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Randy Thatcher Posted on May 12, 2007

Chain I'm assembling my BBQ and I'm confused about the purpose of the chain that's attached to the inside of the BBQ and the thin metal loop. I have no direction for assembling that portion.

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It is used to maually light the burner with a match. The match goes in the "loop" part. It is attached so that it isn't lost/

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How do I easily assemble pole saw?

pole saw is a wonderful machine that has a small curved saw blade mounted on its long handle and used mostly for pruning hard-to-reach branches. Now, if you have already learned about its functionalities and got a hold of them, you must be very excited to use it. But, working with a pole saw can never be easy without its being ready. A proper assembly is a key to that readiness.
No rocket science indeed! We're explaining the whole job easily and legibly.
STEP 1 Knowing the parts and components is a crucial factor. You should know what an average pole saw includes and make sure you have got all of them. A usual pole saw consists of the main body, pole saw, chain, bar, cover and hex key that contains screwdriver attachment.
STEP 2 The next step is to uncovering sprocket on the main body. It can be done by taking the hex and unscrew the pocket over the bolt. Rotate the hex in an anti-clockwise direction and take the cover out of the body.
STEP 3 As the cover is removed, the following task is to organize the chain and straighten it. In this case, if the chain should be in the right travel direction. If it is not in the right direction, you should loop over the chain and set in a way so that the teeth adjust with the bar.
STEP 4 When the chain is set properly, you should link the chain drives to the bar groove afterward. You should connect the chain carefully and ensure that it is attached accurately. Otherwise, a chain that is not fixed correctly may lead to a serious accident.
STEP 5 After the attachment, a loop remains at the end of the bar. Now, take the bar and place the loop on the sprocket and adjust the chain with it also. Before you do it, you should loosen the tensioner pin with the help of your fingers. It is done to confirm that the tensioner pin passes through the tensioner hole on the bar.
STEP 6 As the chain and bar are fixed to the sprocket, it is required to tighten the chain tensioner screw so that the bar and chain can hold and stay on the sprocket. The screw needs to be tightened completely in this matter.
STEP 7 This step involves covering the sprocket. Take the cover and insert rear tab into slot. Just placing it in the slot does not secure its placement. So, to attach the cover take the hex key, put in the bolt and turn it into clockwise direction but not too tightly. The cover is lightly fixed so it can create room to work with the tensioner.
STEP 8 You should remove all the slack from the chain by turning the chain tensioning screw clockwise. By doing so, the chain and bar stay in its place safely. After this, tighten the sprocket cover bolt using the hex key again.
Step By Step Guide to Assemble Pole Saw
Apr 14, 2018 • Garden

Chain is off On New England grandfather clock, how do I get it back on ?

I've had this same problem with a 30 year old koo koo clock. I'm sure the parts in your grandfather clock are much larger, but the basic design should be the same.

What I had to do was first remove the weight and whatever hook is attached directly to the chain. Then remove any loop or hardware on the opposite end of the same chain. Now, spread open the last link so you can attach it to the first link in the chain. This will make a continuous loop. You'll see why in a bit.

Now comes the tedious part. You'll have to reach inside the clock from the back side with a long piece of stiff wire. Small enough to get underneath the part of the chain that has slipped it's gear. Chances are this chain is wedged between two gears. You may need to bend a small hook at the end of the wire to help dislodge the chain. When the chain is free you can realign it on the appropriate gear. Now that the chain is in the right place, you can advance the chain in the proper direction to get it seated correctly. This is where the loop comes into play. Since the weight was wedged up at the top, you wouldn't be able to advance the chain. Since it's a loop, now you can. Keep pulling the chain in the right direction until you know it's spinning freely. Then you can unloop the chain, reattach the hooks and the weight and test it out.

Hope this helps.
Sep 18, 2014 • Home

Pre-attached chain with loop-hook

Most BBQ makers know that their ignition system will be the first thing to break so they give your a small match holder. The loop holds a short match so you can lower it down to light the burners manually, the chain just connects it to the grill so you don't lose it.

Friction ring assembly of remington model eleven

Examine the chain saw to verify that the chain is still attached to the sprocket. If any part of the chain is not on the sprocket the chainsaw will not cut correctly.

Check the tension of the chain. If the lower part of the chain drops away from the guide bar, you will need to increase the tension. Remove the shield on the side case and loosen the nuts on the guide bar with the wrench. Pull the guide bar to increase tension on the chain and then tighten the nuts.

Clean the chain if it appears dirty. A dirty chain will not cut as efficiently as a clean chain. Loosen the tension on the chain and then take the chain off of the guide bar. Soak the chain in a solvent, such as mineral spirits.

Examine the sprocket on the chain saw. If it appears worn, bent or out of pitch, a new sprocket will be needed.

Examine the chain to see if there are any damaged drive links. Replace the chain if too many of the drive links are damaged because the sprocket will not turn the chain.

Examine the guide bar to see if it appears crooked or is out of alignment. Remove the nuts from the guide bar by following Step 2. Take off the old guide bar and then install a new one.

Sharpen the chain if it looks shiny. The shine on the chain indicates that the steel that is underneath the chrome plating on the chain has worn away. Use a round metal file on the steel until there is a thin overhang of chrome over the cutting edge of the chain. This will restore the cutting edge

Read more: How to Troubleshoot a Chainsaw Chain '

hope it helps


I have just bought a new chain for my Black and Decker chain saw. However, it is inside out!

You can not roll a chain saw chain, you have to slide it. If it is in a loop, inside out, and you grab it at one point and gently move it to the opposite point on the loop, then past that point all the way out, I think that will do it.

Poulan Pro ppb 4218 type 2 chain saw ignition ground I cannot find the right place to attach the ground wire from the ignition module to the cylinder, carb, or to the safety stop switch. the other end...

This attaches to the red plastic rocker switch, there is a cut a way in the side of it, it just pushes into the plastic, not to anything metal, when the rocker is depressed it touches the metal earth strip, with the other connector on, and touches them together thus cuting the machine out.
May 07, 2011 • Garden


If there are no cross-over loops in the chain, it would have to be badly worn to turn completely inside-out. Pull the chain together so that it forms a long loop, then apply equal and opposite rotational force at each side of the center of the long loop while you draw the two sides apart. It should cause the chain to resume the normal teeth-outward shape. Suggest replacing the chain at your earliest convenience. Make sure that it is being oiled properly by running the saw and holding the bar tip in front of a piece of cardboard--it should leave a thin line of oil on the cardboard after a moment or two of running. Hope this helps!

Size of washer between stater and compensater

The way the question is worded causes me a bit of confusion. I you are wondering the size of the washer between the stator and the rotor, I'm not sure of the I.D. or O.D. but the thickness should be 0.090". On the later model Shovelheads and Evos, this washer is permanently welded to the inside of the rotor.

If you are talking about the washer between the rotor and the compensator sprocket, this washer is of variable thickness. It is used to align the primary chain. With the chain, cluch assembly, and compensator sprocket installed, measure the depth below the outer edge of the inner primary at the clutch assembly and the compensator. If the chain is over 0.030" plus or minus, this washer needs to be changed to where the chain is within 0.020" of being the same on both ends. The washers for the Evos come in 0.030" steps but I think you can use the Shovelhead washers that come in variable thicknesses as thin as 0.010" to align the primary chain front and back.

If this does not answer your question, please repost. Good Luck!

Poulan 14" gas leaks bar oil all over, plenty on bar/chain, using thin synthetic oil.

Use actual bar oil sold for that purpose. It's thicker and won't run out like water. Synthetic oil is very thin does not have the proper density.
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