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Black ink does not print

First issue was printer not printing at all but there were no error messages. I did all the suggested routine things from HP including reloading software, maintenance checks, printing self-test pages, cleaning contacts etc I have put new ink cartridges in place It will print a document if it is in colour but will not print it in black.

Posted by ekklesia on

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  • Anonymous Nov 06, 2007

    No black ink makes it to the paper, colour works fine. no error messages.

    all routine maintenance, resets and configuration tweaks to no avail.

    Even took print head out and got cleaned by local print shop which worked for a couple of days but then ink just stopped coming through again.

    HP useless! Please help.

  • anum Nov 14, 2007

    HP 3110 does not print in Black, and no error messages.

    Please help

  • Aus-Tex Dec 07, 2007

    My HP Photosmart 3110 is not printing in black. Colour is coming through fine, but no black ink will print even though the cartridge is full. I've had this problem off and on for a few months now. Seems to always happen when I have a deadline and need to print a document. I'm ready to throw it out the window and start over with another brand. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as this is stressing me out!!

  • Anonymous Dec 23, 2007

    Got the same problem over here. No Printing or copying in black at all.
    I used refilled cartridges for about 2000 Pages in 18 month time.

    The workshop says its the printer head needs swapping. But they cant find any printer head to purchase anywhere.

    Anybody knows where to get this spare part?

  • richk Dec 27, 2007

    Yes I have had the same problem with the 3310. The printer was working fine for the first 6 mths and now black ink wont print. I too have tried everything HP support suggested. cleaning the cartridges, resetting the software, downloading the new beta software, etc, etc, but still nothing works. Help someone? Anyone?


  • SKSwin Jan 08, 2008

    Yes - I have the same problem. I've used a refilled cartridge for some time but recently print quality became poor as if ink was running out - but only on some lines.

    If I reprinted the document the same lines printed poorly in exactly the same way (almost as if I'd photocopied the first document) - in other words it looks as if it's a software/firmware issue rather than an ink issue. Now, suddenly, it has stopped printing black completely. No amount of printhead cleaning resolves it. Still loads of ink in the cartridge, though.

  • MJLattas Jan 09, 2008

    I have the same issue. Color is fine, new black cartridge and still not able to get the black to print. Did all the activities as Ekklesia ??

  • Anonymous Jan 15, 2008

    Same, machine will not print black, and all the above coments apply,any solutions found yet? If not can some-one truthfully recommend a brilliant printer that does not have this problem?

  • Anonymous Jan 27, 2008

    Have exactly same problem with my 3310 - loss of printing by black cartridge only. Before complete death, it would print the top quarter of each page and then fade-out. 

    Renders printer useless of course.Anyone worked-out the answer?


  • Anonymous Feb 19, 2008

    My printer only prints in color. When I want to print in black and white,the paper comes out blank. Ihave never had this problem before. I have disconnect the back cord several times. The printer will not give me the trouble shooter problem. It will also print from the internet in color.

  • brisbane01 Feb 26, 2008





  • Anonymous Mar 15, 2008

    when i print it will not prit at all, or it will print a test page only in color

  • toene Mar 17, 2008

    My printer will only print in colour - I have re-installed software and purchased new inks - yet still it will not print/photocopy/fax in black!!! Help

  • Mega4simon Mar 26, 2008

    I also have this problem..........will not copy in black, will not print black and white documents.

  • Anonymous May 14, 2008

    I have a 3110 all in one and it has been great up till now. Now it wont print in black at all. I have done everything in the book what can i try now. It prints all the colours fine.

  • NackerMan Jun 08, 2008

    Yes I have the same problem, I used refilled cartridges for the first time just before the problem occurred.  Trying the fix from below now...

  • ashish2you Jun 21, 2008

    your suggested, doesnt solve the problem. The black cartridge is wokring only during the "Clean Cartridge" when color cartridge is removed. If both are installed. Black doesnt print. at all.

  • Anonymous Jul 21, 2008

    HP3310 will not print from BLACK cartridge only.

    Problem started after using 3 refilled units by CartridgeWorld.

    Pages begin with black un affected then slowly become tapered beginning on the right side of the page when printing large black test band patterns to check print consistency.

    Replacing with a NEW GENUINE HP cart did not fix it.

    P***ed at it, I left it for a month then decide to test it again.

    Printed solid black for a few pages then turned back to the "invisible" ink syndrome.

    Interestingly, there were 2 web updates to the printer through the WAN/LAN internet connection and that's about when I noticed the fault, and the LCD screen now flash's up 3 prompts forcing you to acknowledge (“OK” button) liability for using non genuine carts.

    This screen prompt never appeared until those updates were forced in to it so I suspect that HP sabotaged my printer. – Also, CartWorld had “chipped” my refills so the printer WOULD recognise the ink level but I only get question marks for each non-gen cart which also happened the SAME time as those forced in web updates. (I should have blocked the printer from the internet in my router – Damm!)

  • Philippe71 Aug 26, 2008

    I have the same problem and have not been able to find a solution

  • danhilliernz Sep 02, 2008

    I have a common problem, by my observations. I have a hp 3310 that runs fine but is not printing black 100%, it's not printing any thing. Only the other colours are printing.
    It won't print typography either. I have cleaned the heads, run a print test, and aligned the print heads. It failed the alignment test. 

    What shall I do? Help?

  • Anonymous Oct 02, 2008

    I have the exact same problems mentioned below.

    I too think the HP updates defunked my printer.

    What shits me the most is that the supplied PC software does not allow you to retreive fax's in the printer memory to the PC !!!!!

    What an oversight by HP as it should be included with all the other comprehensive printer apps.

    !!#% HP SUCKS %#!!


  • jlodell Oct 23, 2008

    I have the same problem no black ink is printing. Black ink said it was empty. Replaced the ink cartridge and it only printed color (blue for black) We replaced it again and it printed black for a day. HP did an automatic update just before the black ink went empty. Tests, cleaning all do fine and print in black. Any solutions to this problem yet?


  • elise777 Dec 07, 2008

    I have the exact same problem of black ink not printing while everything else seems OK. Not a techno wizz so its not easy to solve.

  • Anonymous Jan 11, 2009

    exact same problem. All colors print, but black not. Always used official HP cardridges, so this problem is not exclusive to refilled cartridegs.

  • Anonymous Feb 08, 2009

    i have tried everting no idea

  • Anonymous Feb 10, 2009

    no black color

  • bigdadda Mar 14, 2009

    yes , Ihave the same problem . Also wont print from my computor ( from word ) will print a email but not a attacthment.

  • Anonymous Mar 19, 2009

    same boat as everyone else black not printing

    any solutions out there??

  • jocov Mar 25, 2009

    Same problem. No Black . Tried all HP suggestions- clean, intermediate clean, align. diag. report, machine re-set and repeated process with new cartridge without success. HP tech. support acknowledge problem occurs but3310 no longer supported. Their suggestion "trusted printer service provder or replace printer".

    Will I buy another HP - NOT B..... Likely!

    About to try strip & clean as suggested in solutions.

  • Anonymous May 12, 2009

    cannot print in black, color is fine

  • Anonymous May 11, 2010

    Hello, by pressing "Cancel" + "OK", you go print two pages: "Extended Self Test
    Diagnosis Pages." The data are printed very clear but it can happen to
    read. What can you read in "Revision information?



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I had the same problem. black stopped printing. i always used OFFICIAL HP cardridges, so this problem is not exclusive for refilled cardridges.

This solution (offered here) worked for me:
Reset the system by holding down the OK, Cancel, Black, and Color buttons down at the same time and turn the 3310 off. Keep holding the buttons down until the printer shuts off and the turn it back on. You will have to turn the printer off twice and then it will recalibrate. Make sure you have new cartiges in the printer so that it can reset.

I wanted to stress that you should make sure that:
1) you keep the the buttons down untill it shuts off;
2) on restart you get a notification of service;
3) to turn it off again after service before you turn it on for actual use.

Posted on Jan 11, 2009



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I've not been able to get the black ink to print on my HP 3310 for the past 2 weeks after trying everything but followed advice on the following:


and it's slowly working!

It involves doing a semi-full reset:


I've done it 5 times now and each time I do it the ink comes back a bit more and it's nearly back to normal now! I'm also doing a 'clean printhead' after everytime (setup then tools)

Don't give up!

Posted on Mar 05, 2009



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I was having the same problem -- the black would not print or printed very faint. I had done all the cleaning & reinstallation of drivers, ect... (over several hours & wasted ink). I have a photosmart 3210 (uses HP 02 ink refills). I removed the black cartridge and at the bottom of where the cartridge is inserted onto the printer there is a small, round post -- that is where the ink goes into the printer. I took a damp paper towel and gently pressed and held it against the post several times where I could see the ink bleed onto the paper towel. I did that for about a minute. I then replaced the ink cartridge and did a normal print head clean and it solved the problem. I hope this helps, I was just about ready to pitch the thing and buy a new (not HP) printer.

Posted on Dec 28, 2009


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If all else fails try this, get a syringe minus the needle, remove the ink cartridge and use the syringe to blow air GENTLY through the hole the cartridge connects to. Make sure you have a cleaning cloth to remove ink dislodged from pipe connected at the print head, do this gently to remove any obstruction and there should not be too much mess and can easily be cleaned up. I did this for my work printer which was out of warranty and it worked a treat.

Posted on Jun 03, 2009


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My boat i am in is that its the cyan thats not working...ill try the same as the above that is being said for the black...crossing my fingers...all my blue stuff prints out a lilac color instead..somethings not miking..

Posted on Feb 05, 2010


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Just wanting to share with you people
This is what just worked for me after a very stressful day - why do printer brake down when you need them most

i removed the blank ink cartridge and got the guys in the work shop to very carefully blow air from the air compressor into the little tube where the ink goes plugged printer back in and ran some tests and got the printer to clean heads after about 3 of those black ink working perfectly hope this helps someone.

Posted on Jul 15, 2009


This is quite a common problem for these models, particulary with the black not printing, to check if this is your issue print a self test page, then try a cleaning process through the tools menu if you are still not getting any black print you have the classic blocked nozzle/ airlocked printhead issue, it is most commonly seen in printers that have used aftermarket black ink at some stage and/or have been sitting unused for a while.

try the following
Reset the system by holding down the OK, Cancel, Black, and Color buttons down at the same time and turn the 3310 off. Keep holding the buttons down until the printer shuts off and the turn it back on. You will have to turn the printer off twice and then it will recalibrate. Make sure you have new cartiges in the printer so that it can reset.

if this doesn't work the only way to clear it is to disassemble it and soak the bottom of the printhead in hot water then reassemble and clean the head

good luck
PS it only seems to be a problem with black refilled/aftermarket cartridges, haven't seen any probs with any of the colour refills

Posted on Jun 03, 2008


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I dont know about your particular model But some printer do not print black on its own but rely on all colours to 'make'black. Black itself is a sort of fill in . Does your printer software give you the option to print 'Black' only?

Posted on Aug 27, 2007


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This would usually be caused by a bad carriage board, or the cartridge contacts not making proper contact with the contacts on the carriage board.

Posted on Mar 29, 2008


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SOURCE: black ink does not print

I have a problem about my printer here. it doesnt print black color even if i replaced it with new cartridge...anyone have solution about this pls help....joy

Posted on Apr 02, 2008

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My hp envy 5530 is only printing half a picture

If it is only printing the top half then it is quite possible you are running out of ink. Try printing on only black and see if this works. When is the last time you replaced the colour cartridge?

Blue ink won't print

The cyan print head nozzles maybe blocked.
Inkjet printers need to be used frequently to prevent ink drying out and blocking the print head nozzles.
If the print head cleaning maintenance routine does not clear the blockages, then print head needs replacing, but it may be expensive.
It may be more cost effective to buy a later model and better printer than replace the print head.

MX700 printer does not print in black

you have a clogged jet and ink has dried inside i reckon... the only other thing it could be is the message from the logic board (its motherboard) inside printer isnt getting to the print head or print head itself has malfunctioned - i would suggest to fix but it would probably be cheaper to buy a new one but dont give up.... sometimes they do work if you print pages even tho there is no flow and the heat may dislodge blockage if there is one... But heres a video that may help...

I have an HP color printer. When printing the black does not print well even though it shows that the black print cartridge has plenty of ink in it. Is there a way of: 1. Diagnosing if it is the print...

Black printer ink in HP Printer may fail to be recognized by the printer. Most times an error message will be sent indicating that something is wrong with the black print cartridge. Sometimes the printer may accept to print with the black ink, but the printouts may have horizontal lines and very illegible letters. In such a case a manual cleaning of the print head should be carried out. In doing the manual cleaning, one should spray Windex heavily on paper towel and wipe off the surface of the print head.


HP Photosmart 3110 All-in-one not printing black ink but colour

have you found a solution to your black ink problem??? I am experiencing exactly what you describe, no error messages, I have reset the printer, alinged, cleaned etc but still not a single drop of black ink but all the colours are working fine. if you know what was wrong please let me know.

Canon S900 - No black ink (none!)

Clean the contacts on the back of the print head.

Print quality is terrible

Your printhead is in need of a cleaning cycle...

The black part of the K/Y printhead is pigmented and they tend to clog much quicker than the other dyebase colours. As a result you should run a cleaning cycle from the control panel

  • Setup button
  • Tools option (6)
  • Clean Printhead (option 3)
That will then run a printhead cleaning routine which hopefully will resolve the issue.

Unfortunately as I said the K/Y printheads are poorly built and you may need to replace it if, after 3 cleaning routines the output doesn't improve.

One solution is to switch to a Non-HP black cartridge that uses dyebase ink instead of HP's pigment but that's only if you get this more than once.

Hope that helps.

Printer is not printing and black cartridge has ink Black not printing, changed two cartridges but still no print. Contacted HP who will offer no help unless I use their extortionate phone support system....

Are there any error messages that display on the control panel of the printer or on your computer? That might narrow down the problem and the solution.

With what you have said so far, it could be a couple of things. The printer series you have tends to not print at all unless all of the print cartridges have ink in them. If even one of them is empty or near empty, printing seems to stop, even if you aren't going to print using the color that is empty. My first recommendation is for you to check all of the cartridges to make sure they all have ink in them. Replace any that might be empty.

This sort of issue can also be caused if the electrical contacts between an ink cartridge and the print carriage are dirty. Assuming all the cartridges have ink in them, you should check the electrical contacts on *both* the cartridges and the print carriage. HP.com has a web page that shows you how:

Cleaning Electrical Contacts

Go to Step Two in this document for the proper instructions.

If my suggestions don't solve the problem, please post back any other information that might help narrow this issue down. As I previously said, if an error message appears on the printer or computer, please post the exact text of the message. That will help a lot. Thanks.

HP 6310 Cartridge Error: Replace Cartridge

well..did the printer cartridges come from HP?

Black ink does not print

I have a problem about my printer here. it doesnt print black color even if i replaced it with new cartridge...anyone have solution about this pls help....joy
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