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Posted on Oct 12, 2007

System Programming, Busy No Answer on an analog fax extension

I know this can be done, though I'm not certain if "Busy No Answer" is the proper term in a case like this.

I have two fax lines, both already set up, working, and have DiD numbers programmed for them.

I know the extension number and the port number for both.

What I want is to set up a "Busy No Answer" sort of thing so if Fax number one is dialed and it is busy, it rolls over to the second fax line.

I know how to do this with actual physical telephone stations, (Speaker 43 then the extension number), but I don't know how to set up this sort of thing on a fax line that has no physical DTU 16D station associated with it, just a fax machine. I've searched the IPK programming manual (I have one) for the solution, but it's a tough search when you aren't sure of the proper terminology for what you want to do.

I am somewhat comfortable with programming the system, I know how to get into programming mode, I've programmed station numbers for new stations, DiD numbers, hold recall times etc, mostly the simple stuff.

I'm a Systems Admin and I know just enough NEC phone stuff to be dangerous, but hey, I'm learning and I have yet to trash our system. :-)

Any NEC IPK gurus out there that can help? I'm guessing this is a bit more complicated to program than I'm hoping, but  if anyone can help, I'd appreciate it.

Else I'll just end up calling our vendor and have the tech come out to do it, but honestly I'd like to learn to do it myself as much as possible.

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Programm those 2 extension in memoru 4-14 and 4-15. So when
one is busy rolls over to the second one.

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I have a Samsung OfficeServ DS-5038S. An extension light keeps flashing red. When i dial the extension it gives the engaged tone but there is no one using the phone. What could it be?

If an extension light on your Samsung OfficeServ DS-5038S phone is flashing red and dialing the extension gives an engaged tone even though no one is using the phone, it's possible that the extension is stuck in a busy or engaged state. Here are some steps you can try to resolve the issue:
  1. Check the extension: Go to the extension in question and make sure the handset is on the hook and that there are no other phones or devices using the line.
  2. Restart the phone: Try restarting the phone by unplugging it from the power source for a few seconds, then plugging it back in.
  3. Check the programming: It's possible that there is an issue with the phone's programming. Check the phone's user manual or contact your phone system administrator to ensure that the extension is programmed correctly.
  4. Check the phone system: If the issue persists, it may be necessary to check the phone system itself for any issues that could be causing the extension to appear busy or engaged.
  5. Replace the phone: If none of the above steps resolve the issue, it's possible that there is a hardware issue with the phone itself. Consider replacing the phone or contacting a qualified technician for further assistance.
It's important to note that some phone systems are configured to automatically put extensions into a busy or engaged state after a certain period of time to prevent unauthorized access. If this is the case, contact your phone system administrator to adjust the settings accordingly.

A fax machine is just a big ol' telephone answering machine

There is no mystery, seriously. You send a fax exactly the same way as you make a phone call; instead of talking to a person, your fax machine talks to another fax machine. Clicks, squeals, buzz sounds.

If it says it's busy, well, it's busy
If it doesn't answer, it's not set to AUTO RECEIVE
If it says OFF HOOK another device is using YOUR phone line.
If you don't hear a dial tone when you press the HOOK or MONITOR key, the phone line is dead. Check the line with a regular phone.

If a dial tone sounds weird, it is a DIGITAL phone line. You need an ANALOG or regular phone line.


The settings in your fax machine were designed by people who are a lot smarter and make more money than us. DON"T MESS WITH THE PARAMETERS.

It's all that SIMPLE !!

Hi would like to know how to set an extension not to ring when any of the co lines is ringing since i have a fax machine connected to this extension and it is programmed to answer automatically

Ringing for each extension and line is done in Panasonic system programming commands 408-410 for Day/Night/Lunch. You turn off ringing for all lines to your fax extension and then just turn on one line for that phone.

Be sure to turn off or delay the fax line ringing to all the other extensions at the same time.


Fax is always busy when sending, have the line into the phone line port and into the telephone jack, fax scans and dials and even redials but it never go through, prints out receipt that says busy/no...

Has it always done this, or did Fax once work? Sadly, Windows XP Fax has many shortcomings, not the least of which is that it won't work with many modems still in common use. Modem incompatibility is not apparent during installation or the initial setup. It only becomes apparent when you try to send or receive a fax. The Fax Service will dial or will answer an incoming fax but then fail with any of a number of unhelpful error messages such as "Line is busy," "There is no answer," or "Reception error." There will be nothing in Event Viewer to give a clue as to where the problem might lie.

These errors have been nearly impossible to track down. To do so requires enabling both PSS and debug logging of fax transmissions, both of which require fairly extensive registry changes. For the time being, the best advice is to attempt to use XP Fax only if you have a modem that is listed on the Windows XP Hardware Compatibility List and using the latest drivers.

Hope helps.


Hello, if you are using this phone on a Panasonic 308 or 824 system press 40 for an external incomming call or 4 followed by the extension number to pick up a certain extension that is ringing.
Thank you.

Nortel t7316e how to program the button indicator for another busy phone. I want to see if somebody is on another phone by ''lighting'' the indicator on the other phones

Programming a one touch button for extensions in the office is done by entering feature *2 pressing the button you wish to program and entering the extension number. The programming is done on a set by set basis.

Ringer/ Voicemail Bounceback

Well, this one is kinda tricky. If the receptionist knows there's no one there, they can use VoiceMail Transfer.

From the phone, the user can set CF Busy or CF Busy/No Answer with the following codes on the intercom:

Do Not Disturb *7101 / Cancel *7100

Call Forwarding2.gif (FWD)

– Both Calls *710
– Outside Calls *711
– Intercom Calls *712

2 (All calls) + phone no. + #/
3 (Busy) + phone no. + #/
4 (No Answer) + phone no. + #/
5 (Busy/No Answer) + phone no. + #/
7 (Follow Me) + your extension no./
8 (Follow Me Cancel) + your extension no.

So, if your voice mail is 500, you would dial *7105500# to set CF B/NA for intercom and outside calls.

The last piece of the puzzle is the timing. That's *713 (00-99). Start with 24 (4 rings) and go from there. If it hits the receptionist before the forward takes place, you probably have to adjust the recall timer for call transfer, a system program.


How to hook up a fax machine to a merlin At &t phone system

Fax machine has to be connected to an analog port on your Merlin. Also you have to specified what extension it is in the programming so your Auto Attendant can forward fax calls to that extension. This is a job for a proffesional. Please hire one.

Samsung 816 power outage dailing an outside line

First thing you should verify a dial tone on the fax machine. (use any analog phone)
If you have dial tone, press 9 and then a number
Second is it conected through tel. system? (did it have an internal extension) and there is no dial tone then your analog port may be fried. Call your telephone vendor. He should be able to help you.
You can purchase a manual for about 10 dollars
Email your system model number to sales at for further instructions

Multi line system and phone still rings while I'm on another line


Unfortunately if the receptionist is using priority call (f69) there's not much you can do. Priority call is an administrator programmed function that overrides when your on a call and when the set is in do not disturb. Maybe bribing the receptionist might be in order.
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