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Ruben Mesa Posted on Jul 25, 2007

Broken headphone jack

Im attempting to repair the headphone jack which has broken completely off. I had no problem opening it up, just a few small screws. The entire black plastic jack is broke off, with bits of the circuit board stuck on 2 points. I know there is a way to repair this, complicated as it may be, i aint scared! I have a few PCI cards that have circuits broke off with the pcb stuck on the tips that im saving for when i learn how to fix this kind of damage! I know theres some kind of trace wire or something. I have some soldering experience, and i have access to cnc mills, epoxy's tools etc. Any help, website, or any guide would be greatly appriciated, and Id be more than happy to share any progress or failure with the forum. Im thinking about taking a lightweight electronics class to learn some basics. I also have a Wii to fix for my grandson!!! thanks for your time.

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Hmmmmmm.i wiould suggest going to a proper shot that can do it for you better than stuffing it up more :)

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My dell latitude d510 internal spk is ready but output headfone jek not working

these are fairly passive in that if a headphone or earpiece is plugged in, they switch the output from the internal speaker to the external speaker. So, it's usually one of a few problems.
  • The jack is mucked up, and needs replaced.
  • The headphone plug wires have a broken connection
  • The headphone needs power to amplify, and that's not working.
If trying another headphone or earpiece you know is working doesn't work, it's the jack itself. They can only handle so many uses before they either fail closed, or open or completely. Depending on which one, either:
  • neither speakers nor headphones work.
  • only speakers work
  • only headphones work
Replacement necessitates opening the case and replacing the jack. For that, there's no help.

Headphones broke off in Ipad Jack

It is possible to remove it yourself but use caution.. A tecnique I have had some success with is to put a small dab of super glue on the end of a toothpick that has had the point broken off. Hold the superglue against the broken jack till it sets up good then gently attempt to pull it out. Sometimes they fit in pretty tight and this trick won't work in which case it's best to take the device into the repair shop to have it removed..

One ear on bose qc 15 headphones doesnt work

Check your jack. A bad jack will cut-one ear. Try wiggling the wire going into your jack. You can buy the entire jack and plug.

My ipod classic is only playing out of 1 headphone, it is the same with all headphones

Step 1:
Your trusty iPod has been a close and reliable friend for a long time but one morning only the sound of air comes through the headphones. The likely culprit is a loose or broken headphone jack that is in need of repair. Rather than spend an exorbitant amount of money to have someone fix it you can easily make the repair on your own and have your iPod friend back. Read on to learn how to fix a broken headphone jack for a fifth generation 30GB or 60GB iPod video.

Open the iPod case with a small flathead screwdriver by slipping it under the centerline of the case. You will find a series of clips you have to release in order for the case to open up about an inch. Locate the headphone jack connection and verify that there are no broken wires. Fix broken wires quickly by twisting the wires back together and wrapping with electrical tape. Test the iPod for sound by connecting your headphones to the jack. Replace the wires completely if you find static coming from the iPod jack. Fold a business card twice so that it wants to unfold and slip it into the case over the blue sponge. This creates the pressure needed to hold the jack in place and allow a solid connection. Push the case together without engaging the clips on the side and test to make sure the jack is now working. Try a thicker business card or fold the first one again to get enough pressure onto the jack connection if the first card didn't fix the problem. Press the case fully together until the clips click into place. Use extra care when inserting your headset to ensure the jack remains in place.
DigiExpress - iPod Video / iPod Classic Headphone Jack installation

Jbl roxy over ear headphones ref 430 need to install new cord. how do i open cans?

Headphone speakers stop functioning properly when the wireconnections to the speaker are broken. This problem often develops when theheadphone cord gets jerked while being worn. The solder connection might alsodetach over time if it was not properly manufactured. The wire can bereconnected to the speaker with a soldering iron to repair the headphone. Beaware, though, that headphones are not designed to be user maintained in thisfashion. In some cases, it is difficult to get to the speaker due to the casingdesign.
Instructions and tools needed
Screwdriver or butter knife (depending on headphone design),Soldering iron, Electrical solder
1 Plug in the solderingiron. It takes a few minutes for it to get warm enough to be used.
2 Unscrew the screws holdingthe headphone casing over the speakers. This step applies only to models thatuse screws in the casing.
3 Insert the end of the butterknife into the seam on the headphone ear pieces. Pry the two halves of thecasing apart. This step is performed only on headphone models that do not usescrews in the casing.
4 Touch the tip of thesoldering iron to the electrical solder. A small drop should melt onto the tipof the iron.
5 Touch the tip of the soldering iron to the end of thedetached speaker wire inside the headphone speaker cavity. Try to get an evencoating of solder around the exposed metal end of the wire. The soldersolidifies on the wire once the soldering iron is removed.
6 Touch the end of the wire tothe solder on the metal tab attached to the speaker.
7 Touch the tip of the solderingiron to where the wire and tab connect. The heat of the soldering iron meltsthe solder on the wire and tab together. This repairs the broken connectionbetween the wire and speaker.
8 Replace the speaker casingonto the headphone. It should snap back into place for models without screws Thanks.

How to fix headphone jack on a toshiba satellite pro l450d-12x laptop ill play music out load on the laptop speakers and ill be able to hear the sound , but as soon as i plug my headphones into the jak...

In my experience, you have to open up the laptop and see if the stereo jack can be seen openly or if it is enclosed in a solid plastic block.
If it is open, you can usually bend the leads back into place where the negative will get in better contact and make the connection to the headphone.
It it is enclosed, you'll have to remove and replace it with a little soldering of a few small connections to the motherboard. You can find a replacement online pretty inexpensively in most cases.
This is a simple repair n both cases but getting the laptop open is what takes the most time.

Another solution is to get some bluetooth speakers or bluetooth headphones and add a USB bluetooth adapter if it doesn't have bluetooth.
Another way is to open up the laptop, take out your wireless card and replace it with a combo wifi/bluetooth card. You can get these often for under $15 and you'll need to buy the antenna too (Black is wifi white is BT) for few bucks. Make sure you get the same type of card (mini PCIe, M.2, etc) and the side benefit is that you might get a faster wifi at the same time.

My headphone cable is broken. How do I replace it?

Buy a good Jack to Jack cable, open your headphone, find out where the two cables are soldered, unsolder them.
Cut one end of your new cable, remove the plastic aroud the 2 wires on a small lenght and solder your new wires where the old were.

Et voila.

Hope this helps

Beringer xenyx 1204 repair

OFTEN the broken part CAN BE RETREIVED without removing the faceplate. There are MANY knobs and screws to remove to get at the jack AND then, the jack is mostly sealed and one cannot get into the innards of the jack.

I want you to try a few things before tearing into the unit. Here are ideas to try, not necessarily in prefered order as I can't see your unit and the broken part.

1. Take a very thin sheet metal screw and try to drive it GENTLY into the broken adapter. OFTEN you can snag the thing and drag it out.

2. Take a sewing machine needle and STAB the plastic insulator of the broken part and attempt to drag it out.

3. Attempt to epoxy glue a small dowel to the broken part. Use minimual glue so it doesn't squish out to the sides of the jack.

4. If the broken part is iron, try using a small rare earth magnet to **** the thing out.

5. If enough of the broken part is near the surface, attempt to solder a wire to it to use to extract the broken part.

6. Using a sewing machine needle and a soldering iron, melt the needle into the plastic insulator of the broken part.

I am sure one of these suggestions will work. The jacks themselves are sealed all the way around and you would have to unsolder the jack from the board. You would either replace the jack, or drill a hole in the bottom of some of them to be able to push out the broken part. All of this internal type work has risk to the unit if you are not equiped to do the work. If you can snag the thing with the above suggestions it will be quicker and safer.

My headphone jack broke inside of laptop how to

Unfortunately this can only be repaired by a shop.
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