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Rod Bullard Posted on Jun 27, 2007
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Chassis blowup Need a blowup pic of the chassis or disassembly/reassembly instructions. Cable conn. is broken off & I need to remove component assembly to solder it back on. (Don't want to break anything in the process.) Tx

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  • Posted on Jan 17, 2008
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Are you talking about your IF connector on tuner?you have to unsolder tuner then carefully open to reattach IF connector,if tuner is cracked then replace tuner.also you can go to www.repair world for more help.I seen where replacement broad wasnt alot to replace.

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My model number ogcmdm 11s2-10 how to replace broken door latch hook key P6OD17L-D1

It appears there might be a mix of information in the provided details. However, based on what you've mentioned, it seems you're dealing with a broken door latch hook key on a device with the model number "ogcmdm 11s2-10." Unfortunately, the information provided doesn't align with known model formats or specific products, and I might not have detailed information about this particular model or device.
Given that, here are some general steps you can follow when dealing with a broken door latch or lock:
  1. Identification of the Latch or Lock:
    • Identify the type of latch or lock system used on your device. It could be a simple spring latch, deadbolt, or a more complex mechanism.
  2. Obtain Replacement Parts:
    • If the latch hook key is broken, you may need to obtain a replacement part. Contact the manufacturer or a supplier to inquire about replacement latch hook keys or the entire lock assembly if necessary.
  3. Accessing the Broken Part:
    • Depending on the design of your device, you may need to disassemble or remove certain components to access the broken latch or lock. Refer to the device's user manual or any available documentation for guidance.
  4. Remove Broken Parts:
    • Once you have access to the broken latch or lock, carefully remove the broken parts. This may involve unscrewing screws, removing panels, or disassembling components.
  5. Install Replacement Parts:
    • Install the replacement latch hook key or lock components following the manufacturer's instructions. Ensure that the new parts are compatible with your device.
  6. Test Operation:
    • After replacing the broken latch or lock parts, test the operation to ensure that the door can be securely locked and unlocked.
  7. Reassemble:
    • If you had to disassemble any components to access the broken part, reassemble the device according to the manufacturer's instructions.
If you encounter difficulties during the process or if you are unsure about how to proceed, it's advisable to contact the manufacturer's customer support for specific guidance or consider consulting with a professional technician.
Please note that the general steps provided may not cover all possible scenarios, and the actual process might vary based on the specific design of your device.

Ibm think pad 2611 1452 cmos battery how to replace

There are multiple panels on the underside of your laptop. You can start by removing those and seeing if you can locate the battery there. If it is not under those panels than try removing the keyboard. If you still can not locate the battery from these then you will need to completely disassemble you laptop chassis to locate the battery.
I wouldn't suggest disassembling the entire chassis as reassembly can be difficult.

How to open my ibm netvista desktop case?

Removing the cover

To remove the cover, do the following:

1. Remove the thumbscrews from the rear of the computer and slide the cover
toward the rear of the computer.

Replacing the cover

To replace the cover, do the following:

1. Ensure that all components have been reassembled correctly and that no tools

or loose screws are left inside your computer.

2. Clear any cables that might impede the replacement of the cover.

3. Position the cover over the chassis so that the front edge is approximately one
inch away from the front bezel.

4. Lower the cover down over the chassis so that the rail guides engage the rails.

5. Slide the cover forward. You might need to lift the front of the cover slightly to

align it properly.

6. Insert the three thumbscrews into the holes in the cover and the chassis and


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Thanks, Joe

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I can't find the usb comnector for my wireless mouse and keyboard do my new HP 310 touchsmart desktop...where is that thing? Thanks

this is the your work let the follow of instruction ..

Front USB connectors removal
  1. Review the safety considerations before performing the steps listed below by clicking on the following link: Click here to view the precautions . CAUTION: Failure to comply with the precautions could result in damage to your product or loss of data.
  2. Power down the server.
  3. Remove the bezel.
  4. Remove the access panel. Click here for instructions on how to remove the access panel .
  5. Disconnect the front USB cable from the system board and unroute it.
  6. Remove the two Torx T-15 screws that secure the Front USB connectors to the chassis.
  7. Remove the Front USB connectors from the chassis and thread the cable out of the opening in the chassis.
Front USB connectors replacement
  1. Thread the front USB cable through the opening in the chassis and insert the Front USB connectors to the chassis, ensuring that the key aligns with the slot.
  2. Replace the two Torx T-15 screws that secure the Front USB connectors to the chassis.
  3. Route the front USB cable to the system board and reconnect it to the system board.
  4. Replace the access panel. Click here for instructions on how to replace the access panel .
  5. Replace the bezel.

How do I disassemble a crt lense assy in proj tv? I have spider webs and bugs in all 3 assyd of my rear proj tv...

You will need to pull the complete crt assembly one at a time, Drain the coolant then remove the screws that secure the lens to the crt. But then you will need to replace the coolant. Do not try to loosen the lens while still in the TV or the CRT coolant will leak onto the chassis which can destroy the Chassis. You can get a CRT coolant kit at www.tvrepairworld.com which will contain the coolant and the Instructions.

Flashing green timer light

The Chassis Assembly will need to be sent to Mitsubishi for them to refurb. I would estimate the cost to be 850.00 to 900.00. A Authorizes Service Facility would have to confirm this.
Hope this helps.

My Royal SovereignARP-3012 lower blower fan wheel broke

This is a difficult repair and no easy cake at all. The one internal part you can order from Royal Sovereign is the lower blower wheel. Perhaps this is because it breaks easily. Begin by draining the unit by removing the rubber plug at lower left. Remove 14 (count them) from the back. Remove additional positioning screws that hold the case side to the metal frame. Take out the two screws on the underside of the outer casing. Unclip the plastic tie that holds a temperature sensor to the rear radiator, and remove the the sensor gently. Spread the casing gently apart and push it away from the chassis a few inches. Reach into the front and unplug the three electronic connectors that link the display panel to the chassis. Note that the two leads that go to the lower part of the chassis go into positions 1 and 3 - the middle connector is not used. Now remove the casing entirely. Take a photo on all sides for reference and get some masking tape ready. You will see an upper blower casing and a lower blower casing, around which are arranged the condenser and two radiators, held in place by four press-formed metal chassis frames and two plastic chassis supports. Do not proceed until you mark where all the screws into the metal supports go. Failure to do this may end up with putting chassis support screws into holes meant for the back panel, making it impossible to reassemble the outer casing. Remove the grounding wire on the right side facing the rear. Tape the screws to the chassis part and note the color of the leads. Mark the location of the screw so you do not put it in wrong place on re-assembly. Do the same with the double green and yellow wires connected to the other side. Disassemble the bracket holding the white metal electrical condenser, noting carefully how the bracket is designed to clamp the condenser in place. Remove all the screws holding all four corner chassis supports, and mark exactly where the screws go. Stick these screws to a piece of tape and label it. Remove all screws holding the upper plastic chassis frame, marking screw locations carefully. Note that some of these screws hold the upper blower casing in place. Stick these screws to another piece of tape and label it. Working from the rear, and using a long phillips head screwdriver, remove two screws that hold the base of the upper blower assembly. Check gently to see if the assembly is now loosened and can be lifted but do not lift it yet. Remove any other screws that impede. Remove the uper chassis support carefully. This is a tricky move, take your time. Remove the tape that holds wiring on the middle plastic chassis support member and put it somewhere you can get it again, you will need it on reassembly. Once the upper blower assembly is removable, lift it EXACTLY vertically to clear the cleats at the base, then carefully rotate it towards you and place it upside down in front of the unit. There is just enough wire to allow you to do this. Remove and tape screws as needed to liberate the middle chassis support member. Remove and tape the two screws that hold the lower blower casing to the deck chassis support. This is where it gets tricky. Remove the middle chassis support but be very careful to support the upper radiator as you do so. Remove and record the location of any other screws that hold the lower blower casing. Tip the upper radiator as little as possible to allow the lower blower casing to be lifted up out of the chassis floor, and out to the side. tis is a difficult move and it is easy to damage the fins of the radiators. Remove the front of the lower blower casing, and remove the blown-up old wheel. Put the new blower wheel onto the motor shaft and make DAMN sure the nut is on tight. Otherwise the wheel will slowly travel up the shaft, rub against the radiator in front and you will have to do it all over again. Reassemble in reverse order. When you re-connect the wiring of the outer casing, be sure to connect the lower wires in front into positions 1 and 3, leaving the center blade open. You will be glad you recorded the exact location of every screw, trust me. It took me seven days to figure this out, even after worming out the service manual and an exploded view from the company (both useless for this repair except for debugging misplaced electrical connections). Easy cake indeed.

Looking for convergence part number

yes they are the same Convergence ICs number STK392-110 you need to replace both ICs. You can get replacement ICs at the following link and they provide free instalation instructions with pics so you can do the job yourself. Heres the link.

Want to install more ram

plz contact dell technical support toll free number :1-800-915-3355

Before You Begin To make working inside your computer easier, make sure you have adequate lighting and a clean work space. If you temporarily disconnect cables or remove expansion cards, note the position of the connectors and slots so that you can reassemble the system correctly.
You will use the information in this section every time you install a hardware option inside your computer. Read this section carefully, because the information is not repeated in detail elsewhere in this guide.
Safety First-For You and Your Computer Working inside your computer is safe - if you observe the following precautions.
warning.gif WARNING: WARNING FOR YOUR PERSONAL SAFETY AND PROTECTION OF YOUR EQUIPMENT Before starting to work on your computer, perform the following steps in the sequence indicated:
  1. Turn off your computer and all peripherals.
  2. Disconnect your computer and peripherals from their electrical outlets. Also, disconnect any telephone or telecommunication lines from the computer. Doing so reduces the potential for personal injury or shock.
  3. If you are disconnecting a peripheral from the computer or are removing a component from the system board, wait 5 seconds after turning off the computer before disconnecting the peripheral or removing the component to avoid possible damage to the system board.
  4. Touch an unpainted metal surface on the computer chassis, such as the power supply, before touching anything inside your computer. While you work, periodically touch an unpainted metal surface on the computer chassis to dissipate any static electricity that might harm internal components. Also avoid touching components or contacts on a card and avoid touching pins on a chip.
In addition, Dell recommends that you periodically review the safety instructions at the front of this guide.
Unpacking Your Hardware Option When you remove an option from its shipping carton, you may find it wrapped in antistatic packing material designed to protect it from electrostatic damage. Do not remove the packing material until you are ready to install the option.
caution.gif CAUTION: Turn off the computer and unplug it from the electrical outlet. See "Protecting Against Electrostatic Discharge" in the safety instructions at the front of this guide.
Removing the Computer Cover To remove the computer cover, follow these steps:
  1. Turn off your computer and peripherals, and observe the Warning for Your Personal Safety and Protection of Your Equipment described earlier in this chapter. Also observe the safety instructions at the front of this guide.
  2. If you have installed a padlock through the padlock ring on the cover and the back panel (see Figure 5-1), remove the padlock. Figure 5-1. Padlock Installed


  3. Remove the cover. Facing the left side cover, press the release button (located at the bottom-left corner of the front bezel) and lift the bottom of the cover, allowing it to pivot up toward you (see Figure 5-2).
    Disengage the tabs that secure the cover to the top of the chassis, and lift the cover away.
    Figure 5-2. Removing the Computer Cover


Replacing the Computer Cover To replace the computer cover, follow these steps:
  1. Check all cable connections, especially those that might have come loose during your work. Fold cables out of the way so that they do not catch on the computer cover. Make sure cables are not routed over the drive cage-they will prevent the cover from closing properly.
  2. Check to see that no tools or extra parts (including screws) are left inside the computer's chassis.
  3. Replace the cover. Facing the left side of the computer, hold the cover at a slight angle as shown in Figure 5-3, and then align the top of the cover with the top of the chassis. Insert the tabs on the cover into the recessed slots on the computer chassis so that the tabs catch the hooks inside the slots.
    Pivot the cover down toward the bottom of the chassis and into position. Make sure that the securing hooks at the bottom of the cover click into place.
    Figure 5-3. Replacing the Computer Cover


  4. If you are using a padlock to secure your system, reinstall the padlock.
  5. Clear the chassis intrusion alert message. Enter the System Setup program and reset Chassis Intrusion to Not Detected. See "Chassis Intrusion" for instructions.

Sanyo DS25390 Vertical problem

Jack,Did the Vert Ic have Broken conns around the legs?
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