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elizabeth weisblatt Posted on Jun 06, 2017
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Buttonhole help! Hello, I'm a college student in Boston and my manual is somewhere at home in another state. I'm trying to make a buttonhole and am finding that trying to figure out on my own isn't working. If someone could type up, or take a picture of that part of the manual (large enough so I could read it) I'd be forever grateful. Any help at all would be a relief. I have to put buttonholes down a blouse front for class tomorrow morning and I'm about to rip my hair out. Thank you!

  • Anonymous Jul 13, 2008

    cannot workout how to work the button hole as i have no manuel

  • youthleeh Jul 13, 2008

    cannot understand how to work the button hole on my singer 514 as i have no manuel


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R.A. Ellis

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  • Posted on Jun 07, 2017
R.A. Ellis
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  • Posted on Aug 02, 2007

SOURCE: buttonhole

I'm afraid that you are unable to correct this glitch on your own. Any sewing machine service center/shop will around and look for the shop with the lowest 'minimum' charge. It is such a simple fix. However, although simple, the adjustment is so incrementally precise that without thorough understanding, your stich patterns could be rendered unuseable. I have no idea of the current value of your sewing machine, but if you deem the repair costs prohibitive, there is a workaround so you can complete your buttonhole. Complete your buttonhole setup as normal. I assume that you run tests first to adjust your stitch length/density of the buttonhole using the Step 1 setting. When you find the the length/density that you want, using an ink marker/crayon...whatever...being as precise as possible, mark a linear line from the edge of your length selector dial, continuing to the body of your machine. Now, select Buttonhole Setting #3, and increase the stitch length until you see the length/density that you want. Find a clear spot on your length dial and repeat the marking procedure. When you are ready to make a buttonhole, align the markings for Buttonhole Step 1 on your stitch length dial and proceed, complete your tack of step 2, stop, manually raise your needle out of the fabric using the balance (hand) wheel on the right, adjust your stitch length dial accordingly for Step 3, then on to your final tack #4. If it's only your buttonholer that is giving you trouble, take the extra 15 minutes or so, and use the workaround and mark your machine. It doesn't have to be ink, it can be pinstriping tape...whatever, and spend the money you saved on fabrics and notions instead.....good luck my friend.



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  • Posted on Apr 20, 2008

SOURCE: singer 7436 buttonhole problem


I have found that the problem lies with the button hole pull down. Either it is too far down, or too far up. The problem that I have with it now is that it will never sew the button holes consistantly. I will set it where the button hole needs to be, and it will then proceed to place it where it wants to. Any help on this problem?


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  • Posted on Oct 14, 2008

SOURCE: how do i make a buttonhole on this machine?

I do not have a buttonhole foot, but I can tell you how I do it with the zig zag foot on the Singer 132Q machine.

1. Mark the spacing and size for the buttonholes with chalk or marking paper. This consists of a straight line with a perpendicular line at the top and bottom that lets you know how big to make the hole. There is probably a pattern piece to let you know what the spacing should be, and you can get the size of the hole for the top and bottom line by laying the button you are going to use on top of the line you draw with the pattern.

2. Make sure the bobbin has plenty of thread.

3. Put the zig zag foot on the machine.

4. Set the stitch size to 1 or maybe a little less. You want a tight stitch to hold the hole together.

5. Start at the top of the buttonhole with the perpendicular line barely visible in the zig zag foot. Think of it as placing the "T" made by the mark in the "T" made by the opening in the zig zag foot.

6. Set the needle pattern to #1 of the buttonhole pattern (2nd from the top). Make sure it is toward the top of the number to insure you get a wide zig zag stitch. If you are getting a narrow stitch, you may have to fiddle with it, but it will work. Stitch 4-6 times making sure the stitch is wide, and end on the left side of the stitch.

7. Change the needle pattern to #2 of the buttonhole pattern and zig zag stitch down to the bottom mark. Do not pull the fabric or you will stretch the stitch. Make sure your last stitch is on the left hand side.

8. Change the needle pattern to #3 of the buttonhole pattern (same as #1), and zig zag stitch 4-6 times ending on the right side this time. Make sure the stitches are wide.

9. Change the needle pattern to #4 of the buttonhole pattern and straight stitch back to the top mark. Be prepared to hand roll the needle the last few stitches to make sure you do not pass the top stitches you have made.

10. Change the needle pattern to #5 of the buttonhole pattern and zig zag stitch back to the bottom mark. Hand roll the last few stitches and end on the left side.

11. Raise the foot and remove the fabric. You are now ready proceed to the next buttonhole or cut the buttonhole open with a small pair of scissors or a seam ripper. Make sure you do not cut any of your stitches.

Make sure you practice on some scrap fabric of the same thickness (2 layers of fabric plus pellon) to make sure you have the size right before you sew the buttonholes on the garment.



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  • Posted on Oct 16, 2008


Yes, If you have a zigzag function use that. First you must keep the zigzag function stationary then set it to about a one or two on the stitch dial. Try that!


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  • Posted on Mar 25, 2009

SOURCE: Buttonhole

I am looking foe a button hole part for futura machine.Can you help me. I didn't get one with my machine thank you


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Husqvarnaviking Jade 20 buttonhole Lever

If the buttonhole lever on your Husqvarna Viking Jade 20 sewing machine is not lowering enough to reach the buttonhole foot, it may be misaligned or not properly adjusted. Here are a few steps you can try to troubleshoot the issue:
  1. Check the Buttonhole Foot: Ensure that the buttonhole foot is properly installed and in the correct position. If the foot is not positioned correctly, it may interfere with the buttonhole lever.
  2. Check the Buttonhole Lever: Inspect the buttonhole lever for any damage or debris that may be causing it to get stuck or misaligned. Clean the lever and surrounding area with a soft, dry cloth.
  3. Adjust the Buttonhole Lever: You may need to adjust the position of the buttonhole lever to ensure that it aligns with the buttonhole foot. Refer to your sewing machine's manual for instructions on how to adjust the buttonhole lever.
  4. Contact a Professional: If you are still experiencing issues with the buttonhole lever, it may be best to contact a professional sewing machine repair technician who can diagnose and fix the issue.
It's possible that other users may have experienced a similar issue with the buttonhole lever on the Husqvarna Viking Jade 20 sewing machine. You may want to search online forums or communities dedicated to sewing and sewing machine repairs to see if there are any helpful tips or solutions.


Here are the steps to sew a buttonhole on the Janome New Home My Excel 18W/MW3018 sewing machine:
  1. Attach the buttonhole foot to the machine.
  2. Place the button in the back of the buttonhole foot and adjust the foot so that the button fits snugly.
  3. Select the buttonhole stitch on the machine. It may be a buttonhole symbol or a number corresponding to the buttonhole stitch.
  4. Set the stitch length to the desired length for the buttonhole. The machine may have preset lengths or you can adjust it manually.
  5. Place the fabric under the foot and lower the foot.
  6. Sew the first side of the buttonhole. Stop the machine when it reaches the end of the buttonhole.
  7. Sew the second side of the buttonhole, stopping at the end.
  8. Use a seam ripper or scissors to open the buttonhole carefully.
  9. Remove the fabric from the machine and trim any loose threads.
Make sure to practice on a scrap piece of fabric before sewing the buttonhole on your project.

I am trying to make a buttonhole for a 3/4" button, using a Pfaff Ambition 1.5. Using the buttonhole attachment the buttonhole comes out to be 3/4 " what am I doing wrong?

Hello, Suzanne -

The buttonhole opening needs to be 3/4". That means the actual button hole stitching needs to be 7/8" - 1/8" larger than the button..

Read the information here:

Best wishes.

Hi can’t make the button hole big enough using the special one step Pfaff foot . Won’t go bigger than 8mm

It could be that 8mm is the limit for the buttonhole foot. You can try making buttonholes manually with the sewing machine. Not really difficult. Just need to be careful marking the buttonhole and stitching. Recommend practicing on scrap fabric before trying it on the project.

How to Make Buttonhole on Your Sewing Machine Sew4Home (several methods)

Creating Buttonhole Using Sewing Machine

how to sew buttonhole without buttonhole foot Google Search


When I press the button to make a buttonhole and step on the power, all I get is a beep. How do I make a buttonhole in that one easy step?!

Is there a little arm you need to pull down behind the presser foot? And a buttonhole foot that needs to go onto the machine?

Do you have a manual for it to check out the buttonhole procedure? try this link for some instructions and images but always good to have the machines manual if you can get one.

Many of the machines with the one step buttonhole function have a white plastic slide type foot and the buttonhole lever that you pull down. You put a button into a clip at the back of the foot to "measure" the buttonhole length. Then start sewing, the machine will do a bartack, then start backwards, the pulldown lever will then connect with the foot when it gets to the right length, start the end bartack, then reverse back up the other side of the buttonhole and finish off when it comes back to the start of the foot.

The Singer will probably be some variation of this system, hope this helps.
Mar 09, 2011 • Singer 7422

I have temporarily misplaced the instruction manual to my White 979 sewing machine. I need to put this shirt in todays mail and I have forgotten the direction to make a buttonhole. I s there a place I...

Automatic BUTTONHOLE making with 979:
  1. Carefully mark the position of buttonhole on your garment.
  2. Slide the button carrier and insert the button.
  3. Attach the buttonhole foot.
  4. Place the garment under the foot so that the needle pierces the fabric at the beginning of buttonhole.
  5. Lower the buttonhole lever and the presser foot lever.
  6. Push the buttonhole lever away from you.
  7. Start machine to complete entire buttonhole.
  • While making buttonholes, maintain an even sewing speed for uniform buttonholes.
  • When buttonholes are completed, be sure to push up the buttonhole lever as gar as it can go.

Can't figure out automatic buttonhole use on MC4000

2 things must do:
You have to use the buttonhole foot.
You have to pull down the lever to the lowest position (just left of needle bar/ presser bar up in machine.)
Set to buttonhole. After each buttonhole, be sure to change off the buttonhole then reset to buttonhole to reset the buttonhole to the beginning


First be sure to follow the steps described in the manual for attaching the buttonholer.

Second, check that the buttonhole lever is pushed because it returns to it's unpushed state after a buttonhole is completed and therefore it will stitch in the same spot.

Also, try adjusting the stitch length. I've found that I can't make buttonholes while on the satin stich setting ( that little rectangle) but if I move it just a bit towards 1 it will manage to make the right stitches.

Buttonhole instructions needed for Singer 7422 Advance

These are the exact instructions from the Manual. 1. Select one of buttonhole patterns.
2. Replace the presser foot with the buttonhole foot. (Install presser foot with little red mark towards the front)
3. Insert the button into the buttonhole foot. (the part located in the back crescent shaped)
4. Lower the buttonhole lever (to the left of the needle) so that it drops down vertically between the stoppers A and B.
5. Carefully mark the position of buttonhole on your garment.
6. Place the fabric under the foot. Pull out the bobbin thread underneath the fabric to a length of about 4 inches to the rear.
7. Align the buttonhole mark on the fabric with the mark on the buttonhole foot, and then lower the buttonhole foot.
8. While holding the top thread, start the machine.
*Sewing will be completed automatically.
9. When sewing is finished, use a buttonhole opener to open up the frabric in the center of the buttonhole. Be careful not to cut anyt of the seam thread.
I hope this helps.
Mar 28, 2008 • Singer 7422
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