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Viewsonic Monitor problem, blinking LED light, no picture.

When I plug in my Viewsonic VX922 I get a blinking LED light. sometimes it will stay green a little bit and i might get a flicker of light on my monitor. I got it to work once before by wiggling the cord in back but not since then and I don't want to have to 'get lucky' to get it to work. When my roomies tried it on their computers they had absolutely no problem getting it to work at all. We have the same video card so that ruled that out as a possible problem. (mine is newer then theirs)

Posted by Medea on

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  • xoticaa80 Dec 06, 2007

    I am having the same issue. Often I can finally get a screen to pop up if I re-reun the viewsonic disc. It often takes me 25 to 45 minutes to finally get a picture

  • belajo Jan 09, 2008

    I have the same problem, I want to know if viewsonic repare it or replace it, do you have the part number of the defect piece

  • naz131 Apr 05, 2008

    i got the same problen when i plug my moniter its work for less than minute and then blackout any help

  • AlfCheesey May 02, 2008

    I have the same problem. I have been using this monitor for over 2 years now. It has only started to have this problem.

    If I turn the computer on from cold, the monitor appears to be fine. But if I have to restart for any reason, windows boots normally, but no picture, only a flashing LED on the power button. I don't even see the boot posting. The quickest solution for me (at the moment) is to unplug the monitor from the mains for about 10 seconds, then plug it back in. This seems to kick-start it into finding a signal.

    I'm sure it's not related, but I also have a small green patch of stuck pixels in the top-left corner. Think it's about time I upgrade this anyway.

  • jigawatt May 18, 2008

    I have the problem of a green flashing LED upon a cold boot of my machine. It started about 2 weeks ago and I have had the monitor for maybe 2 years, maybe a bit less.

    I normally never turn my monitor off when I shut down my PC, I just let it go to the amber standby light. Once I get on the PC in the morning I boot up normally and I can see the POST and windows splash screen, but once it is about to switch to the desktop the screen goes blank and I get a green flashing LED. Since this problem started I have been turning my monitor off when I shut down the PC.

    The only temporary fix I have found for this is to turn the monitor off and hit the reset button on the PC. Let it boot fully into windows (I hear the windows entry music through my speakers) and then I turn my monitor on.

    This has worked numerous times except for today. It took over 5 reboots. 2 of them I used the reset button and the other 3 I had to hit the start key, then U and U again. That is the shortcut keys to shutdown your PC when at the desktop. It finally came back on after the 5th...

    I will give that refresh lock a try, see if that helps.

  • Anonymous Jun 09, 2008

    I have the same problem with my vx922. It seems to occur when the screen mode changes and the screen shuts off with green light blinking.
    The only thing I can do is turn the power switch off (by timing it as it blinks on then pressing) and waiting approx 10 seconds. When I turn it back on it goes 95% time. I've also had some success by plugging the monitor into the other output on my video card.

    I'm not sure if it's getting worse or not but I'd really like to get this fixed. Has been like this about a month (monitor is 2 years old).

  • justme1972 Jun 24, 2008

    I have 5 such monitors in my lab. 2 of them has this specific problem now, one year or less after obtaining them. The problem only gets worse over time and rebooting does not help after a while.

    My first broken monitor was sent for repair 3 weeks ago, and I still did not hear anything. The other one was sent today.

    I Did not try the 60Hz refresh rate workaround. Obviously it is not a real solution.

    I think that a company recall on all VX922 monitors would be fair. They are seriously flawed.

  • Anonymous Sep 28, 2008

    Same Problem. Progressive failure of my VX922 after 2 years. Usually presents no display; blinking green light, occasionally, it will display.

    ViewSonic sez ship it to them for free repair.

    That's in southern California. I'm in Oregon. Not very convenient.
    Next time, I will buy the extended warranty at Fry's. :(

  • vrindasakhi Oct 03, 2008

    vd922 monitor. Blank screen. When I reboot PC monitor goes off and can't power on. Get blinking LED at one second interval. Used to be able to unplug and plug again, now doesn't work at all.

  • danix180 Oct 03, 2008

    The same problem for me too!!!. I have this Viewsonic VX922 for over 2 years now. Nvidia 7800 GT videocard. It started few weeks ago. Whenever I boot the computer (20% of the time) the monitor turns black and the green light is flashing. The fix is to turn off the monitor and wait wait and turn it back.

  • John Childs Nov 11, 2008

    Flashing green light and no picture. I bought three of these things and each and every one is the same. Nothing to do but send them back and they will send you another model which is wide screen. They need to recall the whole batch - just awful!

  • Anonymous Nov 25, 2008

    I manage a LAN center and we use 20 vx922 and every single one of them has this problem.

  • RUDYBO Nov 29, 2008



  • mkx2006 Dec 05, 2008

    have same problem. when i start my pc(cold) screen is dark and green light flashing. after 10 min my screen becomes bright white(very hard to see) and green light is on. after like 40 min my screen is back normaly.

  • Healthpack Dec 06, 2008

    I use this monitor for my dual display and I have been toying around with it, it seems like its a problem with the video drivers, I put in a new gfx card when mine burned out and before I loaded the drivers with the new gfx card the display booted right up fine, turned it on and off a bunch which is a big no no with this problem, worked fine, I installed the newest nvidia drivers... monitor is dead, after I got my old gfx card back I had the same thing happen, worked fine until the drivers were installed...

    One other thing I noticed is if I don't have the display enabled it turns on and solid green light, no blinking and the backlight is on... as soon as I enable it, light goes out led is blinking again...

    But I had this problem for a long time now I just haven't had the time to rma the monitor, but it seems weird because its a problem that gets worse with time...

    When I first encountered this problem it was just a turn off and turn on fix for a few weeks then it was a few dozen on and off cycles to get it to load...
    now it wont turn on at all. I don't see how the drivers would cause a problem to be different with time, seems like if that was the case it would just constantly not work.

    So, I'm right back where I started, I have no effin idea whats wrong this this particular monitor, but it is a widespread issue, and seems to happen to alot of people with nvidia cards.

  • Anonymous Mar 17, 2009

    The display goes off during use (or usually when the screen changes to black--such as when the screensaver comes on or a game loads) and stays black even though the computer is working. The green LED flashes intermittently. Pulling the power cord from the computer for two minutes and re-inserting it can often restore the picture.

  • howemcd Mar 27, 2009

    I have 2 of these bought at the same time.....

    Smae problem as described so many times. One monitor has be RMA'ed 7 times and the other RMA'ed 5 times. They work fine for 1-6 months then same thing yet again.

    I have asked ViewSonic a few times now if I could have a replacements with another model as this is obviously a design fault but they just keep sending out referbished VX922's.

    The returns are fast and free but after this I will never buy off ViewSonic again. 3 months left on the warrenty then I have no idea what I'll do.



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You don't have a software (driver, refresh rate, etc.) problem. When you first power up the monitor, do you get any display at all (ex, "analog input" or "No input signal")? Of course not - that's because you have a hardware problem with the monitor. Go here and watch the youtube video on how to take apart your monitor and find and replace the "domed" capacitors that have blown:

Fortunately I only had 1 ($1.76 at Radio Shack). I replaced it in less than 30 minutes and my monitor showed "no input signal" upon powerup as expected because I wasn't connected to my pc which is full of all kinds of drivers and refresh settings, etc.

Posted on Jul 09, 2010



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It sounds like you r issues are the same as mine with the VX922. It will come on if it has not been on for a while. Then it will either go blank with the led flashing or if you reboot it it will just flash the LED and no picture. I have sent it back to Viewsonic for warranty repair (they have 3 year warranty on them). So I will see what happens when I get it back or they replace it. Sounds like the problems are just now popping up on these units. I actua;;y hope they replace it with a widescreen LCD since I now use a 24" Widescreen Dell and I love it. Widescreen is here to stay!

Posted on Sep 25, 2007



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My vx922 has a problem running at 75 hz(1024x768) Will change ok but upon reboot will get black screen. To solve I booted in safe mode and installed refreshlock.Lock your refresh rate at 60hz and set it to load with windows.It will boot to black screen again but as soon as refrshlock has loaded your sceen will appear.

Posted on Oct 04, 2007


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When it have this kind of error is a problem of the powerboard.
Anyway you must open it and look at the all capacitors and if are them inflated, if them are inflated must change them.

But can be a problem with inverters... control the transistors - MOSFET on the powerboard.

Good luck!

Posted on Oct 04, 2014


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It's a problem with a power board or inverter inside. This can be repaired, mine was sent away today. If your monitors are no longer under warranty, you'll have to pay for it yourself. Ring Viewsonic in your area and ask for your nearest repair shop.

Posted on Jun 27, 2008


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I also have the vx922 and the same thing at the 2 year mark all of a sudden I got the same thing. I am also unable to ever go back to 75mhz refresh rate I have to be at 60 or it will never EVER get picture. I will never buy another viewsonic in my life. I get it to work last night only by switching computers. The power plug deal works sometimes but not always. I am also unable to go into any video game at all because it will blink and it will go into a never ending loop of blinking led... Viewsonic FAILS!!!!!!!

Posted on Jun 23, 2008

  • Anonymous Jun 23, 2008

    Ok for the people who have the vx922 or the people who do not have these models you have a 3 year warranty. So I suggest you call them up and have it switched out cause this might be the "BEGINNING OF THE END" for the monitor.

    These monitors do not hold the 3 year warranty.
    VA520, VA521, VA700, VA720, VA721, VX710, and VX910.

    Good luck and odds are they will send you a refurbed vx922 but maybe they will give you a model equal to or better hopefully...



I just started to get this problem now, the best way to fix it seems to be to just unplug it when it is flashing and plug it back in.

Posted on Jan 27, 2008


I had the same problem. Fixed with refreshlock for now. I am hoping viewsonic to give a explanation to this problem.

Posted on Oct 16, 2007


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I have the same problem. I can reproduce it with 2 different PCs, one using each input on the VX922. In the manual and on the Viewsonic website there is no mention of what a flashing green light means. I've reinstalled the drivers...

Posted on Sep 16, 2007


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Same problem with the VX922. Started suddenly after a year of use. Now I fight with it every day. The only way it works properly (and not always then) is if I turn the monitor off before shutting down the computer and when booting up let the computer get to the login screen (which I detect from the sound) before turning on the monitor.

Posted on Jun 11, 2010

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Viewsonic VX922 19" - green

Since you hadd confirmed that the monitor is faulty with a swap then it seems that the input signal processor is faulty.
Only a signal test will confirm the fault in the stage , so check from the power supply section to see if the set has tripped off due to a protection- if so check the output drivers.

My viewsonic monitor is havind problem like constract& brightness is adjusting automatically what to do?

go to toms for viewsonic vx922 problems. Solutions for green power light blinking are there. Solutions say to replace the capacitors

Blinking green light

this problem is adjust not screen resulation on your computer safe mode restert your computer and fress F5 go to safe mode
thanks Tareq

I have a vx922, green light blinks but there is no picture.

Blinking about once a second? Switchmode power supply fault in the monitor.

The blinking green light on VX922

If there is a flashing led on front of the monitor, that indicates a fault condition.

The flashing light indicates a diagnostic state called protection.
When the Monitor goes on protection there are only two possible causes.

1 The internal circuits are jammed because of electrostatic charges accumulating on capacitors, or because of a wrong voltage read by the main chip on your monitor controller board. this started the protection circuit.

2 The protection circuit detected a wrong voltage or a broken contact, identified an internal fault and kicked in , starting the flashing light.

If you are in situation one, then the monitor will reset just unplugging power cord for one or two hours, sometimes even minutes.

If you are in situation 2 , then there is an internal fault.

Common faults that can occurr suddenly are a blown capacitor on power board, the inverter board powering up backlight lamp has blown, or a fault on main lcd controller board.
check also the video cable, if the cable is shorting, or the connector is bad, you can get same flashing state because of the video cable.

Check connectors, try moving the video cable, and if the cable is not built in, then also try a replacement cable.

If under warranty contact Viewsonic to find out a Viewsonic service point.
See:ViewSonic - Support & Service

If you want to repair at your own expenses, just locate any good qualified repairer.


Viewsonic VX922 - black screen of death and the blinking (mocking!) green led

Really if this happens then you may want to contact viewsonic to see if it still in warrant. Reminder that most of their monitors have a 3 year warrany from the date of purchase. So make sure that you have your proof of sales/receipt/POP/invoice or what ever you want to call it ready. This model is old so they will ask for it if its a first time repair.

ViewSonic vx922 Power circuit

It may be best to contact Viewsonic about a service manual for this unit and ask to see if that sell any parts for this model.

Viewsonic VX922 19" Green Light Blinks when booted, no picture

I have the same problem with my VX922 as do MANY others. The problem seems to be caused by leaking/bulging capacitors on the circuit board. The only solution is to replace the faulty capacitors either on your own (which is fairly easy if you're good with a soldering iron) or send it to Viewsonic and have them fix it.

17" veiwsonic power blinking green

The flashing green power button is a well known electronic problem with this (and other) Viewsonic LCD monitors. There is a YouTube video (do a search) showing how to disassemble the VX924 and find out whether the problem is related to blown capacitors. When I took my VX922 apart I discovered 6 bad capacitors out of a total of 7 on the power supply circuit board.Only recommended for those handy with a soldering iron.
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