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Posted on Aug 30, 2007

Can't open rear compartment

Cord rewind mechanism is in rear of canister. Peeled back rubber trim strips on sides, only to reveal white plastic "I-beam." These appear to hold canister together top & bottom. How do I remove these white plastic stringers without breaking them? Thanks for your time Tom

  • TimTang Dec 19, 2007

    I'm having the same problem with a Philips HR8539A. There are only 4 visible screws. I've removed them but can't for the life of me remove the back of the canister where the motor is.

    I've tried to find a service manual on the internet but no success.

  • Anonymous Mar 26, 2014

    Earlier summary pretty much says it all.


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  • Posted on Sep 16, 2007
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To seperate the two body halves: 1-Set the vacuum on it's wheels & open the front door. 2-Place a wide screwdriver blade just between the reaer cover and the rubber bumper and tap the screwdriver on the side to push the bumper forward towards the door a little bit. 3-Grasp the bumper and pull it straight out. 4-Leave the vacuum halves together...flip the vac over on it's top. 5-Put your palms against each wheel with your fingers in between the body halves..pull each side out just a little and snap the lower body upwards. It will then come apart. 6-You can then mark the wires on the cordwinder for corresct replacement afer the repair. Make sure you put the bumpers back on each I-Beam before you put it back together. (they don't need to be removed). And the FLAT end of the rubber bumper is against the front door. Good Luck !

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Hoover telios 1600 dismantling

Remove the 4 screws in the Dust Bag compartment.

Remove the Power button and Cord-rewind botton. This involves using a screwdriver or knife to open/undo a plastic clip located under the bittons near the gril in the top-centre-back of the hover.
When holding the clip back, slide the button towards the bottom of the hover (IE: away from the bag compartment) till it pops out (this can be fiddley).
This will then reveal 4 more screws (within the springs and near the grill).

Then prise the hover open to reveal the motor and power-switch.
Mar 25, 2012 • Vacuums

How to take cordwinder out of aerus 7000 power cord doesnt retract. so how do i get into the canister where the cordwinder is?

Set the vacuum on the table, bench, etc. on it's wheels, remove the bag and leave the compartment lid open. All internal components are accessed by removing the two rubber side bumpers on either side of the vacuum. This is done by sliding a wide blade screwdriver at the back of the bumper in between the bumper and the plastic rear of the vac and tapping forward with a rubber mallot. Just be careful.
After removing the two rubber side bumpers, turn vacuum over on it's back and pull the bottom off but only after pulling about 2 feet of the retractable cord out for clearance. You may then access the cordwinder to replace. I have replacement cordwinders available for you.

I want to open the cannister to work on the cord rewinder but I don't want to force it and I am unable to locate/see how the back latches work.

This should really be done by an authorized Aerus Electrolux servich technician. I've seen quite a few dismantled machines come into the shop because the owner couldn't figure out how to put it back together properly. And the cordwinder can be even more difficult. The service techs really don't like to put together a dismantled machine.
There are no back latches.

However, to open the canister:
You will need a flathead screwdrive and a hammer.
1. Remove bag
2. Lay on one side, with bag door open all the way
3. Push tip of screwdriver in the back of side rubber strip.
4. Use hammer to hit screwdrive toward front of vacuum.
5. When strip is 5-6 inches out, grasp with fingers and and slide gently out the front of vacuum.
6. Repeat for other side.
7. Lay machine on it's top and lift bottom half of canister off top half.
8. You now have access to cordwinder. I suggest you take notes as you go so you remember where everything goes.

Putting it back together isn't this easy.

My Electrolux Aerus auto rewind chord mechanism is broken. Is there an easy way to remove the back of the canister to replace or fix the spring there?

Take out the bag and keep the door open.
While the bag door is still open, turn the machine upside down so you are looking at the serial number.
Pull the cord out one foot.
Use a puddy knife and put it between the rubber side rails and the **** end of the machine.
Use a hammer or malett to hit the putty knife from the back of the rubber bumber toward the bag door.
Pull the rubber bumber stright out on both sides.
Once both bumpers are out pull the lower body of the canister from the **** end toward the intake of the machine.
Once the bottom is open you can then service the motor, cord winder, switch, and all other components.
For all the parts to fix the machine visit:

Need to replace cord rewinder on electrolux tank vacuum cleaner. How does the canister come apart?

If it's the older style open front and the two rubber strips on each side slide out. this should help you along.
Nov 10, 2009 • Vacuums

I can not get the power cord to go back into the canister.

If you can't get it to go back in by pulling on it, you will need to open up the machine to rewind it by hand. Open the front of the canister and remove the bag. As you are looking at the front of the unit, there are two vinyl coverd strips that run the length of the unit. Pull forward on these strips and then pull out so that the vinyl seperates from the plastic underneath. Now grab the plastic strip with a pair of needle nose pliers and pull towards the front of the canister. These can be tough if the machine has never been opened up before, but pull as hard as you need to, to slide the strip out. Once both strips are out, turn the machine over, pull out on the sides of the bottom of the unit, and lift up. The bottom should come of relatively easily, and eveything will be exposed. You can now see the cordwinder and the spring that pulls the cord back in. If it's not broken, you should be able to manipulate the spring reel by hand and get the cord started so that it will rewind by itself. If not, you probably need to have the cordwinder replaced. Good Luck!!

Plastic Slides

use a screwdriver to pry up one end. there's a little nubbie that snaps into the canister, then its just a matter of pulling the strip off.
the back part with the rewind has two snaps on top internally. use a screwdriver to pry the back part down and out both sides and the rewind will come out.

How do i open a electrolux ultralux 2000

If I am right, there is a strip down the middle, on each side, they slide off then, the 2 halfs will come apart.

Electrolux 6500 can't open canister

This is what I used to open my vac... Note - the white plastic strips under the bumper clips into the case at the front end (to help these instructions, you may also want to put a thin flat blade screw driver between the white plastic strip and the case, @ the inboard most point)...

If you want to open the machine, the two bumpers on either side, that say ELECTROUX hold the egg shell together. This is the process....
1. remove the bag, leave the bag cover open
2. lay the vacuum on its side on the floor with the bag cover to your right hand side.
3. place screw driver blade flat against the bumper on the opposite end from the bag cover, near the cordwinder cover, strike the screw driver firmly with a hammer, this will unlock the bumper and it will slide off toward the bag end of the machine.
4. turn the vacuum onto the other side, and follow the same process.
5. after both bumpers are removed you can get into the vacuum.

Electrolux Lux 7000 retractable power cord

The trim pieces along the sides just pull off seperating the two housings. The back portion where the retract drum is is held by two plastic tangs on top inside. use a screwdriver to pry the ring down to dislodge the tangs. the bottom part will lift off. remove the front part using two screws just below the hinge. the retract has a long coil spring wound around a free spinning hub. there are two "tangs" inside that engage a ratchet-pawl assembly. you'll need to rotate the drum to rewind the spring onto its hub.
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