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G.E. spacemaker washer will not spin

The washer will not spin when in spin cycle. I have removed the cover at the back, the belt is in place,& when I spin the drum I can feel the desired amount of resistance. The motor goes to start, you can see the motor engage, the belt tensionsfor 3 seconds,then releases. This will continue until you stop the spin cycle. Any feedback would be greatfull.

Posted by fergusonjody on

  • ken0947 Dec 04, 2008

    I have had my washer now for about 5 years and this problem just started last night. I am going to take it apart this weekend and see if I can see anything out of the ordinary.

    I did notice that the entire tub seems loose when I move it (I can't recall this being so loose before???).



2 Answers


It was the motor brake.

Posted on Sep 09, 2007



Possible faulty motor. Regards Advisor

Posted on Aug 22, 2007


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My Maytag Heavy Duty Top Load Washer is making a dragging noise during the rinse cycle and I can smell rubber burning smells. What is the problem?

What may be happening is you may have clothing that got stuck between the spin drum and the tub, that is causing severe drag...the motor has high torque- therefore the motor pulley is spinning while the belts are slipping around the spin drum pulley...again, because something is jamming the tub from either agitating or gaining full spin speed during their respective cycles- hence the burning smell.

Another possibility of belt slippage, worn pulley bearings; worn tension arm pulley bearing, or just worn out belts that have dried out from heat and aging.

I would not abandon this work horse of a machine, since the newer digital models are garbage- too expensive to repair, full of problems, and are just a pain in the back-side to troubleshoot with all the electronic switches, relays, and a control panel that can cost an entire paycheck to replace...

  • Disconnect the plug from the wall outlet
  • If there are any clothes or water in the tub basin, remove the clothes and bail out the remaining water using a wet/dry vacuum, bucket and sponge, or by use of a small hand or electric pump.
  • Keep the discharge hose in its proper discharge place, (slop sink or PVC plumbing drain because In the next step or so, you'll need to prop the washing machine against the wall and you don't want any water that is still in the pump to drain out all over your floor if you were to lean it too far back- or lie it down entirely on its back side.)
  • Place a few strips of duct tape on the lid cover to keep it from opening
  • Tilt the washing machine against the wall far enough so that it doesn't fall back on you; yet far enough to access the screws to the front panel; remove the front panel, and tilt the washer back down on all four legs.
  • Some models have screws that secure the entire top tub panel and lid cover assembly; remove them if necessary- or else push up on the tub panel assembly to release it from the hold down clips.
  • There is a tub panel cover that covers the tub and spinning drum; it will have to be removed. (the tub is the outer shell that the spinning drum sits in.)
  • Be very careful unsnapping the tabs of the tub cover (note the orientation of the tabs and cover for later replacement) don't want to break them off the cover.
  • Once the tub cover has been removed, take a wire coat hanger- elongate it by untwisting it and use it as a fish hook between the tub assembly and the spinning drum, to remove any article(s) of clothing (like socks or small rags and such) that may have jammed themselves between the two assemblies.
  • Reassemble the machine in the reverse process of disassembly.
After reassembling the machine, check the bottom of it where the drive belt pulley, pump pulley, motor transmission pulley and tension arm pulley are.
  • Check the condition of the belts- replace them if damaged, frayed, broken, or show signs of dry rot
  • Replace the belts if they derailed from the pulleys.
  • Wiggle the pulley shafts to see if any of their bearings are worn- replace them if necessary
  • Make sure there is proper tension on the new or existing belts

Amana washing machine (ALW880QAW). Does not work in spin cycle. Washer works ok in wash cycle, and in draining water, just the new belt is too loose when it switches to spin. It just burns up the belt....

probably the lid switch is faulty,remove screws behind control panel,then pull control panel toward you and lift up and lay back,now remove 2 screws in the lower front panel by the floor and remove the cover,then 2 more screws to remove upper front panel above the lower one,then 2 more screws in front hold the top on then raise top up like a car hood and the lid switch will be under the top cover

Washer does not spin but water goes out. Agitation does occur during wash cycle. Belt is in place and does move when pulled. When turning the agitator the tub moves. What would need replaced?

Motor will not turn the one way...
Problems with a washing machine not spinning or not draining are often interrelated..

If you are having a problem with your top load washer then check out thistip...

Washing Machine does not Pump or Spin

If you are having problems with your front load washing machine then checkoutthis tip...

Front Load Washing machine not draining and or not spinning


There is a rubber burning smell during the spin cycle on my stacking washer/dryer applicance. It is about 10 years old. How do I open the applicance and check the belts during the spin cycle?

This is a drive blet problem
To replace the drive belt, you will need to open the access panel or in some cases tip the washer onto its side to expose the belt on the bottom. Start by removing the back cover, and look for a belt. If you do not see a belt (or a place for a belt - the belt itself may have broken and is hidden from view) and you can see the floor then your washer is a direct drive model that does not use a belt. If you cannot see the floor because there is a steel floor in the washer, locate the motor and determine if it extends through the bottom plate. If so, then the belt is accessed from beneath the washer.
If you have to tip the washer over, place a large piece of cardboard on the floor to protect the floor and the washer's finish. Because a washer is pretty heavy, you will need an able-bodied assistant to safely tip the washer onto its side. Also, there will be some water remaining in the washer, so have sponges and towels ready to clean up any spill.
To remove the old belt unscrew the clamps securing the pump coupling ( a leathery or rubber flexible part that connects the motor to the water pump). Remove the pump coupling to slip the old belt out. Some models instead require you to loosen the motor mounting bolts and shift it inward to relieve tension on the belt. Remove the old belt.
Place the new belt over the transmission pulley first then place it over the motor pulley. If it is too tight, place the belt over the motor pulley's nearest edge and then slowly turn the motor pulley to pull the belt around and into the pulley. Replace the pump coupling or tighten the motor mounting bolts. The belt should deflect no more than one half inch when you press on the longest straight run.
Replace the cover and test the washer for proper operation

Noise during spin cycle

I Can help
1: Unplug the Washer, turn off hot cold supply to Hoses.
2: Turn Washer around and remove Cover on Back.
3: Look at the "Belt" pull on it to see if it is Loose.
4: Check the "Pulleys" The "Belt" is connected to. Look for Signs of "Blackness" Caused by the Belt Wearing.
5: If thats the case just Replace the Belt.
Hope it helped
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Washer won't spin

Check the washer motor. Make sure that the motor is getting correct voltage and is working and spinning when you turn it on. It sounds like the motor is bad. You can remove the back cover to get to the motor to check it out

GE Washer Knocking During Spin Cycle

remove the agitator and inspect the main shaft on the gear box.and check the belt underneath.if the shaft is bend you will need a new gearbox. hope this helps.

Bosch WFR 2460 washer - Drum does not move during wash/spin cycles

possibly the motor brushes.
take back panel off and motor is held in by bolts which undo - also disconnect electrical plug and socket.
check condition of brushes

GE Spacemaker stackable washer/dryer

The front cover come off by removing two philips screws on the bottom of the panel. That will expose all the operating parts of the washer.

Loud squeal during wash and spin cycles, maytag atlantis washer

Squealing normal occurs due to belt slippage. I would check your belts (look for cracks. Check the belt tension as well, most washers have an adjustment, normally on the motor that allows you to increase the tension of the belt.

If part of a belt gets torn and it is long enough, it will hit any part of the washing machine within range and make a clicking noise at every revolution of the motor.

I am pretty sure you need new belts. You should be able to remove a few screws and open the back cover. Between the pulleys there is a tensioner...loosen that so you can remove the belt easily. replace it with a new belt and adjust the tension.

hope this helps
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