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Leapster wont switch on

Hi i have a leapster but it wont switch on I also have no manual if i could just find the manual id sort it out

Posted by dvhendo on

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  • Anonymous Nov 22, 2007

    same problem...leapster won't power up...checked battery voltage (was 6.5 volts) not sure what to test for next...on/off switch?

  • lgergely Dec 13, 2007

    Same problem for mine. Just bought it for my kid. It wont turn on. Battery, contacts are OK.
    Nod data in the manual how to perform a hard reset.

  • atayde Dec 20, 2007

    same problem with my console after i switch the plug it nothing happens

  • jester3939 Dec 25, 2007

    Same here, nothing at all seems to work on the unit.

  • Anonymous Dec 25, 2007

    [email protected] I have the same problem, new batteries, tried using the charge station battery pack, nothing worked, very frustrated!

  • steve murphy
    steve murphy Dec 25, 2007

    same problem here

  • jimz4 Dec 25, 2007

    I have same problem jimz3, Leapster will not power up, tried changing batteries and the rechargeable pack, screen is stuck will not do anything. Brand new out of box.

  • rbrfrm Dec 25, 2007

    I just opened 2 new ones today. One is fine. The other will turn on once in a while, work fine, then just shut off. Then it will not turn back on. It is very random. Other times it will turn on with just a blank screen. Nothing else. Please help. (Leapster L-Max System) What will work to fix it? Help?

  • marcscott Dec 28, 2007

    Same problem, after trying to change batteries, won't power up.  The A/C adapter doesn't work either

  • C_shaw Dec 29, 2007

    Leapster also won't turn on. Checked batteries..ok. Checked contacts..ok. Tried power adapter...still won't turn on. We just bought it for our kids.

  • Anonymous Dec 30, 2007

    Same thing - worked good for the first few hours then wouldn't turn off. Took out the batteries and then it would never turn on again.

  • osanim Dec 30, 2007

    We also have a Leapster learning system.  We  gave it to our daughter this December.  She had been playing with it for 3 weeks when all of a sudden it would not turn on.  We tried changing the batteries but it would still not work.  She never dropped it or misused it in any way.  I am annoyed because it was $60 and I hate to throw out that kind of money.  The battery power is fine and I cannot return it because I don't have any of the original packaging.  She loved this toy...please HELP!

  • bee173 Dec 31, 2007

    my leapster won't turn on. I put in brand new batteries (energizer) and it still doesn't turn on. I don't have the manual. And I'm not sure if I am suppose to reset it but I don't know how to do that either.

  • goobernutz Jan 01, 2008

    brand new leapster worked 2 days now it wont turn on. holding on the on button down is not the solution. If I put a game in it and hold the on button, the unit makes 4 beeps, and doesnt come on.

  • Anonymous Jan 07, 2008

    Got Leapster L-max for my child as a Christmas gift. It worked 2 days and now it is dead. I am expecting feedback from leapfrog, meanwhile I will try holding on the on
    button down as suggested.

  • Anonymous Jan 10, 2008

    I was watching my child play with the L-MAX when this happened. He was not doing anything wrong. He was using the coloring program that comes with the L-MAX when it just locked up and shut off. Now I cannot get it back on. This is our second one. The first wouldnt recalibrate no matter how many times I did it. (I ran thru the calibration tool over 100 time. Yes, I counted them...) Frustrated... Anyone figured out how to get it to work yet?

  • Anonymous Jan 24, 2008

    We also have the same problem. System stopped working after a week. Tried replacing the batteries. We are still unable to turn on the system.

  • OSUCowgirl Jan 25, 2008

    I recently purchased a Leapster L-Max for my daughter. When we tried to turn it on, it appeared to power up, but turned itself off just as the game options appeared on the screen.

    We tried using a cartridge with the unit just to see if it would behave any differently. It didn't. We put in new batteries, but the problem still remains.

  • Loretta13 Feb 02, 2008

    comes on but shuts down immediately

    with cartridge inserted, won't come on

  • Anonymous Feb 08, 2008

    I had the same problem. It worked for 1 day, then nothing. I tried changing batteries, holding down the on button, taking a game out/in etc. Still nothing. I returned mine to the retailer I purchased it from in hopes of an exchange. However they, along with most other retailers, are out of stock. I think Leapster is having issues... Leapster's own web site is "out of stock." Their website does not mention the technical issue. My kids LOVE their Leapsters! I can't wait to get a new one... hopefully the next one will work!!!!

  • roweboat09 Feb 15, 2008

    My son's leapster doesn't come on when you push the power button . He got it for Christmas and has only used it three times. We are trying to get the receipt from the person who gave it to him.

  • Kenmay Feb 17, 2008

    We purchased them for our daughters who are 18 months apart in age.  One worked and one didn't!  Major problem.  We can't find the receipt.

  • C_shaw Mar 04, 2008

    Had the identical problem. Holding the power button did not work. Cleaning the battery connections as per the Leapster website did not work. I called Leapster (contact info is on their website). Explained the problem, and that we didn't have the original box or receipt. They gave me a RA# and mailed it back. They mailed me a new one in 14 business days.

    Obviously they had a batch that is defective. Call them, they will replace it. Don't let your money go down the drain.

  • The Tiren Mar 26, 2008

    I have an LMAX that won't power on and I have tried everything. I contacted Leapster and they told me it was out of warranty and they could give me 50% off of a new one (50% off the full value of $100) plus shipping. That puts it at about $55 to replace something that lasted less than a year. I would like to get it repaired. Are there any repair options out there for these?

  • Anonymous Apr 01, 2008

    checked all connections and power source still will not turn on.

  • Anonymous Apr 09, 2008

    Same problem. Leapster won't power on with regular batteries or rechargeable battery pack. Holding power button on for long time doesn't help.

  • MeAtYahoo Apr 09, 2008

    Same problem. Our system won't switch on. Power in my battery pack is fine. Tried regular batteries and it still won't work. Holding down on button for a while doesn't help.

  • horeis6 May 04, 2008

    Same problem here - only had the Leapster for about 5 months. My daughter doesn't play it a lot, but now that the batteries have worn out, she can't play it at all. We tried replacing the batteries, cleaning the contacts, and nothing. I emailed the Leapster website, so hopefully they will replace it for her. Does anyone know how good the company's response is to this problem?

  • barb1210 May 06, 2008

    I have the same issue. I called LeapFrog and they basicily told me i was SOL.. The only thing they did was offer to sell me one for 50% off their store price.. WIth shipping.. SO they want me to send them back my leapster with a check.. for $35 .. I was not happy..

  • Ya Toast May 07, 2008

    brand new leapster for my son's birthday. We purchased one for my daughter's birthday last week. My wife had difficulty with keeping it turned on. We changed the batteries, it started working, and we haven't thought about it since(until now).My son's started fine for me but would not turn on for him (bummer). Now I'm wondering about my daughter's unit. Thank-you for bringing this issue to light.

  • ryewoman May 12, 2008

    bad batch: bought this for my 5 year-olds birthday and it didn't make it till her sixth--changed the batteries but nothing! We loved the game and invested in several titles so I am hoping the replacement route works for us too.

  • houseat May 19, 2008

    I also have a leapster l-max that won't switch on.Bought this for my granddaughter for christmas.I contacted their customer service and was advised that there was no repair location for this product.

  • MrDuracell May 24, 2008

    Having the same problem. Used the leapster for 30 minutes and now it won't turn on anymore.

  • tracyr Jul 01, 2008

    leapster will turn on, but with a blank white screen

  • Anonymous Jul 02, 2008

    Same problem. Ours is only 3 months old. I read most every post and nobody listed a number to call for service and repair. Please help

  • mjrundell Jul 20, 2008

    I have a leapster L-Max which won't turn on, it has been well cared for and has not been over used. What can I do?

  • cumpas Aug 15, 2008

    Bought a leapster l max for my son Christmas 2007. It worked fine until it just turned off suddenly yesterday. We thought it needed charging, but after charging it -it will not turn on at all. We tried holding down the button, but it didn't work.

  • CarlaCurtis Sep 28, 2008

    Got our Leapfrog Leapster as a Christmas present in 2006, and have used it gently on occasion since then (it's not been a well-loved toy, but it does provide occasional fun). It's never been abused, not even dropped, and it is kept in its case when not in use. It got pulled out again today, and worked fine, until it just powered off. We replaced the batteries - there is no leakage and we're getting 6.4+ volts across the contacts on the sled. But it will not power on, even when we hold the power button down for 3-5 seconds. It's well and truly dead.

    We are long past the measly 3 month warranty period. Any suggestions?

  • Anonymous Oct 08, 2008

    Tried holding down the start button - worked few times but noy anymore.

  • Anonymous Dec 06, 2008

    Leapster is two weeks old and won't turn on. Holding down power button does not revive it. Have tried using batteries and AC adapter. VERY disappointed.

  • Anonymous Dec 10, 2008

    1 month old leapster got hung in the middle of a game. Switched it off and now it won't power up again, even with fresh batteries. Very disappointing!

  • Anonymous Dec 10, 2008

    New Leapster, less than 1 month old, hung up in the middle of a game yesterday. Turned it off and now it won't start up again, even with fresh batteries. very disappointing.

  • Anonymous Dec 21, 2008

    Batteries died and I got a new set of batteries but the leapstar just wont turn on. This is so ridiculous. I cannot believe this.

  • Anonymous Jan 01, 2009

    I have the same problem. I thought the battery pack was just low so I recharged it. In the meantime I used the AC adapter, but it would still come on then shut off within seconds. I tried regular batteries but it did work either. I tried the freshly charged battery pack, but it still didnt help. I tried holding down the on/off button. No help. This is a brand new unit...very disappointing. $60.00 for a toy that worked just a couple of hours. I dont have a receipt as it was a gift.

  • Anonymous Jan 02, 2009

    I bought my leapster LMAX in 2007 for my son. it lasted one year and then the screen started shutting off all the time. I replaced it through leapster for 50% off the purchase price, and now the new one is doing the same thing again.

  • Anonymous Jan 02, 2009

    My daughter received the leapster 2 for christmas and played with it a few times. Then the next time (that day) we turned it on it would go to the warning screen then shut off.  Tried replacing batteries and even purchased the recharging pack for it, nothing worked. Of course no reciept  or packaging, it being a gift and all. kinda sucks and very dissappointed.

  • Anonymous Jan 05, 2009

    I have an old red/gray 2003 leapster. It worked fine until recently. Now it won't power up. Tried 9V AC adapter, new batteries and pressing the reset button. I will contact Leapfrog tomorrow.

  • Anonymous Jan 19, 2009

    My son received the leapster 2 for Christmas and played with it a few times. Then the next time (that day) we turned it on it would go to the warning screen then shut off. Tried replacing batteries and even purchased the recharging pack for it, nothing worked. Of course no reciept or packaging, it being a gift and all. Very dissappointed.

  • tckmartin10 Feb 28, 2009

    same problem- we had the unit for less than 9mo. and then it just stopped working. the screen will not come on or any sound either. seems like this is a manufacturing problem with this product all around. not buying another one thats for SURE.

  • Ashley Hughes
    Ashley Hughes Mar 11, 2009

    daughter got this pink lmax leapster for christmas.

    This morning she came to me and told me her came kept cutting off.

    Usually when it does that the batteries are dead, so i turned it on messed with and it cut off like it does when you hit the power button.

    So its not the batteries.

    Leapster WILL send you a new one or used one not sure. i called them they told me to put new batteries and clean th echarge ports first of course i already done that....she told me to take it back to were it was purchased from and tell them i want to exchange it, it has a defect blah it was purchased at toys rus so im getting ready to call and see what they say since theres no packaging, or reciept. my gosh its been 3 months...but in 3 months the product should not tear yp.

    if they wont take it back im to send it leapster with trackign and insurance in a box there not responsible for lost items etc etc. and i will have a pink replacement in 10-15 thinking there not going to send a brand new one its going to be a rerubished one someone else has sent in.... but as long as it woorks and not beat all to hell i guess it doesnt matter this is her favorite thing

  • margaret_mos Mar 24, 2009

    I have the same problem. I just rewarded my son with the Sonic Math Game and he LOVES IT!! Well for the few days he has been able to play it. He told me yesterday it worked for a while and then it kept cutting off. I bought a battery charger with rechargeable batteries and we have the adapter chord, but none worked. I'm very upset because we've only had the game since mid December.

  • Anonymous Mar 27, 2009

    I have the same problem with the leapster cutting off right after I turn it on. I have bought batteries and have tried cleaning it as well.


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My leapster 2 was working beautifully, then decided to die. It did turn on briefly to tell me to put new batteries in, which I had already done. Check that it still works by hooking it up to a 9v adaptor, if so, then take the batteries out, wet some cotton buds and gently clean each battery connector inside the battery compartment. Even if it doesen't look like there's rust, there might be a tiny bit, stopping the battery registering. I did this and now it's working fine.

Posted on Mar 19, 2010

  • Gabee Baby Dec 22, 2010

    my thing is I don't want to go buy the adaptor only for this thing not to work. I do see rust and I cleaned it the best I could but it is still not working. . .hopefully walmart will allow me to test the adaptor before I make that purchase. . .I have the original Leapster and was trying to hand it down to my toddler from her big sister. . .does not look so good at this point



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Hold down the power on button and did not power up. Still waiting for answer from Leapfrog.

Posted on Jan 08, 2008

  • Anonymous Mar 19, 2008

    I contacted Leapfrog US Support and with the following information they processed a replacement of the unit.

    *Place & date of Purchase:
    *Your complete name:
    *Your mailing address:
    * the code numbers engraved or stamped on the product.
    *Is this a portable or a lmax? Color?

    They gave
    me a RMA# and mailed it back to

    LeapFrog Enterprises
    563 N. Fairview St.
    Santa Ana, CA. 92703

    They mailed me a new one (without the display cover) in 15 business days.

  • jeffnmelissa Nov 10, 2010

    I called Leap Frog about this problem after I tried the suggestions on here. They told me that they can't replace it but they did give me a discount code to go on their website and order a new one. I was fine with that until I got to the checkout and put in the code and only recieved $7.50 off!! After the discount it was $50 out of my pocket to replace their product!! I called them back and they told me that is the only discount that they can give!!
    Leap Frog is in it to rip off the customer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Very disappointed with them!!



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Hold down the powerbutton for 3-5 seconds then release.

Posted on Dec 30, 2007

Darren Jones

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My sisters Kids leapster stopped working and she gave it to me to have a look at . I pulled it apart to check components. Leapstar has a good scam going on as they hot glue a component from the main board ( inductor ) to the plastin case and as you pull it apart it ripps off the component from the board ( very sneaky and deliberate ) no wonder they won't repair them. I found two blown components which I'm trying to source compatible replacements plus the one that ripped off the board.

Posted on Apr 04, 2010


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I wanted to report back that I was finally able to purchase a new Leapster. I have been checking multiple retailers for almost 2 months. They had a full stock available this week. I purchased a new one (I had returned mine to the retailer) and am happy to report that all is working beautifully with the new one. I just wish Leapster would have been more open with their communication. It's pretty obvious to me that they were very aware of this issue. Still a fan!!!

Posted on Mar 20, 2008

steve murphy

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I have the same problem it won't turn on im pissed

Posted on Dec 25, 2007


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Fiend your solution direct from Nintendo. Here is your solution....

leapster wont switch on - 3ad6e53.jpg

Posted on Apr 04, 2009

Armando Soriano

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I solve the problem with the 3 second press of ower button! Thanks!

Posted on Dec 26, 2013


Buy a new one, and return the broken one!

Posted on Mar 02, 2008


Solution #2 works for me. Hold for 3 seconds and release. Hope it will work for long.

Posted on Jan 15, 2008


I was able to revive ours by holding down (and releasing) the power button as suggested... Thanks!

Posted on Jan 06, 2008

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SOURCE: leapster wont switch on

First let me say there was some confusion here. The question you posted was under the category of Playstation 2. Sweet_rascal apparently didn't realize you were talking about a Leapster not a PS2, so please disregard his comments. It's likely he doesn't have any experience with the Leapster. I have 2 young girls at home, however, so I am very familiar with it.

One thing you can try - if it gets that far, is recalibrating it:

Insert a cartridge, turn the unit on and wait for the sign-in screen to appear.
Hold down the Home, Hint and B buttons simultaneously.
When the screen changes, press the A button.
Using the Stylus, touch the center of the targets.

See if that helps at all, though I'm not sure it will from your description of the problem. But, it's somewhere to start. I'm looking for more information now.


Posted on Dec 27, 2007

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