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Question about Amana ALW480DA Top Load Washer

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Agitator Removal Everything I have thus far come across indicates that one needs to simply remove the fabric softener cap, and then pull up to remove the agitator. That is easier said than done. There is no bolt on the inside of the agitator, however it most assuredly seems tightly fastened in place. Aside from taking a sledgehammer to this thing and obliterating it, is there some sort of trick to this? Any and all assistance would be GREATLY appreciated here! I'm a mother of 5 and REALLY need to get this washer fixed!! I didn't realize how fast this laundry would accrue!

Posted by Kim Yoblonski on

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  • Kim Yoblonski
    Kim Yoblonski Jul 01, 2007

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    I need to remove the agitator because it doesn't seem to want to agitate anything but me, at this juncture. I can hear the assembly inside going back and forth, as if whatever is supposed to be moving it is still doing what it needs to do, but it seems as if something inside the agitator is stripped. The washer still fills, drains and spins with no problems... It's just the wash cycle causing me the problem.

    I'm including a picture of the agitator, minus the fabric softener.

  • Kim Yoblonski
    Kim Yoblonski Sep 03, 2007

    Well, I got the agitator removed... I didn't throw my back out doing it, tho I did almost throw myself into labor!

    The agitator off, I was able to look further to determine the source of my non-functional washer. Apparently the bell was totally stripped and a significant portion of the "teeth" were left in the seal.

    I ordered the replacement part.... Found out that it was significantly back-ordered and, after a month, finally received my part on Friday, August 31st - a day after I ordered it from somewhere else.

    My newest problem lies in the fact that nowhere had I read anything about the need or possible necessity for something referred to as a "seal tool"... Is this part positively necessary for ensuring the drive bell and seal are placed correctly?

    Any further guidance is significantly appreciated...


  • cinnb01 Feb 20, 2008

    My amana is much older. No softner cap. Just a simple cap on top of agitator. Can't get it off. Tried turning it, but wont budge. Can I just break the cap off? Need to check the agitator. Currently is not agitating.

    Model TAA300L very old.

  • kittykat66 May 01, 2008

    my spin cycle dedided to eat some clothes the clothes came out but the strings broke off and they are struck aroung the agitator how do i get the thing off so i can remove the cords

  • katwoman 66 Jul 22, 2008

    Sounds like I have the same problem and I cannot get the agitator off. My Amana will not spin at all. I will try to get it off again, but once I do what parts should I be looking for to replace?

    Also, my Amana dryer is making a loud squeak when running. It worked fine after we changed the belt and we did lubricate it at the same time and it worked fine for a few months. Now it is making a high pitched squeal, but still sries the clothes. Also, my timer does not work and I had it replaced twice already. Why would it keep breaking. I have had the thermostate replced too. I am not sure sbout these Amanas. A family of 5 must really put them to work. Can you help? Thanks



2 Answers

Jeff Rockwell

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Most agitators also have an air gap cap underneath the fabric softener cap as well. This is to prevent water from rising inside the agitator and getting to the drum bearings. Look closely under the fabric softener cap to see if there is another cap that you might have to remove. You can usually use a small flat tip screwdriver to lift the cap off. You will need a socket (with extender) and ratchet to reach the mounting bolt. As you loosen the bolt, you will need to hold on to the base of the agitator at the same time to keep it from turning. Now, not knowing what your agitator looks like, it may or may not have this set up (just a thought for you try). If there is no mounting bolt of any kind as you say, the type of agitator you may have is held on by plastic grips that snap on to a mounting hub under the base. Unfortunately there is no easy way I know of besides lifting straight out. You may have to rock it side to side a little while pulling up to get the clips to release. Normally, the problem encountered with this type of agitator is the clips wear out and no longer grip and it keeps falling off. Why do you need to remove the agitator? Just wondering because you didn't mention any problems. Good luck to you. I hope this helps.

Posted on Jul 01, 2007

  • Jeff Rockwell
    Jeff Rockwell Jul 01, 2007

    As I suspected. This type of agitator DOES just pull off. You have to lift straight up really hard to get it off. The older types have a mounting bolt. It sounds like the plastic "teeth" that grip the agitator hub may be worn off the agitator itself underneath. Just look up inside the agitator when you get it off. The hub could also be the culprit. Or, it could be a combination of both. Just be careful you don't throw your back out pulling on the agitator, or have it come off and pop you in the face. I hope you have some luck. Let me know if I can help any further.




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I have the same style and can't get the agitator off. How did you suceed

Posted on Jan 21, 2008


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GE washer model # WHDRR418E4WW : Having trouble removing the plastic cap under the fabric softener dispenser, so I can access the agitator bolt.. There appears to be no simple way to remove it. There are...

that's right just put your fingers under agitator and pull up,under the agitator is a coupler that has a screw in it,whirlpool has the nut in there,if you have a problem with the agitator not moving the clothes around that coupler wears out and has to be replaced.

Can't remove agitator on hotpoint washer

I have this same model of Hotpoint washer. I pulled up on the agitator and that separated it from the hub. I removed the hub by loosening the bolt at the top of the hub with a socket wrench. I removed the hub after removing the bolt. I removed the long stringy fabric by unwinding it and lifting up. that's all there is to it. Really simple. Everything went back together very easily. Only hard part is lifting the agitator up with enough force to free it from the hub.

How do i pull the agitator to clean inside it? its full of fabric softner and junk.

Depending on the agitator style, you'll have either a fabric softener dispenser or just a plastic cap on the top of your agitator. In both cases, you simply pull / pry those components off and you'll see a translucent cap further down with a rubber seal around it. Reach in and pop this cap off. Below it is a single bolt, threaded through the agitator to the agitator shaft. Remove the bolt with a rachet / socket / long extension or a speed wrench.

Now you simply pull the agitator straight up out of the machine. One word of caution... if you have a dual action agitator, there is a plastic gear / dog mechanism snapped inside. If you handle the agitator with care, you'll be fine. If not, this mechanism can come out and easily come apart- not a good scenario. It consists of 6 parts that you'd have to carefully put back together and reinsert.

Happy cleaning and good luck.

Everything works but the agitator

The small plastic pieces that are located under the agitator center cap that grip the agitator and turn it during the wash cycle are worn out. They are called agitator dog ears or clutch dogs. They must be replaced.
  1. Unplug the washer.
  2. Remove the fabric softener dispenser, if there's any, by pulling it off the agitator top. cf99d03.gif
  3. If no dispenser is installed, insert a flat screwdriver between the agitator and agitator cap. Pry the cap off the agitator then remove the upper part of the agitator. cae2ce0.gif
  4. Remove the barrier cap by pulling it up. e07b74d.gif
  5. Use a socket wrench with extension or nut driver to remove the stud and seal holding the agitator to the shaft. 96cc7e9.gif
  6. Remove the agitator mover by pulling it off the agitator. 5f03bae.gif
  7. Turn the agitator mover over on your palm. The cam and agitator dogs will come out on your palm. Pay attention to how the agitator dogs are installed. Remove the worn agitator dogs and install the new ones. c8eb889.gif
  8. If the agitator dogs are not worn, check the agitator shaft. Remove the round rubber seal off the top of the agitator and remove the agitator by lifting it straight up. Call up service if the shaft is worn. ca89530.jpged86a35.jpg
  9. Reinstall the agitator. Rotate it until the grooves on the agitator matches the grooves on the shaft then push the agitator down.
  10. Place the round rubber seal in the groove on the top of the agitator. 5314b95.gif
  11. Turn the agitator mover over and carefully insert the cam and agitator dogs up into the agitator mover until it stops. c55998d.gif
  12. Carefully turn the agitator mover over in upright position.
  13. Place the agitator mover with the cam and dogs over the agitator, lining up the tabs. The cam has a cut-out and tabs across from each other. The agitator has tabs across from each other. All of these must line up in order for the cam to slide down on the agitator.5f7e245.gif
  14. Push the cam down until the tabs snap together.
  15. Put the upper part of the agitator back.
  16. Using a socket wrench with extension or nut driver, insert the stud and seal through the agitator into the shaft and tighten it.
  17. Push the barrier cap and seal down into the agitator mover all the way. Make sure the round gasket is in the groove in the barrier cap. The barrier cap must be pushed down past the holes on the mover to allow the liquid from the dispenser to flow.
  18. Press down on the fabric softener dispenser or cap until it is all the way down on the agitator.

One part of agitator moves the other part doesnt.

Two-Piece Agitator: Bottom Works, Top Does Not - Whirlpool brands

Some Whirlpool brands washing machines employ a two piece agitator. The bottom is call the agitator and the top is usually referred to a 'Mover'. A multi-piece cam and bearing assembly connects the two and allows the top portion to index.

If the bearing or cams become stripped or damaged, the mover will often not work. Fortunately, Whirlpool produces a cost effective agitator repair kit that replaces all of the critical components in this cam assembly. There are three different repair kits. They differ in the height of the cam.

Agitator Removal Instructions:

Remove Dispenser or Cap:
Some models of washing machines utilize a fabric softener dispenser that resides on top of the agitator. This dispenser simply snaps onto the top of the agitator. Other styles utilize a decorative cap. To remove the dispenser, simply grab it and firmly pull up. To remove the agitator cap, insert a small flat-head screw driver into the seam between the agitator cap and the upper agitator (mover). Use a twisting or prying action to pop the cap off of the agitator.

Remove Internal Debris Cap:
Inside the agitator you will see a cap with a raised handle, much like that of your automobile. Simply reach into the agitator and twist the cap while pulling up. This will remove the cap and its o-ring.

Remove Agitator Stud:
When looking into the agitator assembly, you will notice a single nut in the center of the agitator. Use a socket kit or nut driver to remove this bolt (agitator stud).

Remove the Upper Agitator (Mover):
With the bolt removed you should be able to remove the upper half of the agitator (mover) by simply pulling up. Sometimes pulling up will actually remove the whole agitator assembly. If this happens, place the Lower Agitator on the floor and stand on the flat lip. Then Pull up to separate the Upper Agitator (mover) from the Lower Agitator.

Remove the Cam and Clutch Dogs:
When you remove the upper agitator (mover) it contains the cam and clutch dogs. Tun the assembly upside down. The cam and dogs should then come out.

-- Stop Here if Replacing Cam Kit --

Remove O-ring:
The lower agitator remains on the transmission shaft. On the top of the agitator, there is an o-ring. Remove this o-ring.

Pull the Lower Agitator:
All that remains is the lower agitator. This can be removed by simply pulling straight up on the agitator.

Agitator Installation Instructions:

Set Lower Agitator:
Slide the lower agitator onto the transmission shaft. Rotate the lower agitator until the splines in the shaft match those in the agitator. Once aligned press the agitator down. Install the o-ring into the top of the lower agitator.

-- Start Here if Replacing Cam Kit --

Assemble Cam and Dogs:
Turn the cam upside down. Place the small round ear of the dog into the corresponding slot on the cam. Repeat this for each of the four cams.

Install Cam and Dogs into Upper Agitator:
Invert the Upper Agitator (mover) and slide the cam/dog assembly inside. The cam should be pushed into the mover until it shoulders. Then rotate the whole assembly upright.

Install the Upper Agitator (Mover) on the Lower Agitator:

The lower agitator has two tabs that stick up that are 180 degrees apart. These tabs fit into two slots on the bottom of the cam. Align the matching tabs and slots and place the Upper Agitator (mover) and cam assembly onto the lower agitator. Push down until the cam snaps onto the Lower Agitator. If the dogs fall out during this step it is necessary to return to the 'Assemble Cam and Dogs' section above and start over.

Install the Agitator Stud:
Place the bolt (agitator stud) into the hole in the bottom center of the cam. Use a socket kit or nut driver to tighten the bolt .

Install Internal Debris Cap:
Install the o-ring into the groove on the OD of the debris cap. With the o-ring in place, push the cap into the Upper Agitator (mover). It is important that the cap is pushed past the ports in the Upper Agitator (mover) so that the wash water can enter and exit as designed.

Install the Dispenser or Cap:
The final step is to replace the top cap. Both the cap and the dispenser simply snap into place. Just make sure they are installed as far down a they will go and are firmly in place.


Washing machine agitator upper half not working I have a Kenmore Elite

Pull the fabric softener cap off, next pull the top cap off the agitator. Then remove the 7/16 bolt in the center of the agitator. Then you can remove the top part of the agitator.

How do you remove the agitator on a Maytag Dependable Care Washer?

If this is a Maytag Performa or Atlantis model all you have to do is remove the center cap on the agitator by pulling on it and locate the agitator bolt underneath. Loosen the bolt, and the agitator should pull straight up.

If this is a Maytag Dependable Care series there will be 1/4 inch screw along the side of the agitator towards the bottom. Remove this screw and the agitator will pull straight up.

I hope this helps you.

PS If the problem is due to the build up of fabric softener, soak in some hot water to loosen it up. Fabric softener is essentially a form of liquid wax and it is common for it to accumulate and clog the dispenser in this manner. Periodic cleaning is recommended.

Agitator removal

Yes it does, I believe the dispenser will twist an 1/8 turn and pop off. There is a cap with a handle below it that pulls out. The last part is a bolt. Try a 7/16 deep well socket with a nine inch extension, grasp the agitator and loosen it. Leave bolt intact and lift agitator from the bottom. Looking from the date if you have solved the issue this will stand as a general post for ag removal.

Agitator-How do you get it off?

(Roper is actually made by Whirlpool) This is simpler than it sounds, just takes time and a few steps. Do you have a fabric softener dispenser that resides on top of the agitator? This dispenser simply snaps onto the top of the agitator. Some styles use a decorative cap. To remove the dispenser, simply grab it and firmly pull up. There is a cap that covers the bolt or nut that holds the agitator in place. To remove the agitator cap, insert a small flat-head screw driver into the seam between the agitator cap and the upper agitator (the part that moves). Use a twisting or prying action to pop the cap off of the agitator. Sometimes there is a little slot where you can insert the screwdriver. Look for it first. There maybe an internal debris cap under this: Inside the agitator you will see a cap with a raised handle. Simply reach into the agitator and twist the cap while pulling up. This will remove the cap and its o-ring. Removing the agitator: When looking into the agitator assembly, you will notice a single nut in the center of the agitator. Use a socket kit or nut driver to remove this bolt or nut from the agitator stud. Don't use plyers, it'll just mess up the nut. With the bolt removed you should be able to remove the agitator by simply pulling up. Twist back and forth CW & CCW when lifting. Some are a 2 piece design, so pulling up will actually remove either the whole agitator assembly or only half of it. If whole assy comes up and you may need to seperate the two for your new parts. Place the Lower Agitator on the floor and stand on the flat lip. Then Pull up to separate the Upper Agitator (mover) from the Lower Agitator. As far as your parts go I'm not sure where they go without seeing it myself. There is a spline or ratch assembly which causes the agitator to move back and forth. They are usually made of plastic and get worn or break. This might be what you are replacing. It's not clear as to what parts they gave you. Good Luck

Fabric softener doesn't dispense

Fabric softener dispensers are notorious for getting all gummed up and clogged. Remove the dispenser cup and soak in some hot water to dissolve all residue. While you have the dispenser removed check under the dispenser cap in the agitator for gummy residue as well. Clean with hot water. There should also be an agitator seal cap under the dispenser. Make sure the cap and rubber o-ring are seated properly. Last of all, if the dispenser has a cone shaped cup inside, make sure it is inserted cone-side UP. The cup is designed to allow fabric softener to roll down the sides of it, NOT hold it. I hope this helps.
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