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Stinky towels We wash our towels, and they come out smelling fine. When we dry off with them they stink like mold or something. We have even changed towels, and the new ones did the same thing. We don't know what to do. Please tell me how to clean out the washer or something. Thank you for your prompt response.

Posted by Patrick Hape on

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  • harvick Apr 07, 2008

    Stinky towels, noisy machine, vibrates in to middle of room......

  • Anonymous Apr 12, 2008

    We have the exact same problem. We have used bleach, purchased new towels, cannot figure this out. Every once in awhile we get a whiff of the most fowl smell iimaginable in our wash room. Today we pulled a wash cloth from our shower that was so rank it almost made you sick.

    It has to be the neptune. We are purchasing a new machine tomorrow.

    We've been putting up with this for way too long.

  • Anonymous Jun 02, 2008

    Same problem. And my clothes have a mildewy smell.

  • happynot Oct 03, 2008

    I hate this machine!!!!! clothing smells like mildew and water doesn't drain from bottom of tub. This was a rip off!

  • 2616 Jan 02, 2009

    I wash the towels and use fabric softner ( downey) and dry them using a softner sheet ( bounce). The towels smell nice and are fluffy. You try off from the shower and they smell like mold. Never had this with my old washing machine. Just since I bought this new electrolux machine.

  • zoemenuise May 11, 2010

    I have never had this problem (I use a front loading machine by the way), so I am wondering whether people facing that problem are using fabric softener, as I sense it may be the cause of the problem. THe best softener is a quick sojourn in a tumble dryer. Towels and the likes come our very soft. No need for extra chemicals on your skin!

  • Anonymous Mar 16, 2014

    need to know how to get door open.

  • Anonymous Mar 16, 2014

    can't get door unlocked to get towels out



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I will continue to post this to everyone in hopes that enough people will add their voices to mine.

What is the mater with us that we are accepting this outrageous product flaw?

Let's put the blame exactly where it belongs and keep it there until manufacturers clean up their act!

What in the world are we thinking when we allow ourselves to be forced to jump through these ridiculous hoops just do do laundry!?

I am furious and it is over something as stupid as a washing machine! A WASHING MACHINE!!!!

The new government regulations for new water efficiency washing machines has my family’s clothing smelling like a stinking, rancid, moldy basement! This is absolutely absurd! I have been told to change laundry detergent, run hot bleach water through my washer and, get this; my washing machine is 1 year old and my clothes smell filthy!!! The mold and mildew from these nasty machines have wreaked havoc through skin rashes and allergies in my children!

I paid $1,000.000 for this da*ned washing machine and THIS is what is being sold to the public under the disguise of efficiency!!?? I have been on the phone about this problem. I have, over the past 3 months, with a technician on the phone, been instructed to do the following:

*Make sure I use high efficiency detergent THAT will fix my problem.
*Cleaned the lint trap (..that is stupidly behind a metal access plate that you have to use a screwdriver to remove screws to get to it EVERY TIME) and THAT will fix my problem.
*Cleaned the water hoses; THAT will fix my problem.
*Cleaned the gasket around the door. THAT will fix my problem
*Cleaned the tub with bleach water. THAT will fix my problem.
*REMOVED the hoses and cleaned the pump. THAT will fix my problem.
*Take the pump out entirely and clean all inlet, outlets and hoses. THAT will fix my problem.

NONE of this fixed my problem of filthy, wet, stinking, rancid clothing that has endangered my family's health! I even washed my children's clothing out by hand in the bathtub and put them in the washer just to rinse and spin and they STILL smelled horrific.

Finally, at the end of my rope, I returned to the appliance store from which I purchased this machine and they have told me that they cannot accept a return. They will not accept a return and I have to deal directly with GE. I HAVE dealt with GE up until the final straw when I they told me I needed a new pump, but so sorry, your warranty JUST expired 3 days ago!!!

Furthermore, my pump was fine. I did NOT need a new pump and have now been told that I cannot return the new, unused pump that cost me another $183.00. I have now been told that this is a problem with ALL front loading washing machines and I should do the following:

*First, run a full complete wash cycle on hottest setting containing Bleach – * Note: wash cycle takes 1 hour and 20 minutes
*Next, run a full wash cycle on hottest setting using high efficiency laundry detergent for another 1 hour and 20 minutes
*Next, run a full wash cycle on hottest setting using Cascade automatic dish washing detergent for an ADDITIONAL 1 hour and 20 minutes
*Next, using Bleach water, wipe down entire interior of washing machine
*Next, using clean white cloth, wipe entire interior of washing machine dry
*Next, leave door ajar to air out machine

*Finally, I have now been informed that I cannot use fabric softener in the machine even though there is a fabric softener dispenser right in the machine because the new front loading machines cannot handle fabric softener!!

Furthermore, I was told that this is new technology and since it is so new, no one really knew these kinds of problems were going to manifest themselves and I just need to try to work with these problems because it is not the manufacturers fault but the GOVERNMENT’S fault! Sorry.

Are you kidding me??

Now I have a $1000.00 piece of junk that the appliance companies are pawning off on unsuspecting consumers and hiding their horrible designs by blaming the government.

So, now this is what I want!

I want the legislature to force manufacturers to properly inform the public of these problems and those who did NOT inform consumers of these issues, COMPENSATE their customers for the $$$$$ it has cost us and the misery and frustration caused by THEIR neglect by NOT informing the consumers of these issues. I want this to be retroactive BACK to at least the year 2005. Furthermore, I want compensated for the cost of buying a top loading washing machine in an effort to keep our families away from the mold and mildew and filthy mess this has caused! Finally, I want manufacturers to own up to the fact that they disregarded the health and safety of consumers in their efforts to profit as much as possible while touting efficiency.

Now I have heard that they have a new 'product' they can sell to us to inhibit the stench of mold and mildew. This is absolutely unacceptable!

This is outrageous and we need to speak out about this and make sure our voices are heard!

Posted on Dec 12, 2007

  • lisa lee Aug 01, 2013





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I have had the same problem with stinky towels. : ( I put them in dry them take them out and they smell wonderful. The next morning. MILDEW smell. I am really confused as my unit is new and they come out fine and soon after are bad. I will say though I hang 90% of my clothes and they are fine. But I FOLD my towels. Maybe there is some correlation to that. I wash shirts and sweaters and robes made of the same towel thick material and when they hang they do fine. I have thought for quite some time that they towels are not FULLY dry before I fold them since they are soooo absorbant maybe they are holding on to the moisture longer. I would say that we DOUBLE dry the towels and see if that will help!!! Also, I was going to try a water filtration system on my water lines to the washer. I think this might help but I am not sure I will try and see. Good luck to you all.

Posted on Jun 08, 2008



I now give all my towel loads an extra rinse and max extract then you have to make sure your towels are VERY dry...the dryer balls work well for when it comes to HE not very efficiency...but over all I think the best solution is the most expensive a new machine lol...but the above solution does seem to help.

Posted on Aug 06, 2008


This used to happen to me with my front loader. I do miss it, tho. Here is what helped: First, never leave wet clothes in the machine--always take them out right away. Second, it helps if you regularly run a load of whites with hot water and bleach, at least once a week, more often in summer. Third, leave the door open whenever possible so it can air out. This makes a huge difference. Fourth, regularly clean the inside of the door gasket--it can get nasty in there. (If you have never looked in there, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise.)

That's what you do after the smell is gone. How did I get rid of the smell? I have a device that makes colloidal silver, and I ran a pint of it in the washer with the stinky towels, then dried them in the sun. Worked great on machine and towels. Colloidal silver is pricey in the health-food store, but cheaper than washer parts. If you cannot find colloidal silver, you might try hydrogen peroxide, or Nature's Miracle, something to kill the smell.

Never dry clothes that are the least bit stinky. Thy might seem okay after they are dried, but as soon as you dry with the towel or sweat in the shirt--ewww!

Posted on Aug 05, 2008


Wash your towels with HOT water for the wash and use an extra rinse

Posted on May 15, 2007


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Go to this link - it is he best way to clean out your machine; if it doesnt work first time, then second time is nearly always ok. (If you have trouble getting rid of the vinegar smell afterwards, just run an empty hot wash with a couple of teaspoons of baking soda.) If the vinegar doesnt help after trying it a couple of times, you will need to take the machine apart and clean each bit of the system - if you fancy doing it yourself then please ask again and we can probably talk you through it. The only other thing worth trying is to change detergents - some can react strangely with certain water supplies etc, and all behave differently. Hope this helps :)

Posted on Apr 15, 2007

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Where is the filter on the series 70 washer? my washer has a stinky smell and someone suggested it may be a filter that needs to be cleaned.

clean the door boot carefully with bleach if mold grows in the lower door drain holes it will mold and stink,you will see black spots on the boot,thats mold

Musty smell especially in towels

Once towels have had mold grow on them, it's unlikely you will ever get rid of that smell. You can usually tell a towel has had mold grow by discolorations on solid color towels. You probably need to start over with new towels, make sure they are washed and dried frequently and that they don't stay damp for long after showering. If you live in a humid climate, a towel warming rack will help with drying.

Washer stinks - smells like mold or mildew

You have to kill the mold. To do that mix one cup of clorox liquid bleach into one quart of water and wipe all aroung the rubber. Let it dry and do it again. That will solve your problem


detergent ??? yo are using a HE detergent correct??? foul odors can be attributed to over soaping in clothes this may be a real problem if not and even then you ll need to dramatically cut down on the amount of soap you use.. oneway to determine the "oversoaping " is to take a recently washed sock from the drawer and place it in a cup of water , with oyur fingers agitate the sock up and down in the cup and see of suds form if theres your problem.. this was posted no to question yor laundering techniques, or to be a smarta**, but oyou didnt mention you detergent so just wanted to rule this out.

Towels smell oily and moldy--really stink

Don't use fabric softener. I had the same problem and read somewhere to stop using the fabric softeners. I don't know why but after about two cycles (they smelled really bad) it worked! I always used fabric softeners with out a problem but one day I just started getting REALLY smelly towels. I always take my wet wash out as soon as the cycle ends and dry it completely so I was surprised when they smalled so bad. Give it a try.

Stinky towels

Unfortunately this problem can occur with all front loaders made by any manufacturer. The problem results from excessive soap and body oils that do not fully dissolve and/or rinse clean from inside the inner and out tubs. Front loaders are energy efficient and only use a little water so any build up between the tubs that gets higher than the water level is left behind. It is also natural that some moisture collects between the folds of the door gasket and, if not wiped out, will mildew over time.

Not to worry, a few changes in use (as compared to top load washers) can easily eliminate your current problem and keep it from returning.

First of all, make sure to ONLY use HE (high efficiency) detergent and make sure to use no more than 2-3 tablespoons per load (because too much detergent will cause oversudsing, not break down efficiently and build up between the inner and outer tubs).

To eliminate the problem you now have I highly recommend a product called Whirlout (available at Home Depot in the hot tubs section). Just one capful in an empty load with the hottest water cylce will break down the current build up and take care of any odors (a 2nd cycle if the problem is really bad).

To avoid any problems in the future, use the correct amount and type of HE detergent, wipe the door gasket dry when done with the laundry (for the day, week or however you do your laundry) and run an empty cycle once a month with a capful of Whirlout. If your machine is in a high humidity location (i.e. a basement), then leave the washer door cracked open when not in use.

Hope this helps, please rate my answer.

Clothes smell.

Mold, mildew and other fun things use washers as a breeding ground. Clean your machine with a generous amount of white vinegar run through a cycle. Or there is a product called Affresh you can buy at Lowes or Home Depot.

Whirlpool Duet Sport? Front Load Washer WFW8300SW

hate my duet sport also! You cant presoak in this machine, very little water to wash with, very noisy, and everything stinks when it comes out of washer. Mine also smelled like mold but i figured out if you pull out the little tray that holds the detergent it is filled with stinky black mold. would never buy again

Stinky Washer

We had the same problem with our front loader. (after only a year) We ran a load on "sanitary" setting with bleach. After that we leave the door open after EVERY load. That has fixed our problem
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