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David Wong Posted on Apr 28, 2007

R button on PSP is jammed

My R button on my psp is jammed. I tried taking it apart, removed some dust, losen some screw, but it didn't help. What else can I do? Can you guys do something to fix it? Can I like send it to you guys, and you guys can take a look at it? Reply soon plz, Thanks Davesterrr

  • David Wong May 01, 2007

    yaaaaa i dont think that'll work...


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  • Posted on Apr 28, 2007
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Wellim 13 i might know alittle somthing about your problem,well put it back together and keep trying to press it contantly,thats all i know hope it will help.

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My little cousin dropped his psp in some water. We put in rice and everything, it works and all but theres just one really annoying problem. He got a new game, birth by sleep, and in the game play the...

If you are willing to void your warranty you can fix it easy. What you are going to have to do is to take apart the PSP by yourself. There are 4 screws on the back. 3 of them are visible, the last one is in the battery compartment under the sticker written on about voiding your warranty. You rip that sticker off and then you unscrew the last screw. The front of the PSP should come right off. From there you can clean, fix, replace and do what you need to do to the PSP. I hope this helps you.

It always goes to the network. the up and down button don't work.

You have to take the PSP apart and fix the buttons. To do this you WILL VOID your warranty if you have one. There are 4 screws in the back of the PSP. 3 are easily spotted, the last one is in the battery bay under the stick about your warranty being void if you remove this sticker. After all 4 screws are out, the front of the PSP should come off nice and easy, there you can clean and fix any buttons you are having problems with.

My psp buttons r getting jammed day by day for dust,so sometimes the buttons stop working......what to do to clean the underneath dust of my PSP???

If the buttons are sticking in, the easiest way to clean them is with a cotton ball or Q-tip and some isopropyl alcohol. Don't pour it directly onto the PSP, but be liberal with it; it dries quickly. Just dip the cotton ball or Q-tip into the alcohol and swab all over the buttons.

My analog move on it"s owne

This is usually the result of a loose screw on the back of the PSP behind the analog stick, or dust on the analog stick receiver itself. If it is an older PSP, you can try to open it up and clean the analog stick yourself (after tightening the two screws behind the analog stick, of course) but if your PSP is newer, I wouldn't recommend it, because any attempts to open the PSP will VOID YOUR WARRANTY (if you still have one).
Open PSP 1000: Open PSP 2000:

How to replace the headphone socket on a PSP.

The PSP has redefined handheld gaming. Inside this rather small device you can find a movie player, game system, music player, and even a JPG image viewer. In addition to this, the PSP also supports a cut-down version of web browsing, and I suspect more will come in the following months. However, if you are like me you might want to know what is on the inside! For example, can you make the PSP screen bend up so you can lay it on your desk and still view movies? Or what about an external Wi-fi antenna to get that extra signal strength? Questions like these can only be answered by opening up the cover of the PSP and poking around on the inside.
Now, please note that this can result in many bad things. One small slip and your PSP will be a $200 paper weight. And if you are thinking, "well I'll just take it back," think again. There is really no easy way to get inside without voiding the warranty. In other words, this is a one way trip...there is no turning back. If your PSP suddenly develops problems in a couple weeks, you can forget about getting help from Sony!
The following is a step-by-step guide on how to take your PSP apart. I documented the entire process and was able to remove all the major components, from top to bottom. With this little guide in hand, you too should be able to disassemble and reassemble the PSP in about one hour. In all honesty, once you know how to get around some tricky parts, the rest is easy. Again, we offer no guarantee that your PSP will not be fragged by attempting this.
The GearBefore attempting to take apart any electronic device, make sure you have the right gear and location. You don't want to lose screws or other parts to kids, dogs, or a sudden blast of air. For the PSP you really only need one small flat head screwdriver that you can use for prying, and a Philips head screwdriver to remove the screws. A pen/paper might also be useful for remembering where the screws go. If you are a professional, then you might want to ground yourself using a static strap to prevent any sudden static discharges from killing your PSP.

Removing the coverThe first step to taking apart any device is to locate the screws keeping the outer shell on the device. In the case of the PSP, you will have to remove three screws. The first two are easy to find and are on the back right side of the PSP near the Duo stick slot (black). The third screw is on the bottom side of the PSP right in the center of the system. The final two screws are actually hidden away in the battery cavity.
You will be able to see one black screw and one silver screw once the battery is removed. You can remove both of them, but it is the black screw that is responsible for keeping the case together. The silver screw is there to keep the LCD holder in place.
The final screw is actually under the PSP Void warranty sticker that is at the lower side of the battery cavity. Don't touch that warranty sticker unless you are sure you want to go inside. It is not easy to get one of these off without causing the sticker to show evidence of tampering. With the sticker removed, you will once again see a black and silver screw. Remove the black one at this time, and keep in mind the silver screw for later. Once the black screw is removed, you should be able to lift the top of the PSP case off the device and view the internals.

The Main Circuit BoardNext I targeted the main circuit board from the PSP. This proved to be difficult. First I had to remove one screw previously hidden by the LCD tray. Then I had to remove the left side PSP controller, which was snuggly inserted between the circuit board and the case of the PSP. Removing this once again involved lifting a circuit strip connector, but by now you should be familiar with how this process works. Next I had to disconnect a circuit strip located near the bottom of the PSP that connects the UMD drive to the main board. Once this piece was disconnected, I slowly worked the circuit board up off the PSP. As I learned, the board was connected to the rest of the PSP via a male/female connector. This connector is located almost directly under the LCD connectors on the circuit board. As a result, you can leverage the circuit board up by using the upper left of the PSP to push the board out of the male/female plug. Figure shows you what the PSP should look like at this point. You can optionally remove the small connectors at the bottom of the PSP that connect up to the speakers. However, for my purposes, I left these connected and simply flipped the main board over once it was removed.
thfig05.jpgFigure: PSP with Circuit board off


Remove psp front cover

i dont know of any instructions to print out to tell you but i can tell it to you plainlly
if you have the 2000 version of the psp system there are 7 screw u need to remove
1 on the bottom
4 behind the battery
and 2 on the back right side you will see the holes for them there
after you get those screws out u carfully pull the front and back apart the front part is your cover it
be careful cause the buttons fall out

Psp Problem


You will need:

1 Fairly Small Screw Driver
Something Soft to protect your screen (Optional)
Something sticky to hold your small screws (Optional, but recommended)
Ability to remember where you removed screws from =D

1. Flip your PSP on the front side (screen side).
2. Unscrew the two screws on the outside opposite of the battery.
3. Open the battery panel, and unscrew the screws under the battery.
4. CAREFULLY, take off the faceplate and make sure your L/R buttons are properly secured and clear from dust/dirt.
5. Check the 'Home', 'Start', etc., buttons for anything that may "jam" them.
6. Reassemble your PSP by screwing the screws back into their proper areas.

AGAIN, this will VOID any warranty you have and I AM NOT responsible for any damages to your PSP!!!

Takin apart a psp

Start with the screw on the bottom. i have never done this but it should take the cover from the top to the bottom. Not sure tho. try it. btw my screw is x-heads just a heads up.

Psp "R" Button problem

Hi Erikthug22,

You will have to open up your PSP to get to the contacts of the R button.
  1. REmove the battery
  2. Remove 4 screws from battery compartment
  3. Remove 1 screw from front edge under the PSP logo.
  4. Remove 2 screws from back on opposite side of battery.
  5. Lift the faceplate from the edge above the LCD slightly.
  6. Lift the front faceplate edge under the Home/Start button.
  7. You need to be very protective of the little screw hole that is under the PSP logo of the Faceplate..
  8. Do not touch the LCD screen if you can help it. If you do use a lint free cloth and windex glas cleaner to remove fingerprints and lint. Same thing for faceplate window.
  9. REmove the R button
  10. lift the rubber pad/frame behind the R button straight up.
  11. Clean the back of the rubber piece with a Q-tip and Rubbing alcohol.
  12. Clean the contact pad that is behind the rubber pad/frame.
  13. Press the rubber/fram piece back into place carefully.
  14. Put your R button back on.
  15. Be sure your LCD sreen and inside of faceplate window are clean.
  16. Refit the faceplate.
  17. Reinstall screws.


Hi Stevenper,


Something has gotten the X button dirty even with not getting something spilled on it.  The PSP case needs to be opened and that is best left to someone with experience in the PSP.  I have torn apart and repaired about 10 PSP consoles in the last month.  I can repair your PSP for you for $28 including return shipping.  My Email is Repairtech@  I run the Playstation Clinic at

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