Do not use plated or plain steel hardware. These will contaminate your food.

Oct 30, 2009 | Presto 06821 Electric Skillet

4 Answers

How to disassemble Braun 4505 shaver. Cutter stopped working.

You want to go to this site and get a repair manual.
Follow the instruction and remove the swivel head. Then remove the 2 screws at the bottom. I still have problem sliding the two side head support off.

Apr 08, 2009 | Braun 4501 Electric Shaver

1 Answer


remove your window motor from door usually 3 bolts hold it on or 3 rivets. if its riveted you need to drill them out . once the motor is removed you will see a black back plate held on by one small screw. remove this and pull the plate off and you will see a gear, remove the gear and you should see pieces of plastic shreded up in the motor. clean it out go buy a plastic toilet bowl screwand use the smooth side of the screw cut doown to fit in the motor with the gear on top .. it will need three pieces in there. put the gear back in reassemble the motor and test it before you put it back on it should work fine for several years. cost of DIY maybe $3. its not hard to do. ford sells a rebuilt kit but they would rather sell you a now window motor

Mar 28, 2009 | 1992 Mercury Grand Marquis

1 Answer

Ginding problems, all clogged up

Follow these instructions to put grinder back together...

Items needed to clean grinder
1- #2 Phillips head screw driver
1 Cleaning brush
Remove all beans from the bean hopper, vacuum out any
beans that cannot be scooped out by hand.
Remove the front and back screws and pull off bean hopper
container from the machine. (Note: The rear screw is longer
than the front screw.)
Note: Doser adjustment knob is available only on Vienna
Digital and Vienna Deluxe Rapid Steam.
Place screws in a safe place so that they will not be lost.
Cleaning the Grinder Viennas
back screw
front screw
Before beginning to clean the grinder please be sure to turn the machine off and unplug it from the wall
socket. Grinder Tip: Using an oily bean will cause the coffee to build up quickly and clog the grinder.
Saeco recommends using a medium to dark colored bean that is not oily.
After cleaning the grinder and then brewing a cup of coffee it may take 2-3 grinding cycles for the machine
to dispense coffee.
Step 1:
Remove the black rubber gasket, then vacuum additional beans or grinds from the grinder area (Fig. 1).
Rotate the outer ring of the grinder counter-clockwise until the red line is at the 12 o'clock position (as
viewed from the front of the machine) or until the red line on the outer ring is 180º from the opposite red
line on inner burr ring (Fig. 2).
Lift the inner burr ring out of the assembly (Fig. 3).
Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3
Step 2:
Vacuum out any residual grinds from inside the grinder and clean the grinder burrs using the cleaning
brush (Fig. 5). Clean out the grinder coffee chute using the end of the cleaning brush (Fig. 5).
Remove the drip tray, open the service door, remove the dregdrawer and brew group. Gently pull
down the coffee doser door and brush out any ground coffee that may be inside the chute (Fig. 6).
Be sure that the red line on the outer ring is still in the 12 o'clock position. Place the inner burr ring back
into the grinder making sure the red line on the inner burr is at the 6 o'clock position or 180º opposite from
the red line on the outer ring (Fig. 2). Once the inner burr ring is in place, rotate the outer ring clockwise
until it will not turn any further. At this time the two red lines should be aligned. The grinder is now at the
"0" position. Replace black round rubber gasket (Fig. 7).
Take the bean hopper container and rotate the grinder adjustment wheel to zero (0) (Fig. 8) and the doser
adjustment knob to the minus symbol (-) (Fig. 9). Slide the doser adjustment gear toward the left of the
machine until it stops. (Note: The Vienna Black does not have a doser adjustment knob. Only the Vienna
Digital & Vienna Deluxe Rapid Steam have a doser adjustment wheel.)
Reinstall the bean hopper container being sure to use the LONG screw in the back, then replace the finger
guard using the short screw in the front of the container. Once the bean hopper container has been
reinstalled, rotate each knob through the full range of motion. The grinder knob should rotate from (0) to
(18) and back, and the doser knob from the minus symbol (-) to plus symbol (+) and back.
Place the grinder adjustment knob at the eight (8) position and place the doser knob at the halfway
point between the plus symbol (+) and the minus symbol (-) symbol, or to your preferred settings.
For questions or concerns please contact Saeco Customer Service
at 800.933.7876 or email at [email protected]
Figure 4 Figure 5 Figure 6
Figure 7 Figure 8 Figure 9

Jan 12, 2009 | Saeco Vienna De Luxe Espresso Machine

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