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Bobby tan Posted on Mar 01, 2017

Fuzzy image when capturing from analog camcorder as well as cable TV!

I have a ASUS TV FM capture card. On the install CD it says "TV FM Card" so im not 100% sure its the 7135 model, but i do have a small grey remote that came with it. The card im sure is well installed since someone with a big knowledge of PC hardware took care of that. The problem is, whenever i connect my camera by the RCA (composite) cables and open Power Director or Home Theater to capture the image is very odd. Everytime there is movement, which in a video is always, the image becomes fuzzy, a type of interlaced but really dramatic, making green lines horizontaly. Now i have tried the camera on my TV and it displays fine so that's not the cause. Cable works also fine on TV but when displaying trough the capture card i get the same weird fuzzy result. The capture card has worked like this from day 1. My father, whom the card belonged to previously didn't have this issue, not to mention he had used it on the same computer with success. Im running Windows XP on a AMD Athlon XP 2400+ with 2GHz and 768MB of RAM. The computer is clean and has no viruses so i aslo doubt that's the issue. I do a fair amount of video editing on the system and its perfectly up to the task, so power is also not an issue. I have tried the drivers listed on ASUS website but still the same problem remains. Could someone please help me figure out a solution on this issue? Thank you for your time!

  • Bobby tan
    Bobby tan Apr 07, 2007

    Hello??? Whats wrong with this system? It says live help and not once has someone responded on there, it just keeps saying "contacting technician" forever...great site

  • CaptDI Feb 25, 2008

    Can't get sound when watching tv or radio(have win xp)


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  • Posted on Feb 25, 2008

SOURCE: the TV picture is flashing

The problem seems to be due to Cyberlink PowerDirector. Most people suggests to remove it from the computer and use other capture programs. This, of course, does not explain the stuttering display of the TV channels on a Plug-and-Play LCD monitor.


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How do i connect FM to a SAA7130 T.V card

The SAA7130HL card does NOT support FM radio. I own this same card. You would have to get either model SAA7133HL or SAA7135HL to receive FM radio. I don't know where you could purchase either one of these cards manufactured by Pinnacle.
I purchased the PCTV Systems model 800i HD Digital and Analog TV + FM radio card so I could capture digital TV signals and listen to FM radio, and I have installed both cards in my computer. Amazon has the 800i card for $63.78 for Win XP and Win 7 systems with a regular PCI slot:
Pinnacle PCTV HD PCI Card 23040
Amazon also has an Asus Digital TV/FM card for $18.99 for Win 7 and Win 8 with a spare PCI - Express slot:

Asus PCI Express Television Tuner MY CINEMA EHC3 150 NAQ FM AV RC
I hope this helps you.

Sony CCD-TRV438E Hi-8 Analog Camcorder i need driver to connect with my pc

You need to buy a TV card which comes with audio /video composite sockets. these are female RCA or phono sockets which are also found on your camera.TV cards come with their own software to be able to capture pictures from your Hi 8 Camcorder using the av cables like the ones you use from your DVD to your TV set. There are other cards which carry the av sockets and come with video capture software. These cards are usually PCI cards which are fitted into your PCI slot in your PC motherboard. One other software that comes with such a card is Pinnacle Studio. Its called the Pinnacle AV/DV pci capture card. The one I use is just a DC 10 which works with Studios version 8. Please try any of these cards for your video capture

I want Alfa Digital Pci Tv Tuner Card Driver plase healp me

you might find the driver you need here
Free Video Capture Factory is an excellent universal video tool designed to accommodate your capturing needs. You can capture video or image from other devices, DV and TV Tuner easily and browse or edit recorded media files, then the captured file can be saved as AVI format in minutes. Video Capture Factory is. Free download of Video Capture Factory, size 3.81 Mb.
hope this will help you

How to conver analog vedio to digital

you need following Equipment

  1. PC
  2. Analog Capture Card (you can find prices here)
  3. Sound card (some capture cards has their own audio input)
  4. Cables
  5. VHS Player/Camcorder
  6. Capture Software (Windows Movie Maker 2 can do this)
and perform these Steps

  1. Hook up your capture device to your computer
  2. Turn on your PC, install the drivers
  3. Hook up your analog player to your capture card with the cables
  4. Load your capture software
  5. Set the capture options (video and audio)
  6. Start the capture process
  7. Start the playback on your analog device
  8. Once the analog device has finished, press stop
  9. Stop the capture process
  10. Save the video

Remember, you capture card merely records the signals that comes from you analog device. If the footage is blurry and choppy, it's probably because of aged tapes or dirty video heads.

Good luck, do rate the solution if helped


How to download video from camcorder to disk

You got to check first if your camcorder has a digital video out (firewire / ieee 1394) or an analog video out (rca connector)
If it has a digital, your life will be a little easy. If its analog, you will need two important computer component namely a "video capture card" and " a "Software" that will record your video.
Assuming, your camcorder has a FIREWIRE output. Here are the steps for your setup.
1. Connect your firewire cable from your camcorder to your computer. There are different connectors for the firewire but the usual wire that comes with your camcorder are 1394-4p to 1394-6p. You can check the types on this site;
2. After connecting your camcorder to your computer, launch your software that will record you video, For MAC users typically its FinalCut Pro and for PC its ADOBE Premiere. But any software will work.
3. Power-on your camcorder and let your computer detect your camcorder. If your camcorder comes with a software installer, then you will need to put it in now.
4.Your video capture software will give you a preview of your video and will probably give you a setting you need to customize. frame size or resolution - 320x240 pixels (this is a low resolution setting) - 720x480 pixels (this is the standard for DV and popular TV formats)
Audio setting - 16bit 44.1khz
5. After setting your video resolution, you are ready to go. Watch out for DRIVE SPACE cause video eats up alot of space, and it all depends on your settings. The higher you go the bigger you file is.

If your camcorder doesn't come with a firewire output, then it will be a little technical for you.
1. You got to buy a good video capture card. There's a lot of brands out there ranging from consumer (cheap) to professional (expensive). Quality always comes with a price.
2. Install your video capture card into your computer and install the software that comes with it. Consumer brands are typically easy to install but if you encounter a few snag on your installation, go to the brand's technical site or forum so you'll get first hand info from actual users. Never give up. alot of times the sequencing of installing the drivers is the key to success.
3. after installing your video capture card, launch the software that comes with your capture card to grab your video. set your video resolution and you're ready to go.

Serial NO lost

the serial number for this product is on the bottom of the box that the card came in, also look on the card
15 digit # that starts with12970

Connecting analong camcorder to computer

The only Analog camcorder that has a USB Connection for transferring pictures or video is the SC-L770. The SC-L770 can transfer video (live or recorded) and still photos through the USB connection. You can also transfer audio using the audio cable provided. After installing the driver and software, you can begin transferring data using the software provided. Connecting to a PC 1. Connect a USB cable to the USB port on the PC. 2. Connect the other end of the USB cable into the proper terminal on the camcorder. (USB jack) 3. Connect the audio cable to the Line input jack of the PC. If the PC has no Line input jack, connect the audio cable to the MIC input jack. In this case, however, a noise may be produced depending on the PC. Notes: * If you disconnect the USB cable from the PC or the camcorder while transferring, the data transmission will stop and the data may be damaged. * If you connect the USB cable to a PC via a USB HUB or simultaneously connect the USB cable along with other USB devices, the camcorder may not work properly. * In this case, remove the other USB devices from the PC and reconnect the camcorder. Some other Analog Camcorders have a snapshot mode which allows you to take a still photo with your camcorder. However, you cannot transfer these to a computer unless you purchase additional hardware such as a capture card. Some capture cards have analog a/v inputs which will allow you to use the a/v outputs on the camcorder to connect to your pc and transfer images and video. You can purchase a capture card at most computer and electronics stores. Samsung does not support capture cards.

Transferring analog to DVD

I envisage two options for you: 1. Install a video capture card in your pc. Choose one that has ports that match your analog camcorder ports. Best option: Separate capturing using S-video + a separate audio connection. Common and simpler option: Campture "composite" video using one video + one audio jacks. You don't need a new camera to make DVDs from your analog tapes. 2. Buy a pass-through (must be this type, not all digital cameras have this function!) digital camera. Connection and flow: analog camera (or your analog VHS VCR)to digital camera (via RCA cables); digital camera to pc (preferably using Firewire)- all simultaneously. Here, the digital camera will perform the function of a capture card. You will certainly need a software to capture via capture card/pass-through digital camera to your pc hard disc. Your captured video on pc can be initially in AVI/ DV AVI(better options to edit) and then convert to MPEG2 (DVD) format, or directly in mpeg format (with poor editability). Frame size (capture resolutions) should be as big as possible. In any case you will need some basic knowledge on digital video, capturing, and editing. And all the nitty-gritty that you will need to know can be found somewhere like "Digital Video Primer" and "DVD Primer".
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