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Does it release BPA - Philips HD4651 Electric Kettle

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Investigat:Plastic in the classroom and at home Different scenarios:Reusing plastic bottles

As more people become concerned with the amount of garbage and waste spilling into the environment, they are turning to earth friendly, reusable water bottles. These come in a variety of types and materials and are budget friendly, too.

Types of Earth Friendly Water Bottles There are several types of bottles that are safe to use. They vary in size, style, material, and price so there is sure to be one to fit every need.
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Aluminum Water Bottles

Aluminum is a lightweight material that is also recyclable. The lightweight aspect makes it a great choice for runners, bikers, and others who need to be able to hydrate on the go but don't want to carry a lot of extra weight.
The problem with aluminum is that it can change the flavor of the items stored in it. To guard against this, some companies are lining the aluminum bottles with plastic. Some of this plastic may contain BPA. If you want to use aluminum check to ensure that the liner is BPA free.
Unlined aluminum may carry its own risks; aluminum is associated with Alzheimer's disease.
Some aluminum water bottles to consider include:
  • Sigg: These recycled aluminum bottles are lined with a secret coating that the company does not identify. The bottles are lightweight and trendy. There are two sizes and they also come in several colors.
  • Gaiam: Yoga retailer Gaiam has come up with their own line of reusable aluminum water bottles.The bottles are 100% aluminum with a plastic cap.

Glass Water Bottles

Glass water bottles are beautiful, and they have no health risks associated with them. Glass can be recycled, and it is easy to keep clean and bacteria free. Best of all, glass keeps the items stored in it tasting just the way they should.
Glass is a poor choice for sports enthusiasts, however; they break and chip easily and can cause deep cuts and wounds.
Glass water bottles to consider include:
  • Takeya: Multiple sizes, shapes and colors of glass water bottles. The bottles themselves are encased in a silicone sleeve for easy grip and moderate protection.
  • Life Factory: Several sizes of glass bottles with either standard or flip tops. Silicone sleeves encase the bottles in a variety of colors.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Generally the best choice for a clean, durable water bottle is stainless steel. It is durable and somewhat lightweight. The stainless steel does not change the flavor of the drink inside it so needs no lining. Stainless steel water bottles are often the most expensive choice.

Choices in stainless steel bottles include:
  • Klean Kanteen: This is a BPA-free stainless steel bottle available in several sizes. The drinking cap is made out of a non-toxic polypropylene. These sleek bottles come in a wide variety of colors, making them as attractive as they are useful.
  • Eco-Usable: These unique, stainless steel bottles include a high quality filter that is capable of removing 99.9% of pollutants from your water. Each filter lasts through about 100 gallons of water.

Plastic Water Bottles

Reusable plastic water bottles are one of the least expensive and easily found choices. To be safe, always make sure you choose a plastic bottle that does not contain BPA. Plastic bottles come in a wide variety of sizes and durabilities. Some plastics may scratch over time, which can make them more difficult to clean, trapping bacteria.
BPA-free plastic water bottles include:
  • Camelbak: Several styles of plastic water bottles, including those with integral straws or squirt tops, are made by Camelbak. The bottles come in several colors, patterns, and styles as well.
  • Bobble: Bobble makes plastic bottles that are free of BPA and other harmful chemicals. They include a filter that removes up to 99% of harmful chemicals, minerals and bacteria from any water.
A Note About BPA There are health risks linked to some plastic water bottles. Bisphenol A, or BPA, is a commonly used plasticizer. This substance has been suspected of being hazardous to humans since the 1930s and yet it is still widely used in both disposable and reusable plastic water bottles. Some of the health risks associated with BPA are:
  • Neurological problems
  • Increased obesity
  • Prostate cancer
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • ****** cancer

What does error EP stand for on the homedics bpa-201 stand for?

According to BPA-201 manual, pages 10 and 31, the "EP error" is a system error. The suggested action for this error, again according to the manual, is "measure again", as can be seen in the figure below:

25799308-fquli33imuwglv45q20hnaoi-1-0.png The manual can be downloaded from:

Hope you may find this answer helpful !


Miguel L. Martins

Is there an AC adapter for Homedics BPW200?

Although the link below is for a BPA 200, it does show an AC adapter on page 9:

HoMedics BPA 200 User Manual Name function Of Each Part

I purchased The Hydrocoach bottle by Sportline i n 2002. I haven't used it since the issue of using plastic bottles containing BPA and numbered 7 was uncovered as being harmful. I just came across it in...

You are on the wrong website, this website is not a manufacturer or seller of any product.. As for the issue you are worried about you would literally need to eat about a 1000 of those bottles to cause any health problem. Will you live or live in fear of everything.

Gooday, Is it possible to calibrate a BPA-110 monitor at home?

Yes, it is. Go to Homedics website and find the support/download button. Then follow instructions.

Morning! I have a bpa 300 nearly new lost receipt shows EE everytme iwas wondering if you have any solutions thanks K wilkinson

Generally the EE error code stands for the following:

EE is a measurement symbol for one or more of the following;

  • Cuff has been placed incorrectly. Wrap the cuff properly so that it's positioned properly on the wrist. 1" above the heel of the hand.
  • Talking or movement during measurement. Shaking of wrist with the cuff on. Measure again, keeping the wrist steady and at heart level during measurement.
  • The value shown on the display is excessively Low or High. Wait 5 minutes and measure again.
Hope this helps you. If you continue to have a problem with the monitor contact HoMedic's Customer Support 800-466-3342. As most of their BP Monitors have a 5 year warranty.

Rough idel and no power on my 95 aspire changed plugs,plug wires,air filter,pc filter. runs great at high speed but hard to start and wont idel

Check for leaking vaccum lines from the engine intake manifold. If no leak, test the IAC motor and clean out the air bypass passages per instructions below. Let me know if this doesn't solve the problem or you have any questions.

The Idle Air Control Bypass Air (IAC BPA) valve consists of an idle air control valve and a bypass air valve. The bypass air valve functions during cold engine conditions to increase engine idle speed. It consists of a thermowax bead and a valve.
Engine coolant is directed around the thermowax, which opens and closes the valve. During cold engine operation below 140°F (60°C), the thermowax is contracted enough to allow the valve to open. As the coolant heats, the thermowax begins to expand. When the coolant reaches temperatures above 140°F (60°C), the thermowax expands and closes the valve.
The valve controls the amount of throttle valve bypass, which ensures a smooth idle under all engine operating conditions.

  1. When the engine is cold, air flows through the valve during all modes of engine operation, to maintain the factory set idle speed.

TESTING See Figures 1, 2 and 3 (if you don't have an ohmmeter, skip this test)

  1. To check the Idle Air Control (IAC) valve resistance, unplug the IAC valve connector.
  2. Connect a high impedance Digital Volt Ohmmeter (DVOM) to the terminals.
  3. Measure the resistance.
  4. The resistance should be 7.7-9.3 ohms.
  5. If the resistance does not meet specification, replace the IAC BPA assembly.

Fig. Fig. 2: Connect an ohmmeter to the IAC valve; the resistance should be 7.7-9.3 ohms

At this point, if your IAC checks good, I recommend you take out the 4 screws seen above, remove the motor, and clean out the air passages/valve with carb cleaner. Also remove the big (3 inch diameter) hose from the throttle and clean out the throttle body, if dirty.

If the IAC tests bad, go to the removal and installation directions below.

The next test requires a scanner. If you don't have a scanner, skip this test.

  1. To check the BPA valve function, remove the BPA valve from the engine.
  2. Wait until the valve reaches room temperature. When the valve is cold, blow through the air inlet and verify that air flows freely through the valve.
  3. Heat the valve with a hair dryer; the air valve should move out and block the passage.
  4. If the valve does not function as specified, replace the IAC BPA assembly.
  5. To test the solenoid, connect a scan tool to the Data Link Connector (DLC).
  6. Turn the key ON and enter the simulation test.
  7. Access the IACV Parameter Identification (PID) and turn the dial to cycle at 75 degrees.
  8. Listen for the IAC solenoid to click when using the simulation test.
  9. If the solenoid clicks it is working properly.

Fig. Fig. 3: Idle Air Control Bypass Air (IAC BPA) valve assembly components


  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
Never open, service or drain the radiator or cooling system when hot; serious burns can occur from the steam and hot coolant. Also, when draining engine coolant, keep in mind that cats and dogs are attracted to ethylene glycol antifreeze and could drink any that is left in an uncovered container or in puddles on the ground. This will prove fatal in sufficient quantities. Always drain coolant into a sealable container. Coolant should be reused unless it is contaminated or is several years old.
  1. Drain the coolant until it is at a level below the Idle Air Control Bypass Air (IAC BPA) valve.
The lower coolant line should be disconnected after the valve is separated from the upper intake manifold.
  1. Tag and disconnect the upper coolant hose from the valve.
  2. Unplug the valves electrical connector, then loosen the two nuts and two bolts attaching the valve to the upper intake manifold.
  3. Pull the valve from the manifold and disconnect the lower coolant line from the valve.
  4. Remove the valve and gasket from the engine.
To install:
  1. Use a scraper to clean any old gasket material from the valve mounting surface.
  2. Install a new gasket and connect the lower coolant line to the valve.
  3. Install the valve and its retainers. Tighten the nuts and bolts to 71-88 inch lbs. (8-10 Nm).
  4. Engage the valves electrical connection and the coolant hoses to the valve.
  5. Fill the cooling system and connect the negative battery cable.

I have SimpleTech drive that I used Storage Sync to back up C drive. Took drive to work and since all the files are 'bpa' cannot open them. I compare this to a simulation of what I bought the drive for -...

The BPA files are the backed up copies of your data. The simpletech utility backs up your files to compresse file ending in BPA. Any computer running the simpletech restore program can extract the data from these files.

You will simply need to install this software on a spare computer in order to test the backups. Frankly though I would just use windows backup to copy the files/folders you want to the drive raw as this can be read anywhere.

Hope this helps FixYa,


Can not open the bpa files on my external simpletech drive

did you use special software or windows backup?? try to use the same software to restore your files. In windows you need to restore your files to special folder, you give it a name. then you open the folder and there you have your files.
Make sure you log on as the same user who backed up the files, of course one who has the right to restore the files.
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