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Brandon Ballard Posted on Oct 09, 2007
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No video on boot up!!

No additional hardware was installed recently. Computer was working fine except for an interesting shutdown issue (despite many attempts to fix, the computer would simply reboot instead of shutdown from windows xp). One day after installing and playing neverwinter nights 2, my computers video would freeze or crash (irregular video patterns would appear on the screen the would no longer respond to any commands). At first no video would appear on boot up. Lights flash, hardrives spin up, fans work, no beeps though (although do not remember there being beeps before). Just a blank screen. I unplugged my power, video card, and ram. Cleaned dust from everything. Plugged it all back in and powered on. The first time it got all the way to the windows loading screen then turned black (monitor light orange). Rebooted then it went to windows. It appeared to be random. Windows would run from 10 minutes to all day. After it crashes it seems to be random when it will turn on and actually boot up. I continually clean try again. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Recently I have been unable to get video on boot up despite any attempts.

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  • Posted on Oct 09, 2007
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Have you tried to uninstall the vedio driver and reinstall it then let me know.go to my computer icon right click it > go to properties >hardware tab > device manager and check if there is any yellow mark showing.kindly do this in starting your computer in safe mode.

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Beeps booting

Based on the description you provided, it seems you experienced an issue with a Dell XPS desktop, where the computer froze during a Netflix video, emitted a humming noise, and after a forced shutdown, you received 4 short beeps repeatedly during boot attempts. Eventually, the computer booted normally.

The beeps you hear during startup are part of the system's Power-On Self Test (POST). They can indicate hardware or system issues depending on their pattern.

For Dell systems, 4 short beeps usually indicate a RAM read/write failure. This could be due to a few reasons:

  1. Faulty RAM Stick: One of the RAM sticks may be malfunctioning.
  2. RAM Slot Issue: The slot into which the RAM is inserted might have an issue.
  3. Temporary Glitch: Sometimes, minor electrical or static discharges can cause temporary glitches that can lead to POST errors. This might explain why the computer eventually booted up fine.
Here are steps to troubleshoot this:

  1. Reseat the RAM: Turn off the computer, unplug it, open the case, and carefully remove the RAM sticks. Then re-insert them to ensure they are seated properly. This can sometimes resolve minor connectivity issues.
  2. Test with One RAM Stick: If you have multiple RAM sticks, try booting the computer with just one stick at a time. This can help identify if a particular stick is faulty.
  3. Try Different RAM Slots: If you suspect a slot might be faulty, try placing the RAM stick into a different slot.
  4. Clean the RAM Slots: Sometimes, dust or debris in the RAM slots can cause connectivity issues. Clean the slots with a soft brush or compressed air.
  5. Check for Overheating: Overheating can lead to system instability. Ensure your computer's fans and heatsinks are free of dust and functioning properly. Also, make sure the system is in a well-ventilated area.
  6. Memory Test: Run a memory diagnostic tool to check for RAM issues. On Windows, you can use the built-in "Windows Memory Diagnostic" tool.
  7. Inspect for Other Issues: Look for any obvious signs of damage or issues inside the computer, such as blown capacitors, disconnected cables, or other hardware anomalies.
If the problem reoccurs, and if you've isolated it to a faulty RAM stick or slot, you may need to replace the RAM or consider servicing the motherboard. If the computer continues to work fine without any more issues, it might have been a one-time glitch. Always, but especially now, make sure to back up important data regularly in case of unexpected hardware failures.

My Giga byte board number GA-8VM800M-775 suddenly shutdown after boot display some body can help me?????????????????????

I would say you probably have one of two problems:
You have a hardware issue and you should disconnect all hardware except the hard drive and see if it starts.
You could have a corrupt Windows installation. You'll need to boot from a system disk and run scan disk. How you do it depends on what version of Windows you are running.

Toshiba x200 black screen of death. One long beep, twoo short beeps. Help please.

The error codes of one long beep & 2 short beep Indicates a video error has occurred and the BIOS cannot initialize the video screen to display any additional information.

Do you have access to bios?
If you have access to Bios, I suggest you to load optimal defaults and try booting, It must fix your issue.

If you do not have access to Bios, I suggest you to remove the recently added hardware (if any) and try booting.
If there is no recently added hardware, It-seems that Video (Mono/CGA Display Circuitry) issue, I suggest you to contact near by service center.


Hi, i have an acer aspire 1640z i upgrade my bios from 3a18 to 3a24. after installing my notebook restart and i hear 3 beeps ( 1 long, 2 short) and my lcd doesn't turn on the motherbord work fine. Please...

1 long, 2 short beeps indicates a video error has occurred and the BIOS cannot initialize the video screen to display any additional information.
This issue can be caused by any of the below situations.
  1. New hardware conflicting with old hardware.
  2. Bad or failing hardware device.
  3. Connections not connected or connected properly.
  4. Recent electrical storm that caused a surge that damaged computer.
  5. Other hardware issue.
Disconnect the RAM from the Motherboard and turn on the computer. If the computer has a different beep code or if your computer was not beeping and is now beeping turn off your computer and try the below suggestions. Making sure to turn off the computer each time you're adding and removing the memory and then turning the computer back on to see if the suggestion resolves the issue.

Re-insert the memory into the same slot.
  1. If you have more than one stick of memory remove all but one stick of memory, try rotating through each stick.
  2. Try one stick of memory in each slot.
If you're able to get the computer to boot with one or more of the sticks of memory it's likely you're dealing with some bad memory. Try to identify which stick of memory is bad and replace it.
If you're able to get memory to work in one slot but not another slot. You're motherboard is defective you can either workaround the issue by running the memory in a different slot or replace the motherboard.
The RAM is located under the laptop behind a hidden panel.

Good luck and let me know how you get on and if you need any more help or advice.


Boot failure Asus P5Q-EM

Disk boot failure. Issue:Disk boot failure.
Cause: This issue could be caused by any of the below possibilities.
  1. Boot options are not set properly in CMOS
  2. Non bootable disc or USB in computer
  3. Remove added hardware /check connections
  4. Hard disk drive is bad
Solution:Boot options are not set properly in CMOS
Verify that the boot options within CMOS are set properly. Below is an example of how we recommend the boot options be set. Additional information about how to enter CMOS can be found on document CH00192.
  1. Floppy drive
  2. CD-ROM drive
  3. Hard Drive
  4. Other / Network
Non-bootable floppy diskette or disc or USB in computer
Verify that there is no floppy diskette or disc in the computer. If the boot options are set improperly the computer could be trying to boot from the disc drive instead of the hard drive.
In addition to verifying there is no disc in the computer make sure that no USB jump drive, external hard disk drive, or memory stick is inside any memory card reader.
If you're wanting to boot from a floppy diskette, CD, DVD, or USB drive and are getting this error message and have verified that your CMOS settings are in the proper order as explained in the above paragraph the diskette or disc you're using is either bad or does not have the proper files on it to make it bootable.
  • Additional information about how to make a boot disk can be found on our boot disk help page.
  • See document CH000669 for information about creating a bootable disc.
Remove added hardware / check connections
If you've recently installed any new hardware it's suggested that it be removed to verify it's not causing this issue. If after the device has been removed the computer works and it was another IDE / EIDE device ensure that the jumpers are properly set on the hard disk drive.
In addition to removing any new hardware it's also suggested if you've recently moved the computer or installed anything inside the computer that the connections for the drive be checked. Usually it's best to simply disconnect the cables from the back of the drive and reconnect them to make sure they're connected properly. While inside also disconnect and reconnect the cable connected to the motherboard as well. While inside your computer make sure you're aware of ESD.
Bad hard disk drive
If you have followed the above steps and you continue to experience the same issue, unfortunately it is likely that the hard disk drive is bad or the controller is bad.
If available, you may want to connect another known good hard disk drive to the computer to determine if it can be detected. If it is able to be detected then replace your hard disk drive. If it is not detected, unfortunately you will need to replace the motherboard or controller as it is bad.
If no additional hard disk drive is available it is recommended that the hard disk drive be replaced first or that the computer be serviced / repaired.

No display on GA 81G1000 mk motherboard

Some history would be appreciated.
Has this computer ever worked?
Have you recently added new hardware or software?
Has anything happened recently that may have caused this (lightning storm, etc.)?

If the computer was working fine and for no apparent reason now won't POST, first remove everything from the outside (keyboard, mouse, etc.) except monitor. If that works, one of the items you removed is causing a problem.

If not, unplug power, open case, remove all expansion cards except for video, then try again. If you have never worked inside a computer, some help from a knowledgeable friend would be advised. Be sure to touch the metal case before touching any circuit board inside the computer.
Also disconnect the cabling from all of the drives and then retry boot.

Let me know if this helps. If not, we can do more providing you are comfortable working inside the computer at my direction.


1 long beep, 2 short beep, blank screen but i hear windows starting

Indicates a video error has occurred and the BIOS cannot initialize the video screen to display any additional information. If any new hardware was been recently added to the computer, remove that hardware to make sure it is not the cause of your issue. If after removing the new hardware your computer works it's likely the computer is either not compatible with the new hardware or a system setting needs to be changed to work with the new hardware device.

Automatic shutdown

You either have two issues . The heatsink Fan needs replaced ( it will shut down to save you from burning out the chip ) Or possibly the power supply has an issue . More than likely is the Fan for CPU .

Please make sure you mark my correct solution for your motherboard
Thank you


how long have you been having this problem??what were the last thing that you've been doning with your computer before the problem happened? are there any recent hardware/software changes? what type of operating system do you have in your computer?
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