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Anonymous Posted on Jan 16, 2014

Black or partially back and out of focus sreen

I let it sit in the closet to long I guess.

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My bike has a flat spot at 5.000 rpm zzr1400

not car so moved to Kawasaki ZZR1400
no year told
nobody can guess year, and matters huge. for fueling or spark.
seems like fuel starvation to me, but i never go 90MPH,
sensors read wrong
or fuel pressure low
or injectors partially clogged.
gee most MC sit 90%of the time, parked in garage until spring
and the bad fuel takes its TOLL.
see it 100s of times, endless ,same with RVs ,.ATVs etc for same reasons. bad fuel effects.
flat spot is not spark, its fuel, spark is violent when bad,misfires .
so fuel it is , focus on fuel
1 ;bad fuel then filters a mess. the
2: injectors clogged (ish)
3: or ECU did it on purpose , inputs wrong make outputs wrong on all computers,ECU etc. scan the PCM? per service manual.

What do I do I have a LG washer draining out the overflow on the back

It sounds like the pipe is partially blocked and water can only get through at a slower speed. The drain at the hot water is the lowest point so that's why it is coming from there. The blockage could be anything, from debris that came in through the pipe in the service closet or a sock that made it out of the washer. Since it's after where the water is coming out of the service closet then you might be able to get a drain snake the problem but you might have to get an expert to get it cleaned out

Black Screen

I hope you know you can set the monitor at 7 different brightness levels. This is in the manual on page 24. Page 25 tells you how you can select the auto adjustment so you don't need to switch when changing from bright to dark environments.
When you say you don't know or can't see where you focus, the camera can auto focus in the centre of the screen, (even when you can't see it), only the subject in the middle of the screen must have some contrasting spaces.
But your camera has lots of possibilities to work with complete or partial manual focus. If you don't trust yourself, put the camera in automatic and only use the settings you are familiar with, so you know where the camera is doing its job and where you have to help.


Won't load right

Lacking other information due to the fact it has been in your closet, I would suggest re-installing Windows. If this does not work, then you will have to narrow it down to a hardware problem.

My toilet is a kohler low profile. There is not a

Hacked off the old seat? You mean the closet flange that connects to the sewer pipe?
That's the part that has the bolts. They go up through the toilet base.

If you have just a straight sewer pipe now, you can connect a new closet flange to it.

1.Hardware stores sell a rubber sleeve. This sleeve fits over the cast iron, or copper, or plastic PVC pipe, and the new closet flange has a stem that fits down in the sleeve. There are two large hose clamps, that come with this rubber sleeve.

The rubber sleeve is an adapter. It adapts the 4 inch sewer pipe, down to the 3 inch stem on the closet flange. (Toilets are known as a 'Water Closet', hence the flange that the toilet bolts to, is a 'Closet Flange')

Whatever size of rubber sleeve you need to adapt two pipes together, they have it.
The new closet flange is made of PVC plastic.
(Poly Vinyl Chloride)
The flange itself is about 1/2 inch thick, and has provisions for bolts. (Use Toilet Bolts, and nuts)
Be sure the closet flange sits flush to the floor. The 1/2 inch thick rim of the flange, sits on top of the floor. The flange is then screwed to the floor with countersink head screws. The slots allow the bolts to just slip in.

IF, the flange Does Not sit level on the floor, and the area for the toilet base is not level, you need to make a flat, level surface!
Do Not half step this, or you'll have a toilet leak from now until the time you fix the floor!

Would appreciate it if you would rate my solution. If you have additional questions, state them by clicking on Additional Comments.

Shows bad dics all the time

I have finally fixed ya you BAD DISC error message on the Polaroid PDM-0743 ok, listen carefully, first try cleaning the eye lens in the dvd player with a Que Tip with "distilled water" or with "rubbing alcohol" and then let dry, put movie in, turn power on, and it MIGHT WORK? but my guess it will still say BAD DISC, so if that happends it's take apart time you will only need one tool <p><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v609/goodold56/Tools.jpg"></p> Take out the battery and Flip the unit over where the DVD players LCD SREEN is sitting on your lap you should find alot of black screws just un install the screws on the back <p><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v609/goodold56/backofplayer.jpg"></p> but wait take this sticker off too. <p><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v609/goodold56/sideofpalyer.jpg"></p> and after that <p><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v609/goodold56/laserlensscrew.jpg"></p>

Connecting Leviton Decora light switch.

At the switch you have a feed wire coming in this brings in power which originates in the electric panel. You also have a feed or feeds goings out to other lts or switches, this you seem to have on the switch. instead of the closet switch loop.undo all the wires. find the only hot this is the one wire you can touch to the others and make different lts come on i reccomend getting a electric tester to do this. FInd the wire that goes to the closet lt. Once your sure put it to the side. wirenut all other wires together with the hot wire. this makes all other switches independantly hot. connect the hot to the switch and the closet lt to switch. I HOPE THIS MAKES SOME SENSE TO YOU . let me know if i can help

My tenant was complaining taht he was getting a shock when he touched a Leviton 104-05611-2WS 15A Decora Single Pole switch for a bedroom closet. My problem is I now cannot figure out how to reconnect the...

The three black wire are as follows: One is the hot wire. One feeds the closet light. One feeds the lights for the kithen and bath. Turn off the power at the circuit breaker or fuse panel and disconnect all three black wires and be sure they aren't touching anything. Turn the power back on and using a test light or meter determine which black wire is live. Turn the power back off and mark the hot wire with a pen, marker, or piece of electrical tape. Connect the wire you marked with a wire nut to one of the other two black wires. Turn the power back on. If the closet light comes on, that is the wire that you want to connect to one of the terminals of the switch. If the lights in the kitchen and bath now work, leave these wires connected together and connect the third wire to one of the switch terminals. Turn the power back off. While the hot wire and the wire for the kitchen might have both connected to the switch terminal, this is no longer allowed by code. Instead take another piece of wire of the same type and connect it to the hot wire and the kitchen wire with the wire nut and connect the other end to the other switch terminal. There should be a green ground screw terminal attached to the metal frame of the switch. Using a green or bare copper wire connect this to the ground wires in the switch box. Reinstall the switch and turn the power back on. Everything should be good now. If the fuse blows or the breaker trips, replace the switch.
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