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Hello, I bought a PDA complete with GPS and Tomtom navigator 6. I use the "change home" icon and select my own address. It is really easy to do. I change my preferences and again it's really easy to do. I add a few 'favorite' and again it is so easy to do. When I do all this there is a black window at the top right that says the 'favorite' is saved or the new home is stored. The problem lies when I turn Tomtom off, all my changes are lost. I have quite a lot of memory left in 'memory', in 'programs' and on the storage card. How do I go to really save my preferences, my home, my favorites? Thanks JC

Posted by jeanclau on

  • jeanclau May 11, 2010

    So far no luck. My problem is not solved and I went to the guruexperts late yesterday but even they could not solve my problem. I am still wondering if Tomtom needs a directory to save my data. If it does, what is the name of this directory/file? Thanks everybody for your time in trying to solve my problem. Have a nice day JC



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SOURCE: lost favorites when trying to update

The favorites are stored with the map. When you update the map, you overwrite/delete the favorites. Here is the solution...

Posted on Dec 29, 2007



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SOURCE: No route found

I recently had the same problem for the first time after owning my GO510 for about a year. I was navigating to a place about 1 hr away in NJ. I setup destinations for my wife using google maps using lat/long. When I put it in the tomtom, it correctly identified the street. It started planning the route, finished processing and gave me the error message.

I tried:
entering Lat/Long
entering cross streets
picking a point using TomTom's map on the unit
reformatting my card
getting the latest software from TomTom Home
even using the GUI in TomTom home to plan route ( GUI is very slick )

Nothing helped the problem

I couldn't really get rid of stuff on the card to get more space because the included maps of US/Cananda take up most of the space. I was able to plan a trip to an address in MI over 10 hours away, so I don't think it was processing or memory that was the issue.

Work around.

I found a neat feature "Itenerary" which was on the TomTom home GUI but not on my TomTom??? maybe hidden by default. When I went to preferences on the unit I said show all options. Using the itenerary, I picked about 4 locations on route to where she needed to go. This was great because I determined what I thought was a better route anyway. I did this on the TomTom home interface and it was much easier than using the unit's touch screen. Personally I hate having written directions that don't match what Tomtom suggests. Each point was set as a "way point" and only the final location was a destination. I asked it to plan the route using the itenerary. It echoed back that the first stop would be my final destination. AND.... it was able to plan that route.

Of course. this doesn't help if you are in the middle of nowhere and need to just give a final destination, but with a little luck, you might be able to use the touchscreen and set a way point somewhere in the middle of where you are going and actually get to your final destation.

Good luck.

Posted on Oct 07, 2008


Starnley Johnwells

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SOURCE: How to delete a route from Favorite List?

How can I delete a Favorite? 1. Tap the screen to bring up the main menu. 2. Tap Change preferences to open the Preferences menu. 3. Tap Manage Favorites. 4. Tap the Favorite you want to delete. 5. Tap Delete

tip: tap the arrow to move to next page button
hope this helps .Thanks and Godbless

Posted on Dec 14, 2008


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SOURCE: favorites button greyed out on tomtom 910

when you update the maps favorites are erased the favorites will also remain greyed out untill you have marked atleat one address or location as favorite

Posted on Dec 28, 2008


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SOURCE: I want to delete previously entered 'favorites' from my One XL

You should be able to edit your favorites under the Add Favorites option. Here are the steps:

How can I delete a Favorite?
1. Tap the screen to bring up the main menu.
2. Tap Change preferences to open the Preferences menu.
3. Tap Manage Favorites.
4. Tap the Favorite you want to delete.
5. Tap Delete.
Tip: Tap the arrow to move to the next page button

Posted on Feb 02, 2009

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1 Answer

How do I change home address on my TomTom via 225?

On the GPS itself go to: Home location
Tap this button to set or change your Home location. You enter the address in the same way as you do when you plan a route.
Your Home location provides an easy way to plan a route to an important location.
For most people, your Home location will be your home address. How-ever, you might prefer to set the location to another regular destination,such as your workplace.
--kkkkkkkkkk Online you will need to setup an account, and log in to change your address or edit your profile..
MyTomTom account
To download content and to use TomTom services, you need a MyTomTom account.
You can create an account using your computer in one of the following ways:
? By selecting the Create account button at
? By selecting the green MyTomTom button at
? By going to
Important: Take care when choosing a country during account creation. The correct country is needed if you make a purchase from the TomTom shop and it cannot be changed after the ac-count has been created. Note: If you have more than one TomTom navigation device, you need a separate account for each device.
Setting up MyDrive
To get ready to use MyDrive for the first time, do the following:
1. On your computer, open a web browser and go to
2. Click Get Started.
3. Click Download MyDrive Connect.
Follow the instructions on the screen.
4. When prompted, connect your device to your computer using the USB cable supplied with your device, then switch your device on.
Note: Use ONLY the USB cable supplied with your device. Other USB cables may not work.
Note: You should plug the USB cable directly into a USB port on your computer and not into a USB hub or USB port on a keyboard or monitor.
5. Enter the requested information for account creation, including your country.
When set-up is complete, a MyTomTom account is created and your navigation device is linked to that account.
You can now access MyDrive Connect from the notification area on your desktop.
MyDrive starts automatically after the account is created. Note: Next

Online you will need to setup

Dec 30, 2014 | Tomtom GPS

1 Answer

How do I change my home address? It is entered incorrectly, so when I navigate to "Home" it takes me to an incorrect address in a neighboring section of town. How do I fix it?

Switch on the GPS at your home location. Verify that the location shown on the map correspond to your Home location. Once this is settled, tap on the screen. Tap on :change preferences. Tap on :arrow (on Preferences 1 of 6 page). Tap on: change home location (on Preferences 2 of 6 page). Tap on: arrow. Tap on: My location. You should see Home location changed info on the main screen.

Apr 12, 2010 | Tomtom ONE GPS Receiver

1 Answer

I bought this at a pawn shop and had no book. how can i change the home address set in it and where can i get a book took it so i know how to work it?

You can downoald the user's manual from here:
To change the home address, tap on the screen to get the menu. then tap on the "preferences" icon. tap on the blue arrow until you see the icon labeled "Change Home Location". Then you can choose to enter and address for your home location, or one of your favorites or a recent destination, or a Poin Of Interest, etc..

Mar 20, 2010 | Tomtom GO 700 GPS Receiver

1 Answer

I hit the Spanish button as the language choice by mistake when I was setting up my Tom Tom and really need it to be in English. How do I switch the language? Chris, PA

Do you want to change the language of the VOICE or the WORDS IN THE SCREEN? These two are independent from each other and need to be set up by separate.

1) To change the VOICE, you need to download an ENGLISH VOICE.
a) Start TomTom2_bing.gif Home on your computer.
b) Plug in2_bing.gif the TomTom dock to a USB port on your computer and plug in your TomTom GPS2_bing.gif on the dock
c) Turn on the GPS and when asked "connect to computer" answer "yes" (you may not be asked if you want to connect; TomTom2_bing.gif Home amy detect your GPS and connect to it automatically). If your GPS is not connecting to TomTom Home, turn the GPS off, turn it upside down and press the "reset" button for 7 seconds, place the GPS back on the dock and turn it on. It should automatically connect to TomTom Home now.
d) On the TomTom Home software, click on the icon labeled "Add Traffic, Voice, cameras..."
e) Click on the icon labeled "voices"
f) Click on the icon labeled "computer voices"
g) Click on any of the voices that says "English" on the second ("language") column; download and install the voice
h) Go to the TomTom Home top menu and under "DEVICE" choose "DISCONNECT DEVICE". Wait a few seconds until the GPS communication with the computer is broken and the GPS restarts. You don't need the computer anymore for now
i) On your TomTOm GPS, tap on the middle of the screen to bring the menu.
m) Select any of the voices that are in English (such as "SUSAN, English US, Computer"). After this, you can TEST the voice. Check that you can hear the voice, otherwise, you'll need to adjust the volume. We'll do this later. Touch "SELECT" to select the voice. Press "DONE" on the next 3 screens until you're back to the GPS navigation screen
n) To change the volume, tap on the LOWER LEFT rectangle. You'll get a VOLUME SLIDE. Slide it to the RIGHT to increase the volume and to the LEFT to lower it. I keep mine around 85% volume. YOU ARE DONE SETTING UP A NEW VOICE

2) To change the LANGUAGE of the WRITTEN DIRECTIONS on the screen:
a) On your TomTom GPS screen, tap on the middle of the screen to bring the MAIN MENU on
b) Tap on the PREFERENCES icon
c) Tap on the RIGHT ARROW 7 times or until you see an icon labeled "CHANGE LANGUAGE".
d) Using the UO and DOWN arrows on the GPS screen, scroll up or down untill you see the langauges you're looking for. You'll get a screen with several languages available, including "English UK" and "English US"
d) Touch on the screen you want. The screen will automatically go back to the previous menu screen that shows the "CHANGE LANGUAGE" icon. Touch the "DONE" button.


If this didn't work, please report back so that I can provide further assistance

Mar 19, 2010 | Tomtom XL 330S GPS Receiver

1 Answer

How do i change the langiage of my Tom Tom 720 Go ? i have tried resetting it but does not reset the language. Also how do i set my Home address please?

To change language:
See my other post on this subject: the steps are also applicable for your device.

Basically: 'Change preference' (look for Spanner image Icon) -> Scroll right Arrow until 'Change language' (look for Flags image Icon) -> Select English -> Select an English Voice
To set Home address:
''Change preferences' -> scroll right to get 'Change Home Location' -> use 'Adress' to enter new address or 'Recent destination' to select a recently entered 'navigate to' address. Hope it helps. Let me know how you go and good luck.

Jan 09, 2010 | Tomtom GO 720 GPS Receiver

1 Answer

I programed the home address in my tom tom but it was wrong. how do i delete it

Quite simple:
Instead of using 'Navigate to' option, use the 'Change preferences' then select 'Change Home Location' and re-enter the correct address via 'Address' or 'Recent destination'.

Hope it helps!

Dec 26, 2009 | Tomtom ONE XL GPS

1 Answer

How do I delete addresses from my Tomtom?

There are two ways

One is from the TOMTOM itself

Touch the map display once.
Select the spanner / wrench icon
Press the right arrow until you see MANAGE FAVOURITES.
Select the one you wish to delete and the display will change.
At the bottom of the screen will be a DELETE button use that.
It will ask for confirmation click YES.
Click DONE when you have finished.

Two is via TOMTOM home
Start TTH
Connect your GPS
Start the GPS
TTH will probably offer you updates (let it do its thing)
When the update is done use the right arrow on your PC display and select OPERATE My TOMTOM

Now use the same method as you did above.

To delete ALL recent destinations

Touch the map once
Now select DELETE
It will ask for confirmation select YES
they will all be deleted and the flag will grey out .
Touch BACK
Touch DONE.

Sep 07, 2009 | Tomtom ONE GPS Receiver

1 Answer

We have a problem putting in names and addresses.

All tomtoms are more or less the same. You tap the screen to make selections.
Switch on , let it boot up / Tap the screen / Then tap " Navigate to" / then tap "address" / Then tap either "City centre" or " Street and House Number , or Postcode " ( you select one of these by tapping screen ) . Lets say you just tapped "Postcode" . A keypad will appear on the screen for you to enter a postcode. NOW, enter the postcode ... as you enter the postcode , streetnames will appear and you can either continue to enter the postcode OR you can choose one of the street names that appear. Once you have done this , the tomtom will ask you to select a "house number" . if you don't know the number then just 'try' selecting number 1 . Once you have done this , select "Done" and the tomtom will switch for that screen to the "route calculation screen" . if you now tap the screen once more your tomtom will start giving you direction both visual and audible , to your destination . ( you must begin to move before it will start ) . ....................... Once you have completed the journey , you can now cancel the navigation by once again tapping the screen , then use the "right arrow icon" to move through the menue screens. When you see an icon with a RED CROSS through it , and underneath it says " clear route" , select that by tapping and the route / navigation will be cleared. ... Good luck , hope this helps.

Nov 27, 2008 | Tomtom One XL GPS Receiver

2 Answers

Hi, i bought a tomtom 1 3rd adition from a friend. I didnt have the instruction or box just the actual tomtom and car charger. Every time i press home their address still comes up how do i change this....

On TomTom Go at least: Change preferences/change Home location/ Then select from several options. If you are at your home location then fastest is to select "my location", next easiest is to select "Address", then "Street and number"


Nov 26, 2008 | Tomtom ONE 3RD EDITION GPS Receiver

2 Answers

Hp ipaq6515

contact TomTom, they have been able to help me out by choosing the right settings. Good luck. And don't forget your charge, 'cause TomTom will eat your battery quickly.

Jun 10, 2007 | HP iPAQ hw6515 Pocket PC

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