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Brother DB2-B755-3 industrial sewing machine

Dear Industrial sewing machine operators,

My friend bought this sewing machine and I can't find a manual or any information on how to thread it properly and make it work. I do not believe it is broken at this point. I think I don't know how to operate it properly.

Can you help?


Posted by vixmusic01 on

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  • speedlaw Jan 08, 2008

    Same problem. Just bought machine and need manual, parts list and supplier of parts. Thanks.

  • vixmusic01 Jan 13, 2008

    Thanks Seafeather!

    I posted this for a friend, so I will ask if they want the .pdf.

    Very helpful.

  • vixmusic01 Jan 14, 2008

    Thanks Seafeather!

    I posted this for a friend, so I will ask if they want the .pdf.

    Very helpful.

  • zulu023 Feb 02, 2008

    plz sen me pdf

  • pjneerb Feb 02, 2008

    I have the same problem. DB 2-B758-3
    I can't figure out how to thread the machine.
    Can anyone help and email me...manual or directions.
    Thank you in advance.

  • sefo Feb 13, 2008

    please can someone send me a copy of the manual if they have it?



  • Louise Brownlee Feb 27, 2008

    I have just bought an second hand Brother Industrial and I can't make it sew, can someone share how to thread it correctly with me?

  • two2tandem Mar 08, 2008

    Also looking for the manual for db2 Brother b755-3. Thanks

  • suffolkannie Mar 16, 2008

    I too have just got a Brother DB2 B755-3 industrial machine and would love a manual to show how to adjust it.

    Thanks, Annie

  • friskipot Apr 07, 2008

    I have also just got a Brother DB2 B755-3 industrial machine and would love a manual to show how to adjust it.


  • hawthornhedg May 23, 2008

    Please please could I have the pdf? I have had my machine serviced (at great cost) and know that it works OK but find it far too fast for normal sewing jobs and wonder if there is a way of slowing it down by adjusting the pedal. I remember seeing someone using the machine to repair harness once but can't imagine how they controlled it.

  • junkmansam May 31, 2008

    hi, could i have the pdf manual to please. would be a great help. [email protected] cheers, sam.

  • rena555 May 31, 2008

    Hi Seafeather,
    I would really appreciate a copy of the DB2-755-3 manual.
    Thank you,

  • chellrocious Jun 01, 2008

    I really need to get the brother db2-b755-3 manuel [email protected]

  • mandsleigh Jun 03, 2008

    Hello Seafever. I would really appreciate a pdf copy of the manual. I've searched everywhere. Mail is: [email protected] Thank you, thank you!

  • J-Boz Jun 30, 2008


    I also have a Brother DB2-B755-3 and would greatly appreciate a PDF copy of the manual.

    if someone coould please email it to me at [email protected]

    thanks so much!

  • Anonymous Jul 08, 2008

    I also have the Brother DB2-B755-3 Industrial Sewing Machine, but cannot seem to be able to thread it properly.

    I received no instructions at all with the machine,and I was wondering if anyone could please send me a copy of the instruction manual.

    Many thanks

  • Anonymous Aug 08, 2008

    hello could some one out there send me a copy of the user manual for a brother DB2-755-3 as i am having trouble with it thank you i am trying to machine with a thicker thread and it wont machine i get two stitches and thread breaks julie

  • isaros Aug 14, 2008

    I have just bought a Brother Industrial seing machine DB755-2 but without a manual I don't think I can thread it or use it. Can anyone help please

  • johnpd69 Oct 21, 2008

    i have the same problem no user manual can you help mabey a copy of pdf file?


    [email protected]

  • Graeme Holdaway Oct 24, 2008

    Hi, I have also fallen into the same trap - is it possible to forward manual to [email protected]. Many thanks - Graeme

  • everbrito Dec 07, 2008


    I have a DB2-B755-3 Could you please email the PDF to me also
    [email protected]


  • brightwood Dec 20, 2008

    Hi , I also require a manual for a DB2 B755 3, if anybody out there could send me a PDF copy it would be very much appreciated.


    [email protected]

  • mai_cha20 Dec 23, 2008

    I've also bought a brother DB2-B755-3 and missing a manual book, and i just can't get the machine working.

  • mysuccessuni Dec 27, 2008

    After reading this ace site, you seem to be helping a lot of people out with a copy of the manual/pdf.
    if you can i will REALLY APPRECIATE a copy, i have looked all over the internet, for hours.... just can't find it????
    If you will be kind enough to send me a copy to me... if i need to pay i can send this to you - no probs - or an exchange???
    my email is [email protected]

    many thanks

  • Anonymous Dec 31, 2008

    also having problems can you please send pdf file

    [email protected]

  • Sofabelgium Jan 02, 2009

    I also would like to have a pdf of the user guide.


  • Anonymous Jan 15, 2009

    no manual and dont know how to thread it

  • mikerbot Jan 24, 2009

    Anyone have any luck getting that manual?

    If so, please please email it to me, I'll find a place to host it online so no one will have to go through this again. Thanks for your time


    [email protected]

  • laura848 Jan 31, 2009

    hello could someone kindly email the pdf along to me for this model thanks
    [email protected]

  • zuppyonfire Feb 21, 2009

    Hi there I also have no manual, please could i have a pdf file?
    [email protected]

  • Anonymous Feb 23, 2009

    I also would like to get the user's manual. I have some troubles with adjusting the top thread tension on my brother DB2-B755-100, and when I go back and forth, the bottom thread makes some knots.

  • mmccrr1979 Feb 23, 2009

    I also would like to get the user's manual. I have some troubles with adjusting the top thread tension on my brother DB2-B755-100, and when I go back and forth, the bottom thread makes some knots.

  • hotrods Mar 11, 2009

    I also have the same problem with my DB2-B755-3 I can't seem to thread it correctly the thread keeps breaking. Would you have a copy of the manual that you can send to me by PDF to [email protected]


  • collies Mar 15, 2009

    Hi. I am new to this site and have noticed a lot of people are asking for help getting a Manual/Instructions for the Brother DB2 b755-3, i have recently bought a second hand one and am having problems with the bobbin not wanting to thread and have run out of idea's for it and am desperate to get it going as the work is pilling up !!! If payment is required that is not an issue through paypal.
    My email adress is [email protected]
    Many Thanks

  • Anonymous Mar 30, 2009

    Please would you email the PDF. I have DB B755-3. How does the wirecoils posision because she was rotated on her axel. Please email to [email protected]

    Thank you

  • richieroo Apr 11, 2009

    hi i also have a brother db2-b755-3 with no instruction manuel if someone could please send me a pdf i would be ever so grateful, [email protected], thanks in advance.

  • HANAWIND Apr 28, 2009


    I'm looking for a manual ("user", or "service" manual for BROTHER DB2-B755-100) - anyone got one? Could he/she email it to me, please? (Got a second-hand machine, it appears some rather uniportant parts are missing...)

    My email address: [email protected]

    Thanks in advance

  • elice_riet May 04, 2009

    hi seafather,

    I have a DB2-B755, also an industrial machine. Can you please send me the manual?? thanks so much

    emai: [email protected]

  • Anonymous Mar 20, 2014




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I have the manual in pdf form here

Posted on May 12, 2009



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Seems this industrial machine is branded with several well known makes. I have purchased the machine direct with the manufacturerTamata and the model is a PF8500 which is branded as a Brother SL7553A or Brother DB2-B755 - Also known as Wimsew High Speed Lockstitch Industrial sewing machine.

Posted on Jan 13, 2008



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Re: query by hawthornhedg

Please please could I have the pdf? I have had my machine serviced (at great cost) and know that it works OK but find it far too fast for normal sewing jobs and wonder if there is a way of slowing it down by adjusting the pedal.


I know that this thread -and your question- is tad dated, but since nobody answered I decided to post my explanations. Besides, those are rather "universal" issues, so others might benefit from my advices as well.

About the manual:

The manual, as a pdf file is available, surprise surprise ;-) on... website:

It is NOT the same manual that was available here - it is kinda abbridged, multi-lingual version - but it still contains all the info about various adjustments and user-serviceable parts.

Abridging in this case means getting rid of all that superfuous "safety precautions", like "don't drink the lubricating oil", "don't sew through your fingers with dirty needles" - and other such pieces of wisdom.

If one cannot live without abovementioned knowledge and sophistication, please do visit this page in few days time - I just exchanged few emails with the user mikerbot, to whom I just sent that "bigger" manual - and he's going to upload it on some filesharing service and post the link to it here.

Posted on Dec 14, 2011

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  • HANAWIND Dec 14, 2011

    About the "slowing down the machine" (and "regulating the pedal"):

    The "pedal" only operates the clutch - providing you've got a standard, flywheel-and-clutch sewing machine motor on your Brother (or Yuki, or Whatnot Brand), either single- or triple phase (doesn't really matter which).

    In this case the clutch (pedal-operated) is not really meant to "regulate" the speed (the "top speed", at least), but to provide soft ("smooth") start for the machine - and TEMPORARY only "speed adjustments". (You can use it for that purpose, for example, when starting or stopping making a seam, or when doing some "small and precise jobs".)

    But the clutch is just that - a clutch - a single disc, "dry" friction clutch (see

    Perhaps (I guess so) by "too fast" you meant that the machine starts too suddenly ("jerks") when clutch pedal is depressed - in that case the problem is not really with a "regulation", but -most likely- with too dry disc friction facing (a.k.a. clutch pads).

    Although technically it is a "dry" clutch (i.e., not immersed in oil) it still should be greased with a solid grease "every now and then" (preferably, a graphite grease - although plain, regular industrial grease would also do).

    Typically, the disk friction facing is made of cork, and it slowly wears off during normal machine use. (Some manufacturers, like then-East German or Chechoslovak ones used formaldehyde resin pads, which are to be used REALLY dry - no grease at all - and are nearly service-free and could last almost a lifetime - but, AFAIK, MOST manufacturers use cork pads.)

    Apart from regulating the free play of the clutch, one also has (which is even more important!) to apply periodically some grease on the cork pads.
    To do so one has to take apart the clutch-motor assembly (see your MOTOR owner manual; although it should be pretty simple job - a screwdriver or flat spanner, or a hex key, and three screws plus two able hands).
    Once the clutch is dismantled, spread a thin layer of a grease on the cork pads (preferably leave it overnight in warm place to let the grease "soak" into the cork), then wipe off excess of the grease and reassembly back the clutch and the "proper" motor.

    How often this procedure should be repeated? As often as needed, depending on the use of the machine - for "normal, small workshop use" one good greasing should last for at least couple of months, maybe up to a year, depending on the "style of the operator" and quality of the grease used (that's why graphite grease is recommended - graphite binds to the metal face of the flywheel and makes the whole things work smoother for longer time). 

    Also, some sewing machine motors have two (or more) points on the clutch lever, where a thin rod (or chain) connecting the lever to the pedal can be attached to - in that case try moving the rod (or chain) to the point closer to the "free" end of the lever.
    This will make the clutching action smoother, but it may require additional adjustment of free play of the clutch.

    If this solves your problem then you're set. If not, and the real problem is the top speed itself, then the solution is going to be more expensive and/ or more complicated.

  • HANAWIND Dec 14, 2011

    If you want to "slow down the machine" altogether, you can either slow down the motor itself, or increase the V-belt transmission ratio (i.e. relation of diameters of V-belt wheels on the motor and the machine).

    To slow down the motor, the best (?) and simplest way would be to use some electronic device, like VFD (Variable Frequency Drive,
    Sorry, no idea how these thingies cost - check the power rating or amperage of your motor, and then find "right" VDF device ("right" means ot the same of greater power/ amperage rating, single- or triple phase, depending on your motor).

    To slow down the machine "mechanically" one has to change the relative diameters of the V-belt transmission - either to put smaller V-belt wheel on the motor ("driving wheel"), or a bigger wheel on the machine ("receiving" or "driven wheel").
    The first is simpler in theory, but motors typically have already rather small driving wheels - so there isn't much room to adjust the ratio.
    Some motors have DOUBLE V-belt wheels (i.e. with two "groves" for belt, with different diameters) on the "power output" shaft - in that case is is a snap: one nas to move V-belt to the smaller wheel (and adjust the tension of the belt, of course).

  • HANAWIND Dec 14, 2011

    sorry, something is, uh, broken on FixYa website - I can't add the last part of the solution - pls email me directly if you want to know it



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Posted on May 24, 2010

  • bgthedalles Jan 12, 2011

    Does the user manuel you have for Brother DB2B7553 include the parts manual? BB



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I have the same need for the manual.please email to [email protected]
Thanks a ton! I need to find out what kind of oil it needs!

Posted on Aug 14, 2013


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I found a copy of the pdf for this...
$10 for a pdf!!!

Posted on Jun 03, 2012


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Hi, i also need a manual for this machine if anyone is willing to help... i clicked on the link given by flytyer58 but it isnt working :'(
if anyone would be so kind to help, plz could you email me at [email protected]. Thank you.

Posted on Dec 16, 2009


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I also have the same problem.
Can someone email me the solution to thread my DB2 B775-3 machine or the manuel?
[email protected]

Posted on Oct 15, 2009

  • Pamela Scruggs
    Pamela Scruggs Nov 05, 2013

    I am wondering if anyone knows of a You tube that shows how to thread the Brother Industries DB2-B756-3? If so please send a link to islandgirlwrites at tks


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Did you not receive an owners manual? I bought my basic machine in 1973. Refer to the manual all the time.
Since your machine is new, I would go back to the seller, and request an "owner's manual." They owe you that.
Sewing machines are 'cranky' about being threaded correctly.
My industrial machine came from a university costume shop. Someone painted directions on it - thanks be to God!
Seriously, you should have been given a manual!

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How to thread the singer 20u33? The tension assembly is new, don't know where the wire is sposed to be...

When you thread the top thread, the thread will drop down on the right side of the tension mechanism and go around the bottom (clockwise) and up the left side. Grab the thread somewhere above the tension mechanism with your right hand and then pull the toward the right (as though you are going to close the circle around the tension disk. The thread should pull on the metal wire (spring) and your thread should pop into the correct position of the tension disk. When you release the thread, the wire spring should pop back to the left. Then you will continue threading through the remaining thread guides and the take-up lever.

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Brother Industrial Machine Manual you have a manual

Brother has manuals for most of their equipment on their support page. The DB2-B736 manuals are here: . The direct link to the user's manual is .
I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells

May 10, 2014 | Brother Sewing Machines

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E-40 how to set

Here is the best advise any professional sewing machine mechanic can offer given the information you supplied.

You set your Brother industrial db2-b737-403 by turning assorted wheels, knobs and levers.

Mar 23, 2014 | Brother Sewing Machines

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Manual for kenmore 158.19461

Loads of Threading Diagrams here....
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one will be like yours...your manual ought to have a diagram too

Mar 17, 2014 | Sewing Machines

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Brother DB2-B756-5 Industrial Sewing Machine

contact brother website and go to support and click on it
you'll see online support center there will be 4 boxes , choose
number 3 customer support , it has numbers on the box and click
on it, they have a live chat, try that

Feb 12, 2013 | Sewing Machines

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Manual for singer 195KI industrial plain machine

How do you thread up and wind thread onto a industrial singer sewing machine model 195KI

Feb 05, 2013 | Sewing Machines

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Have a DDL-555 bought used. The thread bunches up on bottom.

thread loops on the bottom is a sign that it isn't threaded correctly or the tension isn't set right.

Industrial machines tend to do some strange threading procedures. Are you sure you have it threaded correctly? Two of the machines I've had required that I do a 360 around one of the tension discs. I would start there.

Also some industrial sewing thread is waxed and that wax can cause you issues in between the tension discs. Raise the presser foot and take a piece of sturdy material like canvas or denim and "floss" between those discs. It will help remove wax build up that could be keeping your tension discs from working properly.

Nov 25, 2012 | Sewing Machines

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