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Samsung tv LE32R74BD standby light on but wont turn on

Samsung tv LE32R74BD had tv on standby came back and tv wudnt turn on, standby light flashes when i press a key on the control pad but nothing happens no sound no buzzing just blank screen, have unplugged all leads and put them back in but nothing has changed any suggestion would be gratefully welcomed thankyou

Posted by peter1234 on

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  • rc11 Nov 08, 2007

    I have the same problem and have tried everything. it is only 5 months old so i am not impressed!

    Have you managed to fix it?

  • mcrmy15 Nov 09, 2007

    Have had this tv for over a year and a half woke up 1 morning and thing wont come on all i get is a flashing red light on the front of the tv =[

  • edty Nov 09, 2007

    Left my toshiba regza LCD 32 on standby for 10 days and it will not turn on anymore. Please help

  • Anonymous Nov 20, 2007

    Same issue, red flashing light but not picture or sound.

  • a6pete Dec 30, 2007

    Same thing here chaps. TV flicks off, then will power up on it's own, interval getting shorter between operations, then it settles down to flashing secret signals with the red light but won't fire up again. Had set for just over 12 months only 2 weeks out of warranty, only just started happening. :-(

  • Anonymous Jan 06, 2008

    Have identical problem on 7 month old tv. After 2 months of trying still cannot get warranty engineer to call.

  • bslemmon Feb 14, 2008

    i have a 42 samsung plasma .. i was watching and tv just shut off.. when i push power the tv makes a clicking sound and will just click every 15 seconds until i unplug it and the blue light under the power button on the tv stays on

  • Anonymous Apr 06, 2008

    I have a 14month old LE32R74BD. Was working fine yesterday but now the front power light is flashing and the screeen wont come on. When you point the remote at it it flashes quickly but still no action. The Samsung website says the power supply is failing and i need to call an engineer. Funny how this happens just out of warranty and not before. Do you have any solution to this?

  • sherry_dawn Apr 11, 2008

    same problem clicks a few times sometimes comes on sometimes not it is just over 18 months old help,,,,,,

  • ClareBear80 May 04, 2008

    My tv was on standby, I pushed the power button to turn it on and the power LED keeps flashing. I pulled the plug out & left the TV off for a number of hours and tryed again the light stays alight for a second or two then starts flashing again? No picture or sound just a flahing LED? HELP

  • rland May 19, 2008

    when switching on the tv clicks but the screen does actually light up. The model is a samsung 32LE model

  • Anonymous May 26, 2008

    The same problem with Samsung LNT4065F, TV won't turn on, I just heard the sound "click" on and off.

  • Genedski Jun 14, 2008

    Where does one finaly get an answer...we all know the problem that the thing will not turn on

  • Anonymous Jun 16, 2008

    Samsung 32inch standby light flashing but wont turn on. What

  • Anonymous Jun 30, 2008

    Mine is doing the same thing now, has nobody got any idea's?

  • gi77 Jul 03, 2008

    Hi everyone, My TV Samsung LE32R74BD packed up a couple days ago. Guess what, just after the warranty. We talked to Samsung and they weren't very helpful. Anyway, as you all already described I've got the red light comes up, blink and nothing happen. We talked to the nearest center Samsung recommend and it will cost us a least 200GPB. I still can believe it, first time since i've got a black and white TV (few years back now) something like that happen. This Tv is as new, I've got it only for 1 year and few month. The guy from the repair center say they will have to change the board but they will need to see it first. I find out on this website they are selling it for just over 100GPB.

    I've been reading few comments and it seem it also could be the power supply. Obviously I'm not an expert so my question is, how can I test one or the other to make sure I buy the right part? If somebody has got an idea and if you think it could be something else please let me know. Thanks for your help in advance. One thing is damm sure I would never buy Samsung again...

  • si-n-lucy Jul 12, 2008

    Same problem. flashing lcd but wont turn on. anyone know the answer?

  • yodaboy Jul 26, 2008

    Another one joins the club: no picture and just have the red indicator bulb flashing. This TV is about 18 months old. In my opinion, Samsung should be recalling this product if so many people are experiencing the same problem. I will be writing to them about this and, if I get no satisfactory resolution, progressing the issue via UK Trading Standards. Graham B. Morecambe, UK.

  • Anonymous Jul 27, 2008

    just purchased same tv and have the same problem

  • 78704 Jul 27, 2008

    just purchased same tv and have the same problem. tried unplugging and
    pressing the source or the tv button which the samsung rep suggested,
    no luck

  • Anonymous Aug 18, 2008

    Exactly the same problem with the Samsung LE32R74BDX 32" model.

    Bought in December 2006 for £800. 20 Months old, only used for a few hours a week, it simply stopped working overnight - Blank Screen, no sound, just red remote control sensor illuminated.

    Paid £80 in advance to Samsung's recommended repair agent called Visual FX - which was quoted as a "labour charge".

    Visual FX originally said they would repair it on site but then they called back and said that their engineer were NOT familiar with the fault and the TV would have to be taken into their work shop for repair.

    Fault diagnosed by Visual FX = TV required a new "Main PCB" which costs £145.66 + VAT. Plus a labour charge of £68. (Total = £239.15)

    The real sickener is that this part is only guaranteed for 90 Days!!

    We have spoken to Samsung Customer Services who were not at all helpful and confirmed that they are not prepared to guarantee this part for longer than 90 days, they also refused to let us know what the cost of this part should be - as £145.66 + VAT sounds very expensive.

    We spoke to Visual FX and told them to return the TV to us unrepaired as we don't think the repair represents value for money. Visual FX then said that they WERE AWARE of this particular fault with this model!! To add insult to injury they are refusing to refund the £80 "labour charge"!!

    I am reporting Samsung to Trading Standards and I am also contacting BBC's Watchdog programme.

    I suggest that this TV model should be recalled by SAMSUNG immediately and all customers refunded! I also suggest that if you are considering buying a SAMSUNG TV you give it very careful consideration!

  • Anonymous Aug 28, 2008

    I have the same problem - led light flashing and absolutely nothing. This happened previously but after leaving it unplugged for a while I was able to switch it on again. This time though, it seems to have died completely.

    Another problem I encountered with this tv is that it doesn't seem compatible with the BT Vision box. It doesn't cope with strong colours, eg adverts like Virgin and Bupa and most annoyingly the swimming coverage at the Olympics. The picture and sound flashes on and off.

  • james557 Sep 08, 2008

    exactly the same to mine. watched it perfectly last night. woke up this morning and it was duffed. blue flashing light, responds to the remote control but does sweeet FA. i am a bit annoyed, it would of been 2 yrs old in 5 months. 

  • redneck7 Sep 09, 2008

    My 32" went today, bought in Dec' '06 so it lasted just over 18 months. Will not switch back on. I refuse to pay money to get it fixed.
    What is everyone else doing about this?

    Has anyone found a solution that is free?

  • Anonymous Oct 20, 2008

    i have a 40" samsung le4074bdx same problem 16 months old,flashing red light and clicking no picture or sound,phoned samsung they were not intrested,comet where we purchased from want £30 call out £45 to repair and pay for parts,we are currently taking advise from trading standards,but having read that many other people have this problem, it seems to be a manufacturing fault and samsung should compensate,i have a independant tv engineer coming out thurs 23-10-08 to make a report as advised by trading standards and i will be claiming back the costs from the retailer when we take the to court,i will up date on engineers findings

  • Anonymous Oct 20, 2008

    i have now contacted watchdog [uk consumer tv programme] watch this space !

  • Anonymous Oct 22, 2008

    same problem,wont turn on 18 months old ,wont buy another samsung product.

  • j_bro_1 Oct 26, 2008

    Mine has just broken tonight. i am furious Samsung are letting all these go and am keenly awaiting the trading standards/watchdog findings to see what we can do to resolve this. 

  • WAJJOO12 Nov 03, 2008


  • jaffarsinx Nov 09, 2008

    same bloody problem was working yesterday came home from work today to be told cousins couldnt open my tv go to check it standby lights flashing so i try to turn on notihng happens ive been to various forums some saying have to slap on side to get the lamp to work again that didnt work think last options to get a engineer in ; ; god this is so much hassle for a tv i havent even had for that long.

  • Anonymous Nov 18, 2008

    stand by light flashing, will not start up

  • Anonymous Nov 22, 2008

    mine has just started to do this. it takes about 3-4 mins and it fires up any help wiil be great

  • mad mam Dec 14, 2008


  • guest1383838 Dec 31, 2008

    My Samsung 30" plasma just did the same thing (New Years Eve), went into standby, then turned it back on, then went into standby again, and now will not come back on, despite power cycling etc. The TV is less than 4 weeks old. As you can imagine, after sdeciding to stay in on New Years Eve this is the last thing we needed

  • iredium Feb 10, 2009

    I have the same problem with a samsung LE40R7 no power just flashing light only 18 months old wont be touching samsung again and shall recommend friends and family steer clear

  • Anonymous May 02, 2009

    tv went off won't come back up cycles thru standby mode

  • Anonymous Mar 30, 2014

    Capacitors all seem fine.



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Samsung tv le32r74bd had tv on standby and wont turn on,it is stuck on standby please can you solve this

Posted on Nov 24, 2008

  • Limuel Dela Cruz Nov 05, 2019

    what happed? im facing the same




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Samasung standby on all the time wont switch on to tv

Posted on Feb 10, 2009



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Had the comet engineer out thurs 23-10-08,even though trading standards stipulated i should get a independant engineers report, because comet was where i purchased my samsung tv and that his findings could be bias, well when he opened up the tv he showed me that the problem was the power pcb assembley board , so i asked him two questions, firstly in his opinion was the fault down too wear and tear, he replied NO secondly i ask him was the fault down to misuse by our household he replied NO, SO I ASK HIM WAS THIS A FAULT THAT HE HAD COME ACROSS BEFORE WITH THIS RANGE OF SAMSUNG TVS, he claimed he had repaired several with the same fault, so now i am waiting for comet to assess his findings, i will keep you all up dated on what comet offer me and whether trading standards office advise me too taken comet to court,as i have now a written report from thier engineer which clearly states a manufacturing fault in the power pcb board which is clearly not durable or fit for the means,

Posted on Oct 23, 2008

  • Anonymous Oct 27, 2008

    after taking advice from trading standards,comet offered to replace the power pcb board at no charge, we had to pay the engineer £45,00 for him to replace the board ,as the law stands trading stanards felt this was a fair offer,the repair was made today and everything is now working fine,

    i hope you all find this helpful

    kind regards


    1st, go to consumer advice, online where they have a template letter sale of goods act 1979 and send the letter by post to the retailer either registered or recorded giving them ten days to reply

    2nd hand deliver a letter see below

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    With reference to our letter and telephone conversation regarding a Samsung TV purchased in April 2007, and due to the fact that you felt you had no responsibility towards us, we have now felt the need to contact Coventry Trading Standards, who advised us to send this letter to yourself and your head office.

    The consumer law states that we are within our rights to expect a TV to be durable; therefore we are not being unreasonable in expecting a repair, at no cost to ourselves, on a faulty television which is only 17 months old.

    We have done some research on the internet (enclosed) and have found this seems to be a common fault with this TV.

    We would like to come to an agreement with you to use a single, joint, independent expert to provide a report and we will look to reclaim costs at a later date.

    We hope you will agree to this and expect to receive a reply from yourselves within 10 days.

    Yours Sincerely,

    3, at this point the retailler made an offer as above,



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Further to my posting on August 18th:-

Visual FX returned the TV unrepaired. Still disgusted we stored the TV away out of sight! I was sick of looking at it - "the most expensive ornament that I'd ever purchased!"

We took the advice of the Office of Fair Trading and Trading Standards (now known as Consumer Direct) and wrote to Comet, we included a print out of this forum with our letter...

Last weekend Comet sent an engineer - FREE OF CHARGE to assess the problem...I was ready to go into battle and demand a new TV or a refund...

Bit embarassing...

The engineer plugged in and switched on the TV...

...and it worked straight away! Ooops!

The Comet engineer unable to explain why this happened! HOWEVER he thought that Visual FX may have left in a brand new "Main PCB" board in error? OR there was simply a loose connection which Visaul FX inadvertantly "fixed" when they opened up the back??

Comet engineer was very understanding and called me on Monday to check that the TV was still working...and another week later it still is!

Comet engineer has submitted a report to his managers and has asked me to get in touch should the same fault re-occur. You can't ask for fairer treatment then that!

BBC Watch Dog also written to - I referred them to this forum - but they haven't been in touch!

Sooo it may be as simple as a loose connection in the back of the TV? OR it may well be a faulty "main PCB"?

Posted on Nov 02, 2008

Coffee Tech

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Your power board is bad or the main board.

Posted on Sep 03, 2015


Repair guy came. Change a board. It works now. (so far). Not sure if problem can be resolved on own unless you have spare boards around.

Posted on Sep 10, 2008



Posted on Jun 24, 2008

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Samsung LE32R74BD

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i had this with my samsung and my mums instead of pressing red power button press either switch from analog tv to digital button or just press a number

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