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Vaio laptop VGN-BX540B user

I recently want to connect to my friends homenetwork with a Linksys router WEP +mac filter list security key she has regster my Mac address but the Homenetwork shows excellent power but my wireless connection shows disconnected to it. no web page opens

Posted by silverstar on

  • silverstar Aug 22, 2007

    Linksys WRT54GS router and VAIO PCG9W7L laptop user with built-inn wireless card Xp service pack2, cannot connect to my friends homenetwork although it shows the homenetwork connected there is no internet


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Hi, A couple of questions for additional information: 1. The LinkSys AP/Router, what model: WRT300N or WRT54G? (Actually makes no difference what model, just that knowing will help me be more precise in pointing configuration) 2. OS, WinXP Pro SP2? Updated? 3. Was there a time when Windows was reinstalled or your HD re-formatted? 4. In your Device Manager, what wifi card do you have? 5. Are you using the Windows built-in Wireless Connection or a third party configuration/connection utility? Just to give you an idea in my old Sony Vaio PCG-F709 with a NetGear WiFi card, Windows can not detect the WiFi Network but using NetGear Smart Wizard instead of the Windows built-in Wireless Connection, I was able to connect. Kind regards.

Posted on Aug 22, 2007

  • Anonymous Aug 23, 2007

    Hi again,
    Based on your recent post/comment and assuming "it shows the homenetwork connected there is no internet", then maybe its not your wifi settings that need to be checked but that of your browser.
    In Mozilla - Tools, Options, Advanced, Network tab, Settings button, tick Auto-detect proxy settings for this network, OK, OK.
    In IE - Tools, Internet Options, Connections tab, LAN Settings button, check Automatically detect settings, OK; Advanced tab, check Use HTTP1,1 through proxy connections, OK, OK.
    In Opera - Tools, Preferences, Advanced tab, Network, Proxy Servers button, Check automatic proxy configuration, OK, OK.
    To verify that you can really connect to the "homenetwork" >
    Start, Run, type "cmd" without the quotes;
    type ping;
    it should display then "Reply from 192.....TTL=64; this means you're connected to your friend's AP/Router; If not then you are not connected to the "homenetwork".
    type ping;
    it should display then "Reply from 209.....TTL=...; this means you're connected to your friend's AP/Router and that you can connect to the Internet; try your browser again.

    If still no connection, did you follow Sandrew's solution? Can you provide information to my previous posting @s 3, 4 & 5.



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You should only need to enter the WEP key and get youre friend to remove your mac address. You may also need to refresh the ip address of your wireless card, so go to control panel>network connections>right click to properties>TCP/IP line>properties and ensure 'obtain ip address automatically' is ticked, then reastart your pc. Or you can also click Start>Run, then type ipconfig /flushdns, so as to renew your dns and ip address.

Posted on Aug 22, 2007

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How do I get direct network securiy key asap, I'm not connected to the router with my new laptop, I'm using my old computer

Change your wep key quickly. You NEVER post the key for anyone to read here. Are you connecting your laptop wirelesly? I'd use MAC address filtering if you do. That way only your laptop or any device you enter the mac address in the list will be able to connect to your router.

I'm trying to connect my xbox with a wireless connection. I need the wep key can you help me with this problem?

log on to your wireless router(with pc) and setup look in to wireless setups inside there

I have a Linksys WRT160N router that I am using with a MacBook Pro laptop running Snow Leopard. I used my computer (with some difficulty) to set up the wireless access by way of a wired connection. The...

My Friend ,

Login the router setup page .
And under router security settings uncheck the option (block anonymous internet request).
Set the wireless channel as 6 or 9.
And then use wep security key.
this will surely work.

Regards :-

I have an existing wireless network (Linksys WRT54GS Router). Trying to add a "Net Pal". Net Pal sees the W/L network, but will not connect. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Ron

Hi, do you have security set up on your router? WEP, WPA, WPA2, or MAC address filtering? Any of those will cause your NetPal to not be able to connect unless it has the security key, or in the case of MAC filtering, unless you add it to the allowed list.

NOOK is not capable of responding to the Linksys router

The tech was correct about that matter. However you can configure the MAC to always allow the device.
  1. Find your MAC for NOOK. I think you have already did.
  2. Go to Setting and then to the Second Page to find it.
  • Configuring MAC
  • Wireless MAC Filter. To filter wireless users by MAC Address, either permitting or blocking access, click Enable.
  • If you do not wish to filter users by MAC Address, select Disable.
  • Prevent. Clicking this button will block wireless access by MAC Address.
  • Permit Only. Clicking this button will allow wireless access by MAC Address.
  • Edit MAC Address Filter List. Clicking this button will open the MAC Address Filter List. On this screen, you can list users, by MAC Address, to whom you wish to provide or block access. For easy reference, click the Wireless
  • Client MAC List button to display a list of network users by MAC Address.
  • Change these settings as described here and click the Save Settings button to apply your changes or Cancel Changes to cancel your changes.

Please rate the answer as well. Feel free to contact if you have any other problems or if this solution didn't solve the issue.
Thanks for contacting Fixya!

How can i put my linksys 54G a password

  1. Using the "Quick Installation Guide", follow the instructions in step 1 toset up your new wireless router. You may also need to restart your computer inorder to see the router.

    Note: If you normally use a static IP address, you will have toreconfigure your internet connection to use DHCP. Go into the controlpanel and open your network connections. Edit the properties of your currentnetwork connection, and make sure that "Obtain an IP address automatically" isenabled.
  2. Connect to the router using your web browser by typing"" into the URL address box.
  3. Leave the Username field blank, and enter the password "admin" to accessyour router when the login prompt appears.

    Note: You will notice immediately a list of menu options (Setup, Wireless,Security, etc.), and as you click on each of these submenus appear. Thisdocument will refer to a menu-submenu combination as Menu -> Submenu.
  4. Setup -> Basic Setup. In the "Internet Setup" section, choose"Static IP" from the drop down menu. Fill in the appropriate values thatdescribe your network. (You don't need to change anything in the optionalsection just below that.)

  5. In the "Network Setup" section, you should at least set your timezone toEastern Time, although you may make changes to the DHCP server as well if youanticipate more than 50 users connecting to your network at once.

  6. Wireless -> Basic Wireless Settings. Set the Wireless networkmode to "Mixed" if you would like both B and G clients to be able to connect toyour network. Otherwise you can just select "B-only". The "Wireless NetworkName" will be provided by CNS. Make sure that you disable "WirelessSSID Broadcast" to give a little extra security.

  7. Wireless -> Wireless Security. CNS recommends that you use atleast WEP based security to protect your network. Choose WEP from the dropdown menu and then select "128 bits 26 hex digits" for the "WEP Encryption".Enter a passphrase into the "Passphrase" field and click "Generate" to generatethe corresponding HEX keys. Distribute key 1 to your users as the WEP key foryour network.

  8. Wireless -> Wireless MAC Filter. CNS also recommends that youuse a MAC address list to filter access to your network. Click the "Edit MACFilter List" and add all the MAC addresses that are going to be accessing yournetwork. Any time a new user requires access, you will have to add them tothis list.

    mac-filter.png IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure that you add the MAC address of thecomputer you are using to set up your router first, before enabling this filter.Otherwise you will be unable to access the router and will have to reset therouter. If you do have to reset the router because you have locked yourselfout, there is a small reset button on the back of the router that will resetthe router.

    Once the appropriate MAC addresses have been added, "Enable" the filter, andchoose the option "Permit only PCs listed to access the wirelessnetwork".wireless-macfilter.png
  9. Administration -> Management. You should make sure you changeyour password on this screen. "admin" is not a secure password! Also,you should disable "Remote Router access" so that your router cannot beconfigured from outside your network. UPnP is a protocol that opens ports inyour firewall on the fly, and can post a security threat. We recommend thatyou disable this, but if you are running applications like MSN video chat, youmay have to have this enabled.

  10. Administration -> Log. If you would like to keep a log ofconnections to your network, enable the logging here.

  11. That's it! You should be on the air!

How do I put an encryption on my linksys router?

Securing your wireless network is a simple process, which generally does not require a lot of time. This can be done by:
  • Enabling WEP or WPA on the Router
  • Enabling Wireless MAC filter on the Router
  • Disabling SSID Broadcast on the Router
NOTE: The wireless security modes available may vary depending on the model of the router and wireless adapter you are using.
Enabling WEP on the Router
Wired Equivalent Protocol (WEP) is a type of wirelesssecurity which does not change. It provides comparable confidentialityto a traditional wired network. There are two types of WEP you canchoose from:
a. WEP 64-bit: This type of WEP consists of 10-hexadecimal codes. To enable WEP 64-bit, click here.
b. WEP 128-bit:This type of WEP consists of 26-hexadecimal codes hence it is moresecured compared to WEP 64-bit. To enable WEP 128-bit, click here.
Enabling WPA on the Router
Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) is a type of wireless securitywhich is dynamic in nature. Meaning, it changes depending on the timerenewal you will specify. Hence, WPA is more secured compared to WEP.
  • Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (WPA-TKIP) – utilizes a stronger encryption method and incorporates Message Integrity Code (MIC) to provide protection against hackers.
  • Advanced Encryption System (WPA-AES) – utilizes a symmetric 128-bit block data encryption
To enable WPA, click here.
Enabling Wireless MAC Filter on the Router
Wireless access can be filtered using the MAC address of thewireless devices transmitting within your network’s radius. You caneither permit or prevent specific wireless computers access to yourwireless network.
To permit wireless computers to connect to your wireless network, click here.
To prevent wireless computers to connect to your wireless network, click here.
Disabling SSID Broadcast on the Router
Disabling the SSID broadcast is one way of securing your wirelessnetwork. This procedure will prevent other users from detecting yourSSID, or your wireless network name, when they attempt to viewavailable wireless networks in your area. For instructions, click here.

Where do I find the Network Key?

It's either taped to the bottom of the router or :-)

There are 4 ways to implement wireless security in a Linksys router, Disable SSID (broadcast of wireless name), WEP (Wireless Equivalent Privacy), WPA (Wireless Protected Access), and MAC address filtering. These are probably listed in order of ease of use and degree of security and are covered here:

Not broadcasting the SSID doesn't make it invisible, it just doesn't send out the name. I guess an enterprising 12-year old could probably figure it out, but it does keep the casual user out of the network. MAC address filtering is the most severe, but it means that every user's MAC address has to be discovered and allowed in your network. Not much fun if you have friends over or test a lot of wireless equipnement.

In a Linksys, network keys come in two flavors, WEP or WPA. The link above explains the difference. The easiest one for most of us to use is WEP. It's not as secure as the WPA, but it keeps the casual user out of our networks. I imagine the "hacker" can break the code, but I'm just concerned about the neighbors. Both schemes will slow down the you're really going to notice :-). I still do my laptop drive synchronization to the file server via wireless and it runs overnight.

To implement 64-bit WEP, you need a 10 character HEX key. I pick something simple like 1011121314 or FACE123456. (hex being 0-9, A-F). In our Netgear routers, It stays visible in the router so if you forget, you can see it. I'm pretty sure that the longer the key, the more overhead is added to your transmission, but you can make your WEP key 128 bit if you think 26 characters is better than 10. If you use WPA, you can pick your key like (Wir3le55), but if you don't spell it right, or forget it, you have to reset the keys.
This visibility of a WPA key may not apply to Linksys, but it's something to check.

You can easily spend an hour or more on the Linksys link trying to understand what to do with security. When I did mine, I didn't find out until I was on vacation that I even needed it. We get activity reports of websites visited emailed to us, and the reports kept coming in! It turned out that one of our neighbors was using our internet while we were gone. I never found out which one, but we now have 4 or 5 networks to choose from LOL.

So, the quickest way back into the router is to turn on WEP, give it an SSID name, give it a 10 character HEX key, and save it, then go to your laptop, log into the Wireless with the same key and you're online.

Fast explanation to a long post.



Cannont connect 3rd laptop to Linksys Wireless router WRT54G

Hi taejardine,

Try logging into the router to see whether the Wireless MAC Filter is Enabled. Since you already know that the DHCP limit is set to 50, I presume you've already logged into the router successfully. The Wireless MAC Filter is on the Wireless tab (the second tab, next to Setup), and is the third parameter from the left.

If the filter is enabled, simply add the MAC ID of each of your devices to Permit list (this won't affect your friends' use of the router).

If both of their devices work, and none of your devices work, then the odds are pretty good that the MAC ID Filter is the culprit. I hope this helps - please let know if I can be of any further assistance.

Kind regards,
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