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Posted on Mar 20, 2017

Loud subwoofer popping noise

I have an 02 Alero with factory monsoon system and h/u. I have installed an amplifier and 2 subs. I am running the main power from the battery and ground to chassis. I have purchased and installed the necessary 1k line converters and fed them from the rear deck speakers to the amp inputs. I have managed to power up the amp successfully but with a loud popping noise due to using an "accessory on" power supply from the fuse panel for my remote on. That is the first noise. Secondly, even with the volume of the h/u at 0, the amp will start to power up and as it does the subs start vibrating and going wooowooowoooo louder and louder until I disconnect the remote wire to shut the amp off. I am unable to use and power it up due to this vibration. Is there a simple solution?

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  • Posted on Dec 09, 2007

SOURCE: low level noise causing sub flutter

Power wires and sound cables running close together can cause this problem. Separate them.


Danilo Gonzaga

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  • Posted on Jun 14, 2010

SOURCE: I have hooked up my subwoofer and amp to my

Rewire your stereo cables as such:

Red- positive - battery
Black - ground - chassis
Remote (Yellow) - ignition switch

The "LINE OUT" should go to your SUB-WOOFER.

The while-lined wires paired with the solid colored wires are either your Front LR and/or Rear L/R.

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How to install a mono amp and sub into a system that already has factory versions of those?

Installing a mono amplifier and subwoofer into a car audio system that already has factory versions of these components can be a challenging task, as it may require modification of the existing wiring and possibly the use of additional adapters or interface modules. Here are the general steps you can follow to install a mono amplifier and subwoofer into a car audio system that already has factory versions of these components:
  1. Disconnect the negative terminal of the car's battery to ensure that you do not cause any short circuits during the installation process.
  2. Determine the location where you want to mount the amplifier and subwoofer. The amplifier should be mounted in a location that is close to the battery and has adequate ventilation, while the subwoofer should be mounted in a location that is appropriate for the size and type of subwoofer you are using.
  3. If necessary, modify the factory wiring to create a clean signal path for the amplifier. This may involve removing the factory amplifier or bypassing any factory equalization circuits.
  4. Install the amplifier using the supplied mounting hardware and power wire, making sure to connect the power wire to the positive terminal of the battery and the ground wire to a solid metal chassis component.
  5. Connect the RCA cables from the head unit to the amplifier, and then connect the speaker wire from the amplifier to the subwoofer.
  6. Secure all connections and test the system to ensure that it is functioning properly.
It is important to note that the steps outlined above are just a general guide and that the specific installation process may vary depending on your specific vehicle and the components you are using. If you are not comfortable with the installation process, it is recommended that you seek the assistance of a professional car audio installer.

Subwoofer makes loud hum noise

4 possibilities:
1) ground loop or open connection on input.
2) close proximity to a CFL, or other flourescent fixture.
3) bad filter caps in the sub.
4) bad coax to the sub.

in any event, check wire routing. You can also track down the noise sources by using a portable AM radio tuned off station. it will pick all manner of RF noise around the house. Light dimmers are notorius noise makers.

I have atomic A-8 subwoofer and philips FR740 receiver. when i turn the amplifier and the subwoofer "on", the subwoofer starts to hum loudly and it is wery annoying. i made all the connections...

The symptom sounds like an open signal shield somewhere and the cable is acting like an antenna for airborne electrical noise.

Disconnect the RCA cable at the sub. Is it still humming? NO? Problem is external to it. YES? Internal. Broken ground somewhere.

Recheck all connections making sure to twist the RCA head as you install it so oxides will be worn off.

Consider what may have changed in the environment regarding electrical devices, motors, magnetic sources. Ensure signal and speaker wires as ar not running are as non-parallel to any power cords as practicable.

I have two kicker cvrs 2003 model wired at a 2 ohm load, one

Sounds like the sub is blown. Swap the two subs and see if the sound comes from the other sub in the original location as well. If not, then you have a bad sub. If the bad sound happens with both subs then you need to look at wiring and the Amp.

My punch 550.2 amplifier's thermal light is turning on and off

well, hopefully the amplifier was wired correctly. But either way there are so many factors that can cause this problem... But the biggest one is the amplifier must have been sending some distortion to your subwoofers which a subwoofer can take a certain level of distortion and be fine but too much will blow any subwoofer even the highest of high end subs at a high volume... when your subs hit the point of blowing they will tend to just blow out one at a time... they don't just pop both right away. I'd say get the sub that isn't blown off off of the amp before it blows too... distortion is clipping most of the time... when you destroy the subs it will eventually work it's way to the next component in the system which is your amp and then you will be out an amplifier and subs. save yourself the headache.......

Needs repair - loud humming noises when turned on who are service agents in Melbourne australia

had the same problem, so I installed a radio shack ground loop isolator and fixed the problem, it has 2 rca plug inputs and 2 rca outputs, goes in-between the sub and the input cables of your system to the sub...that's if your using the rca inputs..

Subwoofer makes a loud bass machine gun noise when powered up

Well, I have the same problem and I would think it has something to do with the RCA-connections. If I power up my head unit while I have my main fuse for the amp's removed and then replace the fuse as the head unit is already playing music (thus putting out a current through the RCA-connections) it works just fine. But if I just power up my stereo with the fuse in, my subs go all crazy. I guess it has something to do with disruptions in the rca cable. Maybe they are drawn too close to some power cables or speaker cables? Good luck!

Install two 10" subwoofers in a 2002 grand am monsoon.

The only way to Correctly do this is to Run an External Amp for your Subs. If you continuously run the Subs off of the Factory Amp It will Ruin the Subs and the Amp Eventually. This way you can still Connect the Rear speakers as they need to be. Please Rate my solution, I need all the Help that I can Get! Thanks!

HS 500 noise from subwoofer

Well as I see from the owner manual for this device the sub is active one and my opinion is that electric is your problem.The power of the sub and main unit must be on the same phase otherwise you'll hear brrrrr or frequency of your main unit power supply on the sub.Thats why sound changes when you open or close the door.Take one power distribution cord (get power for bought devices from the same place) and connect main unit and the sub on it and then try.I hope that this will help you

Low level noise causing sub flutter

the ground may not be coming from your stereo it should be coming from a loose wire under the hood. Do u have the factory radio? that might be it if u do

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