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Posted on Sep 28, 2007
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Replacing ink cartridge

I refilled an ink cartridge for hp office jet 7110. For some reason, it continues to tell me to replace cartridge. Is there something I can do to bypass this. help!!!

  • bassam2230 Feb 04, 2008

    i filled the tuner of samsung ml-2550n, and it keeps telling me to replace cartridge. what shall i do to end this problem.


  • Anonymous Feb 25, 2008

    Hp Officejet 7110 all in one - i replace new cartridge still display - color ink out


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mukhtar21 shaikh

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  • Posted on Sep 28, 2007
mukhtar21 shaikh
HP Master
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Joined: Sep 21, 2007

Try with claening the nozzel and also claen the conacts of catridge by pencil eraser bye

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How to change ink in canon mx492

Replacing Canon ink jet cartridges can be expensive. On the off chance that you have a shading printer, the expense of the ink may include rapidly. Most Canon cartridges are refillable, and you can set aside some cash by supplanting the ink yourself. Refilling Canon Printer cartridges can be cultivated by getting an ink refill pack so you can refill your cartridges at your home.

Check your Ink Cartridge
Method 1:
1. Make beyond any doubt the ink cartridge is vacant.
• Many Canon ink jet cartridges have an electronic device that counts down with every character printed.
• When the counter reaches 0, you will get an error message on your printer.

2. Follow manufacturer's directions to remove the Canon ink jet cartridge.

3. Look to see if the ink reservoir is empty.
• On the off chance that there is still ink in the store, reinstall the cartridge, and when you get another mistake message, push the "alright" catch to keep printing.
4. If the cartridge is empty, refill the Canon ink jet cartridge.

Method2. Refill your Ink Cartridge

1. Acquire an ink refill pack at an office supply store or online. To refill canon ink cartridges, you need a 30 cc syringe with a needle, a thumb drill and printer ink.

2. Place the ink holder on paper or paper towels. When refilling Canon cartridges, you may have some ink spillage.

3. Select the ink. For example, on the off chance that you are refilling your yellow ink cartridge, you will require yellow ink.

4. Put the needle on the yellow ink holder.

Method 3: Replace Ink

1. Discover the opening where the ink originates from. This will be situated on the wipe region of the cartridge.

2. Crush two or three drops of the right shading ink on this opening to fill the wipe with ink.

3. Tape the leave opening with tape to avoid ink spillage while you complete the process of refilling Canon cartridges.

4. Drill a little opening in the ink cartridge with a thumb boring tool underneath the cartridge mark.

• Look on the cartridge for a letter meaning the shade of the ink, and underneath it, a hover with a dimple in it.

• When you refill ink cartridges, you need to penetrate the opening amidst the dimple.
5. Set the needle into the opening you made in the cartridge, and cautiously push in the ink. When refilling Canon cartridges, watch the cartridge with the goal that you don't overload it.
6. Remove the needle from the cartridge, take it off the compartment, and set the top back on the ink so it won't spill.
7. Seal the gap with paste, hot wax or electric tape when you wrap topping off Canon cartridges to anticipate spills.
8. Remove the tape you put over the wipe region.

Method 4: Reinstall Ink Jet Cartridge

    1. Introduce the cartridge and select upkeep on your printer.
    2. Run your printer through its cleaning cycle when you refill ink cartridges.
    3. Give the refilled cartridges a chance to set inside the printer for around 8 hours with the goal that the wipe drenches up all the new ink.
    For any other queries please contact Canon Printer Support and if you want to see video that how can you refill the Canon Cartridges. So Please CLICK

Hp 8600 missing or damaged print cartridge how to fix?

If you observe the error message "One of more ink cartridges may be missing or damaged", "Cartridge Damaged", or "Ink Cartridge Failure", "The following cartridges are not intended for use in this Printer", etc. then the printer is not recognizing the installation of the refilled ink cartridge(s) or 'smart chip' which is affixed to the rear side of ink cartridge is causing the detection issue. This type of issue can also be caused by a bent pin on the PRINTHEAD assembly or one (or more) electrical contacts are dirty on the PRINTHEAD assembly (especially if the same error occurs with a brand new HP ink cartridge). Typically, the problem is usually an incompatible smart chip which is affixed to the rear-side of the ink cartridge.

(1) It is first suggested you remove the respective ink cartridge from the printer and thoroughly clean the cartridge's smart chip's gold contacts/electrical surfaces using an isopropyl dampened lint-free towel. Ensure no ink residue is present on surface of the chip. Also ensure the chip is located in the proper position. Please refer to the 2nd photo on the following Inkjet411 support page - carefully inspect chip position to ensure it was properly placed: http://inkjet411.com/?page_id=1999 Following cartridge 'smart chip' gold contact cleaning, please re-install the ink cartridge and retest.

(2) Remove PRINTHEAD from printer and inspect for damage to contact pin(s) on the INSIDE OF THE PRINTHEAD ASSEMBLY. Please refer to printhead removal procedure below for reference. Often, you can gently bend the pin back into position to correct the issue.

REFERENCE: HP Officejet PRO 8600 Printhead Removal & Replacement Procedure:

SPECIAL NOTE FOR BRAND NEW HP PRINTER MODELS (temporary issue until approx. mid to late August 2014):
If you continue to observe "One of more ink cartridges may be missing or damaged" alert messages, please note that printer firmware versions CKP5CN1334ER for the newer HP Office jet Pro 8100 and 8600 printer series (manufactured after Nov./Dec. 2013) do not allow the replacement chip to function (this problem temporarily impacts brand new HP printers only -- this problem will be resolved sometime in June 2014 with the release of upgraded smart chips to all Costco stores which will work in the newer printer models).

Confirm if your printer is impacted:

1. Verify 8100/8600 printer firmware - print the PRINTER STATUS REPORT or PRINT QUALITY DIAGNOSTIC page to verify your firmware version.
2. To print the printer status report, on the printer control panel, press and hold the (Cancel) button for three seconds (i.e. 8100 models). Alternatively, you can print either of the reports from the TOOLS menu if this does work.....OR.......
3. Check 'Product Information' - 'Firmware Version'
a. CKP5CN1334ER for the HP Office jet Pro 8100 and 8600 printer series
b. If your printer has this printer firmware version, then you may be impacted.

If the error message persists then we suggest you return the cartridge(s) to your refiller and request to have the 'smart chip' (attached to cartridge) replaced with a new chip*. If Costco does not have the NEW CHIP VERSIONS yet, then request a refund for the refill purchase.

However, if the same problem occurs with a 2nd cartridge (or manufacturer's brand new ink cartridge) then the PRINTHEAD may either have ink on the internal electrical surfaces (where cartridge mates to it) or the PRINTHEAD may have a bent or deformed contact pin. Remove PRINTHEAD from printer and inspect for damage to contact pin(s) on the INSIDE OF THE PRINTHEAD ASSEMBLY. Refer to printhead removal procedure below for reference. Often, you can bend the pin back into position to correct the issue.

REFERENCE: HP Officejet PRO 8600 Printhead Removal & Replacement Procedure:

You should also ensure the EXTERNAL electrical contacts on PRINTHEAD are clean of any ink residue. Clean with damp towel to remove residue. Refer to the 5th photo on the following Inkjet411 support page: http://inkjet411.com/?page_id=1999



2. An "Ink Cartridge Depleted" message can be observed (printer will cease print operations) when an ink cartridge 'really is' out of ink. HP has small sensors which look into the bottom of the ink tank to ensure ink is present. Typically you will receive 'Low Ink Warning' messages just before this occurs.

3. Since the printer monitors ink usage/drop counts, it will display the 'Ink Sensor Warning' messages when it 'predicts' the cartridge should be out of ink, but these messages can be temporarily ignored and you may continue printing. Eventually the 'Cartridge(s) Depleted' alert message will be displayed when the cartridge truly is out of ink.

4. The "Use Color Ink Only" or "Use Black Ink Only" messages can be caused by poor contact (i.e. electrical connectivity) between the ink cartridge's 'smart chip' and the carriage assembly (which the ink cartridge plugs into). Typically a 'Red X' will also be displayed on printer control panel LCD or Window's pop-up screen when this condition is present.

*This type of error may be caused an electrically damaged 'smart chip' which is affixed to the rear side of the cartridge itself, a mis-aligned chip (wrong position), an incorrect replacement chip type (i.e. operator installed the wrong chip on for that color and/or tank size). In most case the cartridge will need to have a new replacement chip installed by the refill operator. We apologize for the inconvenience if either of these possibilities prove to be the root cause. For more information on chip placement, refer to Section A on the following Inkjet411 support page: http://inkjet411.com/?page_id=913

COMPATIBILITY NOTE: Compatible (clone) HP 950/951 ink cartridges, sold via the internet or similar, may not be refilled and reprogrammed successfully - Costco does not (should not) support refilling of compatible ink cartridges (i.e. those cartridges which do not have the HP original blue/black logo displayed on the front label of the ink cartridge). If you had a compatible/clone/remanufactured ink cartridge refilled we cannot guarantee it's performance.

Please let us know if this does not remedy the current error condition. For any additional questions please contact us directly: [email protected]

If you need to purchase a new ink cartridge(s), we suggest you try a remanufactured ink cartridge from http://www.inkplicity.com/ as their ink cartridges typically have the lowest cost in the USA and have a high reliability rating.

-Thank you
Inkjet411 Team Member

My Hp printer does not want to accept refilled ink 1-800-532-4187 IS A DIRTY SPAMMER

HP printers might work and might not work with refilled cartrdiges. You can use it but will create a problem in future and quality of printing will not be good. If still you wish to use refilled cartridge then please tell the name of the printer. If your printer hardware gets damaged because of using refilled cartridges then even if your printer is in warranty hp will not replace it.

How can I make your 8500 pro accept a refilled HP cartrige.

The HP 940 cartridge is the new version of the HP 88 cartridge. Both have a chip that estimates ink levels. Once the chip says the cartridge is empty it will refuse to print, no matter how much ink is really left in the cartridge. This is a safety measure so you don't get air in your ink lines. If you get air in an ink line, that color will no longer print. We can refill the HP 88 because there are replacement chips available for these cartridges. I own a Cartridge World ink refilling store and I don't refill the HP 940s yet because I don't have access to a replacement chip. If you purchased a refilled HP 940 and it's not working, I would say the chip has not been replaced. I would wait until a reputable refiller (i.e.-Cartridge World, Office Depot, etc..) offers refills for this cartridge before you try anything off the internet.

How to refill hp 920 cratridges for office jet 6000

Don't waste your time and money.

Use only factory new ink cartridges from HP.

Apart from voiding any warranty that may be left on the printer, you can end up replacing print heads and getting very poor quality images from your printer.


My HP 6500 only prints yellow and black. I refilled all three color cartridges and only the yellow is working. Any ideas?

I own a printer cartridge refilling store and I can't refill these cartridges yet because the chip needs to be replaced/reset and we don't have the technology to do it yet. The reason why only the refilled yellow is working is probably because the chip still thinks there's ink in the cartridge. However, your yellow cartridge will most likely soon not print as well. The other cartridges the chips are telling the printer they are empty. Printer manufacturers like to do this kind of thing so you have to spend the extra money to buy their ink. I would not recommend even trying to refill these yourself until you see reputable retailers with refills (i.e.- Cartridge World, Office Depot, etc).

In the middle of a print job, my cartridge refill stops feeding ink. Printer MN J4680. Does this printer hold the cartridge # in memory in order to stop one from refilling?

HP printers do not remember the cartridge serial number to reject refills (certain Canon printers do though). It sounds like you have an air bubble in the sponge that is inhibiting ink from reaching the print head. I would guess that either you or the store/internet seller that refilled this cartridge hand filled it. These cartridges should be filled under a vacuum to remove air bubbles from the sponge and allow you to fully fill the cartridge (an air bubble takes up space that your ink could be occupying). I recommend Cartridge World or Office Depot for refills. Avoid internet sellers and refill shops that have one giant all-in-one machine that does the filling for them.

Refill Toner Cartridge for Laser Printer

Nobody has a clue how to refill a laser cartridge with ink. :)))

OK< just kidding, here it is:

First of all, laser-cartridges have toner (a fine black powder) and not ink.
Second: There are 2 methods to refill a laser cartridge: dismounting it to get to the toner chamber (involves a lot of tehnical skill) or the melt-and-pour method (see here http://www.urefilltoner.co.uk/), but you need the melting device.

But because from your question i see you dont know a thing about refilling, better go to a refill center.
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