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Question about PfaFF Quilt & Craft Pro 7530

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How to adjust bobbin thread tension

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SOURCE: Bobbin thread breaks

Make sure your bobbin thread is turning clockwise as it sits in the bobbin case. There is a screw on the outside of the bobbin case you can turn with your thumb slightly to adjust tension. If you dangle the case from the thread and give it a light ****, it should move down slightly when doing so-an indicator of good bobbin tension.

Posted on May 20, 2008



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SOURCE: pfaff 7570 bobbin tension

Check this link, it is threading diagrams, hope it can help you.

Posted on Aug 09, 2008

Page Gettman

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SOURCE: Bottom (bobbin thread) makes loops

I don't have the same brand as yours, but on my machine there is a little screw on the bobbin case that you tighten to increase the bobbin tension. If you've got one, turn it 1/8 to 1/4 turn at a time.

Posted on Jan 24, 2009


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SOURCE: thread or bobbin tension

Thread tension. Beware of adjusting the bobbin screw. Pfaffs maintain their tensions just fine without adjusting the bobbin tension, unless you're using some crazy thick or fine thread. If you must change your bobbin tension, you would be well-advised to buy an extra bobbin case, because re-calibrating your tensions after changing them can be less than fun.

Increase your top tension, and your looping should cease. I normally keep my tension around 4.5. Also make sure you're using a good quality thread, and that there's nothing in the upper tension assemblies. Sometimes a tiny piece of debris can keep the top tension from applying enough tension, so turning the machine off and blowing some canned air in there can help as well.

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Posted on Mar 11, 2009


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SOURCE: can not get thread tension on hobby 1200 grand

Adjusted the dial to the right until the stitches we better.

Posted on Dec 27, 2009

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My bobbin thread is showing through on front please help

Loosen your top tension. If it is too tight, it will pull the bobbin thread to the top of the fabric. If it continues, then it may have to do with the thread weight you are using in the bobbin or the bobbin tension needs to tightened slightly. HOWEVER, adjusting the bobbin tension is usually a last attempt. It is a sensitive adjustment.

I frequently use a lighter weight thread for quilting and need to adjust the bobbin tension. So, I have a separate bobbin case that is adjusted for that purpose only. Having to adjust the bobbin tension every time one changes the thread weight is a real pain. For most general sewing, the factory set bobbin tension should be sufficient.

Understanding Thread Tension Threads

Try sewing but bottom thread on fabric is crumpING UP

needle thread tension is not adjusted up properly tighten the setting until you have resistance when you pull the thread to thread the needle

How do I adjust tension on the bobbin?

First of all, be absolutely certain that the problems being experienced are not a result of the upper thread tension, ie threading when the presser foot is not in the up position, thread pathway is correct, a brand-new needle compatible with the thread and fabric, etc.

Before making any adjustments to the bobbin tension, be sure to mark the bobbin case where the skrew slot sets with permanent marker or a small drop of nail polish. This will allow you to reset it to original should your adjustments not be successful. And, make only minor movements of the tension adjustment, ie 1/8th of a turn, then re-test, before making another adjustment. Tiny incremental changes will make a huge difference in the outcome.

Understanding Bobbin Tension

Bobbin Tension How and Why Tension is Adjusted

Understanding Thread Tension Threads


Why is the bobbin thread bunching up?

if your saying that your bobbin thread is balling up under the platen plate , this is a sure sign that your top thread tension is not correct and there isn't enough tension to pull the bobbin thread up from below

Loose stitches when using zipper foot.

If it has been a while since the needle has been changed, doing so may be helpful. Also be sure to use a sharp needle that will more easily penetrate the zipper tape.

Be sure that you are actually lowering the presser foot before stitching (this most likely isn't the case--just a thought).

Most machines also have a presser foot pressure adjustment that can be loosened or tightened to accommodate different thickness of fabric and the amount of pressure applied by the zipper foot on the fabric and the feed dogs. Experimenting with that pressure adjustment may be helpful.

Some bobbin cases also have a finger extension with a hole through it. If you are experiencing issues with bobbin tension, sometimes threading the bobbin thread through that finger will help even out bobbin tension.

Using lighter weight thread will also affect the resulting thread tension. If the bobbin case is wound with light weight thread, the bobbin tension will not operate the same as it would with standard weight thread. Light weight thread in the bobbin will cause looser tension, but heavier thread will cause a tighter tension.

Technicians use a standard weight thread to test tension on a machine, but if you use a different weight thread, then your results most likely will not be the same.

Bobbin Tension How and Why Tension is Adjusted

How can properly adjust my tension

Understanding Thread Tension Threads

Most tension adjustments can be accomplished via the upper tension. However, there are times when the bobbin needs to be adjusted. Sewists are frequently nervous about adjusting bobbin tension. It is important to mark with permanent marker where the skrew-slot is positioned on the bobbin case BEFORE attempting any adjustments (at least if you need to return it to the original setting, you'll know where it was). Make only 1/8 turn adjustments at a time and re-test. (Righty-tighty, Lefty-loosey!) Sewists who frequently use different weight threads in their machine will often have an extra bobbin case that is set up specifically for that thread weight so they don't have to manipulate the bobbin case every time a thread is changed.


Bobbin thread is straight adjusting upper tension does nothing

Remove the upper thread. RAISE the presser foot and rethread from the beginning. (This opens the tension disk so the thread will seat properly.)

Set the upper tension to the midway point between high & low number and retest your stitch. See if the upper tension is now controlling the upper thread. You may have to move the upper tension a bit to achieve the optimum tension. Both upper and bobbin thread should meet in the middle of the fabric.

If the bobbin thread is really tight and holding the upper thread down, then the bobbin case needs a tension adjustment. Search the internet for instructions to adjust bobbin tension.

The bobbin thread shows to the front. Does the bobbin or thread tension need adjusted

Generally, tension adjustments are made using the upper thread tension. Most likely the upper tension is set too tight and is pulling the bobbin thread up. Loosen the upper tension and try again. Tension is accurate when the upper thread and bobbin thread meet in the middle of the fabric. Whenever fabric, thread & needle are changed, there may be a need to adjust the upper tension.

HINT: When threading the upper thread, make sure the presser foot is RAISED during threading to make sure the upper tension disks are open and the thread seats properly.

Bobbin tension is only adjusted when the tensions are way out of whack. Only slight turns of the bobbin case tension screw are made in graduated movements and testing occurs after each adjustment.


How do to adjust the bobbin tension? Do I need to remove the throat plate and loosen the screws that hold the bobbin mechanism in place so I can get to the tension screw?

the tension screw for the bobbin thread is on the side of the bobbin carrier
that bit that you put the full bobbin in to clip it back onto the machine
t there is a small spring plate that you pull the bobbin thread under when you put the bobbin back in the carrier and you pull the thread down a slot and under that spring plate
the tension is adjusted by that small screw that holds that plate on
only very small adjustments make a lot of difference to the tension
don't touch any other screws or you will alter the needle /hook timing and that will put you a pickle

Difficulty adjusting tension to avoid bobbin looping

it sounds like your bobbin tension is too tight. to adjust bobbin tension, remove bobbin case (remove needle plate first) and adjust bobbin tension screw on side of case until bobbin thread has a slight resistance as you pull it through the bobbin case.

this will be trial and error until you get best result. you should always try and match top and bottom threads. if the top thread is quite thick you may have continue to increase needle thread tension until balanced.

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