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Question about Delta Enterprise Milano 4520 Crib

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Need parts for the double side slider

During transport and storage the sliders has been damaged and I would like to know where to get parts

Posted by Chatahuahua on

  • Anonymous Feb 07, 2008

    One of the crib locks of the side railings is broken, so the railing doesn't stay in place. Where can I find a crib lock?



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The crib locks of the side railings broke. where can i get new ones

Posted on Apr 07, 2008


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How to install lower sliders on 2008 ultra classic

Loosen the fork cap bolt from the fork tube plug at the top of the fork tube, but do not remove it at this time. THEN loosen the pinch bolt (with lockwasher) in the lower fork bracket, but do not remove it. THEN spray glass cleaner like Windex on the fork tube above the rubber fork stop and after so lubricating the surfaces move the fork stop up the fork tube until it contacts the bottom of the upper fork bracket. THEN, while holding the fork slider to prevent the fork from dropping, remove the fork cap bolt from the fork tube plug and slide the fork tube down and out of the upper fork bracket, the fork stop, the lower fork bracket, and the slider cover. THEN thread the fork cap bolt back into the fork tube plug to prevent loss of fork oil while handling the removed fork assembly. THEN move the fork to your work bench area and place a suitable drain pan on the floor underneath your vise. NOW or later you can similarly remove the other fork tube assembly.

IT IS HANDY to have a HD-41177 FORK TUBE HOLDER or similar tool.

On the first fork remove the nuts, the lockwashers, the flat washer and the axle holder from the studs at the end of the fork slider. THEN clamp end of a fork holder tool in your vise in a horizontal position with the tightening fasteners facing toward you and with the fork cap bolt at the top clamp the fork tube in between the rubber pads on the inside of the tool and tighten the fasteners to securely hold the fork tube assembly. THEN remove the fork cap bolt from the fork tube plug and remove and throw away the quad ring seal. Thenslowly unthread the fork tube plug from the fork tube being AWARE that the fork tube plug is under spring pressure which requires you to have a firm grasp on plug as the last thread is turned. THEN remove the O-ring from fork tube plug and throw it away. THEN remove the fork spring from the fork tube and remove the fork assembly from the fork tube holder. THEN turn the fork upside down and drain the fork oil into the drain pan by slowly pumping the fork tube and slider at least ten times being aware that the damper valve, if it has one, may fall out of the inverted fork tube while you are draining it. THEN With the wear ring at the bottom, i.e. with the spring side up, slide the damper valve back into the fork tube when it has been fully drained.

THEN for further disassembly install the fork spring back into the fork tube place a shop rag on the floor, and turn the fork assembly upside down and press the end of spring against the rag. Push down and compress the spring to prevent the damper tube from turning and then remove the6mm screw from end of fork slider with a strong short stroke impact wrench and 12 mm Allen socket adapter for best results. When the screw and washer are removed throw away the 6mm screw and copper crush washer. THEN remove the fork spring, the damper valve (if it has one) and the damper tube from fork tube. THEN remove the wear ring and the rebound spring from the damper tube and it has one, from the damper valve, if it has one. Then without expanding or stretching the retaining clip to avoid it becoming bent or distorted, remove it from the fork tube. THEN, using an appropriate pick tool, remove the retaining clip from between the fork slider and the fork tube and remove the fork tube from the fork slider. Use the fork tube as a slide hammerwith a moderate amount of force until the fork tube separates from the fork slider. THEN slide the fork oil seal, the slider spacer and the slider bushing off of the end of the fork tube and throw away the fork oil seal and the slider bushing. THEN gently pry at the split line to expand the fork leg bushing, and remove it from the groove at the end of the fork tube and throw away the fork leg bushing. THEN remove the lower stop fromthe fork slider.

THEN thoroughly clean and inspect all of the parts. And replace all parts that are bent, broken or otherwise obviously damaged. Inspect the fork cap bolt quad ring seal and the fork tube plug O-ring for cuts, tears or other signs of deterioration and replace whatever is necessary and/or prudent. THEN replace the retaining clip if bent or distorted and check the slider and fork leg bushings for scratches or excessive wear and always replace bushings in a set if either bushing is damaged or worn THEN also check the fork tube and the slider for scoring, scratches and excessive or abnormal wear and replace all parts as necessary and/or prudent. THEN set the fork tube on V-blocks and measure the runout using a dial indicator gauge and replace the fork if runout exceeds 0.008 in. (0.2 mm). THEN inspect the upper fork spring and the rebound spring for damage or distortion and replace the upper fork spring if the free length is less than 18.4 in. (467.3 mm) and replace the rebound spring if its free length is less than 0.938 in. (23.8 mm) or otherwise whenever the upper fork spring requires replacement.
To reassemble the fork coat the fork leg bushing ID with clean fork oil and then expand the fork leg bushing at the split line only so far as required to it slip over the end and into the groove of the fork tube. THEN install a new wear ring in the groove at the top of the damper tube and install the rebound spring on the opposite end. Now, with the wear ring on the top side slide the damper tube into the fork tube, so that the tube end drops through the hole at the bottom of the fork tube. Now install the lower stop at the end of the damper tube and put the fork slider back into your fork tube holder. THEN slide the fork tube into the fork slider. NEXT coat the slider bushing ID with clean fork oil and install the slider bushing down into the fork tube and then slide the slider spacer down the fork tube until it meets the slider bushing and then get your fork oil seal installer tool and it down the fork tube and drive the slider bushing and spacer into the bore of the fork slider and then remove the tool and THEN put some masking tape over the top edge of the fork tube to avoid damaging the lip of the fork oil seal during installation and then coat the new oil seal with new fork oil and install the seal with the garter spring facing into the fork tube and slide it down to the bore of the slider and the earlier installed spacer and then remove the masking tape and with your fork seal installation tool drive the seal down into the top of the slider until you can insert the retaining ring and then again remove the seal driver tool and install the retainer ring into its slider groove. NOW slide the fork spring into the tube and remove the fork assembly from your fork tube holder and with a shop towel or rag on the floor turn the assembly upside down and press the spring against the shop towel or rag and install a new 6mm screw with a new copper crush washer through hole at bottom of fork slider and start to screw it into the end of the damper tube. Continue to compress the spring into the assembly to stop the damper tube from turning and tighten the 6mm screw to 132-216 in-lbs (14.9-24.4 Nm). After this remove the fork spring from the fork tube and again clamp the fork slider (NOT THE FORK TUBE) into your fork holder tool with the fork tube on the top side and if it was previously removed install the drain plug at the bottom of the fork slider and tighten it to 72-96 in-lbs (8-11 Nm).

THEN refill with the correct amount of fork oil. It is very important for the correct and safe operation of the bike that the CORRECT amount of oil be installed. FOLLOW the correct procedures for doing this.

Replace Broan Model K260A Range Hood Light Switch Slider Assembly

Hi if the new part has no screw holes or place for clip and it is only push in connector ie you dont need to solder the wires to it then it will just pull out use a small screw driver under the edge and gently pry free you cant damage it anymore than it is anyway can you.
Also on the side of the new switch if their is no groove cut into it for a push on clip to hold it in place then it will just pull out and push the new one in.

Samsung phones

Hello there Samsung slider phones LCD or screen problem. Always you have seen that samsung phone get problem like some phone doesnt have light in LCD and some times they does not turn on. Samsung slider phones like G 600 , U 600 . J 700, E250 ,D800 and D900.Slider phones always has Ribben ( slidr belt ). And this ribben always connect phone upper part ( screen ) to the mother board.when the ribben (slider belt) got damage then it gives you that happens when you use your phone roughly or when you dropped your phone on concrete or any different floor.Mostly Samsung phone model U600 , G600 AND J700 has this problem.whenever your phone gets this problem firstly check. And Do not try any flashing or any kind of software tools. it easy to change ribben (slider belt ). Just get ribben belt or some tiny screw driver and some slider opener. this tools are easy to get from any tools shop. then mostly phone has screw. firstly open the battery cover and take it out and see two hole under the battery and when you slide up your phone then you can see two screw just under your phone top keypad just hold the slider for while and open those screw and slide up then see two rubber things are both side on camera. Use any flicker type things and take out that rubber top then you can see two screw just under the screw open those screw then use the slider opener if the opener is tight if slider is loose the do not use opener just take it out so softly and remove the one side of the ribben which you can see connected of mother board just take out ribben and put new one ribben the put all things back as a normal then tight the screws and put battery then turn it on your phone will turn on.some phone like U600 ,j600,has touch panel. this type of model slider belt or ribben always comes with touch panel and its quite difficult and quite expensive to change.Samsung U600 has this problem mostly because they are very thin and then slider belt is as well thin and they get this problem so quickly.

on Jan 08, 2010 • Cell Phones

Getting the message clean drum. Clean corona wire of drum unit. Need instructions on how to clean unit. What parts to I need?

You do not need any parts, just do the following.
1. open the front toner cover
2. take out toner and drum together
3. on the back side of drum unit you will see green or purple slider (it is used to clean corona wire)
4. push that slider few times from left to the right.
Important notice: you must leave slider on exact position to match black arrow on the drum unit.


Keep having leaking fork seals.have replaced seals and oil after every ride lately.(4)have tried two brands of seals last time disasembled whole of forks cleaned every part,shims everything and had...

G'day. A couple of suggestions-
Damage to the fork slider-chips or dings.
Too much oil in the fork on re-assembly can cause the seal to go.
Worn or loose fork bushes will flog the seal prematurely.
When you transport the bike-if you don't use a seal saver can pop the seals.

So let me help with these.

Be sure that the fork slider is not scored,dinged or damaged on th surface.

A good double check of the oil quantity is to ensure that when you have re-filled the tube with oil & primed it(worked the air out of it), the oil level should be 100 to 110 mm from the top of the leg to the oil with the fork fully compressed. If the level is less than this-drop it to 100mm.

To check the fork bushes-try pull on the front forks front to back(wobble) & feel for looseness in the bushes.

And finally-When you transport the bike-put a chock(I use an empty 5ltr oil container-but you can buy propper chocks from the bike shop) in-between the forks at top of the front wheel .
Now when you pull the front end down it will stop on the chock & stop the front forks being under excessive compression for extended periods-so it saves the fork springs from sacking out too.
I hope this proves helpfull.
Kind regards Andrew Porrelli

Card locked

An SD memory card usually has a little white slider on the outside of it. I says in small letter, with a little arrow "LOCK" . Push the slider in the opposite direction of the arrow i.e. to unlock it.
If this is the case, then the camera should be able to communicate and write to the card.
There is also the possibility that the device in the camera which detects this slider is damaged. In that case the camera should be repaired. I think, though you will be OK moving the slider.

There is also the possibility that the card is corrupted. See the Link below
I hope this has helped you.
Happy New Year,
Best, Mark

Hi, I have a Peavey XR 1600D Power Mixer That has 3 sliders that need replacing because they have snapped. I have the new sliders but need to know how difficult to replace. Thank You

It is a pain... After opening the unit you will probably have to remove a lot of the knobs and jack hardware and a few screws to allow moving the board away from the face to get to the sliders.

PLEASE NOTE that often the sliders have many leads and getting ALL the solder removed so that part can be lifted out. I use a special desoldering tool that uses a vacuum source. If one doesn't quite get all the solder and forces the part out, you can lift circuit traces... USUALLY solder wick does NOT work adequately to remove the solder.

HINT: Wiggle each lead to make sure it is free of solder to the board before prying slider out.

Passenger side slider door (not power) fell off. Dealer says we should have lubricated the track/pulley whatever it's called and now do not want to fix under warranty. I had a Chevy Venture for 9 years and...

Normally if you take it in for regular service Gm would do this as part of the service, regardless the door failed tel them you will report it to the better business bureau and to the state industrial safety board and they will be sure it is handled, contact your local state board of transportation DOT and report it they will get something done, also tell the dealer what you are going to do they may change their mind.

The lock/unlock button prevent the slider to start

Yes it needs to be unlocked, that lock is a travelling position to be only used to stop movement of the scanner during transport. the switch is often bumped, it's undernear the scanner part.
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