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Kenmore oven locked after celf cleaning

How do I get my Kenmore oven unlocked after self cleaning mode?  It has been locked since the self cleaning has since ended over 10 hrs ago.  I tried hitting cancel many times and unplugging it for a few minutes

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  • Anonymous Dec 17, 2007

    Exactly same problem!!! Display shows E1 -F5-. - Couldn't get it to go back into lock mode (as suggested). Can't find model number on oven, but user guide lists several: 665.920xx (10 variants 02-25), 665.950xx (11 variants 02-29), and 665.958xx (5 variants 22-29) Thanks

  • smed236 Feb 23, 2008

    hey i do nt have the same exact oven as shown in the picture. but i am having the same exact problem and it is a kenmore oven. what can i do to fix it?

  • Anonymous Feb 25, 2008

    My Kenmore oven door has locked and nothing seems to unlock itI tried clearing it, tried to turn it on the cleaning, this stove is only a little over a year old.;

  • Anonymous Mar 08, 2008

    Kenmore model 790 45792.101 Accidentally pressed the clean button instead of the broil button, then up-arrow to start broiling, with the oven door slightly open. The unit started the clean process by attempting to lock the door, with it open. Now the door lock is in locked mode and the function buttons don't work. Tried the "hold cancel" for three seconds, powered down for a day, it comes back up in same locked mode. Re-set the time then tried starting and stopping clean cycle. That doesn't start the cycle. Occasional F9 shows on the display, then it changes to the time. If the Cancel button is held down it changes to "dor".

  • Anonymous Mar 10, 2008

    Yes; how can I unlock my oven after it self cleaned?

  • angel03 Mar 27, 2008

    I locked my Kenmore oven to start the cleaning process .it scared my teenager .He turned it off and I can't get it open since.

    Tanya G

  • Anonymous May 05, 2008

    would'nt start the cleaning progess the lock kept clicking turned it off . tried again and it locked and I can not opan the oven

  • Anonymous May 26, 2008

    I accidently pushed the clean button instead of the clear button. now my oven door is open and the locking machinism is jammed so it won't let me shut the oven door,, I unplugged it several times and left it for over an hour and even have hit the clear button several times to no avail// please help

  • Jillbean Jun 10, 2008

    Our Maytag Stove/oven combination (Model MER5550AAW Serial 14212746UU) has been locked since last Wednesday. We did the self clean and it finished the cycle but now still has the light on for LOCKED and won't open. We tried to cancel, we unplugged it, and even were able to push the lever over that holds the door shut. But, it says locked when we can open the door and lock goes away when it is in the locked position. How do we fix it?? Please email [email protected].

    Thank you.l

  • katernie Jul 30, 2008

    I have a dual-fuel kenmore elite range 790-75503206. There was a power failure, and when I went to set the clock (without my glasses) I accidentally hit "clean" and the oven door locked. I tried turning the power off , to reboot it, but that didn't work. I read the postings on this site, and when we had another power outage last night, I tried the procedure suggested, ie: set the clock, then turned on "clean", set the timer for the clean cycle, and when the fan and motor engaged for the clean cycle, I pushed "Off/Clear" and yippee, when the clean cycle noise turned off, the oven door was OPEN. Oh Joy.

  • Anonymous Aug 05, 2008

    how long does it take to clean the oven after i lock it? It's been cleaning for about 2 1/2 hours and it is still on. It wont unlock.

  • billymichell Aug 07, 2008

    I accidently pushed the clean button instead of the clear button. now my oven door is open and the locking machinism is jammed so it won't let me shut the oven door. I unplugged it several times and left it for over an hour and even have hit the clear button several times to no avail// please help

  • dmlvy75 Sep 01, 2008

    I have an older model Kenmore self cleaning stove (1986) and after cleaning, I can't unlock it. The locking handle won't release and the lock light is on.I tried turning off both the selector and the oven temp knobs and putting the selector back on the lock/unlock setting. What can I do to get it to unlock? I'm not sure of the model number. Thanks.

  • Anonymous Nov 16, 2008

    I hit the self clean button instead of clear on my Kenmore electric range 790.9621 now the door is locked but it is open and I cannot close

  • Anonymous Mar 29, 2009

    Kemore range double oven is locked how do I unlock it?

    Model # 66578003801

  • Anonymous Apr 20, 2009

    I have kind of the same problem. My wife set the oven for self cleaning. About an hour into the cleaning cycle I heard a loud bang. I went in the kitchen and noticed there was nothing displayed on the digital display. I then tried to push the buttons but nothing worked. The only that does work is the stove top burners, the oven door is still locked and the display is dead. This is a Kenmore 665.95012102

  • Anonymous Apr 21, 2009

    I have kind of the same problem. My wife set the oven for self cleaning and after the cleaning cycle the door wouldn't release and door locked is displayed on the digital display. I then tried to push the buttons but nothing worked. The only ones that work are for the microwave in the in wall model of my Kenmore oven. This is a Kenmore that is "only" about seven years old. How do I get the door to unluck and do I need to replace the locking mechanism? My wife is "threatening" to call the repairman and I've already tried holding the light button and restarting the clean cycle. Yikes!!!!

  • Anonymous Mar 15, 2014

    kenmore self cleaning oven wont shut off

  • Anonymous Mar 29, 2014

    How to use the self clean

  • Anonymous Mar 29, 2014

    How to use the option self clean on oven

  • Ray Argabright
    Ray Argabright Jun 06, 2014

    Worked for me also held stop buttone for 3 to 4 sec's and it opened.



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I had the same problem today. After I cleaned my self cleaning oven the cycle went back to normal but the oven door would not open even though the screen was clear and didn't read locked. I held the stop button for 3 second, I don't remember what the message said on the screen but I held the stop button in again for 3 seconds and the screen said locked then I did it again and the screen said door and the oven opened. I don't know, maybe it was just sheer luck it's worth a try. I'm happy.

Posted on Aug 31, 2008

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  • Lindsey Johnson Sep 23, 2012

    This worked for me too! I'm not sure if it was from hitting "Stop/Time" button or the "Clear" button... but through a series of hitting them (for 3 seconde or more) it worked! Thanks to all!

  • Ray Argabright
    Ray Argabright Jun 06, 2014

    Gene Argabright - worked for me by pressing stop button for 3 to 4

  • Ray Argabright
    Ray Argabright Jun 06, 2014

    Gene Argabright - worked for me by pressing stop button for 3 to 4


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Try putting it back into clean mode and and listen for the lock motor to start turning. If you can hear it, keep trying the door until it opens. Don't hold steady pressure on the latch, just pull a little then let off. After you get it open, hold in on the door switch and cancel the clean mode and it should go back to correct position.

If this doesn't work, you may have a failed door latch, control, temp sensor, or switch. Post back with the complete model number and I will look it up and see which latch assembly you have and see if we can get it unlocked manually.

Posted on Oct 21, 2007

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  • Anonymous Oct 21, 2007

    I am unable to find any information on the model number, there may be three smaller digits in front of the number, but if it is like the one in the picture you have it listed under, you can't see them until we get the door open.

    If it is like the one in the picture, a single wall mount oven,

    The oven will have to be removed from the cabinet and the top removed to access the lock motor on the top of the oven liner. Then the latch assembly can be checked or removed so that the door can be opened.

  • Anonymous Oct 23, 2007

    I was able to track down the model number on my work computer today.(I have a larger database on it) It should be a 66595781000, this is a freestanding Kenmore range built by Whirlpool. If this is what you have,

    Pull the stove out

    Unplug the stove

    Remove the back from the stove

    At the top of the rear of the stove you will see the lock motor

    Try to turn the motor manually to unlock the door

    If you cant turn the motor, remove it and unhook the rod that goes to the front of the stove. This rod is connected to the latch that holds the door closed. You should be able to unlock it that way.

    Go to, go to parts and enter the model I listed. Click on chassis and you will see the parts breakdown.

    Sorry I wasn't as much help over the weekend, but having it listed under wall oven had me thrown.

    Post back if we need to go through the checks of the lock system or if the oven won't operate in bake after you get it unlocked.

  • Tim J Y Mar 14, 2011

    Thanks for the help you saved me a costly repair bill!!!

    I was easily able to rotate the rod on the motor freeing the door. My only hint to the repair, my stove had a ton of screws to remove the motor was behind the top back panel of the stove so no need to remove all those screws. I doubt my clean will work again, but at least the error code went away and now my family can use the oven again!!!

  • ric23 Oct 20, 2012

    Hey Michael, my model number is 790.75711893 and I can't get the oven door open... I tried hard reset (uplugged for 5 minutes) and pressing the clear button for various seconds... nothing has worked. Thanks for your help, Ric

  • Ray Argabright
    Ray Argabright Jun 06, 2014

    press stop button for 3 to 4 seconds and it will opem..


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After inadvertently pushing the wrong button late last night
(caz' I noticed the oven light was on)
I was having the same problem with the door locking and not unlocking. I tried what I read posted here to no avail. However,I ended up fixing the problem (just now) by simply "holding down" the "Stop/Clear" button for a few extra seconds and wallah!



Posted on Feb 13, 2009

  • lanubian9
    lanubian9 Jun 01, 2012

    Thank You so much for a answer so easy but I just didn't know. I really appreciate it dearly. I just unlocked it, now i can brag to my husband about how i fixed.


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Just Toasted: Mod 790 45792.101. Just fixed the problem.

Pulled the unit out from the counter-top. Opened up the rear panel protective cover. With power off, I disconnected one side of the motor limit switch. Powered up again and started the clean cycle. The motor advanced the lock 1/2 turn. Powered down again, reconnected the limit switch and powered up again. This time, the motor advanced the lock to the full up-right or unlocked position. The trouble light went off and everything works normally.

I had called Sears for help, earlier this week. After talking to numerous people about it, my only options were:

1. Did I have a warranty?
2. Did I want to purchase an extended warranty?
3. Did I want to schedule a service call?

When I asked for a supervisor, he asked for my telephone number and advised me they had no record of me. I said the builder had the range installed and I did not have anything but the user manual.

He re-explained the above options and said :

If I wanted none of the above, he could not talk and would not talk to me.

Now that's real Sears customer service for you.

I told him I would tell a few people about the service policy, and would not buy a Sear appliance again. Thanks.

Posted on Mar 08, 2008

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Flemingxyz had the correct solution for my problem. I have a wall oven version and holding down the clean button as described resulted in the door coming open.

Thank heavens for this forum.......

Posted on Dec 19, 2008

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I have a kenmore oven I put the oven in lock and placed it on clean. held the clean button down for 3 secs when i was done and returned the lever to the unlocked position and when I went to open the oven
it comes out about and inch and is locked.
Is there any tricks to getting it open with out taking it apart.

Posted on Sep 06, 2008

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[email protected]

If you have this problem again or before you use the clean cycle again do the following. Turn off the cicuit breaker to the oven, remove bottom drawer, unplug the power cord, open the oven door, try pulling up the oven top; (there may be screws holding down the oven top). observe the locking mechanism, the plate the latch is attached to will sometimes catch on the arm that actuates the latch. Bend the plate down making sure the latch will not hit the top of the door opening. This should solve the problem. When the arm is caught on the edge of the plate the latch will hang in the closed or mid position. With the power off and the power cord unplugged you can also remove the back cover, (there may be a top and bottom cover), remove the top cover first. Remove the screw from the arm thats attached to the locking motor (you will is the arm extending from the front of the stove to the motor). Actuate the locking mechanism by pulling on the arm to see if it will move without any obstruction. As long as the locking motor and or oven control module is not defective (since the stove is new this should not be the case) this shuold be all that is needed. In the future be carefull not to accidentally push down on the locking latch because this will cause the arm to drop downward and catch on the plate again.

Posted on Apr 15, 2008

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Look...all you do is remove the back panel. It takes 2 minutes. you'll see the pulley on the upper left. turn it. check to see if the door is unlocked. Done!

Posted on Oct 03, 2012

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My oven is flashing a F10 code and the door is locked. This happened while the oven was in self cleaning mode

more than likely the tco thermal cutout fuse has opened during cleaning and now the ovens latch motor cant get power to open,its under the top cover where the surface elements are located its a frequent thing with all ovens/stoves

Jan 12, 2013 | Kenmore 40494 / 40495 / 40499 Electric...

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Used the self cleaning cycle 24 hrs. ago, but the oven door will not unlock. We tried to run it through another clean cycle but we recieve an E1 error.

Sorry to read about your problem, I hope this helps you out.
you may have done a panel lock, so try the first solution.

To Lock/Unlock Control: Before locking, make sure the ovens, Timer and Timed Cooking are off. Press and hold START/ENTER until a single tone sounds and "Loc," a picture of a lock and "START?" will appear on the oven display, about 5 seconds. Repeat to unlock and remove "Loc" from display.

To Stop Self-Clean any time:
Press UPPER OFF, LOWER OFF or OFF/CANCEL. If the oven temperature is too high, the door will remain locked. It will not unlock until the oven cools.

I tried to help you. Please help me and Rate/Vote on my response. We take the time to answer your question. take the time to rate us.Thanks and good luck

Dec 25, 2010 | Whirlpool RBD245PDS Electric Double Oven

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Hi, my kenmore elite oven (#79075503207) has been on cleaning mode for the last 3 days, it is still making a noise and door locked. please help.


Seems like you found out the hard way what I wrote about in this tip...

Check it out it also contains some thing to try on how to unlock that oven..

Self Cleaning Oven Problem


Asker's Testimonial " Wish I had read this first. I never would have usedthe self cleaning option. Thanks for the info!! " - amymrocks

Dec 11, 2010 | Kenmore Elite Stainless Steel 40" Dual...

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I have an older model double oven by Kenmore - probably 15-18 years old. I was baking bread in foil three days ago and the oven set on bake 325 degrees. (I had been cooking a roast in it for several hours...


the oven may have locked in consequence of the self cleaning cycle.

After unplugging, allow the oven cooling down for few hours.

If the is still locked, then the high temperature generated in self cleaning cycle may have damaged temp probe, door latch, or electronic control.

Parts must be tested to discover the fault.

Call Kenmore at the number listed on the owners manual.


Mar 03, 2010 | Kenmore 40494 / 40495 / 40499 Electric...

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My oven door will not unlock after cleaning

It will take some time for it to unlock. The lock after self cleaning is controlled by temp. The temps during self cleaning are over 900 degrees and after self cleaning it will take several hours before the oven lock will release. Don't try to force. If after 3 hours it has not unlocked you can try disconnecting power for 2 minutes then reconnecting to activate the self cleaning motor assembly. Good luck and thanks for using Fixya

Feb 23, 2010 | Kenmore Ovens

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After self-clean cycle oven door won't unlock

your lach might have given out on self clean. change it

Feb 12, 2010 | GE Profile JTP18 Electric Single Oven

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Oven door will not unlock

Hello,, Some times this will happen after a self clean cycle if the timer did not finish the entire clean. Try to set the clock to start the self clean again then simply end the self clean. This should unlock the door. If the door remains locked. You may check the oven for an error code, or the door latch itself may need to be replaced. One other possible would be to turn off the power to the oven and try to let the oven control reset. leave the power off for about 15 minutes then turn the power back on. That will sometime work aswell. Good luck and feel free to call me if you need more help.
MIchael Anderson
Anderson Appliance

Feb 10, 2010 | Kenmore 30172 / 30174 / 30179 Gas Single...

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Can you over ride a self cleaning oven once it goes on?

you acn CANCEL the cycle, but will lremained locked unitill it cools off!

Nov 25, 2008 | Kenmore 40494 / 40495 / 40499 Electric...

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Cant unlock self clean oven door

Door lock motor has probably failed.....Self clean on many ovens can be a self destruct mode. Door latch motors, sensor probes and even the electronic controls can be destroyed by this operation. Suggest oven cleaner method.

May 29, 2008 | Kenmore 40494 / 40495 / 40499 Electric...

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Whirlpool self cleaning oven

the door stayes locked untill the oven senses its safe enough to open can take up to 1hour after cleaning if not unlocek by that time start cleaning again then hit cancel

Dec 29, 2007 | Ovens

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