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Mario Pino Posted on Jun 01, 2007

Cache Flow 6585, 6286, and 6285

Someone I know has a number of high-end Cache Flow devices and wanted to know if it was even worth putting this equipment back online. The Cache Flow devices that are available are: 4 x CA-6585 1 x CA-6286 2 x CA-6285 I know that in their day, these were the early work horses in supporting multimedia services. If they can still be good work horses to support these new web 2.0 services in some way, and keeping them on and supporting them won't break the bank, we are open to suggestions. If an application can be identified and the cost to bring this equipment back on line and supporting are your specialty, we look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

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Hanif Bhuiyan

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  • Posted on Aug 05, 2007
Hanif Bhuiyan
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Hi there, I guess the utilysation of the CF depends on different factors. If the ISP had a lot of clients and used to get a lot of surfing then usage of CF is usefull, only one have to update the bypass list time to time. For making them usable for now... one can upgrade their software version, increase their capasity of HDD and ram and optimise the config to make the best usage of them. Thanks and Regards Hanif CTO Sirius Broadband (BD) Ltd [email protected]

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