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doug coon Posted on Feb 27, 2007
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Service error shutdown

After cleaning and running a nozzle check I still had a clog so I cleaned it again, up popped an error message, the paper jam and the ink buttons both are flashing and the green power light goes out. ( the error message says parts inside your printer are at the end of their service life call epson).I tried the suggestion for the cx6600 but I have noticed that the buttons on the r1800 are not the same and it has not worked for me. Is there anything I can do to fix this? thanks Doug

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  • Anonymous Nov 13, 2007

    unknown error

  • Anonymous Jan 10, 2008

    sevice required see manal

  • Anonymous Jun 17, 2008

    Changed black ink - wouldn't print in black - then service error prompt popped up ink and paper lights kept flashing while on button switched off. Help!!!

  • Anonymous Mar 27, 2009

    Website does not exist...


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  • Posted on Mar 11, 2007
Inky Fingers
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Hi Minolta man. This is a very common message on ALL Epson ink jets. The printer has a "protection" counter inside which monitors the amount of ink pumped into the waste pads in the base of the machine. After a while the counter will hit it's pre-determined limit and light up like a christmas tree and stop you from printing any more. MANY repair centres will tell you (and I believe even Epson have said) this error is not worth fixing. Well it is and it's SOOOOooooooo easy. What you need is a piece of software to reset the counter, some instruction on how to dismantle the printer to get to the waste pads, and more instructions on how to clean the pads. You can get a rescue kit that offers all this from If you don't see thje one you need listed for your model, drop them an email and they will create one for you. The file is delivered by instant download too, so you can crack right on with the job.

  • Inky Fingers
    Inky Fingers Mar 21, 2007

    I'm sorry that you found the solution to this problem unhelpfull, despite the fact that the info offered is acurate and the solution will fix your machine.


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Wont print photos - paper comes out blank or message saying no paper (when there is) or paper gets jammed.

Its very difficult to answer a question with limited details
1. WONT print photos ( is this an Ink issue Have you checked ink levels and have you gone through the ink cleaning methods ie cleaning clogged heads, Nozzle checks 90% of the time the reason why printer is not printing correctly is because the nozzle or heads are blocked, And sometimes it can be the ink cartridge itself that is faulty.
Again with the paper issue it does not take much for a paper Jam alert to pop up disconnect turn printer round use big light and double check there is no snags of paper trapped in there if you have a compressor which is ideal for blowing out paper dust and snags
Again with limited details it hard to advise but I hope this helps

Stylus dx8450

well it sounds like clogged heads, or Nozzle or an elignment problem
Before anything just run a few runs at head cleaning on nozzle and on head checks first and then run a test print to see if all colours are printing out on test paper first.
I would not like to take through the process of stripping the printer gear assembly down just so the heads can be cleaned but sometimes it can be simply that the cheap cartridges are clogged and will need replacing,
There are built in cleaning methods within most printers one will be a nozzle check and the other is head cleaning under the maintenance section in the properties of the printer,
Sometimes I have had to use up some cartridges just to blast out the dried ink
This is costly but sometimes this has to be done.
another method is as a last resort method please let me reiterate LAST RESORT is injecting or tipping in a few drips of methylated spirits 500ml bottle usually purple a little into the cartidges through the bottom hole which is ok because you have already puntured it to let the ink out when you popped them in there again this is last resort please ware plastic gloves put a cloth out hold cartridge upside down let the little bit soak into the sponge inside the cartridge
this is abit trial and error you need plenty paper and choose a print design thats is going to use or need alot of colours set the printer to max colour like for photo and print a few then run a test to see if you are getting all the colours coming through on the test section if you are problem sorted if you are not nozzle check again head clean again, but do not put anymore meths into cartridge just re run nozzle checks and head checks this will propably run the cartridge out but you will have a back up ready, if after all this you are still not getting getting a good quality picture unfortunatly the heads gone and it will have to be replaced.
hope this helps

Print job disappearing and not printing

1. Check for a paper jam. Paper jams occur when one or more sheets of paper become stuck in the feeding or printing mechanism. Gently remove any jammed paper and reset the printer.
2. Check ink levels. Those ink cartridges run out fast. If your printer looks like it is printing but nothing comes out on the page, you might be out of ink. Try replacing the cartridge and printing again.
3. Check for a clogged print head. If you know you have ink, the print head might be clogged. Navigate to "Control Panel > Printer > Right Click > Properties > Maintenance > Clean Cartridges" to attempt to clean the print head.
4. Reinstall printer drivers and software. If none of the above helps, try uninstalling and reinstalling the printer and software to correct possible software bugs, errors or conflicts.
Canon-Specific Issues
5. Check printer drivers. Navigate to "Control Panel > Printers > Right Click > Properties > Update Driver" to check for a new driver for your printer. You can also find drivers and software on the Canon Support site (see Resources).
6. Resolve the Waste Ink Error. Press menu on the printer and press scan/copy to enter service more. Press the right arrow to access "NVRAM." Set ABS-M level to 0. Set ABS-P level to 0. Press "Stop" to exit.
7. Resolve Wrong Cartridge Message. Turn off the printer and unplug the power cord. Remove the cartridges and the print head. Clean the print head in lukewarm water. Set it aside to dry. Clean the contacts gently with an eraser and wipe with a tissue. Reinstall the print head and reinsert the cartridges. Run a cartridge alignment.
8. Resolve E0D02 error. Clean the cartridges and the sender strip. The sender strip is behind the rubber drive belt behind the main hatch. It runs horizontally across the machine. Wipe it gently with a lint free cloth.

Info printer :E

Any malfunctions its gives error 'E'... Check paper jam, carriage struck, cartridges faulty and service related issues.checking carriage:Switch on the machine check carriage(the unit carrying print heads)moving left & right.. if its not moving, it might be struck in service station(service station located at right end and its allow carriage to rest on it during shut down as well as its cleans the print head nozzles). power the machine pull carriage out gently, don't force it..Clean encoder strip: Encoder is located back side of the carriage and its guides carriage to move properly, if encoder became dirty you will get error message, clean encoder with smooth cotton cloth.

How do i clean the hp printer's in order to get a clean and darker print?

Print quality depends on cartridge health condition only, especially in inkjet printers.*Print head clogging: Usually white horizontal lines in print outs due to print head nozzles are clogged. Printer it self having self cleaning mechanism to clean the nozzles while printing & powering on..And "clean nozzles" option also designed in printer drivers for cleaning. And last option is manual cleaning. Alcohol is good solvent & best for cleaning the nozzles,use cotton or ear buds to swab on the surface of the nozzles with alcohol gently.. You will get good quality print outs if cartridges are in good condition..(see the snap shots)Other parts to clean: Encoder,disc encoder, service station & rollers needs to clean periodically to avoid malfunctions & paper jams.* Encoder's malfunctions: If any vertical or horizontal crooked print outs observed, clean both encoders needs to clean.. (see snap shot for encoders)*Service station malfunctions: If any carriage jams observed in service station, remove & clean it ..(see the snap shot)*Rollers malfunctions: If media is not picking up properly it causes jamming error,clean or replace the rollers..


HP Photosmart with FAX C410B. When I do an alignment test is comes up with the error message 'alignment failed'. I have tried taking the cartridges out and cleaning them but this has not worked....

Best thing to do is use the printer driver software to do a nozzle check. If the output has a problem, run the procedure to clean the nozzles. There is also the possibility if you are using refilled cartridges the quality of the cartridge housing has itself deteriorated making changes in the nozzle & air hole so the only way you can confirm is by using new original cartridge replacement.

Top light blinking. Getting paper jam error message repeatedly. Cleaned the pad. did a nozzle check, replaced THREE cartridges. Did not give my blood type yet. How to fix? The waste pad is not...

This error message is displayed by the printer when paper is jammed in one or more locations. In such a case, users are recommended to remove the jammed paper from the specified location. The entire paper path must be checked for any pieces of paper. To stop the message, open and close the top most cover of the printer. Lastly, verify the flags and the sensors. If the problem persists, the cause of the error message could be a broken sensor or sensor lever.

Have an iP90, but the color ink won't print.

Hi there,
When Printing Becomes Faint or Color are Incorrect, the Print Head Nozzles are probably clogged.
Follow the procedure below to clean the nozzles.
Step 1 : Printing the Nozzle Check Pattern.
Print the Nozzle Check pattern to determine whether the ink ejects properly from the Print Head Nozzles.
a) Using RESUME/CANCEL button.
I) Ensure that the printer is turned on, and then load a sheet of Letter Paper.
ii) Hold down the RESUME/CANCEL button until the POWER lamp flashes twice, and then release it immediately.

b) Windows
i) With the printer on, load a sheet of Letter-sized plain paper in the printer.
ii) Open the Printer Properties.
iii) Print the Nozzle Check Pattern.
Click the Maintenance Option from the Menu.Then click Nozzle Check from the pop-up menu. Then click Print Check Pattern.
iv) When the confirmation message is displayed, click OK.
v) Confirm the nozzle check pattern.

Examine the Print Nozzle.

Step 2 : Cleaning the Print Head.
a) Cleaning the Print head using RESUME/CANCEL button.
i) Ensure that the printer is on.
ii) Hold down the RESUME/CANCEL button until the POWER lamop flashes once, and then release it.
b) If you pressed the Cleaning button on the Examining the Nozzle.
Check Pattern screen displayed after the nozzle check patter was printed, start the Print Head cleaning procedure.
i) Ensure tha that the printer is on.
ii) Open the Printer Properties dialog box.
3) Start Print Head Cleaning,
- Click the Maintenance tab.
- Click Cleaning.
- Select the Print Head to be cleaned, and then click Execute.
iv) When the confirmation message is displayed, click OK.
Print Head cleaning starts when the POWER lamp starts blinking,
Important : Do not start any other operations until the Print Head Cleaning finishes. This takes about 60 seconds.
4) Check the Print Head condition.
i) Click the Print Check Pattern in the nozzle Check dialog appeared after cleaning are done. When the confirmation message is displayed, click OK. A nozzle pattern will be printed. Do not perform any operation until printing is completed.
ii) Observe the printed nozzle check pattern to check the Print Head condition.
iii) If the problem persists after you perforned Print Head normal cleaning 3 times, execute Print Head deep cleaning.

Step 4 : Print Head Deep Cleaning.
If print quality does not improve by standard Print Head cleaning, try Print Head deep cleaning, which is a more powerful process and comsumes more ink.

1) Ensure that the printer is turned on.
2) Open the Printer properties dialog box.
3) Start Print Head Deep Cleaning.
i) Click the Maintenance tab.
ii) Click Deep Cleaning.
iii) Select the Print Head to be cleaned, and then click Execute.
iv) When confirmation message is displayed, click OK. Print Head deep cleaning starts when the POWER lamp starts blinking,
Important : Do not perform any other operations until the Print Head deep cleaning is completed ( about 2-3 minutes).
4) Check the Print Head condition
i) Print a nozzle check pattern to check the Print Head condition.
ii) If the problem persists, perform step 3 again.
iii) If the problem persists, the printer may have run out of ink.
Replace the ink tank.
iv) If the problem persists, the Printer Head may be damaged. Contact your dealer or Canon Customer Care Center.

Hope this helps.
Have a good day.


Epson CX7450 paper jammed

In some cases, this is cause by a nozzle that got clogged during the jam. You can run head cleaning utility either from the printer or from the computer.

1. Make sure that there are no error lights (red lights), just a solid green light.
2. Take out all cartridges from the printer and put them back in.
3. Once the printer is done charging the inks and you have a solid green light again. Hold down the Ink Button for 3 seconds, after this you'll hear movements within the printer, this is the head cleaning process.
4. Once the printer stops making noises, and you have a solid green light again. Power Off the printer
5. Once the unit is OFF, hold down the paper button while turning the printer ON. Once you see the blinking green light release BOTH buttons. The printer will then print the nozzle check pattern.

* Note: The nozzle check pattern should display all colors in the printer and there should be no gap or break between the lines itself.

6. Do this step 3-4 consecutive times. and that should resolve you concern

Fujitsu FI 5120C pop up error for paper jam

Please clean the separation pad and the pick roller.
If this don't help change them.

The Fujitsu sparepart numbers:
pad PA03289-0003
pick roller PA03289-0001
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