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Dropped grease filter

Hello, i removed the two side by side grease filters to clean and when i tried to replace them one of them dropped down the opening into the area below. i tried to retrieve it but area is very narrow and deep. i can't see it at all or feel it when i stuck a stick in there to see how far down it is. when i opened cabinet below to try and retrieve from underneath, it is all enclosed in metal casing and there's no obvious opening or access panel. i left the telescoping downdraft in the up position because i'm concerned that if i try to close it the fallen filter will get in way or keep it from closing because of where it has fallen. i've never used one of these telescoping types before, it came with house we bought recently, and there is no owners manual. i called ge help line and they were no help and wanted to send a service call and also checked out online manual and it didn't say anything about this problem, at least as far as i could see. i hope you can help. can it be retrieved, either from above or below? did it fall into an area that will not affect closing of the telescoping section. is it just gone and i need to replace the lost filter? thanks for your help.

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We can supply many kinds of aluminum cooker hood filters,grease filters,,hardware parts,wire shelf,wire and wire mesh.
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Posted on Dec 04, 2007


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If you go to the fuel pump in the front left side of the block you will see it screwed into the fitting on the pump with the other side the fuel line inlet from the tank spray the line in fitting with liquid wrench 2 or 3 times to make sure it is clean and lightly wire brush away corrosion and dirt to make sure that only the fitting turns and not the whole line when using wrenches one on the end of the filter fitting the other on the fuel line depending on how long that filter has been there you may have to saturate it a good amount and let it soak for an hour or more once you are able to loosen the fitting only turning not the line twisting remove it then remove the filter use grease or antiseize lubricant on the new filter threads and tighten the filter housing into the pump if there is rtv sealant already on the threads you can put extra rtv to make sure it seals tight with no leaks without grease now go to the line fitting with some steel wool lightly rub away any dirt and corrosion you see and inspect the line for stability and conformity if it looks rusty it must be changed if not after cleaning put rtv silicone on the threads of the fitting and put grease on the line side of the fitting then slide it forward and install it into the fuel pump after tightening try to get as much grease around the line and push it into the fitting this will keep it from rusting and twisting on the next change of the filter that's it good luck stephen

Can i re-route the intake air cleaner from under the seat to the side of the bike? Can i njust mount an air filter to where the intake air goes

Intro: How to Change the Air Filter on a Dirt BikeThe air filter is one of the most important components on an off-highway motorcycle. The filter captures dirt and debris and keeps it from getting sucked into the motor during operation. This can be problematic for two reasons. First, dirt and debris causes excessive wear on the internal moving components of the motor, such as, the pistons and rings. Second, a clogged filter allows less air into the motor, which will result in sluggish performance. This maintenance task is very simple. With the aid of these instructions, even a beginner can do it. The entire process takes between five and fifteen minutes.
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Step 1: Materials Required •Dirt Bike Owner's Manual
•10mm socket and ratchet or 10mm combination wrench
•Clean rag
•Silicone Grease
•New Air filter
•Dish Soap
•Air filter oil (if needed)
Add TipAsk QuestionCommentDownload Step 2: Remove the Seat
1) First, locate the airbox on your dirt bike. On most dirtbikes, the airbox is located under the seat.

2) Loosen and remove the two bolts that hold the seat in place using a 10mm socket or combination wrench.

3) Lift the seat off the bike. Add TipAsk QuestionCommentDownload
Step 3: Remove the Old Air Filter

1) Remove the wingnut which holds the air filter in place.

2) Remove the air filter.

3) Separate the filter from the plastic support cage.

Caution: Be careful not to damage the cage. Doing so will result in an improper seal and can cause engine damage.
Add TipAsk QuestionCommentDownload Step 4: Clean the Airbox

1) Wipe out the airbox using the clean rag.

2) Allow the airbox to dry.
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1) If necessary, apply air filter oil to the new filter.

Note: I use No-Toil air filters which come pre-oiled. Not all air filters come pre-oiled.

2) Apply grease to the part of the filter that touches the airbox.

3) Fit the new filter over the plastic support cage.

Caution: Be careful not to rip the new air filter while fitting it over the cage. Doing so can result in engine damage.

4) Apply a thin layer of waterproof grease to the base of the filter.

4) Insert the new air filter into the housing.

5) Tighten the wingnut to hold the new air filter in place.

6) Replace the seat.
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If the old filter is still serviceable, you can clean it and reuse it. It is not always necessary to replace your filter when it becomes dirty.

1) Apply the dish soap to the old filter.

2) Wet the filter.

3) Knead the filter in your hands, working up a good lather.

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5) Allow the filter to dry.

6) Apply air filter oil to the clean filter.
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Scotsman ice machine modelcme506as-32f

Refer to these bin sensor care and cleaning instructions and see if this helps. Pleazer Appliance...

CME256, 506, 656, 806: AutoIQ Cubers

Additional Maintenance: Bin Controls, Condenser
The bin controls use a system of infrared emitting
and receiving components to sense the build up of
ice in the bin. They are located at the bottom of the
ice outlet port. They must be free of mineral build
up to function properly. To check:
A. Remove front panel.
B. Push and release the off button.
C. Remove top and right side panels.
D. Remove the evaporator cover (on models with
E. Remove the cube deflector.
F. Pull up to remove the cascading shield (on
models with one)
G. Push into the freezing compartment the electric
eye brackets.
H. Examine the bottom of the brackets, there are
two sensors in each bracket, check that they are
clear of mineral build up. They may be wiped clean
with ice machine cleaner to assist in removal of
the build up. Be sure to drain the reservoir or go
thru a Clean cycle to remove residual cleaner.
Note: Do NOT use abrasive materials or cleaner
on the bin sensor lenses. A soft toothbrush is an
effective tool for cleaning these sensors.
Air Filter Replacement
See Page 30 for an illustration of Air Filter
To Clean the Air Cooled Condenser
I. Remove the front panel.
J. Push and release the Off button.
K. Remove the top panel.
L. Remove the right and left side panels.
M. Clean or replace the air filters.
N. Check the fan blade and condenser for grease
or dust build up.
Because air flow is from the inside of the cabinet
out, the inside of the condenser fins will have the
most build up.
A. Place the inlet hose of a vacuum cleaner in the
condenser shroud.
B. While the vacuum cleaner is on, blow
compressed air from the back of the condenser
thru the fins.
C. If grease is present, use coil cleaner on the
condenser. Be sure to wipe up any excess coil
7. Replace the top, left and right side panels.
8. Push and release the Freeze button.
9. Replace the front panel.

How to set it to high, med or low

Grease filters can be cleaned, according to your manual.

If you've misplaced yours, it's online here.

Charcoal filters cannot be cleaned and must be repaired.

From the manual:

Reusable Grease Filters
The reusable grease filters should be cleaned at
least once a month. Never operate the
microwave without the filters in place. In
situations where flaming might occur on
surfaces below the hood, filters will stop the
entry of flames into the unit.

To Remove Grease Filter
To remove grease filter, grasp the “finger hold”
on the filter and slide to the rear. Then pull filter
downward and to the front. The filter will drop

To clean Grease Filter
To clean grease filters, soak and then agitate
filter in solution of hot water and detergent. Do
not use ammonia or ammonia products because
they will darken the metal. Light brushing can
be used to remove embedded dirt. Rinse, shake
and remove moisture before replacing.

To Replace Grease Filter
To replace grease filter, slide the filter in the
frame slot on the back of the opening. Pull filter
upward and to the front to lock into place.

We're happy to help you with free advice and we'd appreciate your thoughtful rating of our answer.

Light won't go on; Model MMV1153WB-O

You can download owner's manuals and installation instructions for several brands (including Amana, Frigidaire, Jenn-Air, Kitchenaid, Litton, Maytag, Roper, Tappan, Thermador and Whirlpool) here.

Enter it as MMV1153WB0 (no dash, zero on the end, not "oh")

Or just get it here, to be more exact.
On page 4, it says:

"Installing/Replacing Filters and Light Bulbs
■ Grease filter: Grease filter is on the underside of microwave
oven. Clean monthly. Slide the filter away from the tab area,
and drop out the filter. To reinstall, place end of the filter into
the opening opposite the tab area, swing up the other end,
and slide it toward the tab area.
■ Charcoal filter: The charcoal filter is behind the vent grille at the
top front of the microwave oven. The charcoal filter cannot be
cleaned, and should be replaced about every 6 months.
Remove 2 screws on the vent grille, tilt the grille forward, lift it
out, and remove filter. To reinstall, place the filter into its slotted
area – wire mesh side up, replace vent grille, and secure with
■ Cooktop light(s): The cooktop light bulb(s) is(are) located on
the underside of the microwave oven, and is(are) replaceable.
Remove bulb cover screw, and open the bulb cover. Replace
bulb, close bulb cover, and secure with screw.
■ Cavity light: The cavity light bulb is located behind the vent
grille at the top front of the microwave oven, under the bulb
cover, and is replaceable. Remove 2 screws on the vent grille,
tilt the grille forward, and lift it out. Open bulb cover and
replace bulb. Close bulb cover, replace vent grille, and secure
with screws."

HINT: Unplug the oven before removing or installing the bulbs, or you may need this service.

You can find links to helpful exploded view diagrams and part ordering help here.

I recommend that you bookmark that link to your favorites. Hope this covers it.

William E. Miller
[email protected]

We're happy to help you with free advice and we'd appreciate your thoughtful rating of our answer.

Does this D.E. filter have to be cleaned 2x a year?

You need to break down and clean this filter one time each year but twice wont hurt at all.
First get a five gallon bucket for garbage. Then mark the shell of the filter and the band clamp so you can line them up later. Use a magic marker for this.
Now undo the clamp on the tank and remove. then open the air bleed to drain the tank. If you can't remove the top turn the pump on for a second or two to pop the top.
Remove build up of DE on the top of the grid assembly and discard. You will find two bolts comeing up through the plastic manifold. Remove these and clean. Now grip the manifold and with a rocking motion back and forth gently pull up. When this comes free clean and set aside. Gently seperate the grids and remove DE packed between them and discard. Remove grids and lower rack and hose off.
With the valve in BW position hose down the inside the tank. Inspect the "O" rings and replace as nessary.
Now take the manifold and turn up side down on the bucket. Take the grids and insert into the holes in the manifold being sure the small grid is in line with the space for the stand pipe. Now replace the lower rack and gently work into place. DO NOT FORCE THIS.
Tip to one side while holding together and start nuts on through bolts. Rite up the assembly and tighten these nuts.
Grease the stand pipe "O" ring and set the assembly back in place.
Replace the top and clamp lineing up the marks you made when starting. Evenly tighten the clamp.
Reset BW valve to filter and recharge.
You may want to hire someone to do this the first time and watch them before trying to do it yourself. Good luck.

How do I get the filters out to clean them. I have a 1650 model

I have included a link to take you to GE and your user manual which can be viewed or printed.
To remove the grease filter:
To remove,
slide it to the
side using the tab. Pull it
down and out.
To clean the grease filter,
soak it and then swish it
around in hot water and
detergent. Don’t use
ammonia or ammonia
products because it will
darken the metal. Light
brushing can be used to
remove embedded dirt.
Rinse, shake and let it dry
before replacing.
To replace, slide the filter
in the frame slot on the
left side of the opening.
Pull up and to the right
to lock into place.
To remove the charcoal
filter, disconnect power at
the main fuse or circuit
breaker panel or pull
the plug.
To change the charcoal filter:
Remove the top grille by
removing the 2 screws that
hold it in place. Slide the
filter towards the front of
the oven and remove it.

Grease leaking from front end

Check the axle boot. When they rip or crack they will sling grease around.

Cannot remove water filter from LG 26 cu ft side-by-side in the d

Here's the only thing that worked for me in getting the water filter out of my LG refrigerator after trying for three weeks, pulling hard by hand, using high-grip gloves, and trying an oil filter wrench. You have to break or lessen the suction created by the water in the filter. Do this by first turning the filter to the Removal position (in my case, a quarter-turn to the left). Then grip the filter tight and rock it back and forth slowly as far toward the back and front of the refrigerator as possible, while keeping a bit of downward pressure on the filter. This lets the two O-Rings "walk" their way down the insert tube. After only a few pushes and pulls - voila! -- it lets go and will drop right out.
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