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Ld14aw3 error code 0e lg dishwasher

Had a problem with the dishwasher motor making a loud grinding noise which I assumed was the bearings so I replaced the motor. Grinding noise disappeared but I am now getting an OE error about 5-10 minutes into any wash program I choose. Checked drainage hose for kinks and blockages, all okay. Problem still there. Removed drainage pump and found a small chip of ceramic debris, removed it put dishawasher back together, OE error still there. Decided to replace drainage pump, OE error still there. Not sure what else to do. I did read on one help blog that sometimes the valve inside the drain line gets stuck, haven't checked this yet. Starting to pull my hair out, this is very frustrating. Any help/advice would be appreciated

Posted by Mike on

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  • MS_WI_3013 Apr 09, 2014

    Hi Mike , I want to help you with your problem, but I need more information from you. Can you please add details in the comment box? When you begin a cycle, does the unit fill with water? When the OE fault occurs, is there any water in the dishwasher?

  • Mike
    Mike Apr 09, 2014

    Hi, yes the dishwasher does fill with water and starts the wash cycle, it is only when it tries to drain the water that the OE error appears. I understand that there is a valve adjacent to the drain pump which has the potential to block so that will be my next target but I am getting sick of disconnecting the hoses then removing the dishwasher from it's cavity, dismantling it, trying to fix it and then putting it all back together only to find the fault is still there, so any help would be appreciated.

  • MS_WI_3013 Apr 10, 2014

    Ok, a couple more questions if you don't mind.

    1-Does the drain pump actually start when it tries to pump out. ie: can you hear it running.

    2-IF it is running, is it pumping out the water, in any amount. OR is it pumping out completely.

    3-How much water is going into the d/w at fill? Water level should almost reach the door inside.

    4-Are there a lot of suds in the tank? (inside the d/w)

    5-Is the d/w connected to a disposal under the sink?

    6-does the main wash motor start after filling?

    Try this and report back.
    Start a cycle, let it fill and begin to wash. Open the door. How much water in the tank? Then, cancel the cycle. Does the drain pump start? if so will it complete the drain and then stop/shut down/go idle?

  • MS_WI_3013 Apr 10, 2014

    Mike, re-read you last post, the vario valve will not cause the unit to stop draining or cause an OE fault if that it the valve you are referring to.

  • Mike
    Mike Apr 10, 2014

    1 & 2. The pump sounds like it is working and I can hear a little trickle of water in through the sink drainage, but then it stops. 3. The water may not exactly be up to the door level but the bottom of the dishwasher is covered by water. 4. There aren't any suds in the dishwasher because the OE error occurs prior to the dishwasher powder being released into the dishwasher. 5. The dishwasher drainage is connected to our sink drainage pipe. 6. The main wash motor does start. Only replaced this a few weeks ago due to a grinding noise which I assumed was the bearings. As far as starting a wash cycle and then cancelling it, to cancel a cycle you just turn the dishwasher off which leaves the water sitting in the bottom of the unit. Regarding the valve, I was reading on another help site, a reply to someone elses OE problem and the technician mentioned that there was a valve in the drain line near the drain pump which only moves in one direction and sometimes gets stuck.

  • MS_WI_3013 Apr 10, 2014

    Ok mike. Some models have a key press, single or combo to cancel, the unit will then go into drain and shut down. Yours does not. The valve you are referring to, backflow preventer, is just a rubber flapper located on the outlet side of the drain pump. Its possible that the flapper is pushed in towards the inside of the pump preventing water from flowing.

    If the pump motor is working, then you have a restriction what I would do next is to remove the hose from the drain pump, verify the rubber flapper is free to move, and verify that there is nothing in the drain hose from the d/w to the sink. If the flapper is free to move, remove the drain pump and inspect for anything blocking water flow or in the pump cavity.

    LG dishwashers are a bugger to diagnose and get back into operation sometimes.

  • Mike
    Mike Apr 10, 2014

    Hi again. This is probably going to sound crazy but......I decided to run the dishwasher again to see if it had fixed itself (Ha Ha) as it had been idel for a few days. It ran through its first wash cycle which takes about 18 minutes and when it got to its first drain cycle the OE error reoccurred. I pressed the 'continue' (Start) button to see if it would restart the drain cycle but it just sat there trying to drain but not draining. So....more out of frustration than anything else I gave the dishwasher a good shake and the dishwasher started to drain. This happened again later, same thing OE error, dishwasher stops, give it a shake and it restarts. What does this mean????

  • Mike
    Mike Apr 10, 2014

    Decided to disconnect the drainage hose from the sink pipe and submerge it in a bucket of water to maintain an airtight seal, discovered that when the dishwasher does drain it is a mere trickle which tends to suggest to me that there is a blockage somewhere (can't be the pump cause it's brand new). Maybe the dishwasher is draining so slowly that the control system doesn't detect that it is draining and it then signals the OE error. Will keep investigating.

  • MS_WI_3013 Apr 10, 2014

    Hi Mike, Yes, the dishwasher has to drain within a certain amount of time else the control will pause the drain cycle and set a fault code, in your case an OE fault. There is no pressure sensor, but the d/w uses the main wash motor to detect the presence of water. If you shaking the unit cause the drain to flow normally, there is something blocking the pump. My suggestion is to drain the unit, pull the pump and pump hose and inspect it. I am wondering is there is maybe a shipping peanut that may have been lodged in the main wash motor ( if it came shipped in those ) and was expelled and is getting stuck. Since the drain pump will go to full flow, then it has the potential to work correctly. I know it'd a pain, but pull that pump and take a look. You may also want to consider taking the top of the sump apart, inside the d/w, and taking a look. Also, check the air guide too on the left side of the machine and make sure there is nothing blocking flow. Since this looks like a UK built unit, there maybe a check ball in the air guide I am not aware of. I am going to give you a link here to download a copy of the service manual.

    Been working on LG's for years, they are a frustrating machine.

    Mike S.
    CEO / Technical Manager
    LakePoint Appliance Service, LLC

  • Mike
    Mike Apr 10, 2014

    Hi Mike. I have the dishwasher in pieces at the moment, have checked all hoses, pumps and drainage points, there are no blockages. Chacked the air guide, it has a one way flap/valve a dn while there was a little bit of debris around it (which I have now removed), it seemed to be moving freely. Just a thought, when I replaced the drain age pump and main motor recently, if when fitting, an air tight seal was not established woud this have an effect, should I smear the joints with a little vaseline? Also, because of the configuration of our kitchen cupboards the drainage hose when it exits the dishwasher travels horizontally for about 600mm before travelling vertically to the sink drainage connection (I doubt this would be aproblem as the configuration has been the same for the whole time we've had the dishwasher). No shipping peanut, dishwasher is about 8 years old and worked perfectly up until a couple of weeks ago. Not sure where esle to go from here, will wait to hear from you before re-assembling the unit. Thanks

  • MS_WI_3013 Apr 11, 2014

    Ah LG's..
    Another question or two. The drain hose leaving the d/w. When you pulled it out the first time to service the main pump, did you put the drain hose back in the exact position it was in? If your European model is like the us model when the drain hose exits the base, it runs to the air guide/vacuum break,then to the sink or standpipe. The drain hose that comes out of the air break MUST run up at the dishwasher to a min of 28 inches or 700mm or so high. The reason for this is when the d/w fills, if the hose runs flat for to long, when it fills, it is also filling the hose, and there will be to much water in the unit and time out and throw a OE fault. Now, why it started to drain normally when shaking it, I have ZERO clue. It is possible that the shake initiated a siphon effect??? I just have no answer to that one. Those air/vacuum breaks are a pain in the, well, you know. Reassemble the unit, I dont think there is anything wrong with the pump or anything else in the unit. You put a new one on right? I am now convinced this is a drain hose issue. Did you put the drain hose back in the same way you took it out through the cabinets initially? Change anything? In practice, when the drain hose comes out of the air break, it should go right up and over to the sink, 24 inches minimum. ( here in the US )

  • Mike
    Mike Apr 11, 2014

    Reassembled unit and made sure the drainage hose had a high loop in it, the dishwasher ran through its full cycle with no errors. So I'm not sure whether this resolves the problem or whether the dishwasher is just toying with me. I was able to hang the drainage hose up higher than it normally would be because I've got the dishwasher sitting in the middle of my kitchen, not in the cavity where it is normally housed. If the drainage problem is due to the hose then I will have to do some remodelling in my kitchen cupboards to enable me to hang the hose higher. I don't really understand why the dishwasher has worked fine for a number of years with the hose running horizontally and now it doesn't. Ho Hum, I don't think I would make a very good dishwasher fault diagnoser.

  • MS_WI_3013 Apr 11, 2014

    Good! The hose was originally set in place just right to where it did work, but it was probably always on the edge of faulting out. If it ran through a full cycle with no issues, then I think problem solved. In this business, we accept things like your problem, as bizarre, can't explain why, and wont try. Although it is much easier to diagnose with the appliance right in front of you. Give it perhaps one more cycle, and if there are no issues, put it back in the hole, just make sure to route the hose.

  • Mike
    Mike Apr 12, 2014

    Hi again. I returned the dishwasher to its cavity after my first success and rejigged the drainage hose so it has a high loop. Ran the dishwasher through a longer cycle today and it ran perfectly. I'm hoping the problem is now solved. Thank you so much for all of your help, I really appreciate it. It is good to have someone to bounce ideas off.



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LD 14AW3 Service Manual pdf

Mike - Here is the service manual.

Use - ld14aw3

Posted on Apr 10, 2014


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SOURCE: Loud Whining/Humming noise while washing

It's noisy If your dishwasher seems noisy, check these:

Water-inlet valve
Heater fan
Water-inlet valve An aging water-inlet valve can sometimes fail slowly, rather than all at once. It can shudder on and off rapidly, causing the incoming water lines to shake, rumble, and rattle--sometimes violently. If yours is doing this, replace the inlet valve.

Motor If it's the motor that's noisy, either of these may be the "culprit:"

  • As motor bearings wear out, they can become quite loud when the motor runs. They wear out quickly if they frequently get wet, because the water washes away the motor bearing grease. Bearings can get wet if the spin seal is defective. Then there will also be water leaking onto the floor beneath the dishwasher. Replace the seal if it leaks (read about the main tub seal in the "It leaks" section, later).

  • If, from beneath the dishwasher, you can see a round, plastic disc that's mounted to the top of the motor (a "slinger"), it may have broken free of the motor shaft. If so, it could be rattling around the shaft while the motor is running. If that's the problem, you need to replace the motor.

Heater fan If the heater fan bearings are rusted or worn, they may squeal, or scrape loudly during the drying cycle. If this is the problem, replace the fan motor. Alternatively, the fan blade may be loose. If so, you need to replace it.

Pump Small fruit pits, toothpicks, and fragments of glass sometimes get stuck in the pump. When this happens, open the pump and remove the debris. The pump is usually mounted directly to the motor, then attached to the bottom of the dishwasher.

To get to the pump, you usually need to remove the lower rack, the spray arms, and the spray arm support from the inside of your dishwasher. A dishwasher pump isn't obvious. Look for an impeller--a round, plastic fan blade-type device that spins around and pushes the water toward the drain. When you can see the drain impeller, you should be able to see the clogging debris.

Posted on Mar 22, 2008



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SOURCE: maytag quiet series 300 model mdb5601aws making noise

sounds like the macerator is bent out of shape from something going through the pump. Get a impeller kit and replace all the parts and you should lose the grinding noise. I can look up the part number if you want

Posted on Nov 25, 2008

Jeff Meyer

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SOURCE: LG Dishwasher making grinding noise then blinking E1 code 10 minutes later

Well done by resolving this problem. The other way to avoid the siphoning problem through the drain hose is adding an air gap valve/connector (available at any hardware store). You can use it even if you don't have a garbage disposal in your kitchen sink. That will assure that you have the proper height of the drain hose.
Hope this helps!

Posted on Mar 30, 2009

Mukesh Kumar

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SOURCE: lg - LDS5811ST Dishwasher OE Error Code

The most common cause of an OE error code on a modern LG dishwasher is:
1. Blocked drain hose
2. Obstruction in the sump area (beneath the filter, which needs to be removed to check for onstruction)
3. Failing drain motor. 

Posted on May 06, 2009


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SOURCE: LG Dishwasher Model LD-4120M Error 0E

LG 2050 error 0E error. - You may not want to believe this but it is true!!
My dishwasher has failed with 0E error 5 times now - it has cost me R350 each time - the problem IS NOT necessarily a blocked drain hose or the drain pump it could be the thermostat micro switch!!! the thermostat is located at the rear of the right bottom side of the dishwasher(held by oval nylon plastic housing). Turn the machine off. remove the right side panel.(remove top {2screws in lid at back}, remove right panel screws {2 behind door, 3 bottom back panel, 2 behind panel below door {pull panel out from top [no screws pushes in & out of place]}. Locate oval nylon/plastic shape located as above - micro-switch is in the middle (3 wire connectors in 1 block) thermostat is 2 connectors ( 1 each side of micro-switch). use screwdriver to push thermostat back into the nylon housing on both sides (it has worked its way out a bit over time and stops the micro-switch working). Reassemble and dishwasher starts to work again!!!!
Good Luck - Alan

Posted on Oct 31, 2009

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If the dishwasher is making a loud whining noise, the drain pump or motor bearings are defective, the drain impeller or wash impeller might have worn out. All these components are part of the pump and motor assembly. It may be possible to replace one of the impellers, but the motor bearings cannot be repaired. In that case the pump and motor assembly will need to be replaced.

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Lg ldf7932ss growling noise at wash cycle

The LG is known for the main motor bearings (2 small cheap) bearings that are of poor quality and become noisy (growls) after a period of time. I pulled the motor and replaced the Korean bearings with quality German equivalents. This is cheap and solves the problem. (the front bearing closest to the plastic pump is the culprit.

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My lgis making a horrible noise and is now shoeing an e1 code dishwasher

The LG does suffer from "poor quality" motor that causes this type of noise. The main motor and pump assembly is common to give this type of problem. The pump seal leaks a small amount of water that gets onto the front bearing and causes a "grinding = humming" noise. This can be easly replaced once you have the bottom off and dishwasher on its door. The motoe has 1 screw in the back holding the motor to the bottom and two rubber seals for the water pump in/out into the washer. Just pull and move motor and pump assmbly and it comes free. Replace with a new motor and pump assembly...

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As soon as the motor starts up after the dishwasher fills, the motor makes a loud grinding noise that turns into high pitch whining. Water begins leaking from above the pump.

That shows a leaking water seal. Water would run into the motor bearings which then rust and make noise. You probably need the motor / pump kit.

May 20, 2011 | Dishwashers

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LG Dishwasher LD-1403W - loud whirring noise during wash

We had same problem machine same age, had a service person in and the found that the motor was dying. LG wouldn't cover saying that it was normal wear and tear. b

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When washer is started make loud grinding noise

Very likely the bearings in the motor have begun to fail. You can replace the motor, but for a 15 year old DW, sometimes it makes better sense to just buy a new one. Depends on the features the old DW has, vs new, vs motor replacement cost.

Reply back and we can you more.

Dec 13, 2009 | Dishwashers

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My Lg Diswasher is making a dry whinning noise all the way through while motor is running How can i tell if its the motor or the impeller Kim

The problem is indeed in the wash motor bearing.
unfortunately most motors come with complete with impeller.

You didnt mention model number so unfortunately i cannot give you a re[placement cost.

aardvark Repairs
[email protected]

Nov 17, 2009 | LG 24 in. LDF 7811 Built-in Dishwasher

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LG Dishwasher making grinding noise then blinking E1 code 10 minutes later

Well done by resolving this problem. The other way to avoid the siphoning problem through the drain hose is adding an air gap valve/connector (available at any hardware store). You can use it even if you don't have a garbage disposal in your kitchen sink. That will assure that you have the proper height of the drain hose.
Hope this helps!

Oct 22, 2008 | LG LDF6810ST Stainless Steel Built-in...

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Dishwasher Making Loud High Pitched Noise.

debris caught iside pump assy is what it sounds like

Feb 24, 2008 | Kenmore 24 in. 17032 Built-in Dishwasher

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