Question about Citizen Eco-Drive Silhouette EW869452D Wrist Watch

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Citizen eco drive cell installation

A customer came to me after he had removed the cell thinking it was a regular battery.  I am not sure of the contact orientation, can you help?


Posted by geb9282 on

  • Anonymous Sep 30, 2008

    Eco drive battery removed. Can it be reinstated. H samuel require cost of new watch to repair

  • Anonymous May 11, 2010

    I have this same question. Please help me assist my customer. Thank you



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A customer came with a eco drive watch dead. i opened the back and removed the battery. the battery was totally dead i fixed back and kept the watch in sunlight for an hour still it did not work. what could be the reason?

Posted on Oct 25, 2008


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How to change battery watche

Remove the back cover of the watch. You probably do not need a special tool to do this. The battery is likely right on top, held by a metal clip. Note the "polarity" and orientation of the battery, i.e., which end is up (take a picture, if necessary). Carefully remove the battery by gently prying up the clip that holds it in place. The battery type is engraved on it, and you will need to get a replacement of the same type or an exact equivalent. You could purchase one on-line or from Radio Shack.

With the replacement battery in hand, insert it back into its cutout within the watch mechanism, again gently prying up the clip. Make sure it's oriented the same as the original battery. Replace the watch back -- you may need to press down to make it click into place.

Sep 10, 2014 | Casio Watches

1 Answer

Battery replacement for G Shock AWG-M100

Sounds like someone has replaced the rechargeable cell with a regular silver oxide of the same dimensions. Normally this doesn't work as the rechargeable cells have a part of the connector welded to them and normal cells don't. If you can source the rechargeable cell they are relatively easy to fit you just have to make sure the connector on the cell goes into the righ tplace on the watch.

May 31, 2014 | Casio awg-m100-1a g-shock awg-m100-1aer

2 Answers

I have a polar a3 watch / hrm and tried to change the battery. I think I have every oriented correctly but it does not wake up with the new battery. Are there pictures available (say an exploded view of...

Polar A3 Watch Battery Replacement

Read all instructions first.

Once you have the back of the watch off, examine the watch and dry run the instructions in your mind. Prepare for trouble! So you can avoid it!

Work in a well lit, spacious area and NOT over a shag rug.

You\'ll need a set of jeweller\'s screwdrivers, with a couple of small philips (hex) heads and a large plate for itty bitty bits and pieces. And a Black Sharpie.

Carefully remove the back casing of the watch by removing the 4 screws. PLACE EACH INFURIATING LITTLE SCREW IN A SECURE PLACE OR SURE AS S&S, YOU WILL LOSE THEM!


Upon removing said back, you will see the battery and a half-moon shaped retaining clasp, which holds the battery in place. This clasp is narrow at one end and square at the other. You WILL also notice that each end of half-moon clasp (HMC) slips under the main metal retaining casing of the battery to hold the battery in place. Examine this carefully, and keep a mental picture of this in your mind. This is the end result that you must produce again.

Notice the orientation. Take a Black Sharpie and make a dot on the square end of the HMC and on the watch compartment, so as not to inadvertently switch the ends. (It won\'t install, but this is a nice way not to have to have a panic if you forget the orientation.)

Digital pictures are cheap. Take a picture if you\'re not the most gifted in do-it-yourself stuff. Learn from my mistakes, my young padewans!

In the half-moon clasp, you\'ll see a small circular opening at the narrowing end.

Insert the screw driver and GENTLY pry back on the screw driver, so as to warp the piece of metal--into a U shape--such that the end--where the hole that the screw driver is in--slips out from underneath the main metal casing.




For those of you who have managed to remove the one end of the half-moon clasp, gently pull the HMC, with the screwdriver in the hole, to remove it from the position.

Place HMC on plate with itty-bitty-screws.

There is a small circular indent on the edge of the battery compartment.

Place the screwdriver tip in this and gently pry up to remove the battery.

Replace the old battery, with the new one. (Set the old one aside, far aside. You think I\'m kidding? Trust me... It happens. For those of you who did not head my warning, you might want to start again! Especially those that didn\'t check to make sure the watch was running!)

Take the HMC, set it on top of the battery in the original orientation and with the screw driver, gently press down on the square end--compressing the HMC and battery--such that you are now able to slide it, the square clasp end, under the circular compartment metal lip, that the battery fits into. Excuse my dangling participle and grammar.

The other end--the narrow end--of the HMC should be sticking up.

Run through these steps in your mind to set up the best approach for yourself.

Orient the watch so you are comfortable working with it.

Insert the tip of the screwdriver end into the hole in the narrowing end of the HMC, and gently, press back on the screw driver, so as to warp the HMC, and...

The screw driver, in the hole, should provide enough friction that it doesn\'t slide in the hole. Do not insert the screw driver too far into the hole, or you will not be able to maneuver the narrow end of the HMC, guiding it with the screw driver, back under the lip of the compartment, as it was originally.

... slide the narrow end under the lip.

If all has gone well, you should be able to turn your watch over and it will be displaying...

Gobbledy-gook or nothing at all! And you\'re screwed!

Not so fast my young padewans!

Most likely, you are seeing gobbledy-gook.

This is good. It means the watch battery swap has worked.

Turn the watch back over and you will see a itty-bitty copper finger, protruding from the battery compartment edge, out over the battery.

Gently press down on this, so it touches the batter, using the screwing driver, to reset the watch.

Turn the watch over and it should be displaying the basic reset display, flashing 12HR.

If not, the battery is not seated properly.

Remove the battery and begin again.

Check to make sure you have a new fresh battery.

Otherwise, carefully install the back cover with the itty-bitty screws. (IBS)

When screwing in the IBS do not speed them in, by rolling the screw driver in your fingers against your palm.

Insert the screw, (I use fingers, you may want to use tweezers.) and place the screw driver into the head of IBS and orient the screw to a perpendicular position, then turn the screw counter-clockwise in order to set the threads, then turn 1/2 turns, clock-wise, reseating your fingers, to provide firm pressure when screwing in the IBS.

Start in one corner, and screw in the screw so that it is just loose to the case. Then do the other, opposite corner similarly, then the corner to the side (pick one...) then the opposite corner. There\'s only one left at this point...

Make sure the case is seated properly, and that you\'re satisfied with everything (No spare parts kicking around!) and repeat the proceedure, tightening the screws in the criss-cross pattern.

Reset the watch as per instructions for time and date and knock yourself out.


Apr 06, 2011 | Polar A3 Series 1902750 Wrist Watch

1 Answer

How iI open a casio 705 woman watch?

Thank you for contacting FixYa.
You will need:
  • A jeweler's screwdriver- Either flat head or Philips, depending on the model of watch.
    A cup or small box-This is to hold any screws.
  • How to change a Casio watch battery:
    1. Spread a cloth over your work area The cloth will help you avoid damaging the finish on your watch.
    2. If necessary, remove the watch band Removing the band gives you easier access to the back plate.
    3. Remove the back plate For some models this means using a screwdriver to gently pry it open, and others require removing screws. Keep small screws in a container to avoid losing them!
    4. Take note of the rubber seal Sometimes they need to be reinstalled in the same orientation. You might even want to use a marker to make a small "match mark" before removing it.
    5. Locate the battery It looks like a small metal button.
    6. Remove the battery You might need to loosen (not remove) a small screw and slide a latch out of the way. For other models, it's as simple as popping open a strap that is stretched across the cell.
    7. Install the new battery Make sure it's in the same orientation as the old one. They usually go in with the positive (+) side down.
    8. Perform a reset Do this by touching one tip of the tweezers to the AC contact, inside the watch, and the other tip to the back of the watch battery.
    9. Make sure the watch is working properly Carefully lift the watch to do this. Don't turn it over or the watch movement might fall out.
    10. Reassemble and seal the watch Perform steps one through four in reverse order to reassemble your watch.
    Best regards. Jewel

    Sep 14, 2010 | Casio Wave Ceptor WV57HA-1AV Wrist Watch

    1 Answer

    I have the 5022 module... It appears to have simply stopped. It receives light daily. None of the buttons seem to have any effect.

    Hi mdcc2000,

    No one seems to want to take a stab at this problem, possibly fearing a low rating from users with these problems. This is just a suggestion or two...anyway.

    I presume you have the manual for your watch/module #5022. If not download it from here:

    I've talked with Techs from Casio and Citizen before, who have encountered problem similar to this. Usually it was a case of no display, and needing a good "kickstart" of bright light for several minutes to start the movement (even with a new battery sometimes). From your statement, I presume you have no movement of the analog hands at all.

    I don't know the age of your watch, but it may needs a change of the rechargeable battery, and recycled back to factory status. It would probably be best for Casio or an authorized service center to do this. If you or someone else is going to attempt a battery change, try grounding across the positive and negative battery terminals for about 30 seconds before the new battery is installed. Make sure you are grounded as well, so as not to induce static electricity into the watch circuitry. This should help clear the memory and remove any lockups of the processor.

    We've all seen our pcs and laptops lockup and require a clean reboot...many times. So, it seems this can happen to small electronic devices using battery power also.

    Contact Casio at these numbers for further help:
    mark_link_def.gifFor Repair support in USA at 1-800-706-2534 during regular business hours (currently Monday-Friday 9:00a.m. - 5:00pm EST, Saturday / Sunday 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.) mark_link_def.gifFor Technical support in USA at 1-800-435-7732 during regular business hours (currently Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. - 8:00pm EST for all products, Saturday / Sunday 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m) mark_link_def.gifFor Customers in Canada at 1-800-661-2274

    I hope this will help point you in a direction to solve this problem. Thanks for bearing with me on this.

    Regards, Bill

    Sep 08, 2010 | Casio Watches

    1 Answer

    Watch indicated "low battery" Jeweler replaced the battery but the watch did not respond and remains blank. The watch goes through 2 to 3 batteries per year and light remains on too long and cannot be...


    Try resetting it - it worked for me. First, orient your watch face down (with the watch belt buckle opposite you), the new battery in and latched. Second, on the right side battery hold-down latch you will see a small metal circle (~1 mm diameter) with a black dot in the center. Take a small paper clip and touch this metal pad to the metal battery hold-down latch for about 1 second. This will reset the watch.
    Rotate the tiny donut that clips over the battery so it touches the brass spring that is next to the battery, replace the back plate. you can use a small tool to carefully lift the metal contact back up off the contact plate. Also make sure the back of the case is on tight as this also plays a role the electro mechanics of this watch.

    Let us know if you want to know something else accept the suggestion.
    Thanks for contacting

    May 27, 2010 | Timex Ironman Data Link 5C291 Wrist Watch

    2 Answers


    could be following reason
    1, you did not put case back correctly,
    2, small spring which connect watch movement from caseback for chime lost during battery change ,
    3, may be required reset of AC & Battery plus ,, by twizer
    hope this help

    AmFix Jewelry2.gif & Watch Repair
    203 N. LaSalle st
    Chicago, IL 60601
    Ph: 312 641 7000
    email: [email protected]

    Sep 14, 2009 | Timex Ironman 30 Lap 53952 Wrist Watch

    1 Answer

    I replaced my Raymond Weil watch battery with the same one that had been in it (#371). I am having a hard time getting the face to sit in crystal flat, plus can not get it working. Is there a "slip-in"...

    Typically the battery should be installed - (neg) down. Ensure it's clean i.e. no finger prints, grime etc. Check it's making good contact at both neg and positive. Stem should be in neutral position. Orientation is simply that the stem locates centrally through its hole in the case. Just try wriggling it around carefully. If it doesn't go let me know who the modlule manufacturer is it should be written on the back there somewhere.

    Jul 23, 2009 | Watches

    1 Answer

    I wish to replace the battery myself, how do I do this?

    Polar tells its customers to send watches to them for battery replacement. But the Polar Fitwatch is too old (may have been introduced in 1997?), and they no longer support it. So the only solution is to replace the battery some other way.

    For most people I'd say go to a store that sells watches, they'll replace the battery for a fee.

    For those who are handy, you can replace it yourself. I did mine yesterday.

    The battery is a common type - CR 2032.

    You'll need a small screwdriver, philips type, I think. Maybe around 00, or thereabouts. And you need tweezers, preferably with a rubberized grip.

    There are four screws holding the back plate. Remove three, and loosen the fourth. Slide the back plate aside.

    I unscrewed the screws, then used the tweezers to take them out. They're a bit small for your fingers to get a good grip on them.

    The battery is held by a plastic holder that's held by 4 screws. These are (to my eyes) slightly smaller than the ones holding the back plate, so please keep those separate - and keep track of all the screws.

    Remove the plastic holder, and make sure you keep track of the spring that's between the holder and the back plate. It'll likely fall out when you turn the holder over.

    The holder keeps the battery with a small prong, but it's easy to slide out the battery. Replace the battery, getting the orientation right, making sure you don't touch either side with your bare fingers. This part is easier than it sounds.

    Replace the holder, and of course you noted beforehand what the orientation was, so you get it in the same position.

    Use the tweezers to drop each screw into its hole, then screw it in.

    By this time, the watch will probably start beeping when you tighten one of the screws, because you depress one of the buttons on the front.

    Put the spring back in its hole, then slide the backplate back into place, and drop the screws in place with tweezers and tighten one by one.

    You should be able to find a manual (which doesn't cover battery replacement procedure) by searching for polar fitwatch manual.

    Apr 28, 2009 | Watches

    1 Answer

    Men's Timex Indiglo large face watch battery problem.

    Remove the battery and check the contacts at the bottom of the cavity to be sure they haven't gotten mashed flat. The cell should seat firmly in the cavity, not just rest in it. Be sure the back is seated firmly.

    Feb 19, 2018 | Timex Expedition 40141 Wristwatch

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